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Bondsman of Will tliggins and Roy Hun*
Icr Required to Pay $2,000
At the term of court for this county,
held last week, a judgment was taken
by the Solicitor against Mr. M. B.
Poole, the large planter of Scuffletown
township, in the sum of $2,000 which
jointly represents the amount of the
bond signed by Mr. Poole in which Will
Higgins and Roy Hunter, colored, were
held pending an appeal of the case to
the Supreme Court, they having been
convicted of assault and battery with
intent to kill and given four years
each at the September 1907 court. The
Supreme Court refused to grant a new
trial. Before the next term of the
Laurens court Higgins and Hunter had
fled and arc still fugitives from the
State, although efforts have been made
to apprehend them. Information was
received here last week to the effect
that Hunter died two weeks ago In the
State of Indiana. Of course proof of
his death will be necessary before his
bondsman can be released.
Glee Club Entertainment.
The Wofford College Glee Club enter
tained a large audience in the city
opera house last Tuesday night in a
very delightful manner with songs, in
strumental music and readings. The
college has reason to be proud of its
representatives who are making a tour
of the State, for their appearance is
welcomed and the class of entertain
ment furnished is among the best of j
college productions.
The performance here was of special
interest in that Mr. W. B. Garrett, a
Laurens county boy, is the manager of
the club and also taking part in the pro
gram as reader and singer. The club
pleased the audience in a very accepta
ble manner.
The Court House Improvement.
Rumors have been heard on the
streets that the county would spend
about $5,000 on repairing and remodel
ling the court house. Supervisor Hum
bert slated yesterday that he knew
nothing of this and that thus far the
county had no intention of making any
great improvement. Hesaid, however,
that he was doing some necessary re
pair work; putting in some new win
dows and replacing rotten mouldings.
To remodel the building, he said, it
would be necessary for the legislature
to order an increase in the tax levy or
a special levy for that purpose, neither
of which has been done.
Banquet Will Be a Success.
The various comnpttees appointed to
arrange for the Furman Banquet on
July 7th have all been working hard
and from their reports it appears that
the occasion will be one of unusual
pleasure. Already a large number of
the former students have been heard
from and the expected crowd is assured.
However, there remain some yet to be
heard from. Let them kindly notify
Mr. Power at once. The program,
which is very interesting and attractive
will be published in a few days.
Farmers' Institute July 29th.
President Aiken, of the Chamber of
Commerce, yesterday received a letter
stating that the Farmers' Institute
would be held in I,aureus at 10 o'clock
on the morning of July 20th in the
court house. The speakers of the day
are to bo: Dr. S. A. Knapp, Prof. Guy
L. Stewart and Dr. Neighbert. Mr. C.
/,. Goodrich, of the U. S. Department
of Agriculture, Judge Ceo. 10. Prince,
of Anderson.
Dog Muzzle Ordinance Pending.
At a recent meeting of the city coun
cil it was decided to pass an ordinance
requiring all dogs here to be muzzled.
The framing of the ordinance was to be
done yesterday and it is understood that
the council was to pass it last night.
If not, this ordinance will be made a
law at the next meeting.
Nominating Air. Y. C. Hcllnms.
Having noticed the numbers of calls
Upon good men to enter the race for the
Legislature and realizing that the time
demands the services of strong men of
intellect and integrity, I wish to nomi
nate Mr. Y. C. Heliams and to here
express the hope that he will consider
the matter and make the race. He is
a man of ability, possessed with strong
ideas and the moral stamina to stand by
his convictions. Laurens needs men of
his type. CITIZEN.
Don't be troubled with the mosquitoes
during the hot summer nights but, let
us sell you a net for your bed.
S. M. & 10. II. Wilkes & Co.
On Tuesday evening at the residence
of Mr. J. S. Bennett Mr. Gus Mahaf
fey and Miss Jessie IIix wore united
in marriage, the ceremony being per
formed by the Rev. J. D. Pitts, of
Farmers' Union Meeting.
The County Farmers' Union will
meet at Laurens on the flrd of July at
11 o'clock a. m. All local Unions are
requested to send in full delegations as
business of importance will be transac
('. It. WALLACE, Pres.
W. A. BALDWIN, Sec'y.
Personal Mention.
Prof. Chas. F. Brooks, superinten
dent of the Allendale graded schools,
arrived in Laurens Saturdr.y and will
spend his vacation hero and in the
county. He had quite a successful 10
months' session which came to a close
last Wednesday. Having been elected
as superintendent for the next session
Mr. Brooks will return to Allendalc in
the fall.
