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On Tuesday evening of this weck
was held an Interesting meeting of
4, the Chamber of Commerce In their
rooms In the F.uterprise Hank build
ing. The Advertiser having gone to
prcsa before, the session, the business
transacted cannot be related In this
Issue, However, book- Idea of what
la to be, may be had.
By special Invitation. Mr. John
Wood, secretary of the Board of
Trade of Greenville came down Tues
day afternoon and is scheduled to
make an address on the workings of
a commercial body, how a Chamber
of Commerce might succeed, or some
thing along this line. Mr. Wood Is
one of flic most successful organizers
hi the State, and the body of which
ho Is secretary is .*?. factor in the life
of Greenville. Mr. Wood's talk will
be listened to with much interest.
After the disposition of all business
matters the members of the Chamber
will enjoy a banquet served by the
Pastor's Aid society of the First
? Presbyterian church.
Among the Important items to he
discussed is the matter of nil electric
interurban railway tor this section.
TAs some of the people know, there
are Northern capitalists who wish to
invest money in paying enterprises
of the South. There are business
men In Laurens who think that an
electric railway in the city and possi
bly to Clinton will pay. The matter
is to he discussed. Some two or
three years ago, the city of Lauren;
granted n franchise to Mr. N. 11. Dial
for the const ruction and operation ol
an electric line; for numerous rea
sons the work was never begun; and
now Mr. !>ia! has relinquished hi*
claim to a franchise. It Is also ro?
(ailed that the city granted a fran
chise to a New York syndicate for
similar purposes; this Iiuh been al
lowed to lapse. Hence there Is now
nothing In the way for an active ef
fort to construct a line in this section
' and mi ke it a paying Investment,
'the Northern capital may bo had
with theproper local backing.
There are other matters that will
he taken Up at the meeting.
Pastors of the City Churches Mot on
Monday mid Formed Union.
At eloven o'clock Monday morning
the ministers of the city nut in the
Chamber of Commerce rooms and or
ganized the Lau 1* ens Ministerial
Fnlon. electing R?v. E. C. Watson,
president and Lev. .1. I). Crout, sec
retary. An oxeeutive cuuuuuu? win
he elected later.
Rev. C. F. Ranktn wa*. appointed
committee of one to draft a consti
tution and a swt of by-laws to govern
the Union.
. The purpose of the organization If
to facilitate co operative labor among
the ministers of the' city In all lines
of Christian endeavor. Meetings will
be held monthly, on t! e Monday alter
each first Sunday.
The members of the Phion are:
Revs. ('. V. Rnnkin, ill. C, Watson. J
i> Crout, W. i) llnmmetti A. T. Storni
eumlre, J. A. Brock, and W.B. Tbayor.
SENDS >-:!.im? km; FUND.
Vir. I). I,. Roozer of Kiiuirds Sends
The following lettrr from Mr. I>. L.
Boozer explains itself:
Kinards, s. a, Feb. i. 1909.
Mr. S. V.. Honey, Laurens. H. C.
Dear Sir: Kudosed please find check
tor 14.00. I wish for three dollars
of this to go to the fund for rewarding
of the two brave otllccrs of Laurens
for discharging their duty. Tho other
dollar 1 wish to go towards paying
lor your paper, as 1 want to mib
scribe for It for awhile.
II only we had such men o\?<r (his
broad country of ours tor officers!
This coming March 27th. will bo four
years since my dear boy was shot
down at Chester in cold blood by an
outlaw and was allowed to escape and
be is Still at huge.
The hraVO Officer that is now dead.
ought to be remembered tor man)
years to come, i deeply sympathise
with bin family.
Yours respectfully,
D, L. Boo?.or.
Fatal Encounter Between Tw o Laurens Offic?
On One Side and Unknown Yeggman on the Othei
Policeman M. H. Stone, In Attempting to Arrest Stranger is Mortally Wounded b> >.
Latter Who in Turn is Promptly Shot by Policeman W. r7. Walker.
