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CUttor Tho Advertisers In tin
course of my reading I ran across :
very fin** article, a copy <>i which I
horewlth reproduce and hope >?n
will lind place in the Advertiser :'<>.
It Is tin- answer of a banker to As
sistant Attorney General Trtckett ol
Kansas a.s to the effects of prohibl
tton In Kansas City.
Dear Mr Trlckott: Answering
your ituiuiry with reference to nn>
opinion about the conditions of Kan
sas city. Kan., boforo and since tin
(dosing ol the "Joints" twenty-one
months ago, I am glad to state ihoi
ir has been the best twenty-one
months in tho history of the city ilur
the seventeen years that I have lived
and been engaged In the bunking bus
inesH here
it has been it tw? nly-one month*
during which bunk deposits .\
about doubled; twenty-on months o
the largest activity in buiidin kn i vi
in the history of tin eil I
months in wltlei ha
If 111!
toeutu a bindnc ? mtj
of tt'e large ? in liilall
tlit i tho cilj r I
, i
tweiity-ono months ol the i crime
twenty-one moutl s <?r the la i i ?
i made Iii the building of scho
l>n ...ings and in increase <>i sei
facilities; twenty-one mouths of the
largos! additions to our milling at.
of tho grelitcsi satisfaction amoni
our reirtil business neu- ftlidvu till,
twenty-one i
government w.ivo ever had, and
twouty-one month! of the bosl moral
atniosptierc this city over enjoyed; a
iwont.\ one mouths during which
hundreds of men Who Oven formerly
the in. ir u< i. of the brower: und dh
ti ? ' s : V. ?
pi ????.!..
of tho law. as it in .. been enfon e<
here for the last twenty-one months
is a not saving of on.- million dollar!
a year to tho cltizt us of ibis <
Very respectfully yours
c. L. Brokaw, Cnshh r
Com Not. It.ink.
This is what they think of pfohihi
lion mil in Kansas.
O. (!. I liomptioli,
Laurens, s. c.
Washington'* Plague .>j.id>
lie in the low. marshy bottoms of tin
Potomac, the brooding ground 01 ma
I aria germs These germs cause chilli
fever and ague, biliousness, jaundice
lassitude, weakness and general do
bllity and bring suffering or death u
thousands yeearly. lint Rlcctric !'i:
tors novor fall lo destroy them nnd
cure malaria trouble.. "They uri
the best all-roun I tonic and ecu- fni
molaris i ever med." writes t; ,M
.lames, of Loin lien. s. C. Tho> eun
Stomach Uvor, Kldm i nd lllo -
Troubles and will pi ? eii Typlu hi
Try fhem, ?Sc. Guarnutoi <l by Kau
ronS Drug Co. and Palmetto In ??
We have rect Ived a large hipiuotn
of Ktinmel Wim ron.'dtuiU? i
thing needed in n kl'tCl : ! oii'
: .
_8 M. & 1 II. Will
mi. wiruiTON's will.
' i 'I to Kpcclf) I'miMnmiit of \l
loinptcd I tape Tnsts Will Like))
Itecoiiit1 I.an.
A Nil that likely catlBO lllliell ili:
ciission was Introduced In the s< in
by Sonatoi' J. II. Wlinrton of Lit ir
ons. This Is a bill "to proscribe the
punishment for assault with Intent to
The report of Scnntoi Whnrtou's
bill la i?) make this offence a capital
erlino. As the luw now stands, the
limit of tho sentence is 30 years Im
[irlsotinieut. it is bollcvcri thai lh*t
, i ? in : in' such a hlOUSUrO na this will
to a large extent deter persons from
attempting to commit assault.
Tim' two roconl notable cases have
?an ,.? I many to consider this problem
ind the Introduction of the bill will
loubtlcss -.in nine Interesting
discussion among the members of the
? ? ?
The opinion is quite generally ex
press' l it I ii attempt to ravish Were
tut u the ; ime plane as the ac
? "i Iis! hi nt there would bti fewoi
.- > ??? ; ineiidmeuts to
gr ? importance, which I think
hould ; considered by your honor
i further wish to call your atten
tion to another matter which i eon
' !< ;? of great importance at this par
lar tin ? ir our history, and that
is the oniu tment of a law providing
the death penalty to any male person
making an assault upon a fern
with Intout to ravish, granting the
right to the jury trying the case to
fi>." the punishment in tho State pen
itentiary, if in their judgment the
facts warront a less punishment than
?in this day, when we read oi so
many assaults of this character bolng
i '?' I? hooves us to wake up to
He situation and make the penalty
>? severe thai the women of this
t< may be protected from this belli
oi crime and the perpetrators pun
' 'd o severely thai all will lie de?
i from committing the same'
Si nator Wliarton's bill will make
the attempt to commit the crime prac
I tically the same as the commission
of the act Itself.- it is left to the
Jury to rccoininend tho prisnor to the
mercy of the court should this ho
[deemed wipe, jn that case the pun
Ishineht is to be not less than 10
years, or. of course, (night be lifo im
prisoiiiuont. Whon tho ensf is ab
MOlUtely proved. I'm punishment death.