Mr. W. L. Gray returned Sunday
from a brief visit to Wilmington and
Wrightsville Beach.
Mr. J. P. Tolbert spent Saturday and
Sunday at Chester with Mrs. Tolbert,
who is under treatment at the hospital
, there. Her many friends will be glad
to know that she is rapidly recovering.
One of the heaviest rains of the year
fell in this city and vicinity Monday
night. Little river was higher than it
has been in a year or more, as were
nearly all the other streams in this
Mrs. J. J. PIubs visited friends in
Sparta.iburg last week and attended the
commencement exercises at Woffoid
Mrs. B. L. Metts and child and Mr.
[J. M. Meadows, of Goldville, are the
guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Mrs. J. E. Carlisle has returned to
her home in Charleston after a visit to
Mrs!' Mary Roland.
Misses Minnie and Mildred Babb are
visiting Mrs. C. L. Babb in Greenville.
Mrs. .!. H. Teague has returned from
a visit to Alabama.
Miss Irene Howell, of Greenville has
returned to her home after a visit to
Miss Lila Hart.
Mrs. Sam Saxon spent a few days in
Charleston this week.
Mrs. Mary C. Bowen has returned
home after a visit to relatives in Ral
eigh and Wilmington, N. C.
Mr. JamcB Switzer, of Woodruff,
spent Sunday in the city.
Misses Bell and Lizzie Craig, of Ora,
spent Friday in the city.
Among those who went to Charleston
from Laurens Monday morning were
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Blackwell, Mr. W.
R. Richey, Jr., Misses Sadie Richey and
Nell Wallace.
Manager W. R. Richey of the Tele
phone Co. has a vex*y important notice
in another colum. Let all subscribers
read it.
Prof. J. Furman Thomason left for
the University of Wisconsin where he
is pursuing a special summer course.
Mr. J. A. Hicks, with bis wife, who
has been visiting his brother Mr. C. H.
Hicks, loft Monday for Big Stone Gap,
Va., where will be his future home.
Mr. R. P. Traynham is visiting
friends and relatives at Princeton this
Mr. D. H. Counts is in Bamberg this
week on business.
Dr. L. S. Fuller who is southern sales
agent for Blish Milling Co., selling the
Famous Patent Flour "Copyright,' left
Thursday on a trip to Washington, Bal
timore, New York and other Eastern
cities to call on his trade. Dr. Fuller
is a popular flour saleman and handles
a popular flour.
Miss Emily Meng, of this city, and
Miss Helen Goggans, of Newhcrry,
will leave from here Thursday for an
extended trip to some of the larger
Eastern cities. Besides New York and
Philadelphia they will visit in Mew
Brunswick at the home of Mrs. W. E.
Brazeale, who was Miss Josie Mc
Swain, a former teacher in the Laurens
schools. Misses Meng and Goggans
will spend a wile at Chautauqua before
returning borne. They expect to be
away about six weeks.
Candidates For State Office.
The list of entries in the State cam
paign has been completed. Following
are the aspirants:
For Governor: M. F. Ansel and Colo
L, Blease.
For Lieutenant-Governor: T. G. Mc
For Attorney General: J. Eraser
For Superintendent of Education: J.
E. Swearingen, E. C. Elmoreand S. R.
For Comptroller General: A. W.
Jones and N. W. Brooker.
For Treasurer: R. II. Jennings.
For Railroad Commissioner: B. L.
Caughman, F, C. Fishburnc, J. A. Sum
mersettand II. W. Richardson.
For Adjutant General: J. C. Boyd
and II. T. Thompson.
Mea for the Legislature.
As long as men are sent to the Legis
lature we cannot see beyond the turn of
the road, whose vision is bounded by
township or county lines, who do not
think except in a narrow circle of sel
fish purposes, little good is to be ex
pected from their deliberations. There
is oneway and one way only of lifting
the State out of the slough into which
it has fallen: Every county in the State
should send its best and wisest men to
the Legislature, not this man because
he is "the poor man's friend" about
election times, nor that man because he
represents the factional interests of his
neighborhood, but the best and most in
telligent men who could take a broad
view of political and industrial questions
in the interest of the general public.
Issues are only important when men are
chosen who can meet them. - News and
Plenty of Trouble
is cnused by stagnation of the liver and
bowels. To get rid of it and headache
and biK?usness and the poison that
brings inundice take Dr. King's New
Life Pills, the reliable purifiers that do
the work without grinding or griping,
2.r>c. at Laurens Drug Co. 's and Pal
metto Drug Co.'s drug stores.
