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Slain Burglar I don tilled
by Form? r Safe-Blower.
I'osl Oilier liisjiortor (?regory, Who
Interested Himself in Matter.
Writes .Vomit hlcutilirution.
Sheeuey Mike." or '?Kentucky Shotr
ey," is the alias oi the ilead yegmnn
who was killed here Thursday morn
ing of last work, as it appears from
n Humming up of tho evidence gather
ed by Post office Inspector (.1 regory.
While he is known to tho police cir
cles by this nnmo, ami possibly to
many of the public, his real name is
yet a mystery.
Inspector Gregory writes:
*'l hand you herewith fur your in
formation and retention for me, two
letters, one showing that your man
is not the Parker who formerly clerk
ed In a store ;it Knoxville, Ten it., and
the other that ho is 'Shcnoy M'ko,'
otherwise 'Kentucky Shcnoy.' Jtoi
of these letters, as you will see. are
thoroughly reliable, no gnwi work
10. Riggs of MorristOWll, Ten II., < \ i
dciltly knows what he is Ifllkl is* nbotd
MeCarly who is a ret , i u d safe
blower, is positive ;is to the identity
of the man.
"Von will notice thai since lyts.
when ho was in jail ni Norfolk. \:-.
With JllO. V. McC?rty, alias 'West
IMiila. Johnny.' Charles Howard, alia?
"Texas Dutch,' and .inines Johnson,
.alias 'Portland Nod.' that 'Sheney
Mike' has blossomed out from n pro
fessional beggar to n safe-blower, hut
thai is the way most of them de
11 is seen from this that Mr. Oregor)
is finite confident that the dead man
i- "Sheney Mike."
The letter from Jno. P. McCarty.
the reformed safe.blower, is unite In
teresting. It is. in part: "You call
not Imagine my surprise when I look
ed n( the photograph and recognized
the party instantly as 'Sheney Mike.
Why. hi> was around Virginia when I
was and was in (he Norfolk jail when
we were there in IOOS. I never knew
him to he crooked; he was always a
great fellow for having a hoy beg for
him. Iiis home is in Kentucky. I
Ihink Louisville. Housed Io be call
ed 'Kentucky Sheney.' Prod and he
were groal pals and I shouldn't he a
lot surprised if Fred was with him a I
Lajirens. l'red is fiboilt ? feet 11
Inches, woighes ITS, reddish complex
Ion and red mustaches, head sllghtl>
bald." This letter is from McCarty
in Hoston. Mass.
Parker Not His Nnmo,
The letter from ('. B, Ul;;i?s referred
to states that K. K. Parker, who once
clerked for Daniel Llrlscoe Co., in
Knoxville. Teuii., is at present livlnp
in Alma. Neb., and that he is Olli)
a hon I years old. and about .*> feet
10 Inches tall, weighing about 20U
pounds. And then a letter from the
posioflico officials at Knoxville states
that the man who worked there was
io. I-:. Parker, ami not h. J.. as though)
So it seems that the man is from
Kentucky and has recently been in
some robberies In Florida, and thai
he was known as "Sheney Mike" ami
thai his pal was known as "Fred."
Where Prod Is, is the question, al
though he is KtippOHCd to he or to
have been in the neighborhood of Co
in connection with the above facts
as to the Identity Of the dead man ii
may here be stated lilflt two of the
leading physicians here disagree with
Inspector OrogOI'y in his statoiuoni
that the yeggmnn is of Jewish do
The Hod) Hurled,
Monday flftd'HOOn, the body of the
. lain yegginnil was buried in the Pol
iers' field of the City cemetery, in the
presence of the Mayor and city au
thorities. Despili the fact that there
are a number of ministers in the City,
no burial services were had.
??Fred" in Columbln.'