Startling Double Tragedy at the Freight Yard.
Seldom is any community so start
le! na were the peoplo of Laurons
early Thursday morning when the
news unread that Patrolmnu McDuffie
Stone was at the point of death, hav
ing beoil UiO)tiill.\ shot by an Ull
known yeggtunn, who in turn was
alread.? (lead at the hands of Oliicor
\v. Frank Walker win; responded so
valiantly to Mr. stone's ?? ;i 1? tor as
sistance. A deadly ?ueounter in
the darkness of tin: railroad yards,
nine pistol shots fired, t? ?i n dead
-is the awful story.
The version of the doul lo tragedy
as related by Ofllcers Ston and Walk
er is to the effect that the two police
men had gone on duty at midnight
ami Included the -depot in their tlrst
rounds of the night, meeting the
through freight from Spnrtanburg
shortly after 2 o'clock. Tho lli-com
ing (rait: was pulling around on the
main line of tho Greenvlllo road and
was met just opposite the freight de
pot by the two officers both of whom
proceeded down the track, Olllcor
Stone between the moving train and
i string of box ears on tho first sid
ing, with O.iict r Walker on the op
posite side of tin; freight. In the
trackage space Policeman Stone si \v
I man carrying a sack in his hand
and accosted him, Inquiring what lie
was doing.
"l am a trainman" replied the
at ranger.
"Where arc you going?? said the
"Going hack to tho Caboose" again
responded tho unknown.
"Well, Whore is your lantern?" raid
'.tone, "i rain ham!:: don't walk aroillK
hero In the dark" and theroupon the
Olllcor advanced and laid his hand on
tho shoulder of tho man to arrest him,
such being bis instruction:-, relative
to loafers about tho depot. <
Instantly the stranger whipped out
his pistol, a Colls r> calibre mngnzin
and tired into tho olllcor. eiuptyin;;
the magazine, six oi tho eight or aim
shots fired taking effect, two In th<
abdomen, three in tho fleshy portion
of his legs and one passing througi
the lower lip. So close was the en
counter that Officer Stone had in
chance to draw his revolver, but In
stend clinched Ids assailant ami It
the struggle both fell lo tho ground
the stranger railing slightly I'orwnn
and landing under tho cars on the
siding, still grnpltng with him o.n
cer Stone caught the man by one 01
his legs with a vice-like grip, und in
this position ihey wcro found n mo
mout later by Officer Walker win
heard the snooting .i...-t as the (rain
came to a standstill, followed Immedi
ate!) by Officer Stone's calls to him
to come quick, and Conductor Stuart
who brought With hitn a lantern.
Policeman Wnlkor, it will bo under
stood bad 10 crawl under the cars In
order to reach tho scene, but ho lost
no time In covering the follow with
l is pistol ami demanded that ho sur
render. Tho striinqor cried out not
to shoot him as he had boon "shot t<
pieces." This of course was a rust
to gain time to reload. Walker hold
his pistol on ililU while ('apt. Stuart
endeavored to take tho fellow's pis
tol but was not permitted to get hold
of him, for at that limtnnt tho yegg
man threw out Ills lofl hand and
fired: almost simultaneously Walker
responded. sllOOtillg the man through
tho body. Walker continued to shoot
until his revolver was empty. 'Hu
man groaned ;< few Mines ami man?
nged to drag himself from between
tho tracks out into the opposlto track
ago space.
Policeman Walker was sme ho had
shot him fatally an I after assisting
Cnpt. Stuart in carrying onieor Stone
to the waiting room, he hurried to
a 'ph^ono ami suinmonod physicians,
notified chief Dagwell nnd Mayor
The stranger lived shout ih'reo?
quarters of an hour, but he could not
be made to talk in spite oi tin numer
ous efforts to ascertain his Identity.
He was evidently conscious for a|
short whip- at bast, for when qites?
lIOUS wore asked him he would shake
inn head.