Several candidates received the ordi
nance of baptism at the First Baptist
church last Wednesday evening.
Senatorial Campaign Launched.
(Continued from first page.)
Col. W. W. Lutnpkin, of Confederate
oratorical fame, was next in order,
In reference to this much-bclovcd
veteran Col. August Kuhn says in Iiis
"Now when it comes to word pictures
there are none who excel Col. W. VV.
Lumpkin. lie is really a silver tongued
orator. Today he chose as his canvas a
picture of the evils of drink and the
blessing of prohibition. He charms
any audience, but whether the com
mendation will come in votes remains a
Col. Lumpkin stated that if elected
he would work for the interests of the
laborers, travelling men and railroad
men, for he was of the toiling masses
himself. Col. l.umpkin's chief plea is
for State-wide prohibition.
Hon. 0. B. Martin is the next in al
phabetical order.
Mr. Martin, contrary to his usual
style of speaking used a manuscript at
Suinler and disappointed his hearers
by not telling his accustomed number of
jokes. His discussion dealt with tariff
reform, drainage, currency reform,
Wall Street and States rights. Con
cerning the last named Mr. Martin
"As an aspirant for the seat in the
United States Senate, once held by the
immortal and illustrious Calhoun, I
feel that 1 should ho false to my duty if
I should over fail to remember the rights
and privileges of my State and of her
sister Slates. I shall always be mind
ful of that clause in the United States
Constitution which provides that "the
powers not delegated to the United
States hy tho constitution, nor prohib
ited by it to the States, are reserved
to the States respectively or to the
people." Tin' future of this country
still depends, in a large measure, upon
our ability to maintain the proper equi
librium between the Stale anil federal
governments. We need cautious and
conservatice action to prevent federal
encroachment and usurpation."
Hon. R. Qoodwyn Rhett, mayor Of
Charleston, appeared for the first time
before an audience in that part of the
State in such a capacity. He was
greeted with warm applause.
The State has the following in refer
ence to Mr. Ilhclt'fl speech:
"Mr. Rhett made a very thoughtful
address on the tariff situation. He do
dared that currency laws of (ho Coun
try nro made for the wealthy manufac
turing classes. Tin y are based upon
the sale of bonds and bonds fluctuate to
the sorrow of the producing class. His
plan is to have- sublreasuries and na
tional banks to guarantee deposits. In
this way a national bank can issue cur
rency on a certain per cent, of its cap
italization and the currency of the
country will be available to the poor
man or to the producer at a lower rale
of interest. Mr. Rlietf made a very
line impression. He does not helicvc
in nagging at or abusing the railroads.
Lettnern make a living; let them earn
a fair margin on their investment. But
don"t let them discriminate as they had
Hon. F. D. Smith, of Florence and
president of the South Carolina divis
ion of the Cotton Association was next
among the speakers, and last in order.
The News and Courier says of him:
"Ed. Smith is and always has been an
enthusiast, and bow ho did talk I" day
about cotton and what he and the othi r
farmers could do! Ho has a beautiful
flow of language and paints word pic
tures that almost rival the classios.
Also this from Col. Banks' report in
the State:
"Mr. Smith's speech seemed to be
Very effective. It was largely along
the lines of his speeches in the campaign
to get farmers to hold their col tun for
higher prices, although it may he said
that he seems to have appreciated the
situation and have cut out some of llu
shing which, though effective in a col
ton campaign, might be inelegant in an
announcement for a seat in the house
of lords. Mr. Smith spoke of the re
lation of the cotton question to the
tarili issue."
Fruit Jars in pints, quarts and half
gallon sizes with porcelain lined tops
and best quality of rubbers. lOxtm
tops and rubbers at
S. M. & E. II. VYilkes & Co.
FOR RENT- At Ware Shoals, S. C .
a good store bouse, 25x70 feet, well
adapted for general mercantile bu il
and a fine stand for trade. Apply with
references to J. C. Cork. Roc! Hill.
. C. 4! Ii
NOTICE? All persons are hi rehy
warned against harboring or hiriu ; one
John Davis, colored, who has broken
contract with me. W. H. Barksdnlc. 1(5-2
NOTICE There will ho a Farmen '
Union Barbecue at Reedy drove school
house Saturday, June liTth. Mi
Goodwin and lruy will speak. Pi rmers'
Union. 17-11
LOST On Monday morning in vicin
ity of depot pocket book containing
j $10.82 and railroad ticket from Laurens
to Ora. Kinder will be rewarded for
ret inning lo this oflico. Mrs. ?!. P.
