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?{je JUtrtjerttaer
Subscription Price is $1.00 per Year
Payable in Advance.
S. K. ItO.NKV, Kdllor.
published i'.y
advertiser printing company
laukens, s. c.
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advertisements, per square, one inser
tion, $1.00; each subsequent insert ion.
50 cents. Liberal reduction mado for
large advertisements.
Obituaries: All OVOrOO words, one cent
a word.
Notes of thanks: five cents the line.
Entered at the postolllcc at Laurens,
S. C. AS second eins.; mail matter.
lauruns, s. c. february 17. 1909.
i i i i:hl\ I vlsk.
Under the caption "Unknown Ton
guo Teacher Is hired and Cheated" the
Abbeville Press ami Itttnner proceeds
to lay bare a woeful amount of Ignor
ance ami to display a spirit altogether
unbecoming ;| new ; pit per. The Vhhe
\ llle paper bin 11 nut uu opin Inn In
tore being in possession ol the facts.
There are at b ast live mls-stntoiueuis
in tin' brior article, two insinuationsoi
:i nature that onl> sueb an ardent ad
mirer of ib" dispensary coald make
ami two false conclusions.
Follow lug Is the brief hul innllolous
ly false item: " \ teacher hi <>m' of the
public schools in Laurens Count)
taught the "unknown tongue" religion
whatever (lint may bo. When she
bad taught tie- school until the board
was indebted to her a sum something
like $|p) tin hoard dismissed her and
refused to pay what they owed her.
it may I?- nil right to refuse Ihptoi
tor ih<' schools, and it may all right
to refuse to levy a lax for the support
of the schools, bui \> ?? knov of no
reason that would lustlfy lite boar!
in witholdillg On- pay whieh ma;, be
thie to tbe teacher We hope Unit the
woman who has been denied what is
plainly her u\\ u, may sue for her
money .ami we hope lhal she may got
it. If the Irustees did not mean to
pay or to comply with their contract,
(hen they should have turned lor oil
Ion;; ago. Nothing (an Justify tin
refusal to pay for the lime sie- taught,
and we believe (bat no school board
in Laurens will put the stigma upon
that county."
The Hoard of Trustees <:id nol dis
miss the teacher of tbe Loan lirnucli
school -that eont. adtcts fab ? hot I
number one. The County Hoard of
Education did not dismiss her. Thai
she was ''cheated" Is n palpably ml ?>?
conclusion. The trustees luvvi ti
refused to pay bet' what was dim sin
is still teaching for these same trus
tees. The County hoard will refuse
to approve her claim. Hie Press an i
Runner implies that the t rul
purposely and with premeditation had
ib.- (eaeher work for tlx in, ami Iben
W ben her salary ninouuted to a i Olisbb
erablc sum. peremptorily dismissed
bor?-utterly contrary in facts it Im
plies that Laurens county, since voxin ?
out her dispensary, is not dealing
squarely With her sei oi... therein
grossly dceeh In ? Its* .?? il
Here are tlm facts, . rripH con
temporary, at: I wo hope that tie' dis
pensary l?den (itn)ospbere in whieh
you live will clear up enough to let
you see, and common ueitse will help
you recognize truth The Coui i>
Hoard of Education dismissed the
trustees of Long iirnuch school, not
Ihn teacher, beenuso the trustees bad
violated the law Tie- uiil.i.own ion
gne blllSliOSs played no part in the
proceedings. Tb? teacher employed
in tie- Long Branch school hold ho
teacher's certificate ami was not a
graduate of a college whbse diploma
is rccognUcd in lieu of a eortilicat ?
Tlid school law is spOOillc ?l! i i
point. This fnel upsets 'the Pre
and tlnnnor's nrgumenl i:: Its cntlrt
ty. The County Hoard of Kdu< ..
lion holds that if a set of trustee*
have been op< ratliig a school in \ lo
latlon of taw. then its Heard m
Trustee is responsible for Indebted
mW Incurred,
The Abbeville p.-.,-er get* wrathy ami
hopes the teacher in i|.lion will sim
for her money ami m-t it. Sie- iloUbl
less ought to be paid for her service
and in all probability will, but that h
Up to her trustees; the County has
lldtlllug to do with it
As a bit of friendly advice we beg to
Admonish our Abbeville contemporary
to read a little more thoroughly and
make son.fforts towards learning
the facts in a fuse before having BO
much to say.
Our friend Otis of Chot'okcc i ;?
mighty good fellow; hut really be
ought to (pill lilH tactics. That
interview in The State last week Wit
Very weak ami Ill-advised; its ea.-y
to see throm-;!' it. The people of
South Carolina know he is not the
prohibition leader, no mattor luv
many "spectacular plays" he makes in
the Senate, nor how many "prohibit*
ion interviews"' he gives out.
Through many lung days Ihc |>ubttc
have been wearied with the processes
hi* drawim :i Jury ><> trj the slayers of
Senator Cnrinack of Tennessee. Tales
man after talesman hnsbeon presented
and for one reason or another Inn
boon rejected, ami Ii was only Satur
day thai llio panel was completed.
Tho chief reason of 11??- dilllculty in
Bccuriug an "unprejudiced" jury was
because people hail read the ncw.s
papers. Over three thousand names
were ihawn on iho live vonlrcs and
bno by one they were rejected be
cause of Intelligence and ac<|ualiit
mice with curronl events.
The Associated Press in comment
In^ "ii tho Jury says: In lira wing foi
iii<- jury ii:*- law mall?- those Incom
petent who bail talked with a witness
to the murder or talked with some
who had talked with the witness; On
Ihc application for bail I he local
papers printed stenographic reports
of the testimony of wltuosscs. The
Supreme Court litis held lhal .1 iiews
paper priulhiK verbatim testimony !>??
comes a witness who has talked lo ii
witness Therefore every one in the
county w ho road the testimony became
Incompetent io sll III the case as ;i
Juror. This eliminated ai one the
mos I in I e| linen 1 citizens of the comity.
