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tEfje gfoberttsier
Subscription Price Is $1.00 per Year
Payable in Advance.
S. E. HONEY, Editor.
published by
ADVERTISER printing company
Kates fop. advertising. - Ordinary
advertisements, per square, one inser
tion, $1.00; each subsequent insertion,
50 cents. Liberal reduction made for
large advertisements.
Obituaries: All over 50 words, one cent
a word.
Notes of thanks: Five cents the line.
Entered at the postoffico at Laurens,
S. C. as second class mail matter.
Quito an unusual step was taken by
the County Hoard of Education Satur
day afternoon, when the trustees <>f
the Long Ilrnucli school were roniovcd
and a new bonrd commissioned The
news article on ibis matter, appear
ing last Week should be read by
everybody in Lhurohs county! the ii?o*
joct is Interesting and of vital con*
com. Its effects will be far-reach
ing; It will ntaleriully uffeel the edu
cational system <>i" our county, and,
we hope, oilier counties.
We treat this matter altogether iin
persoually and in accordance with our
idea oi right regardless of any who
tuny be concerned. We arc acquaint*
ed with n< ne ot the trustees, either
those dismissed i :? the new board;
this, however, to >uld hot affect our
expressions. Th.- Board of Educa
tion, we belie* acted well and wise
ly; tin Ii" lln mess Is to be commended
?they : enforced the law. The
school Pi require every teacher
to bo ? . . .- certificate or a
diploi college of recognized
Bland I 1 .1 <ano \\ as uol so
qualified: u< fhe trustees i i Long
pram h >d i1* ethploying hoi'
?ihev tl ti a II the law's require'
nients und i n reby ubjeCli i themsel
ves to lutt loveuco by the County
Doc rd
in dismissing the trustees of the
Long Branch school, Superintendent
Pitts and the County Hoard were ex
cent tilg the law's demands unpleas
ant as tho task might have been. The
law Is specific Oil this point; indeed.
It should be. The maintenance of a
proper standard rests upon tho en
forcement of this laws the good ol"
our schools depends upon It, The
Hoard acted conscientious^ in tho
matter, anr even those a fleeted,
must admit thai luolr Interference
tras warranted by law.
As to the "Unknown Tooguo" arid
the young lady teacher, tho Hoard
did not consider. However, the laws
of South Carolina forbid tho teaching
Of any "creeds" iu her public schools.
Hence, tho course of the Lung Branch
teacher was open to criticism, not
because .she was teaching this punic
ulnr creed: it Would be the same had
she taught Methodist or Baptist "doc
trines." It is against the law to
teach religious creeds in our public
in the matter ol proper qualifies.,
cations of teachers, it Is learned from
Superintendent v.n.i thai there are
other teachers in the cour.ty who ar??
not properly qualified to teach. Mr.
IHtiH States ttiht these will not re
ceivo their salaries. Pot" the good
ot our schools, for the enlightenment
Of our people, for the enforcement of
.'.t\v sueli a course oil the part of
our Superintendent should bo upheld
by the people, it is easier to obey
crowing from more to more; wo must
keep apace Hie times, so let the good
work go on. Our oflleers are ex
pected to enforce tho law?they aro
elected for thai purpose. Let the
people sustain them.
That was the name we all knew,
and tho mention of which will ever ,
be a cause of saduess. We thliik of
? : HOW and exclaim; "it is awful."
?V!'d to ? ' iluler al (hti dispensation
of i re id ace in so suddenly bring?
Ing to an i rid the life just really be
" '? aril," W0 shv : yes. it Is
bar >in regi ets i tin hot bring
bac itittt v.ms so sitddonl)
and del ?; uff< d out: he is gone
to Iiis If :.
no i, .
good >nuu; . i) oi whom he hud learn
ed to . io t and to JI!<o, one who
v.) a kind and courteous to him.
Among the first to call on the new
editor of ?Iiis paper Upon Ills arrival
in Lnurens and to welcome him to
the city was Mr. Klone. Very well
is that morning recalled! "How are
you? I am glad to welcome you to
our city" were bis good words. "And
any time I can help yon, let M0 know"
was added. Many a nigh I as the
wTltar J'it lute ftt hi-- tie fc, Mr Rtyme,
seeing tlio lir.ht, would com* in and
chat pleasantly for several minutes,
? hen go out, onward In his rounds.
We learned to like him.
Officer Stone loot his life in the
faithful performance of his duty. He
need not have been killed; ho eouhl
have been less vigilant and the en
counter might never havo occured.
and Oie people would have been none
(ho wiser. Hut (here i( is! Und
lie not been faithful the mld-nlght as
sassin and burglar would have ac
complished Ms designs. Officer
Stone was guarding the Bleeping Bouls
In Laurens, and their property. He
died in harness; be died fighting. The
people of Laurens recognize their ob
ligation. The bravery lie displayed,
the courage he ahowed will ever be
remembered. That the people up
preclate the circumstances was large
ly evidenced by their tribute Friday
Our city mourns ihn loss and un
limcly death of a true officer and a
good citizen: wo honor his memory.
