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Unusual Condition at tin
Long Branch School.
The Teacher, Miss Lane, It Is Alleged,
Devoted Time (<? Teaching the
"Unknown Tongue.*'
Acting cm a complaint, embodied in
a formal petition hied with the coun
ty superintendent of ud lion lion and bis
hoard b> certain patrons of Long
Branch school, located In Scuftletown
township, the board Saturday, after \
giving both sides to the controversy ;
a lull hearing, removed the district |
school trustees and immediately ,
named their successors, to whom
County Superintendent of Education
(loo. L. l'itts at once issued commis
sions. The board of trustees re- !
moved consisted of Messrs. M. V :
Sumerel, \V. A. Pools and L. T.
Uenjainin, three of the lending citi
zens of their community and all well !
known as progressive and substantial
tial farmers as the county affords.
The new board likewise Is composed
of representative men. They are
.Messrs. .1. Wilson Blnkoloy, George
YV. Cunningham and Sam J. Todd.
This unusual and ill some respects
rather sensational proceeding was
brought about bj the employment
last fall of Miss Nellie Lane, formerly
of (ieorgin, to teach the Long Branch
school for the current session. At
the time the trustees had up for con
sideration the employment of a teach
er early last fall, it is said that ob
jection to Miss Lane was made i>>
somo of the patrons on the ground
that she was Identified with and a
i onspicuous leader and teacher of the
so-called "Unknown Tongue" religi
ous creed. Furthermore, it was
Known that Miss Lane had no teach
or's eortillcato or a college
diploma, as required by the public
school law of ibis slate. This was
another serious objection. Never
theless Miss Lane was given the
school, though there were several
(lUnliflcd applicants for the position.
To Miss Lane's credit. it is stated, til a I
she frankly informed the trustees be
fore accepting the school that she bad
bad no experience as a teacher and
held no credentials as such.
The board of trustees, of which Mr.
Sumerel was chairman, insisted, it
is said, that she had the essential
(| tin I Ideation?-as they say regarded it
the "power" to interpret and leach
the doctrine of the new sect. She
was promised $40 the month for her
services, and the school opened about
the first of last November. At first
practically nil the patrons patron*
i/.ed the school as usual. Soon.
llOWOVer, reports from the school
room indicated that the teacher was
giving over practically all her time
to instructions in the Bible and the
in IV creed of religion, to the disre
gard of other Instruction. This
caused some of the patrons to
stop their children and informal com
plaints were made to the tniporiuteii
doilt of education. Mr. B. \V. Nash.
who. on January was succeeded by
by Mr. PlltS.
Mr. Nash Investigated the matter
and informed IhO trustees that he
could not approve the pay warrant of
Miss Lane and Indicated to the
dlssallslled patrons ll remedy and
form of procedure. No steps were
Inkei) In the matter, however, until
alter Mr. Pitt? assumed the duties
oi the superintendent's oiiieo ami a
vacancy on the county board of od
i 11*011 was filled, which was done
a feW days ago by the appointment
Of Mr. R. K. Itabb. \ ice J'rof. U.A.
Dobson, resigned, who now resides at
The petition of complaint was
therefore prepared ami presented,
sigm d by some half dozen patrons
Of I he SCllOOl. The complaint set
out substantially the conditions under
which Miss Lane was employed and
her unusual methods of instruction
as principal of Long Branch school,
as recited above. At the hearing,
Which was held in the ofllCO of the
county superintendent Saturday, and
colli I lined until a late hour in the at
(ernoon, the chairman of the obi
board of trustees and other members,
togethor with a number of patrons
and pupils, representing both sides
were examined. In addition. Chair
luan Bumerel of the nortr mine
Amendment to t?c Carcy-Cothran Law
Which Will Facilitate Disposal
of Mocks of Dispensaries*
Senator .lohn Ii. Wharton, whom
The Advertiser wind last week re
garding the effort to re-opeu the dis
pensary let-e. has introdneed an
amendment t<> the Carey-Cothran law,
which will make it easier for the
County Hoard to dispose of the stock
of goods on hand at wholesale.
