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jF<JA VW J. <). 31 KW IM) 1111
IS claim j:d hy death
He l:.:<l a l.omr and tarying lixpcri
diicc in Itnllroutliug Kstccntcd
Citizen of Tills City,
j& After a long and wasting illness.
I C:.pl. .1. O. Meredith, one of the oldest
citizens of this section, died Wednes
day night al eight o'clock tit the home
oi his daughter, Mrs. Dor roll l>. Pedou,
on Laurel street. The body was
taken at 2 o'clock Th?rs.lay afternoon
t to Newberry, the former residence of
the deceased, for intermeul In the old
family burying ground, where rest the
wife and daughter of Mr. Meredith.
For almost ii year Mr. Meredith had
beeil III feeble health and tho end was
nol unexpected. Death was due to
the natural Iiiflrmities of age, and
heart failure.
Practically all the life work of the
deceased li;is boeil on railroads, in
which profession Cnpt. .Meredith at
tained considerable distinction. There
are events In the railroad history of
this state, dining far hack in the years
before the war. tlltlt he was directly
connected with, and in which he play
ed an Important part. Among these is
the survey of the old Columbia road,
?which now terminates in Laurens, but
in the survey made by Mr. Meredith
was Intended to run from Clinton, sin
Gl tin Springs to Spnrtanburg.
The long trestle over Little river
near the l.iiurcns depot svas built by
him: ho s\.is the engineer on a pas
senger train from Greenville to Colum
bia which went through the Saludn
1 riser 'resile hi one of the most dis
astrous wrecks In the early history
of that road, and in which he, himself,
whs all bul killed.
Cnpt. Meredith svas engineer on the
lasl aln that ran out of Columbia
(lliril)j tho famous Sherman raid which
result* I i:i the burning Of that city.
!:? s>.:s not 111 the \s;:r. being at the
lime in the railroad service ami there,
by e> -nipt. When tho railroad shops
c the old Columbia road were located
leb na, just a little north of New
berry, Cn|it. Meredith svas in charge
<?, them, his residence at that lime in
Newberry. Later ho svas supcrint
eudoui of the old Richmond ami Dan
ville road, before ii SVOIll Into tin*
hands of n r< colver and svas bought by
the Soulhorn. For years he svas an
en. Im er <m the Greenville and Colum
bia In nncli of Iho Southern.
.1; mes Osgood Meredith svas burn
in Llio eity of Augusta on January
L'Sth, IS35, and nt the time of his death
wru ii little ever VI years of age.
t... 11 \ in Ids Childhood his parents
m iVcd to Chnrlenton, where they ro
stiierl for several years. Shortly be
fore the Civil tvnr Mr. Meredith moved
in the uii-country near Newberry,
?ss: ere he was engaged in railroad
w< k and where later he became sup
? ale;,lent of the railroad shops.
lo moved to Oroenvlllo and it svas
?i hat on April 11. IS68, he was
married to Miss Amanda IJishop. the
t;, v .lames ('. Furmnn, tho then pres
i ' al of Purinen university, perform
ing the ceremony. Of this union,
i |j hi children wore born, all of whom
irvlco oxcepi Miss Flora .Tonos Mer
? lith, who died hi June of 1067. and
Whose hotly now rests in the family
litt ylng ground at Newberry- Mrs.
Mi rod 1th rtlod In the summer of 1001.
The SlU'Vhing children are: Mrs.
H i) PoilOil and Mis:- Beta Meredith
, Ibis city; Mr. James t). Meredith
of Greenville; Mr. William Donjnmin
reillth, of Clemson College; Mr.
> boil Mri'iickran Meroditli, of Nor
folk, Va.! ::iol Ml'. Win. Connor Mere
flP.hi of Mncon, c.i. Ml of these wore
i.ho bedside of their father when
..ih came.
dipt. Merodll.lt was popular hi Lntt
? p.; oVerybbdy lilted him and Iiis
?: .Si is lliournod not merely by his
rally ami relatives but by hundreds
l i< ads. Iiis HtOliCS id' railroad
word extremely Interesting, more
because <>; rj : '! :irkable memory
facts and his ability in lolling
t! mi he svas an exponent of early
railroading in South Carolina.
Pud'. Thema-.' I.CCllirC.
An announced in last issue of ihe
Ivolitser, Prof. L*oy /.. Thomas of
v, ,vberry college s>mi lecture in iho
.-. > opera hottse i a Friday < venlnu
of March f>th on (he subject of lidi
v '. n Poo and Iiis p.-otry. Tl..- pf?
i . from th<' vonlur? s, ;n he for
1 ? hohen I of the city school library
and every body In Laurens should at
: rid. An III ten St lllg pro-rain ss ill
b . rendered. Prof. Thomas will be
accompanied by bis ssife. who will
RlVO BOniO number-.; ia voice and piano.