A- a result il was necessarv to lllON
live venires of 500 names each and
oven Oho of ?10, a total of 3,0 III be
fore the jury was secured. four of
the jurors accepted can neither read
nor write and two others understand
I'lngllsh ohl> Indifferently. All ex
cepl one of the twelve swore lie had
not read a newspaper since before the
killing, and some had not read one lo;
10 years. Ulcrtncre tho only except
ion, had been oul of lite state from the
week before the killing until the day
lie was summoned."
11,-re we see that uieii who had read
tho newspapers thereby become dis
qualified. We submit that this Is a
deplorable condition, by which tin
ends of justice are defeated by the
very laws created to fulfil it. Tin
law Is self destroying, We are well
aware of tho rael that "unprejudiced"
Juries are desire' But what create
prejudice? is a . . dm put!ilied be
cause he is in ssion of fuels?
Or, are the newspapers to blame for
printing ''verbatim testimony?" Tho
result, as we see. in the Cooper Jurj
is that all the intelligonl men, those
who have read Iho newspapers, are
haired from service 011 tho jury be
causi of the law's demands, I'iuloubt
ediy then, the law Is self destroying:
for, it' any one qualification is essen
tial to bring about Just verdicts, i; ;.
intelligence among the jurors.
The Tennessee jury is a sad
spectacle, and only the law Itself is
1 espoiislble for it.
IM VI M l HP. ;>| "\ VAIU HAN,"
The Advertiser has received (lie foi
lowing Inquiry:
"Kditor The Advertiser:
"The definition of 'Veggiuan' accord
ing to standard dictionaries, Is simplj
.1 burglar-tramp,' Now win yon
oblige us by giviiq; us the origin of the
The word "Vegainaii"is undi
1 lie creation of thieves: who
found it Of how (hey made || vv<
know. Hut ij In Kilpiios
"Yegg" was llio name oi : ?
torious sap- blower, possibly 1
\ ho i.e.- aiiio widely kno ..:
1.thei- sue blowers in itim*
known as "Yegg-tuen". I 1?? lo
er.-, ami Philologists have noil
the derivation of "Vugg"?hoi
above Muj position is generally
In a Christian Coini.iunii\
public disgrace to bury any man with,
oul a religious service of some kliid.
A simple prayer would have been bet
ter than nothing. lill! Kfitlp) one Jie.y
asl;: "What good would a prayer do
(hat dead burglar and ihUrderer?"
N'one. whatever. Ritt ii would bave
done us people in [.aureus some good;
ami ii would have saved us the shame
of "JUsl dlilripilijr; a man into I oN
and eovorina him lip."
Senators Clifton, Johnson and Town
send a>e making themselves i'i 1 ??:
rldieuloiis in the eyes or the peopje
1 y (heir jit tempted iinusis at iho dis
pensary wiiidliig-np commission ami
(lio Atiorne> Henoral. Thursday of
la. 1 Weok this trio of Wofshlpp r.
'lUld ii in for" Senator Christ, n -on.
one of those who brought about the
death of their idol. Ihn ihc "Hena
tor from Uenttfoi't" was more Mian a
match for the bunch. It looks like
these men Ought to know better now,
* * o
Indiscreet uttornnces like thai of
Representative c. a. smith last tveok
an- what hurt a good cause. Mr.
Smith Charged the Now; and Courier
with a stand against prohibition he
riatiao a member of the Charleston
county dispensary hoard was an
editorial writer oil lite slafl of lhal
paper. It is not 1 rue; Mr. Smith's
Influence, Is consequently curtailed.
A man should know what ho is talk
ing about before he make:-, n sinto
ment- especially against n newspaper,
i Krida) News and Courier has
du r<iii".wim;: "Laurens Advertiser:
"Laurens County needs a new jail
And tho count) dispensaries were
Closed two months ago" That's where
our < onteiuporury is on the wrong
trail. <n" course the paragraph is
11? *t intended for serious consideration,
Put it Implies that we have argued
thai whiskey was the cause of all
crime. Wo have not. On the con
ti at;, 'v.- said in an October issue that
whiskey was "by no means the canst"
of all ei lines." Good jails are needed
in tin- bosl regulated counties.
'to 11.. Lancaster News: Yes. we
wepi \ hen we learned that Senator
smith ha ! taken tho Stale's Gal-away.
Hut It's i ol so bud alter all: the loss
of ih< nnl leaves Moor-man; The
State hank on Sams, while Hagot
ami Wu -d still hold their Seats among
tie- mighty.
Those senators who criticise the
winding up commission tor spending
i few ihoil and dollars are fakirs
nothing more nor less. They arc try
ing io pose ns economists of the
States funds, and they are no such
thing. Tho commission spent eleven
..il, ;.. suVe a dollar lor the State.
kvhleh wu liciiig defrauded by rogues.
i'i . ? bunch oi Senators, principally
Clifton. Johnson and Townsend try to"
make the people believe this was an
ill.advised expenditure. Whether or
not the) believed their preachments
we are unable to say. Hat that is
neither here nor there: judged either
way it had enough: that they are
either allots or knaves being the two
alternal Ivos.
Senator Tllltunn is deserving of
highest praise for his work in defeat
ing ('rum's appointment as port col
lator in Charleston. Ii was a hard
light ami ably managed.
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at one
tone. Administrator
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S0KIe,?jrK',f:?.flS 'w'UCh 3?' ,9<M !,h' ""^k ,'?,,l<'- 1 hot* y*m v i)l K'1VC I? Prompt
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