Regarding his plans. Senator Whar
ton writes The Advertiser as follows:
"As you will see, I have offered a
hill to amend Seel. of the Carey
Cothr.ni Act. In order thai you may
understand the provisions of my hill.
I will give you the object of the hill
and tin n its provisions. I am Inform
ed thiil H ere is $30,000 worth of whis
key in tho dispensary at Lauren.-: this
statement was made to me . .. Dispen
sary Auditor West. Sect. '???< of the
Act provides that when ti dispensary
is (dosed that the Hoard si all sell the
stock for cash and apply the funds as
the Act provides. i understand from
lion. R. I). Royd that Mr, Nash claims
that he can't sell the stock as all the
dispensaries buy on ninety days time
and have no cash on hand to buy with,
therefore they can't sell the stock.
They do not want to pure ha 80 the
stock from disestablished dispensa
ries as Mr. Nash was only offered for
ty per cent, for such whiskey as they
wanted causing a loss cf sixty per
cent. My amendment provides that
the Hoard can sell out the slock to
other dispensaries on ninety days'
time: that will remove thai excuse for
not buying the stock, The amend
tuonl further provides that the dis
pensary Auditor shall rouuirc dispen
saries now in operation to buy their
stock from disestablished dispensaries,
irovided that their hid is the lowest
offered and as tin- Hoard is familiar
with i he prices of whiskey I hey can
sell the stock at a small loss."
LAl'RLNS 11011 I. L HAS P.D.
Mr. .1. P. SC.diel K, no roc Will Pc
Opeu (in- Hostelry.
Dr. Ii. F. Posoy. owner of the Lau
fens hotel properlj on South I torpor
?itreel has granted a lease to Mr. J.
I'. Strohe! of Fhoive. who will open
tho hotel for the reception of guests
the first of next week. Mr. Strobe!
has hod years of experience in the
hotel business, he being nl present en
gaged In that business al Bnoreo. He
expects to move his family and house
hold effects to LnuroilS this week and
be ready for business next week.
Preparatory lo Ihe re-openlng of
this old hostelry, considerable Im
provement on iho Interior of the build
ing are now In process.
P. D, ( . t<> Oi>e IMnj.
The Daughters of tho Confederacy
have about decide! to present HU am
??tear theatrical called "The Fuion
Depot" on Fob. 5lh, or thereabouts.
board made a talk of nearly two hours
in defence Of tho conduct Of the board
In engaging Miss Lane ami her man
agement of the school, which, ho said,
had lib; llll'MUlliiicd llldot'j emeiu as
well as that of the other members of
the board and a majority of the pa
trons of Lone, Branch school.
tt developed that for some time 2(1
pupils represented the total attend
ance. 01' about i wo-t birds of the
strength of the school.
Out of the jr. "faithful pupils all but
IWO, it is c laimed, have made a pro
fession of Miss Lam 's doctrine. This
fact evidently gave rise lo Mr. Sum
orei's characterization on Soli rdny of
what he considered "excellent pro
gross of the school under Miss Lane's
It Is understood thai the new board
will proceed nl once to soleci a new
teacher, and it Is likely tho school ex
ercises at Long Branch, so abruptly
discontinued, will Im resumed with
in a week longer or such matter,
Mis:-. Lane, as stated, is from Geor
gia nnd was last year In attendance
upon the Altaiuoni lllblo lustluulo.
located a few miles above Grooiwille
city, mid conducted by Rev, N L
Holmes and (Uber.-.
Superintendent of F.ducnt ion Fills.
fOlloWin* the law and carrying out the
purpose of his predecessor In this
matter, slate;; thai he will decline i<>
approve Mb-- Lam-': pa-, warrant,
Which amounts to Something like $1-10.
Mrs. Jno. W. (Marke. Mrs. ('. 13. Gray
and son. Clarke, leave next mouth for
.i Ylfdr to Cuba.