Following is an item from Tues
day's State:
"' (''red.' the man referred to in the
I.aureus dispatch as the probable pal
of 'Kentucky Sheney' on the night of
the hnurens tragedy, is believed to
havfl been in Columbia yesterday af
ternoon. \ gontloinnn who resides
on 101 HIWOOd avenue 081110 to The State
office last night ami reported the ap
pcaraucc at his home about I DO
Mr. .1 no. Wood ?l' (?rociivllle Addresses
Members oi' Cham her of Com
merer Biiiiqucl i> Served.
on Tuesday night of lasl wook was
held (ho regular monthly meeting of
tho Laurons Chaiuhur of Commerce,
in the oillces of tho Chamber in the
Enterprise hank building. The at
tractions or tho mooting wore; an ad
dress hy Ah', .lollti Wood, secretary of
tin' Greenville Hoard of Trade and ;i
hatuiuot, served l>y Ilm Pastor's Aid
society of Un1 I'ir t Presbyterian
church. Tito attendance was un
usually large,
It was upon special invitation that
Mr. Wood was present and spoke on
tho functions and duties of a coiumer
clul organization A good talker is
Mr. Wo<.d, and well did I.n prtalll
and instruct bis bearers, not merely
with generalities but with specillc
ideas on the proper manner of con.
ducting a chamber of eommorce. The
idea sei forth was thai wonders could
bo wrought by milled efforts while
practically nothing in the way of pub
lic improvement could be accomplished
hy individual effort. Mr. Wood said
that almost every class and profession
of men had each, their organisations,
and why hot the business men? lie
stressed the necessity of bavin a sec
retary who could d< '.(ill- part, at least
of his time to looking after public af
fairs; thos<' things that are nohody's
business, and of moot tug strangers and
treating them courteously, answering
correspondence am! such like matters.
Mr. Wood related many facts thai
revealed the success of the Greenville
Hoard of Trad.-.
An Invitation was extended, and ac
cepted, to the secretary of dm I .tin rem;
Chamber of Commerce lo send its sec
retary. Mr. W, It. McCuen. to Green
ville this month to attend the meeting
of the chamber of commerce secre
taries of North and South Carolina
Mr. McCuen Was instructed to join the
associat ion.
The banquet was by no means tue
least pleasuroablc feature of the meet
Laymen's Meeting Kttiidiij 21st.
A Layman's meeting will I held
at Highland Home church 1 third
Sunday in ibis month, Keh y 21st.
ai which Messrs. C. II. Itopi and W.
I'. Cu l bort son will speak. The pub
urn cordially invited.
\e?> Sleel Uriduc Is Uioul Completed
Oilier Mailers.
Kkom. 1**01>. '.uh There was quite a
crowd In attendance upon church a!
I'liloil Sunday and listened to a \er>
able sermon delivered b> the pastor,
\v. l). Ilnmmett. lie also lirenched
an excellent sermon at Bkoni school*
house Sunday night.
Master Albert Martin ho had his
leg broken sometime ago is getting on
We now have the chain gnug Ii, i ir
coiumuuio : thoj uro doing uottiu much
needed work on the roads.
Messrs. Moore & Swltzer who arc
superintending the work of building
the new steel bridge at McOaniol'u
mill will have ii Completed and ready
for the public hy Thttrsdy next.
Wo are soil, to hear of the com in
ued llliieso of oni 'nnd friend, Mr.
Wash Miller of Center I'oint.
Mrs. Llsty.li> Cooper of Mt. tlallegber
is visiting friends in tins community,
Kaliners are getting in some good
work this pretty went!mm\
V > iilcniine Suppi
(friendship, !?'< 1?. Hi The School
Improvement Sssoclalloii will five a
Valentine .-upper on h'rlday, Mob. 12,
al the home of Mr W, \. I ia\miam.
A most delicious i upper has been
planned, which can I?' had for a ' cry
reasonable price, The Assocb.tlon
ha;; greatly Improved the school? but
further ami Immediate Improve incuts
are needed, therefore it is hoped thai
many will he present . The Associa
tion most cordially Invite everyone
who can he present.
o'clock yesterday afternoon of i suh
plclotts looking character, who came
to tin' back door and asked lor some
thing io ea(. 'I'he man wan given
some food ami tbeil left; godllg in the
direction of 101 mwood cemetery.