On his person wore found various
letters, which, howevor, afforded no
due whatsoever, aud $iiu.t;u in men
Concealed about his person In
juvenil ]iock?tri w?* u cotnph . yu^m
man's outfit. With uitro-t' "ine,
(lyuuiaite, keys wrenches, fum i, toap,
.vuddiug, etc. in addition to those,
mere were parts of the Augusta
Chroniclo und Columbia Slate 01 Jan
uary 26. Alter a thorough BCUl'ch
lurough these papers, the wrilor
.ouud faintly and dimly written on
one of the margins the uaino !.. J.
I Parker, or L. J, Porter, the middle of
the name being ulmost rubbed out.
i rho Chronicle was a "dealer's copy."
lls'o news urticle in either oi these pu
?ors was found that would give nn>
iuu lo the identity of Iho man. Ii
i supposed that he had those papers
jr the railroad schedules In them.
k ia possible that the faintly written
lUme was li. .1. Porter, tho Augusta
irm where tin' man had purchased
lOUie clothing.
Policeman Stone Dies.
Dr. Guerry, of Columbia, together
? <vith Dra. Hunch and Shaw, and two
.lursea, Misses. Trenholm and Mobley
irrived in iho city at .; o'clock Thurs
' lay afternoon and an operation was
.?erformed on Policoman stone at
?.bout 4:o0. Before tho operation,
.. was learned that Dr. Ouorry hod
jo hopes for Mr. stone's recovery,
although there Wns 11 tlglltillg chance,
ml absolutely no chance without an
iperation. it won found that the
uost serious wound was in the re
gion of the solar plexus, where the
. I ll entered. It punctured the lh
(cstines in Bcvornl places, which were
leanscd and tied iij>. Tho four other
,'OUUdS were only cieaused. Three
r four times during the opertion, the
,itolity became so low that tin opor
itiou had to be stopped in order to
esuscitute the patient. Mr. Stone
ded at 6.S0 Tliursday afternoon,
.ever having recovered from the se
i-re shock. Death W08 caused by
? hock and internal hemorrhages.
Description of l'eggimiu.
Following is a full description of
io dead yeggman. given 'i he Advor
isor by Inspector Gregory, who has
Olli pie ted n careful examination of
no body which lies in the morgue
ere, awaiting identification:
iNttine, alias, and residence, nt pros
[it, Jan. 2f. 1909, unknown. Nntl\
y, of Jewish descent; Occupation
.'.rglnr aud safe blower.
A^e. to 40 years; Height, live
?et eight inches (With feliOCEd or flv<
oet six and one half Indien (without
I ?hOSS:) Weight, 147 pound:.: Huild
j ..c-diuui Blender: Complexion, incdi
un fair, somewlr t tanned: Teeth
'ood. noiue IrrogU .r, but none lnish
.g; two upper fr< d. !.i center, rath
i i* broad; threo lower front, at ecu
j r, partly worn off! seven tippet
ill, front and right side, have gold
dings, caps or crowns: Hair, thirl
it'own, nearly black, rccoutly tum
nod, curly on top. end receding
irehcad: Kyos, gray: Nose, straight
thor long. i>oi111 long extended iron
l>por lip: Chin, narrow, deep Inden
uion at center, resombllng cut Bear
itlgillg at m slanting angle from b ft
do of top center to right side '
ottom center: liars, largo and stand
ng out: Nock. at back, weather
icaten and very recently shaved;
'ace. broad, prominent cheek bones
ilgh forehead, rather heavy light
?rown oyobrows: Heard, brown, three
lays growth on ? hin. face and throat:
Mustache, brown. 7 to 1(1 days growth
Scars: Vaccination scar upper loft
irm; two scars from appendicitis op
?ration, about 211- inches in length.
between navel nmi right hip,
I'eculiararities: sh. rt upper lip
ausing mouth to slight!) open, and
front tooth partly visible: Breast, nt
nipples, hairy: Body and limbs, rath*
ir free of blemishes, marks and
Killed Jan. 1009, about ;i
?n.. at Lnurens, s. C, by Policeman
\v. v. walker, nftoi* he (safe hlowoh
hod fatally wounded Pollcnmnn .w
II. Stone. He bad in his hOSSCSSlon,
li th* time of hi* death, a full equip
ment for safe blowing, a few postage
damps, ami $110.60 In money. \v< -.