Newborry Mail Opens Tuilor Shop, So
cures Some dish und Departs.
Peter Rodgers, claiming to b n
nncted with a Newberry mere1
tailoring establishment and represei
lag himself as an experienced tailor,
came to Laurens about the first of
January and opened a tailoring shop,
employed help ami. incidenlall. made
a mil..hoi- of small bills. Meantime
young Murrell Harris, son of Mrs.
Juno Harris, desiring to learn the
trade, engaged in the business with
Rodgers, the understanding being, so
it appears, Dial Mr. Harris Immediate
ly furnish $7"> which was to bo used
in buying material tor Iho shop. This
amount was therefore supplied bj th<
mother of Mr. Harris and the business
was apparently going along all right.
Some ten days ago Rodgers, without
stating any reason or gi.mn his des
tination, b it Laurens, carrying with
him most if not all of lib outfit and
leaving behind numerous unsettled
bills and nothing in the vvnj of the
ordered materials for which be claim
ed Mrs. Harris' money was used in
buying. Nothing definite has been
heard of him. though it is reported
here thai he had boon arrested in Co
lunibla, chargod with larceny. yes
terday Mr. Harris closed up the shop.
Of couse it is possible that Rodgers
will return and explain his conduct
and satisfy those who trusted him.
Rev. S. R. Hock to Preach.
Rev. S. K. Rock of Clinton will
preach to the Mi. Gallagher congre
gation at 11 o'clock next Sunday morn
ing, instead of Rev. 10. C. Watson, who
was to have conducted the service.
Mr. Watson is taking a month's vaca
tion in the hope of recovering entirely
from a throat trouble.
Laurens Doctors Meet.
Monday afternoon in Gray's hotel
was hold tho regular monthly meet
ing of the I.aurem. County Medical
association. Thero was a full at
tendance, and the papers and discuss
ions were of entertaining and instruc
tive nature.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
I nil a med condition of the mucous lin
ing of the Ihistachinu Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Deafness
is the result, and unless the 111 llama
tion can be taken out and (his lube
restored to its normal condition, hear
ing v. ill be destroyed forever; nine
eases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an Inllamcd con
dition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) (hat ennnot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for Cir
culars, free.
F. J. ClHONEY & CO.. Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for COtistl
pat Ion.
Oxide ?>f Zinc W hat is it.'
Its the wearing quality of tho L. .v
M. Faint while white lead Is the elttS
tic quality of L. & M. Paint. Wears
fully fifteen years on outside of house.
Costs ready for use about $1.20 per
.1. II. & M I.. NitSll. Laurens.
Clinton Pharmacy, Clinton.
2,'i&2G I.. & M. Paint Agents.
LH'ENSi; FOR II \ ?Klais \ i>
State of South Carolina.
County of Laurens.
Dy virtue of an Aol of lllO Oenei.il
Assembly of the Slnto of South Can:
linn, therefor providing, the County
Hoard of Commissioners lor Laurens
County. State aforesaid, do hereby li\
the following License Pees to be paid
by hawkers ami peddlers doing busi
ness in said County for and during
tho year A. I). 1900, to wit |
For Foot Peddlers, Fifteen Dollar:.,
for Peddeli'H in one-horse wagon, For
ty Dollars; Peddlers in two horse
wagon. Sixty Dollars: Peddlers of
Stoves ami Ranges, the tust wagon
Sixty Dollar, ami for each additional
Wagon Forty Dollars: PoddlOt'8 of
Clocks, for tho Oral wagon Thirty
Dollars; Peddlors of Lightning (tods,
for the first WagOII Twenty Dollars,
and for each additional wagon Ten
Dollars; Peddlers of Spectacles on
foot Ton Dollars: Peddlers of Spect
acles in vehicle Fitten Dollars: IVd
dlorS of Sowing Machines for Iho
flrsi wagon Fifty Dollars, ami to;
each additional wagon Thirty Dol
lars; Peddlers of Pianos fir Organs,
for each one horse wagon Highly Dol
lars, and for each two horse wagon
One Hundred ami Twenty Dollars.