The Hue of ftrguoiuonl used by i up
porters of the bill is:
1. There should not be anj differ
ence as far as ihe law is concerned
In the actual commission of tie* crime
Very often the fact that the crime i
not committed is not anything 10 ti->
credit of the defendant. Ho mlghi
be seared off. but he had the Original
Intention of continuing the crime.
2, The women of the state mm hi
protected and there Is no bottoi' prd
I tection than deterring. \ lau t<
I make the tv'hne attempted ill the !"? I
' way. h Is argued, to keep per ;>;>?
from attempting to commit llio crln?
and as a natural conclusion, the num
ber of cares where tho COllllhisHlol
of the crime is accomplished wouh
be l. isened considerably.
:. Vi'.'v often a jury on ;. en
ihr ovldonc< being not so conclusive
I ha? to lol ? man go free, but tf tho
new bill should do just as much with
lone who attempted tho crime as if he
had committed tho crime.
? v.-** ;?(cif * * ?. * frft * ?
Mr. nud Mrs. C. C. Fothorston en*
I tortained a row friends Wednesday
?V?tting at a delightful tea, compli
mentary lo Mr. and Mrs. S. 13. Honey.
, \n < loj ant suppor, consisting of four
courses, was served, alter which the
evonlng was very pleasantly spent in
oonvot satlon.
Thoi ho enjoyed (he hospitality
ol Mr. ? i Mrs*. Fontherstono were Mr.
and Mi i. S. I.. Honey, Mr. and Mrs.
\. C. Podd. Mr. .1. Adner Smyth and
Vits; 1-Jihje Hroek.
Miss Josephine Puller was the
charmiuit hostess to ihr young ladles
id' the Mysterious Twenty*tWo club
i ! ? ? pretty irburbnn lioino In Fast
1 I ii ? dm on i'liursdny afternoon.
This roved one Of the ihosl delight*
ful rnertaininon(8 ot the club. Whist
wi ? game played which was
enjoyed by all. While
del - re reshm were being
i ill tho tl hin; hall . Mit* Mar>
Hol re Ii de i I ?> ? oral beauti
i|o I'lio i ofrcsluhehtK
l oi .. salad course, cream
tul i ?? and cohoo and hon boos,
ervi ? by drs. Connor Fuller and
? be.th Lichey, Blizabeth
Shell. Juliit CiitkorsOii, Selene Cray.
Km id ? Ft aul ?. welch of Abbeville,
liU< i Niartln Mary Sartor of Union,
Ji .. Sullivan, I.alia Mao Dial, Mary
'I odil and I >nisy Sullivan.
For Henefll of School.
Friendship. Fob. 3.?Tho School
Improvement Vssocaltion expects to
glvo a VnlontlliO Supper Feb. 12th. at
tho liome of Mr. SV. A. Troynham a
ions upper is being planned, and
the Indies hope to realize a nice little
amount for ihe further improvement
of tho school.
The Crime of Idleness.
Idleness means trouble for any
tie. Ii s the same with a lazy liver.
' nises constipation. headache,
tndice, sallow complexion, pimples
mid blotches, iuss of nppolitto, nausea
i r. King's New Life Pills soon
bniiisli liver troubles and build up
your heal b. 25c nt Laurens Drug
< n ml P * I mot to Drug Co.
Ww fork City's real estato value,
according the assessment, is $t)0U,
? uioro (hail tho entire assess?
til reo state ruHu - ot all tli land
west ot' the Mississippi river.
dore diamonds are coming to Now
: i. City encli week now than dur
uny previous week In the last six
itl 1 >onh is are looking for a
?any increased trade.
t'liumhcrlain's Cough Itemed} the
Host i'opttlnr Recause it is the liest.
"I have sold Chamberlain's Cough
mi y or the past eight years and
llipl ii io !)?? one of tho host soiling
medicines on tho market. For ha
!?;>? und ?oiing children there is
nothing better in the line of cough
ay Paul Allen Plain I leal*
La, This remedy not only
ou tlie coughs, cold and croup so
common among young children, but
U plcnsi nud safe for them to take.
For fciiile by Laurons Drug Co.
Out Of tho larg( st saw mills in the
hn . been creeled on the Island
of Hawaii by ;< company which has a
contract to furnish a million ties a
yodr io H i \iu m ii sn rnitrond,
.-. red Willi u ll<d Iron
(led by i rCrturned kettle?cut
. cuif '....! iiy slammed
tli ot ip tired bj gun di* Iii any other
wa; ihi Ihlug needed at (.nee is
Duckten' Vrnlca nlvo to subdue In
fi unmiiiioii and : 111 ihn pain. It's
...?'. uler 111 fallible for
H i i . ? f?ores, lv zenin
Piles. 1 ii ens Drug Co.
L. VY. E. Putnam.
On January 20th death came in
our midst and took away from among
us Dro. I.. \V. IS.PutnutU. Uro Put
nam was born near Gray Court, this
county, on July 3rd, 1M0. and was
married on January 1.1th, to Miss Bai
lie t. i.onr, of Lauions County, to
them were born six children all of
whom are living.