"When shown (he ileserlpllon <?t
l'i< d.' as sent out in tin I.aureus dis
patch, this gentleman stated thai ii
tallied in every I'espCCl with the
Htrnngcr who hod come io Iiis door
Itnilroads uro Itciii? Petitioned for
ilcttci' VcCOlUlllOdlltiollS,
President W. G. Childs of the Colum
bia, Newbcrry & Laurens railroad was
in tho city Wednesday afternoon in
consultation with a committee from
tho Laurens chamber of commerce re
lative to tho improving of t ho large
tract of land owned by tho railroad,
lying just west of tho present freight
and passenger depots, and building
thereon warehouses and platforms for
the accommodation of the wholesale
merchant? and cotton dealers of the
city. Mr. Childs had been invited to a
banquet of tho chamber of commerce
on Tuesday night, but declined for tho
reason, as stated by himself. "When
I do something for Laurens, then I will
come up and break bread with the
Tho plan, as laid out by Mr. Childs
Wednesday afternoon, was to build an
other long spur sidetrack to the west of
tho freight depot, grade down the sleep
and unsightly hills that now exist and
grant to the merchants the privilege of
building several largo warehouses, or,
if they preferred, of erecting nn
adequate consolidated storage room.
The plan was laid before the business
men who have considered the matter
and will make formal pe tition to .Mr.
Childs for the work, ll i ; sale to say
that considerable work will he done and
that not only will the- looks of the place
le.! greatly improved, but a valuable in
crease to the shipping facilities of
Laurens will be made.
The matter of a new 1 larger pin
scngcr station was broached, it being
patent Unit I.aureus sorely needs bet
ter accommodations in this line. Mi-.
Childs, however, referred the people i,,
Mr. Anderson of the Charleston &
Western Carolina on this proposition
a committee has been appointed to take
the matter up with tho authorities of
both railroads and to secure for Lau
rens better facilities both passenger
and freight. Tho Committee- has al
ready begun work, and doubtless there
will soon be visible results.
A Marriage at < li??!<????
Clinton. Pel), Mis.- Addle Milam.
(laughter of Mr. T. P. Milam. and Mr.
Jeff Holand were married at tie resi
dence of the Pride Sunday afternoon,
tlu- Llov. C. I.. Fowl**!* performing 'he
The bride is a very charming youiu;
lady and Mr. Holand is the popular
freight ngeiil of the Columbia, Ww.
Pel ry and Laurens railroad.
I loth number thoir friends by Ilm
score, all of whom wish them a happy
ami prosperous life together. They
will live in their own home, a pretty
cottage on Pitts street.
Flection \c\i Tucsduy.
The City primary 'lection will he
held nest Tuesday. nominating city
ofilccrs for the general election to he
held March "th. \o requirements are
named for Tuesday's election, but for
tlie general election new registration
certificates must be had from Mr. It
1: Dabb.
Thursday of this week Is the hisi
day for the Illing of pledge.-- filkl an
nouncement of candidates.
Young White Mim KearrcJited.
I'well Fl'lldy, a yoilllg whit" man oi
this CoUllty who is charged with petty
larceny, the theft of a wntch in I Illi
cit) some tine- last summer* and held
under boild pending his trial, Was ar
rested In Atlanta one day la.-1 week
at tho instance of Ills bolldsmcU, ami
brought hack several days ago bj
chief of Police \v. s. IJagwoll. The
accused will remain in jail until the
spring t? .-in of the Criminal Court
which meets on (he second monday in
A Test plosion*
Postofllco inspector ll.T. Gregory,
together with Mayor Ihlbb and several
members of the police force went out
io tho edge of the city Frida) morn,
ing to make a test explosion with the
utensils found in the possession of the
dead ycggniail, A drill was made in
a large rock and the nitroglycerine in
jectcd with the syringe owned bj lie
man; in tact nothing was used ex
cept (hose things found oil the per
son of the dead man. That he had
a lull and complete safe cracker's out
lit i unquestionable; and tho eitlen
cy of his materials is demonstrate!
beyond a doubt )>y tho success of tin
experiment, Mr. Gregory had sever
III hours 10 spare waiting oil message*
from Atlanta and he took much pleas
uro in showing the ofilcors hero tie
workings of ih< out 111 and the vvnyi
of safe- MoWcTi.
i in: oki'ii ? % \?.i: is i \\ ui<i
\ i Ii 111 Ii i ' <'ll;' r In Im Iii? teil Oll Ii'.