All licences to be issued by the
Clerk of Court and lo be of force
until the ::ist day of December, A D
100!', as provided bj Inw,
Done in regular annual session at
Laurens. S. C. this 7th day of .Ian
nary. A. D. 1000. (SHAD
Attest: 11 P. HI MPHKT.
MKSBBR BARR, Co. BupervJsoi
38 -ic Co. OKik.
( IIA III It KU Ol i r V.r. HCL TO Ii I .,: I
Secret::;. McCueil Ken oh (fill for
Meeting oil Ttiestlaj Mehl.
Secretary ,V. |{ McCuoil of llio
Chamber of Commerce has issued uoull
?>r a business meeting ot that body
?j. fttesdity evening of iioxl week,
i llowei'ing is the on rd;
You are hen by urged to he iiresent
III a Ilieeliii". of l.lio Chamher of Coin
inoroe, to lie hold in tlielr i'ooins in
tbo I3nlorpi'lso Hank lliillding. on
Tuesday evening. February 2, 1000, in
8 O'clock. Hushes:- of importance
will he brought up mid discus; ed.
Refreshments ?. ill bo served after
the business session la over.
lelj ami I'ersoiuil,
\ delightful willst pari> wai |
Friday evening by Mr. and Mrs. W.
II. Anderson In honor <>i Mr. and Mis.
\. iL Sandern. Nine games wer*
played of which Miss Annie Gilkorsoli
was the winner of eight, Cbll eipieilll)
receiving tho prixc, a box oi lluyler's
candy, which she presented lo Mrs.
Sanders. A similar prize was award
"d Mrs. s. 13, Honey. AI ih.1 conclu
sion of ih" playing a delicious salad
course with coffee and maisiiiu: lloV.
sandwiches we r? served, Mrs. Ander
son bolng assisted in serving by Mrs.
R, 13. Copeland end .Mi.-s Lila ilitrl.
Monday evening at Fowler's ball
the young peopb ol tho clt> en,| >yod
the most delightful dance of Iho a
son. Ii cliauce?! that a wunderiuji
hand of Italian nimdeiaiis were in (hi
ctly and their services WCro secured
for the occasion. The attendance jm
th.is dance was Hie largest in months,
and UlUlUOiillonahlj it was the most
enjoyable event of recent date. Among
Iho out-of-town guests were Misses
Annie Wheeler Of llreonvllle. Maty
Sartor of Colon and Klul.sc Drown and
lOstelle Turner of Cro> s Mill.
On Thursday afftrneoii Mrs. il. k,
\iken whs tho charming hostess In
the member., of ihe Fortnightly Social
club. Mrs. Aiken was assisted in ro
coiving and Serving by Mrs. It Flein
lug Jones Und MC; Lila Hart. Tim
guests were received in Ihe ball ape
conducted to (ho parlors, w'here i \
games of nations were played, after
whic a delicious saliid course mid
coffee were served.
Dr. and Mrs. It. C Hughes eu(. I
tallied a few friends \Vcdh< da> ovi,-,:
bit; at a UiOSl dellghlful lea, Fol
genuine iiospiialll; Micro are few
oijiials to bo I'otiiul anywhere o> Dr.
ami Mrs. Iltlgbes: and ail invitation
to their b<.no is nssU) alien <> a nio i
dellglil nil i line. Tit a fl'al run Wed
lay n
hone t he lei i njoj able.
in mosl appropriate and plcnsin.u
manner was liie birthday ol (Jon'. UUb
eri 13d ward L.Iiki h rl by Hie lol n
H. Kershaw chapter, I ailed Dam
tors of ih ? Confederacy, on Tuesday
afternoon, when ike members of i ie
chapler were hospitably received i>..