Bro. Putnam was a man of great
Christian faith: was a member of the I
Ware Shoals Baptist church, ami at
one time the esteemed schoolmnstor
.1 the old Riddle-Held BChOOl house,
this county; was n man of untiring
effort and noble influence and one
whom to know was to love.
Ills remains were interred at the
LuureilS Mill Cemetery by loving,
bauds late Thursday Evening, a host
of friends gathered around and as
the sun was sinking behind tl e
western Hills we bowed for the Ren
edict ion to a noble life.
Be* ides a host of relatives and
friends he leaves a widowed mother
and six sons and daughters to mourn
their loss.
We extend our sympathy to the
bereaved ami commend them to the
Great Cod who always sustains.
(?'cncral News Notes.
The avorago girl is amdillous lei
uako a name of herself, but she us
tally ends by accepting some man's.
Hritish South Africa imports annu
ally over ?_',000.000 worth of lumber
mainly from the I'tilted States and
Swi len.
The Italian govennont bar, outlin
ed railroad extensions covering 16
years' wor k and contemnlatlon n
>ta1 expenditure of $1( I7,000,0<
Ti c Chinese goverment spent $100.
last year toword the assistance of
Chinese students studying abroad.
A Swiss lake turns red about every
ten years owing to tho presence of a
tlnty paint, which is visible only
I through the miscroscope.
Two million dollars will be spent
I in improvements on the great steel
plant of tin inked States Steel Cor
poration at Bus ley, Ala.
The City of Niagara Falls is rapid
ly increasing in population, owing to
the raid.'. Industrial of that section
of the country.
Canada's purchases from tho Uuli
ed States in 190$ amounted to 10?,
000.000 while this country Imported
$75,000, worth oi Canadian goods.
On Partial Payments.
A small amount down and a little each
month will soon
Buy a Diamond
You will have it paid for before you
know it, and with the money you
would have thrown away.
You know the quality and tho weight
of the Diamond you buy from us.
We sell the best and at rea
sonably low prices.
Fleming Bros.
Jilts of Philosophy.
It sometimes happens that a dist
ant relative is too close.
Men fight with their fists; women
tight with their tears.
A man gotfi back at his best friend
when \f kicks himself.
There is nothing like a good buls
ness plant for raising money.
Some excuses are so thin that a
blind man can sec through them.
It's easy for a man's wife to dress
well if his creditors can afford it.
A man talks about lovo as though
he felt ashamed of the conversation
A soft answer may not always tun:
away wrath, but it saves a lot of time |
Don't accuse the old hen of work
lt)g the shell game because the eg
is bad.
Women liko to talk of the day:
j whon they Were single and bad ;?
,'jood time.
if money didn't make the mare g<
doubtless it would make the in :?(
Evory man likes to hear a wise we
man talk-~becnuH? she always talk*
i to him about himSelf. .
r" ~
A woman sits down and waits for
eniptation to come along, but a man
tsually meets it ball way.
It's easy for a : harp man to make
a tool of a dull one.
Why will short, .-unit women lu6ist
upon wearing Empire gowns?
Ii is a long honeymoon that doesn't
get eclipsed.
Nature is too bltlsy to turn out
inndsomo nu n.
A little vanity is a good thing In
a man.
Why will long-nocked, long-nosed
{Irls wear Dutch collars?
Why don't everyone exercise good
! and discretion in ordering their
dot lies?
Sometimes a man is so busy get
. ; a lodge grip H at he looses hi*
rip on his business.
Man '?: tui admirer of the beautiful.
: invariably n b \; the umbrella
?. I las the pi'Ctt'.i \ ..audio.
F.Vno'.d the patient o r. Ho vaunts
iO '? "UlS, lilli he gr;ts tho
oad Id lip I ;"! ell the same.
. .. in; .' v ho works like
a boo over) ' . o but at home?
mC ml
writes Mrs. E. Founder 01 Lak i Ch irles. La., "I pi
as Mo suffer from headache, backa? -he, side aclie, j?v
pressing-down pains, and could hardly walk. Ail
last 1 took Cardui, and now I feel good all the time, ml
It Will Help You
Cardui is a medicine that has been round to act||
upon the cause of most women's pains, strengthen-H
ing the weakened womanly organs, that suffer be
cause their work is too hard for them.
It is not a pain "killer," but a true female H
remedy, composed of purely vegetable ingredients, jag
perfectly harmless and. rocommonded for all sick wo
men, old or young. Try Cardui. AVomen's Relief.
The Great
Red Tag S
Saturday Night
a I V
Sec us tSr?s w ek
J? Great Bargains.
u f
.^^?^ >x. . ? ? ' s
jacket Will
? '?>:!
\ -
ruary, 13th, 9 O'clock
0 stock will go on sale regardless of New York and Baltimore cost, as we mnst dispose of the 0
bulk of our lock in a short time t o make room for the contractors to commence work about March 15th.
we mean to make a clean sweep of our Immense Stock. Get yourself ready for this sell out sale February ^
J. C. Burns
ompany, laurens, s. c.

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