Lei those who were very near and
dear lo htm, und whose hearts bleed,
remember that while "Cod tuoveo In
a mysterious way. His wonders to
perform." Mo nevertheless knows
' ? long path we> tread alone, and
thai "Ho will lead our BtepS aright.*'
>t* *
\ irrxcH OF VIOLETS.
Jlisl a bunch of violett??little wet
> iolets, the nearest human of all the
flowers that blow, repose on tho now
?alined and forever still breast of
the murderer. What though he be a
stranger In a strange land, some lov
ing hand-not loving his awful crime
nor his wicked life, but loviug be*
? .iuse he ?nf one of God'-? creatures
placed those wee flowers on a breast
*Lat was once free from guile*-- that
once nestled against a nioiher'b
breast. What though hi? deed were
bloody, Ida er?ne dastardly und bis
fate tust! Already his spirit had flown
away to meet Its judgement; could
an net of love be aught but good; in
his silent tribute to the handiwork
of tlod? S?>m?? heart, tilled with gen
tline love and affection for mankind,
'torn,.ted the act. Just a bunch of
fiolets on the dead luan's breast!
The net jn no wbe Condoned (he
man's great sin; it lessened not 0U0
.vhli the beiueousness of his crime,
?he stench of which rose even to
heaven's gate; It evidenced no sym
pathy with the man's life. Uut It
was the outgrowth of a pure, affec
lioiitii thought. Here lay the corpse j
of i..' inknown vilHan?unknown and
unclaimed; r dose-crated temple of
Hod?-a human body. Somewhere In
ihn world, ihnt body wjm ouce, if not
? on, dear to some one; some heart
has bled for the wlekeduesa of that
heart now still, Some one hern jr.
>ur midst had a heart big enough to
fool for that other heart that once
bled?hencs the deed, whose fra
grance reaches the throne of Cod.
Just a bunch of violets?little we(
violets, whose deep blue eyes kissed
by heaven's breath und colored by
if* st ies, keep watch over the wreck
and ruin of u human life!
? ? ?
To The News and Courier: There
are many prohibitionists in South
Carolina who have no sympathy with
tho tactics of Superintendent .1. L.
liarley. of the Anti-Saloon League;
nor are. they to be held accountable
for all his sins. The Anti-Saloon
LeagUS did not originate the whiskey
ilgbr In this State, and even now. It
is by no means the principle factor
In the contest. The Re-v. Mr. Ilarley
rrj.iy thliik he is- the leader of the
irohiblttonlsts; he may 1?? dreaming.
'1 he News and Cornier says morals
cannot b0 legislated into people,
Maybe not: but as Or. Cromef Bays;
"The law can make it mighty uncom
fortable to be immoral." Tiny
are really funny?some of The News
nnd Courier's arguments against pro
? ??
"Tho newspaper now under the
Are for their efforts to expose corrup
tion in high places should have the
act Ivo support of every true Amer
ican, for their cause is the cause of
us all."-fine words and true, but
? passing strange in that they fall
from the lips of one Benjamin Ryan
? ? ?
The upshot of the News and Couri
er's argument against State-wide pro
hibition Is: "Charleston should be
allowed to legislate for herself in
this matter: let us alone." But per
haps a little Interference would do
Charleston good; it's rank heresy,
of course, to say so (at least to Char
lestonlnns). Life-long custom and
habit do not make a thing right.
Do our people now recognize the
dire need of a city hospital here?
The KIiik's Daughters should be en
couraged nnd assisted In their endeiiv
or>? to Supply this need.
? ? ?
Housekeepers in Laufens were up
against it" Sunday morning. Yet.
if 1.4 Kaid. that not ore of them lost
her temper, and that they all attended
morning services at their respective
ettUrches wholly unruffled, sweet >?nd
placid (18 If liiere had boon no freeze.
Bome real live news for you, dear
"Tliroe ot the Klinglest inen in tho
Slate have Just boon discovered,
says the Johnston News-Monitor.
One of them will ma drink as much
water as he wants unless it U from
another man's well. The second
forbids any of his family from writ
ing anything but a "small hand," as
it is a waste ot i;ik to make large
Ietler8. The third stops the clock
at night In order to save wear and
tear of the machinery. Ml of them
decline to take a newspaper on the
ground that it is a terrible strain on
their spectacles to read newspapers,
even In the day time."
But we can Show you one better:
There's a man who won't subscribe
to his county newspaper, but who
visits bis neighbor, sits in his neigh
bor's chair, on his neighbor's cushion
to keep from wearing his "pants",
borrow s his neighbor's spectacles and
reads his neighbor's ;:? ? *papcr.