?Iiilitre l'rlnce ot' Anderson ?ill Preside
Over 11n* Spring Tonn ot tlio
General Sessions Court?
The clumge m?de last year In the
time of holding courts in this the
Eighth Circuit causes the llrsi term
of General Sessions for Laureus
county to be held In March Instead
ot January as heretofore. The time
fixed for this term is the second Mon
day, March s. and it will !>?.> presided
over by Judge George 13. Prince of
Thursday at noon the jury commis
sioners met and drew the twelve
grand jurors who will serve during
the year with the six hold-over mem
bers, and the petit venire lor the first
week of the approaching session.
Following is the list of grand jurors
the first six being the hold-over
members of the body: H. \V. Hid lams,
u. p. .lones. li. p. Tumblln, v. v
White. Duff ('. .Martin. W. N. Austin.
W. <;. Boazmail, K. <'.. Wallace. S. ('.
Hill. W. W. Adair. .1. I). Woods. T. P.
Moore, \V. c. Curry, 1>. M. Williams.
G. I.. Willis. S. It. Moore. W. C. Mitch
ell. \v. P. Lawson.
Petit jurors for the first week:
Laurens township?-.1. Wist er Mar
tin. W. I). Franks. .1. .1. Glenn, W. M.
Armstrong. Nathan Wallace. W. S.
Benjamin, .1. L. Finley, John A. Mar
tin. .Tared l>. Sullivan.
Hunter -Mel). Hipp. W. F. Bell.
Jacks Prank Adair.
Scuftletown ? Will .1. Adair, John T.
Waterloo?R. 13. Boyd.
Sullivan?John W. Taylor. Sam ('.
Took. John W. Simpson. James W.
Simpson. John w. Beeks, James T.
Machen, Jesse a. Wood. .1. L. Trnyn
Dials w. Ii. Barksdnlc, D. D.
Brownlee. Joe Avory, li. J. Stoddard.
It. a. Stoddard, II. T, Babb, John R.
Brownlee, M. P. Vaughn,
Youngs?13, W. Pntton, O. P. Cox.
Cross Hill?S. L. Crisp. R ,S. Tur
ner, .1. 1 >. I'.eeks.
Miss Maltie May Neville has return
ed ;o Clinton after a visit to Mrs. II.
K. Alken.
Mrs. Edward Gage, Misses Wlllmn
and Polly Prentiss have returned to
Greenville alter a \isit to Mrs. \\*. II
Miss Kate Glenn spent a few days
in Chester with her parents.
Misses Annie Huff and Toe;1 CnillC
of Converse College Spoilt a lev. days
in l In- city.
Air. Carlos Mosley of Watford
col I eg esponl the week-end in the city.
Mrs. Blond Hammond lefl Prlday
for Greenville after a visii to Mrs. \V.
U. ilichey Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. It. K. Copolaild spent
Sunday in Clinton.
Mr. 13. I'. Mi lit 01' has gone to New
Miss 131hol Simmons of Columbia.
College spent a few days in the city
with her parents .Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Afrnlo l-Iellnms of Goldvllle
spool Monday in the city.
Mr. 10. a. Huff of Greenvjlie was in
the city Sunday visiting Iiis father,
Mr. a. Huff.
Mr. w. c. Lancaster spoil! Sunday
i:t Iiis homo near Glenn Springs,
The moving picture shows tins;
days are a much welcomed pleasure,
Mr. F.. YV. Trlbble of And.-; son ar
rived in th.- clt.V Monday with Iiis fam
ily! ihoy ate occupying the old Feiith
orstonc residence oh VVesi Main street.
Hon. c < . Foajheratone und Mr. J.
I'. Tolbcrl o, tiiis city ittlanded Ihe
S:ate liilordeiioinliuittnnnl Sunday
school convention at Ornngcburg last
vvei k.
in-, s. r. Blakely, who lias beer
practicing medicine for a number oi
years hi iho Orit itelghborl)eod. has
decide ! to locate in Rparianbut'i
svhere he will continue in his profeS'
The 'Fribble (Mothln-j Store.
Mr. It. \V. tribble das arrived ll
ti e City and begiin the Work ofproprn
lion for the opening of his Clothlnj
store in the Old Hub si and. Tie
stock of goo is win begin niTlvliij
this Week, and hy M-ir< h Kfih ill
store will be open for customer*
Mr, Tf'lbble proirtltii. an excel I?ill nri
Sir. Sleliols nl Home.
Mr. w. Niel els h:.. r. luniod !
the city fiom tho Columbia hospltn
where he was under special treat men
for s- vcral weeks. All are deiighte
to have hil.. hack hOIUO again.