(lltorcc, Hotel HcMipciicd,
Clinton, i ' i' i". IIi*, .laeobn Is vor)
much grutllled >?> u letter from Atlnn
Ui lulling i.n.i ti,.ii Hie ttluuini ui Iii?
Thoruwcll Orphanage resident in AI
Itiula hiivo orgnui/ed au Alumni eiuii
ami want Iiis permission lo erect ou
(hu Orphanage propert> oii (Ii Knon
a small cottage in eosl in 111<? ncigli
liooil ui sis hundred ilollars, Tlil
cot l?ge is in In' call c?l Mumm collage
ami is im lie used by visiting alumni
in the summer ami also, of course, h>
the in Unit es m die fhoriiwcll Orphan
age, Tin' promoters of the plan ilo
not ox peel to furnish all the needed
monoy theiuselvcs hut in secure suli
scriptum.; from a;- many as possible
oi' the alumni. They have ulr< id}
pledged three hundred ami l'ort> one
ilollars. 11 will be hull! b> the old
hoys, so that no money ue< i u<- e>
ponded lor labor.
The Orphanage bus recently re
celved Hie legacy 61 lificcu hundred
dollars from iin- estate oi the late in
Pelham of Ashevlilo.
Cttpt, I tucket i ami hi I'anilij losi
a great thai in their rOCcnl llri but
nearly all the furniture downstairs
was saved, and tliej are goiim i?,
housekeeping Iminediniely in the
house ui Mr. \V. VI McMillan, his noy
holiio being annul rotup for occupatio
now Mr. und Mrs. Ducket I wert
giiessls id' Mr. and Mrs. Workman til
tin- hotel, and Misses Kir by and
lOleanor Ducket! visi'id Mr. ami Mrs
.1. I". ildeobs, I be Ducki u faiuil
reel llianklul thai their los? wits no
again mi terms satisfactory lb III
sense of justice. The hbyeOll wits
raised and iisstirauccs given I im b
fair treatment.
Ksihcr :<> lie ! a ui: In < linton.
Clinton, i-ili. Tin Ladies' Ahl
Society of (be i'resbyt' i'ian chui h i
ready lor pi.ntalloll soiue llbie Iii
Kt'brunry. There are a number oi
etitei-iaiiiineni will be one of i lie hi
events of i in- \\ inter, Tli i kvill h
I In
singular the m gl Oi .- are also pn
in.- to i
This eliti.'l'taliuueni i i la .i si id .
series \\ hieli I lie Ladle ,\ id ; loch ij
will give io raise funds for the m?\
pipe organ.
Tlie t nut, I'mi,. i- Sein -l? .
?IniKit tlie :>
Drillich sei.
Miss Little :
i". Sloan of
li," posit ion
Long Hr.i
located on;
Lni>\ Hotel Kulargi'd,
'I he capH< it;. 61 C.ra> . I lot<
Week tliby will he roiid.v for i
coiniiiodatloii of gtiei
V VnleiiiliM' Tea,
I ! '
Inf key, sal ads,coffee ami caki
in r\ et) beginning til V o'ejoi
du d.
he .-ill pre ic|
i he Methodist cough :atioi
N'egi'o \\ email Hurtled ' ? H<.
IngtOlt, colored died 111 ill ?
woman's Clothing became, Ignited an
hofore the flames " ii?i he < i.bigul ,
fid she was fatally borne,)
r wo Vi ( A i'M Viani
mit v or NT \ ,i\u*.