Mrs. II. K. Aikcit al her homo on
a .joint celebration ol the birthdto oi
hoi h (lens. Leo and .Ihe! sou; a pro
print" pap ?' were read eohceriiiiit!
the lives oi i >?> So greai South i it
generals, together with poems. Ihiil
coniliiemorated (heir greatness am
valor: these in addition i? i, h, atitlfe
musical jn'o era mine,
for CheSli I' v here ;die is \ i -.if in < Mi':
I c Ci
\ Isiti d Mi - . It. I: ihifili cm Sued i> .
drs.K. C. V
M. VI. Ilolcombe, lefl Molitlnv m I Con
Watson's Olli.- in. Mr, H. W. Wall, Mrr
Wat sol i i visi
Lake Cii>.
glieat of Miss L?oih: Mail',
V Iin ii of I
is v Isltlui; Mi>- .lf>! ;?? S'lllliv |||l.
host Id a rid mix r ol friend la i I fit
dry o\
. i
: ?
In Mio count ry at n iiouie w .o ? hps
pitaliiy Is surpassed by ihm.?
Mrs. P. I'.. 15aiIcy. bei- (hill
Mi..s. Ly) Mae finite) . and M; 1311;
a both Darken, leaclioi' of liie Ohl
drove school, speni Satilrdaj afici
noon in tin- elly.
RdV. S. Ri Hro' i;, a wOil h i ?<A II Ha
list minister Of ('Union, .... in tie
i ity Saturday.
Mr. .1. M, Wood was Iii tin- ell;
Friday |. oll I Fi Incotoh.
Mr. !''r.'iil< Doiiiioli of AsliOVlltO i
visiting relative in Iho Tylojsvlil
seel ion.
Mr. and Mrs. Hrook- S'asli of Mem
sjichl the week with Mr, and Mrs.
A. Vi'ihiaf mug.
from a visil lo Mis. M u \ Hohlntto
in (MOSS Mill.
Mr;.. .1. i> Wans attended the nt ?e|
Ing oi the Wonutn'i Ml; ?> liar.\ I
of Fnoroo Presbytery a; Woodruff In
Miss Charlotte Ornj <?? Kdoh spen
Monday in lllu idly,
li oi,.I Mrs. .1
ihe city for Gieenviiie. wlioro Mr. i"
per is eimaged in Home roof in i
similar to that dom- here nl Laurei
Mills and the grnd d i i hook
Mrs it. 13, Cop< land and m.s. A i
renders spent \.. no. 1 -v In Cflni
t'OiniKftl Tli tSUlttilt
\\ A3 #5,057.10 ^3i^)I^i'.
iflor Complete rxitmlmttion iij i"v
|>crts, Shortage ?I Former 1'rcns.
ircv ( npclami Declared.
Com Ut ollri .rt noi l \ \\ lonoi in
his linhuul report to Iho l.otiorui V
scinhly. louchos upon Ilm allem I
shortage of Former Treasurer '
Copolntul of L?nens county,
some lime ago Iii The \d\rrl
Follow in;; is iho it Olli !
? in m> roporl for i'" .. I mem
thai ii pitt'linl Investigation iiuule oj
(ho <?>?. .!>? treasurer's oil lee for Lau
I'OIIS < OUIil> . ? I llOI'e w as an .'Ippni'chl
? li oi'opallc.\ of funds oil hand hut
im tied oitlit Ol ili death 01 Hie
former treasurer, Mr. .1. II. Copcluiid.
a further Invesdgnllon was iteee :tr>
to ilelermine (he liability us hotw n
Iiis est tile ami tin- present oct-ii ?aul
of (he olllee,
"I had ! m h an iu\ vM Ij ill loa lit id
l... Messrs. I>. lb Wise auditor .
Alkcn eduniy, an iixpcTt iiccountiim
ami Mr. ??'. I'. Wilson, ehlH el rl oi
this otllco. 'I ii-y found (lud (lie l ?ol<
Were hol eorreoily nor well I.. ??.
evidenced b\ Iho fuel thai ihoi >? re
i number of !?,???us ami omi:
?:uiong llienl being an Ii.mu <? uhn
borrowed Angus) In, i'.ti <?. hj
county supervisor und ?tonnt.' iroa
uror iron, (lie People's Loan ami \]
change laiuh for school purpo ? no
? niiy oi which was mad'' on lite I.n il.