Waddell. IT 11
The subscribers to tho Laurens Tele
phone Co. will please report promptly
in writing to the undersigned an;, and
all trouble they have with their tele
phones, any impoliteness or discourtesy
on the part of the employees of the
company, and also any poor or inclll
?ient service. It is not fair to the man
agemont of the company for subscrib
ers to have trouble with their tele
phone:!, to suffer mistreatment al the
hands of tho employees and get incfli
cient service, say nothing at all to the
management about it and then go
around in public places abusing I he
Telephone Company when tho manage
ment is perfectly ignorant of their
troubles. Telephones are very delicate
instruments and it often happens that
a connection will work loose and some
times a small wire will gel broken (I
give trouble. If the subscribers will
notify the manager in writing we will
take pleasure in removing the trouble.
If we are left in Ignorance of sue' c m
ditions it is possible that days and wc< ks
may pass before the trouble is discov
5red and removed.
We de8iro to give good service and if
subscribers will let us know when they
are not getting it we will see that they
do get it or know the reason s\ hj .
Reaped fullv,
W. ti. RICHEY,
Pres., Sec, Tri as, and Manager I au
reus Telephone ( o.
Students of 1855 ami 1856.
Col. Jas. II. Nash, while on hi visil
here showed US several documents of
Untisal interest. Among them were two
Furman University catalogue ; of the
I years 1855 and 1050.
In the catalogue of lvV, appear.; the
name of Mr. Jas. L, M. Irby, of l au
rens, and in the 185(1 number are the
following names of I.aureus men:
Messrs. W. Y. Anderson, ti. \\ . BlaeL
burn, J. L Blackburn, V. A. Illach
burn, J. C. Fuller. II. P. Grillith. I. I).
Mahon and ('. P. Sullivan.
Card of Thanks.
C. C. Pitts, an industrious colored
citizen, desire; to thank all those
gave him generous material aid on I he
occasion of the death of hi . son, ( '?
nor, in a Now Jersey hospital and whoso
body was shipped home yesterday.
Candidates' Announcements.
For the State Senate.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of the State Senate, sub
ject to the rules of the Democratic Pri
mary election.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the oilier of State Senator, subject
to the rules of the Democratic primary
election. J. H. WHARTON.
For the Legislature.
In announcing myself as a candidate
for the House of Representatives I
deem it but fair to the voters of Lau
rens county to state that I shall advo
? ite local option as one of the cardinal
principles of Democracy, fair and just
treatment of all capital invested in
public enterprises, as well as all possi
ble protection and safeguards as are
necessary to the welfare and encour
agement of the agricultural interests of
Slate and county. On this platform 1
expect to make my campaign and leave
the results to the good people of Lau
rens county, abiding always the voice
of the Democratic majority in the pri
mary election. S. R. TODI).
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the lower house of the General As
sembly, subject to the rules of the
Democratic parly, pledging myself to
tibi le bv the same.
"Craigends," Cross Hill Township.
For Sheriff.
I hi rebv announce myself a candidate
lor Sheriff of I,aureus county in the
coining Democratic Primary election,
and pledge myself to abide by the re
sult of said Democratic primary.
1 hereby announce myself to the vo
ters of I .aureus county for re-election
to the Sheriff's office for the ensuing
term, subject to the rules of the Demo
cratic primary.
1 hereby announce, myself a candidate
for Sheriff of 1.aureus county in the ap
proaching Democratic primary, and
promise to abide by results of said Pri
mary election.
A< the solicitation of many friends I
oll'er myself a candidate for Sheriff of
1 isi cns county and pledge myself to
abide by the result of the Democratic
primary and to give my entire time and
natural detective ability to the office.
i heieby announce myself a candi
il le for the office of Sheriff of Famous
Lv, subjoet to the result of the ap
pr< ching Democrat ic primary election.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
J fm* the office of Sheriff of Laurens
c< ; nty in the next Democratic primary
and promise to abide the result of said
primary election*
For Clerk of Court.
i respectfully announce myself as a
didatc for re-election to the office of
t 1 ??? Iv of Court and pledge myself to
the r< mD of Democratic primary
c!. lion. JOHN P. BOLT.
I r< ?| eel fully announce myself a can
e for i ho office of Clerk of Court
for I.aureus county, subject to the
rules of the Democratic Primary.