Regular Meeting Hold Monday I'resl.
dent Rhikclj licsltriis,
The Laureus County Medical assoc
atloa mel Monday aftornoon In the
office of l>r. K. E. Hughes, with U
fairly good number ol iis an inbors In
attendance. President S. F. Blakely
of Orn presided ill tin* meeting, stating
at tii?> opening thai because of his
Intontlon to move to Spartanburg in
tin' near future lie would be compelled
to resign Iiis position. Tito nntiounce
meht was received with mucb regn i
by tho members; action was deferred
until tho next meeting to be held
March L'J.
The feature of the doctors' meeting
on Monday was the paper read by Dr.
i. L. Fennel on the subject; "The
Increased Frequency of Heart Dis
ease." Dr. Fennel was highly compli
mented on this excellent paper.
For the March meeting of the assoc
iation. Drs. Hughes ami Franklin
were appointed to read papers. lly
special request *?>*-. Hughes will pre
pare a treatise of the subject; "Fake
Medicine Advertisements and the
Religious News papers." which will
doubtless prove unusually (interesting.
ifeav) Rain? Swell Streams Dentil
of an Infant?
Mountvllle, Feb. 22.?Heavy thunder
and rain storms passed through this
section Sunday afternoon ami night,
ami it is still raining (his morning.
The land is thoroughly wet and small
streams are swollen.
Mr. u. Lee Davis and family of
Greenville are visiting their parents
here. Mr. and Mrs. King.
All infant Child Of Mr. and Mrs. Stun
Brysoil died la^t Wednesday of whoop
inn cough. it was only 11 few weeks
old and its suffering was intens >. The
remains wore laid to rest at Liberty
Springs cemetery.
Mrs. Rosa Motes and children are
In Sumter visiting relatives.
Miss Julia Fellers is making HU ex
tended visit to her sister. Mrs. Lucy
Crisp, of Concor';. N. C.
Mr. M. B. Crisp went over lo Wliit
mlro Saturday to see his son 'Fnyotto.
Mr. F. Coil way Smith is bavin.* >.is
house repainted. Henry Whltlock &
Son. our skilled workmen, are doing
the work.
Mr. Robert Whltlock !ms recently
added to his shop building. IP' has
a roomy house now. well equipped,
and is doing a good business.
Personal Items from I'koin.
F.kom. Feb. "-.? .Miss Frnnkle Ciil
bertsou who litis been sick for some
time is now heiter.
Mr. w. w. Culbortsoit I? on the sick
list tlllS Week.
Mr. Harrison r*ihson and Fanny
Pinson visited Mr. Jim Martin Sun
Mr. T. C. M. Daniel and family spent
Sunday with Mr. J. P. 131 ledge, near
Ware Shoals.
.Mrs. L. C. Fur's visited her son.
IMgar. at Center Point last Week.
Mr. John Thmbllii who mysterious
ly disappeared from his home in this
section about forty years ago, has
made his appearance around, here
agaiii, Ho Is living near Macon, Ga.
There will be an oyster supper ill
Mr. I., c. McDntilel's Friday evening
the 26th; given by the School im
provement Association. ISvorybody
is cordially invited to nttond,
Mr. I.. C. Culbortson and family vis
ited Mr. Ben Cole.V Sunday.
Mr. Bed Citlbertsoii of Madden spi nl
Sunday With r datives in litis Seeth Ii,
Mr. Y. A. Godfrey of Ware Shoals
passed tlnough Kkoni Riiturdii.v.
On March 2nd at the city ihCntro
Burgnor and Alton Stock company
will proseuI "On tm- Frontier." This
company carrlei i ofli band ; lid or
chestra and will nmtisc tho theatre
Ti e Furnian Glee club and Qt
t: ? v. i 11 npl(Oil I' at the opera hi
J. v. Wallace Co. have nrran.o >d
Atlcrbdlh Ma' Quartet lo aid B dl
tilngorn, Both attractions rti'? jilny
tilg the I arg? rt ( It ICS Of tin- North, hut
hy efforts the mnnagemenl has boon
successful in SeCui'iilg dates for this
city with 'lies ? t-vi, famed quartettes
Ii KM A N Gl.EK ( 1.1*1! COMlMi.
\>ill (?!vo r.iilcrtiiluiitcnl in opera
House en Snturduj livening.
On Saturday evening ul ihe city
opera house ihe Fur man Glee club
and Quartette will give an entertain
men. beginning at the usual hour and
charging the usual prices of admis
sion. The club has an excellent mus
Ie?l program, consisting of the latest
and best snap.-, medleys eel., together
with a number of pleasing tiuiirtettcs,
Tho entertainment will !?? of tin high
est order and is looked rorward lo
with much pleasure.