?in.i ii docs nol appear ii 'ii inbntli}*
ropoi'i in I his olllee. After cdrri tin:1
? II erroi and biuisslous it wti found
thai a dcllcloncy of s...*-., in in ?. h
of ili'' county treasurer, .). 11 i up
lam!, existed tit ? he tlinu oi Iii
I .id i Ittll his ?HlUlO and Olllciill bou 1
are liable therefor."
Ii;-. .1. ?!. Do.'jattl Lea.!.
Mr. Fi anli i'. I loiiuld ? 11?;
... in, I-, iii;.; of i.is father; I ir ,i.
hysicittus in Ilm
.1 a bill i1
art on was o
lav on blislm ...
roh led oitl iludr
lud her a. .Mi. sv, k
iamll) ttuilhi ">?? pa*1
i,\ : Hoy (?:)!! by Travel
ing Mimi (lit* CailSO.
UM \ ? K?TI AT10N.
Iirhdor Worlttmin I'nl Iis?it on Card
;. > in In I lie Und I Lobhj I?)
His UtH'SlS.
?? Tin- ?'Union i Intel
. il i \\ II \Vi ? i K mull is Iho
< ll -it'll Sill ii: ll.'l \ night. Mi
ami til Ilk 11 \ will tun
? ? in ?> eupy ii .': ii roshli ii< i' um il
Ii Uli IIm Ulliriii-t Tills
' : U l iinl Mi w orklnuii in
mi i i: (lim i 11 Wlllll i lli'v
..ii mii. ill l.nt i mI a;;;iinst
. i .:. i lij ? ii i i aVt'lOl ?' PiolOC
i :< i.i mill l ii.' ! ii it <-(| i 'out -
i 11\ ii oi'gnili'/.lll inns
11? i inu in . heir .mhoi'ship
i.i III ii' tu im r pot i mis. .Mr.
a i.i.ui hi independent
II .'....Ii: lei i t ii-lt In his
? ii mil ii ii- n|n il Ihi- hotel
'In 11 ;i\ cling public nrd
a iwliward iiredieaiuenl its
ni ci hotel o|n*ii in) runslenl
i> Kinji! hotel, Is t|Ultu s.. '
? l i dad liliil ini eonii"
? * ni llil: i a: sod lie!1. liUII
i i I wo oehillons whom
nsibh ii.. iin- irouble,
; ? ;. .I: i ol I III stlUUl Hill
urn " informal inn oi' his
hot conscious of any
liai i. : ml l..' hoi loves
.' ?? i . i v. a. really made he
de eard playing in Ilm
t . Tm nt in ?' Union.
Mrs. l II. Young
? ? i i ii full v . ni Wednesday
hi , r oi' \i, . A nil in l.o.i
in' M .?:.. ? leorgO Vouiik.
?: i :o|?el:iiiil and .Mrs. A.
. i. The elegant
. oration in it do Ihls a
ml < IliS Itotiii.
' M iss .Ma l ie Silllp
..i.i .i.. ('hi holm wore
1 i <>.i.. al'|eriloon ai
on 'I hi<
|n In
bj i mall iiumher
ii'lids. Mi. and Mrs.
Ihi H' imum w ilh
! I i (HI 111 I.I .
lirr Hi pari
us l.asl Wool,.
I lias cohio
. U'il :
?.. 'i I oi ijitSel ion
low ii. hut
wiil h<>
hCgUll on
i . 1
only oiijio.
Hugeno 11,
ein i by (he
lake effect
At(ac) od.
Iiilnole ll'otlb
.! ?? collectors,
I'Oil flgentS,
? horeiiy for
n a t'l*ftSI and
.': u|ioii my
\\. I>. HynMl
? i bom cot i : e
l.amston plu< ?.
mid South lfh?
house, Apply
Lnurcns, 27*(C

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