For Auditor.
At the solicitation of friends I hereby
nmu unco myself a candidate for the
? of County Auditor, subject to the
result of the Democratic Primary elec
tion. W1 I.I.I AM T. DORROH.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
County Auditor, subject to the result
of the Democratic primary election.
1 am a candidate for Auditor for
Laurens county in the approaching
Democratic primary election and pledge
myself to abide by the result of said
elect ion.
I hereby respectfully announce my
el; a candidate for Auditor of Laurens
County in the coming Democratic pri
mary election and promise to abide the
result of said election.
For United States Senate.
I beg to announce- my candidacy for
tho United States Senate in the ap
proaching Democrat ie primary and 1
respectfully solicit the support of tho
Democratic voters of this State.
it. G. RH ETI'.
For Coroner.
I respectfully announce myself for
re-election to the office of Coroner for
Laurens countv, subject to the rules of
the Primary Election. W. 1). WATTS.
I respectfully announce myself for
the office of County Coroner and will
abide the rules governing the Demo
cratic primary,
At the solicitation of friends 1 hereby
announce myself aa a candidate for tho
office of Coroner for Laurens county,
subject to the rules, of ti ? Democratic
primary. 13. GOODMAN.
For Superintendent < i Education.
1 hereby announce myself as a candi
date for re-election to the office of
County Superintendent of Education
for Laurens county, subject to the
rules and regulation.', of the approach
ing Democratic primary.
Feeling a deep interest in the educa
tional work of the county and having
given it much thought and study, 1
hereby announce myself a candidate for
Superintendent of Education for Lau
rens county in the approaching Demo
cratic primary election, and 1 believe if
elected 1 can till the office acceptably
and with benefit to the schools through
out the county as 1 will not let my
farming interests interfere with duties
of said office.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for Superintendent of Education
of Laurens county and promise to abide
by the results of the approaching Dem
ocratic elect ion.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Superintendent of Education for
Laurens county in the coming Demo
cratic primary, and pledge myself to
abide the result of said election.
J. C. B?RDET! E.
For Treasurer.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-election to the office of Treasu
rer of Laurens county in tho approach
ing Democratic primary, and 1 promise
to abide the result of sai I election.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for tho office of Treasurer of Laurens
county in the coming domocrati-J pri
mary election and pledge myself to
abide the result of same.
F'or County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-election as County Comnnsi ioner
for Laurens County, subject to Demo
cratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of County Commissioner
of Laurens county, subject to the rules
[of tho Democratic primary.
T. Mi I). ROPER.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
! for re-election as County Commissioner
i for Laurens County, subject to rules of
I the Democratic primary.
For County Siipcn isor.
I I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for re-election to Iho < nice of
I County Supervisor for Laurens county,
I subject to the rules and regulations of
tiie Democratic primary and if re
elected will endeavor to faithfully dis
charge the duties of the office.
Respect fully,
The friends of J. M. SummereJLl here
by announce him as a candidate for
Supervisor of Laurens county, subject
to the rules of the Democratic primary.
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Pointed Paragraphs.
Many a homely woman has posed as
a hoauty specialist.
Ii in |K>ssiblo to acquire a round sum
i:i a square deal.
W oman's tears and a dog's limb are
not always what, thoy scorn.
it doe n't do much good to talk to the
average man for bis own good.
Some men think thoy know enough
if they know \vhero thoy can borrow
Honesty is the best policy, but too
many people fail (o keep the premiums
paid up.
A woman i.; never satis-fled with her?
st If until : lie has put it all over llOl'
neighbor in some way.
Life Is merely a game of chance and
fate HCCins to haVO stacked the cards
against most, of us.
Attention Teacher ;!
Our Institute opened Monday morn
ing with a largo number of teachers
present, while we are pleased that SO
many are attending, yet there are
others wdiose duly il is to attend. | 1
Slate Superintendent of Education, al
considerable expense has arranged 11 i
Institute for the benefit of the toa< la
of l.aurens county and it is tli/- dut*- ol
the teachers to avail themselves of tho
opportunity so lljnl through them tho
children of tho county may receive tho
Furthermore' tril (lOCH ami pal i ons are
interested in those who attend those
Institutes and it is. o;:r intention In our
recommendations and otherwise i<? en
courage this and give the preference to
those who do attend. Wo trust that
you will come no\t Week if you cannot
enter this week.
R. W. NASH j
R. A. DOBSON t County
U D. ELL EDGE | Board

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