The New.-, and Courier ; "scaled
right" over Hie possibility of Slate
wide prohibition: When ? old S? A'*
und < 'odHer ?:<???? ? it ? .1 ?.. : . i
lalnly something doing.
.14 i
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..-.??'k-'-.y ?fe^^s!
Lay tho jest about tho julip in tin
camphor balls at last
:?'<>:? the miracle has ; n ??>? n< .1 ;. id the
oldefi days are past:
That which iua!;.>s Milwaukee i...r.-t> J
does not foam in Tennessee
And I he, lid on eld Missouri is a?
tight locked as can be;
Ob, the COmiC paper Colonel and his
cronies well may sigh,
For the mint is waiving gaily, but the]
South is going dry.
My the stillsido on the hillside ill
Kentucky all Is Still,
?". ;? the only damp refreshments must
be dipped up from ihe rill, ?
N'o'th C'lIna's stately ruler gives his
soda glass shove,
\nd discuss. - local option wilb tho
tiou li Ca'llna Clov,;
Is useless nt the fountain to be
Wink fill t>.' the eye,
? the co 1:1 ill ^lass is dusty and the
. otlth Is going dry.
s wi "i. Water everywhere, but no. !
a i i op to drihk:
i > ollgor heir the music of tho
no How t ryatal clink.
? u th ! Colohol and the Major ft'tUl
ihe 'i u'l hud iiie .ledge
; ??( to have a little nip to give iholr
appetite an edge;
For the egg-nog it is nogloss and tin ;
rye has gone awry.
And the punch bowl holds carnations j
and the South is going dry.
All the night cups now have I, ssels
and are worn upon the hcad
Xot the nightcaps thai Woro taken I
When nobody went to bedj
And tho breeze above the blue gl'SSS
is as solemn as is death.
For it bears no pungent clove-tang on j
its OdOt'tfle breath :
And each man can walk a chalk line
when the stars are in the sky.
For tiie fizz glass is ftzzloss and the
South I? going dry.
hay the jest about the julip "neatli tho,
Chestnut tree at last.
For tl ere's but one kind of moonshine i
and the oiden days are past,
For the water wagon rumbles through
the Southland Oil its trip.
And it helps no one to drop off to pick !
up the driver's whip;
For the mint bed makes a pasture and '
the corkscrew hangetll high, I
And is still along ihe sttllsldfl and Ihn i
South is going dry.- Selected.
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best Hue of Art Squares arid Kuks in i
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wlioso pi'Opertj ? i
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i foreign compnnie
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i> t Mi and Java ft
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Laurens, S. C.
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Kffol'tH Heilig Milde |o Sappl) Vacancy
The Chureli of tho Kpiphany hi
this city is Rt111 without (I rector. It
is lonrned. howovor, thai offorla are
being made to BU|)|)ly the vacancy
at the earliest possible date.
There is more Catarrh in this nee- I
tloh oi ttho country than nil other,
dlsonsos put togcthoi'i nnd until Iho
latt few yearn doctors pronounced it
a loeal dlsoili 0 and prOKCI'Ibod local
remedies, and by canalaully fnllug
to euro with local treattnonl, pro
nounced P incurable. Science lue.
proven catarrh to tie constitutional
disease and therefore roqulros con- '
fltllUtlonnl treatment. Hall's catarrh
< ore. manufactured by i\ ,j,
Cheney A- Co.. Teh lo OlllO, is the only
constitutional euro on the market.!
it is taken Intomally in doses from
10 drops to a lenspoonfull. it acts 1
directly on the blood and IUUCOUH
surface of the system. They offOl
'one bundled dollars for any enso It |
It fain; to cure. Send for circulars ,
and testimonials.
Bold by all Ur.iKgtsln. Tf< cwutv
?. Fen flirrst one ill Honen l'ntli?
(loit.C. 0. t'ontlierstoho, o( Lnurons,
?IrlIvorod n locturo In 11??? Dnptlst
elmrcli Iii: i Sunday afternoon lo n
very large and appreciative audience.
Ho captivated live crowd by his olo*
iltiouco and forcible logic, Ills sub*
|n i wim "Teinporauce." Ilonon Prtlli
Twits n (JlerlouN Vlclovy?
Tlioro's rojolclng in h'edorn, Tonn?
A mail's life lias boon saved, and now
Dr. King's Now Discovery In (be talk
of the town for curing 0, \. Poppet'
ftOttld not WOMl nor gel about." h?l
writes, "and the doctors did mo no
Rood, but, after using '>i King's New
IMacovi i v throe weeks, i fool like n
how mail, an1! ' an |ln |\ood work
ni'niii." for weak) Miite or diseased
hittgs, coughs and ooldi, bomorltngcs,
hay fover, lagrlppo, nai.>r any
bronchial ttffccllon h iiands unrl?
vided. I'l i. til' aild \l.nti. 'I i lid
lintl!" !!??? Sol.I .nil Mfl't i it li.I by
[?aureus Drug ( << and l'|iuHin inug

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