\i Mid it Iii Iii Hour l'wo Neuro I'tIm
i'l's llrciil? Onl Thrnnuh Itdol' und
Unko (???nil l ii. Ii* l .I'm
Fi iiiii\ iiIkI.iI ? i "im l? uvi , ;. i., ?
hu lind Low i? p> id n ? i
oners, humIi' Ilioil' osi'iip?' froui
Count) iail ami U|i i.? v esti l'dll) a Im
iiiion ii. ii h?r ni' ihcui ha ! Iieco i ?
caplurod It Is praciIcOll) I im aim
<ili| slni'v , 11 saiUU ohl ;i \ ? 1111? ? !>? '
rape; the louring oll of a lililo ovm
head ceiling. Ihcuco ld iliai <?? lebriili d
sk) Muhl ai.d \voodon v'CUlilMi
tllCUCC In lie too:; Ilms COIII|lll'( Uli,
the llSOellrtloil. Tili- modo ol d' ? ?? II
slcili WUH IhO same as employed I .
divers others on former occasion
Iho simple device of loioUlnr, ? i?
Idankols and suspending snlito i'rolii
iho rool Iii lorrii lirma. Tin; is vvhai
Purks and II) i d did. I im ii lirsi l
i.!' i.ho kind piil'liii|is, Inn im m *v ad
venture in l.tiurmi .
oiiee lu>( ilii'il Shorlli <' v\. i
la mi- hit'< ,- i Im- olll '?'.- I?'tl i i' '? ? ? ? .??
township. ;>?- ii v, its i.' Ii? vcd i ??
< a i? s v\ ' ailil mal.' for i |n ir liullU';
? I
?s?-. Obscrvim Ha
I inn in nin\ i
? rill caIIi .1 oii ihn Ii
\ i i>uI slibl.- in t Ii? i!
ill Mil \v !l '| Ulli! I
'ti'nuulinhl in V
rhlC'll lin ? In
e\i hoianess,
Form Joint
Stork Company.
klM"l .!. V $20,000.
< ><|i? ll> I.<>?*;'Ioil Kllsl
l|.1 In Sin . i. Is I'io|iommI us Sid
luv . In- i ii- Iii III inn.
i inn sire niiw inking ili-liiiili' shape
? i? . I? 11ill in I ..inmis, (In
i J. \\ a<te Alidci'Hon
MlileiHOIl Itlakt l> . i).'
? I < '' i in-1< HIlllSC I'lllOl t)
I In III) pit ill ill ?. Ill I lull, wlliill ,!!?
.? i inaliu .1 :??<>> u coitiitiiiiy,
,i .i ami operated I>> the
ii> elect ,1 oilicei: in i im ?-in |M?ra
,;, , III |ii; i in Tins AilM'i
l , ill , i "i i ., |>I I II,,i i U t iii V
nil ?.I:;. i. ,vinilil ; ? i i In* iusi i
oii i-'ii i ? ;. iiii' opera I inn ;
11>111.,1 property nil Kind
l\ . . I... : ;,|. ,il I ...iiiiii,
mi . vit ii 11.1? remaining $fi,uiii)
. ami iiiiin oVcinclitH
In .. ?. i*|i(|i . i In' plaeu a
in pioportj ami
i? for a lioHpilal;
?i ? ?hi im m in Hit' house,
. . !? im ? nt i . i;. In' a lualiT
i i . 11 i if- m.'(!oi arj ia
' Iii liliji \l \ni|e| .-.nil said'. "Tili)
ainl Hu- ruttull
II nil i. solicited lor a
. ' ? i, . i ll'il' i'lli plo> i'1-s
it i !. hospital ami.
i In l rictlj
.... i j m;
ui i ? Daughter: ui i iif
i work,
nl inr
.? . Mi - Kim; s
'I In place
? .1
I I lilt'
..?I II
nil i il a:s
Liltii oils
MiOll ami
a!' i * ? ? In
lull' ..I' .I.
? 1 i i \i:i>>.
. H(i,l i ( im,uili
( uiilii ifix<
lilllll'l ns
Ppea ranee.
I loht; ail
VAiii lous
ii lided mi
,>:>, i ;.\ kt',.t. Prop
d nothing ai
.it. u nriuorv I'S
mi panics in iho N'n
?, Siat?)

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