<oft brown hot, narrow brim nnd
rather l?w rrowa; roIIo. suit Of dark
brown, with Kniall stripe of green am
cd. alternating, one Inch np; I
oluck lace shoes, sold bj Atlanta SI u
> 0. Atluntu, (l.i.: A shirt ui nan,,,
niue und white stripe, open Iii front
a turned down eellullod collar; th
green with white stripe; solid su
of heavy brow uisb gra> (iuiinol un
dor wem', sold b> il. .i. I'ortoi l.'o
AUgUblU, i .a.
information regarding the. identi
f;catloti and record Ol the <? ad sai
blower, or the movements ol ills put
wpO bed When the shootiu^ ocourti
please coinu.uiticato to II. i. Urogor,
O. lnapecLOr, Columbia, ; . i .
Funt 01 Jttr. Stone.
'1 ho funeral ol Mr. Mo Du hie Sum
. ridaj afternoon v. is tin most larg<
iv attended event In years; (here wat
i\ \u.si concourse 01 people both <- |
mo tit.' unit mi county. Ali*. Stoit*
was an CXCeptioliii \ popular Olli ei
j ind hundred ol da friends < aine i
: pay (i last I ? Untie to his ineinor,
' ihi' pall bearers coin istod ol Mayo
linbb and tin.ire police force, i.
j funeral services were in charge ?.
the Woodmen, and wore ooiulttett
' bj Consul < loniuiatid . C. X. I'u >\
and Vice ( oiisul i i. '<>? .Mahtil' >
I (here wore about one hundred im
fifty members ol the Woodmen cam,
in (lie prut . SSiOll, All t.'.i <? 01 ill
ministers pf iho C|t> pui'lici (luted ii
the service, Ke\i.. Croitt Und (Ulli
i i.iii offering prayOrs, and *?>!?>. \v. i
Tltayer in ti f< ??. well chosen reinurlj
I paying tribute to ia-.- deceased Ko\ |
jeign. i'iio llbral olTerlngs >v? .' ' mi '
liftil. especially the abundance ol \,' i
Iota; t:..- h tteis "W. ?). w'." made <?
grave by Ltiurous camp, t .' which i
t \i r, ! ?.(.tu. was a nionibi r.
The Mossrs. Sldnn Of Atluhta bro
thers oi liio dccctised, reached n.< !
icity in ample lime to ativud 1 ?c :,:ii
I oral.
McI)Hille llattiplon Stone.
I McDiiiHo llainpti : StonO was 111 j
?Idc-si soil of Mr. Ulld Mrs. .lohn <
-ion- niid >\a- bOrii In October, if>rti
si CrOrs Aliehbi'. Sparltiiibtirg ton ill;,.
i i.
known lo all. remained col i .? farm
until .itiiii' :.'?.< ii or eight
i kvhen h?' ? aloe to the * i:..i Ida
i v 11
Company of Atlanta, and ino\cd i
' li at city where lie resided iota t...
.i year. returning to Laitrcnn ihe ne
every Obligation und eiijoj i the ?
dilldrcn, .lohn i ?sCou and Iiis (?? ?
? i
.: i. <> brothers, Mos rs, ouy and i
1.1 or StOIP o Atlanta and A; Lb H(f<
left [1 rown of NoWherry. Mrs. \V< vi
It'by and Mr: I). A. Madden of thif
ounlj ?
Hfforts to lileu(ii') Veirirntau.
The <dlj authorities coiiiinuiilcatcd
it once Thursday iiiorning with Post
oiiice liispeetor Ii T. (IrOgorj win
hanced io \> - Hi Cotttinbia, appi I iiij
him of t.ie killing and soliciting hn
? id In ihe work of Identifying! tin
load ycgguiah, Mr. OregOi'y arrived
in the city Thuv.'aiay night and i>.??
at once, by tuhltlng a ihorotigb oxani
Inatioii <d' the (had body, having !?
photographed and ficndlhg (iboto
the various detective n^chcles ovei
the country, l*p 16 late Tti idaj af
lernooh no defuiKi concluBions Itai
boon leached rn.l II ?? body 'Aas still
unknown bud unidentified. .\i:
Nregory while bore had an Idea, bui
tii?* wan dlsprovon afo r oommitnk n
ion uiiii Ailaiun.
Various rumors and rcpoii
?t colli ? . cur rout us to the n
naiiy i laim u have boon liiiu.
iiesi' StOVO Owons, IllKid v?.
t i Watts Mills, wlio said
ah . :i(l?ge men go into t
tore on Tuesday before tlie
ion blncc, i)ne <>i ii.< ??
io dead limit, the. olliei ii
o iio tin' i oini liub>n of ti
I u response lo lolegi aid
very where by Chief ? >. I idi
,i-in S. ItngWcil mi it i dn>
: a:, tidy ti l" juii'i brt o \. '
nil Iii?' o'iih er:, on the i i ?
? .dot Ulm well k-'auird
I SI 11 111
ItigUHin, (la. statiiif! i.lur.i
some offen >u in l .
Cti . t
i l.<r id- lltillcal iot), it !
I,?'i i
? uln .
, ,
or iio i" lor to ir i
sequence of i'd let lei
i Sunday aft< rhonii
til IO
claims lo ! ??
i ion io ti.i o. ?? v
. ?
ii iiif* oil Moudn'
it lie oi'.iIi I:' .? i
in:;-' loniu
Moon-' : Isti
. .
Itldfl county; all af WlllCl
matter of doubt?tho irihn
iL in this town
t inolitahlo hours
LiitironH Public
hi vi : I'H'ii :i pre
. It: ? tarl in III'??
I ? ' description,
Iia> Inn boon in a
v :i ii a hntnl ?
\;i tin- yotU'h
? ?. It has frown,
i. iff odious ol lllll
i) i i?o'nus i* oi' IIH .
w i itlnji this card,
low . The irihin
I/o i Itor hut. wlirit
\y in. uImm'h ni'o in
? i i'i ?'s and it|i
11'.i i v depends.
alum !
. 1.1 raroloRknoHtt
t. hu people to
I'm hook : who ha\c
in months. Those
? "i'ii til ly jnoij lind
: dliiio or a dollar
lllltM ItlOlUOIlt, hut
dim natters on
iti oi i1< Im
who keep hooks
I'd ? or noid?oI
ol <iv routs. Till:
i iinijdMlosHiiOHH lull
? ? too mail a atini
I'lhiii vhon i wohty
tin library IntH Iosl
ioo|< committee wili
ill I uy a a oil
? ' In- forced t.i
um I 1.1 I.hi ami
1 a |llliil ? 11?
i 11 oulj In- run on
? at the library
friend and good
. iiti|dy ondoivorhin
illlie U? tin- at tin
? a if i onielimos
< 'oinniitti'i
i i: \.i:.: i nh.
' a ? in I IlllSltlllij
.. li the ( lly.
ay mi Kobrtuiiy,
ih.in- bj tin
itiii! I'tillll' to
i til*- police*
majority oi
curiosity to
irihii tin: day
i lar
\V. I'
and was fill
have I. -. ii
one by Mr.
i by Pfltr?l?
(ltd now 1)0?
i a u rot in df
tar, S^GIifjO
in milk) and a
tin. Hcrltfihlro and Efid v
::*ftii, I 'I niton R, F. f> no \

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