For n numher of years Furiuan lias
hail line)glee clubs and iho newspapers
any thai this year's is by tar Ihe best
in the history of the University, Tho
opera house should be crowded on
Saturday evenlnc.
Lien Law is Repealed.
After a decisive Vote by tin- Si rate
on Friday the Lien law of South Caro.
Una is repealed, the House having al
ready voted against it. However.
;he "mortgage" clause has not been
touched, and the legislature's action
counts for hut little.
Will (?'ooilniiin, White, Mint Colored
"( rap Shooter" I" Death in Cress
Mill Township.
Will Goodman, a young white man
df Cross Hill township, was lodged in
jail late .Monday night, charged with
ihe mm der of one lien Pnrtlow. a
negro Of the same section of Ihe
county. The killing occurred Sun
day afternoon, six miles below the
town of Cross Hill, on s. T. Vaughn's
place, nnd Is said to have betii tin- re
sult of a dispute over a game of
"crops." The Inquest was held by
Magistrate CutocrtsOn.
The sheriff's oflice was notllled of
the murder early .Monday lUortilng
when two olllcei's were sen' at once
to the scene. Goodman made no ef
fort to get away and was found and
arrested at the home of his brother.
h seems thai the white man. iot
urn her with a party of m .. m-s ware
in the woods ESuhday afternoon en
gaged in a gaiUe of craps. Having
won a stake of (en cents. Pnrtlow
picked Up Ilm colli over the protest
of Goodman. When demanded lo
Goodman to lay ihe money down.
Pnrtlow began a retreat, whereupon,
according to the sovi rnl eye witnesses.
Goodman drew his pistol and shot the
negro through the body, killing him.
Solicitor Sense Popular Li re.
The peopie of Lanr n- are much
I lo
Hon. T. S. Seas.- of ttprt rtunlmrg, by
hi.- election to .liidgeahlp. Solicitor
SoUse whs popul?r here during the
time that Laurens was in ti..- seventh
circuit, and when Mr. SonS3**was its
prosecuting oflle ?:.
The New Minister at Mount sillo,
Kdltcr The Advertiser! The rust
issue of your paper jU'.tt rccciv id and
perused with pleasure,
i am at present acquainted with but
very few people in the county, hut I
hope by (ho in ip of your paper to get
acquainted with many more.
I came lo MoUtltVillC last I )??( > :..her
from New hei rs'.
I am lo re especially that my boss
mas- i avo the advantage of the s diool
here. Of course ta re are other
high schools but therf! is only one
MountvSlie and but out* W. P. Colbert*
sou tip far as I know. Prof, Colbert ?
.-on is Interested in I tie moral ami
Vis I . '
mils to do tit
six vi: AK 0U> Ii A 1)
\YtilI?> Playing \% itIi IMslol Hurscl
(.iliv \c<iil'i:tall\ Sliol an.I
Killed rosier Turner.
At llio homo of >). A. dies in (ho
I .aureus mill village las! Friday morn
in,',. Il.irsel. the six year old son u.1'
Mr. Giles, while [.laying will a pistol
shot his cousin, Posti r Turin r,
through the head, death resulting !lt)
minutes late-. Tito deceased was
about the same an- of his OOUSill ami
was a sou of Mrs. ('. G. Turner.
Coroner It. O, llairstou came up ami
held the inquest about noun of the
same day. According to the evidence
adduclblo it appears thai Giles, whose
wife died in January, had as usual
lofl Hinsel at t!ie home of Mrs. Tin
ner until the cook came to prepare
breakfast wh.ib- he himself and the
other children won! to their work in
tile mill at six. About s the colored
woman arrived when llurSol, together
with Poster Turner and his older
brother went across lo the Giles col
tage. The little hoys wore alone in
the front room. In a certain bureau
drawer were throe pistols, One of
these was secured by Hinsel "inst to
play with awhile." While pointing
ii at Poster who was standing hear
the door, the weapon was discharged
and I ho little follow fell fatally shot.
The verdict of tl.miner's Jury was
in accordance with those facts.
Three \< \?, Deacons l-Mccicd.
Immediately upon tho conclusion of
the regular service at the Firs! linptisl
church morning, a congregational
meeting was held for tho purpose of
electing ihre.- additional deacons, Mr.
.lohn A. Franks. Mr. Itohl. A. Cooper
and I )r. A. .1. Christopher being elect
"d. Tin- election of these now blllcors
increased the membership of tin board
of deacons from ix to nine. Tho
presonI board is composed of Messrs
c. it. Gob... G. II. Itoper. Joliii Mi
i lud-;- us. .1. s. lioiiiioii and I>r. I.. s.
Fuller. Tin- deacoii-olocI will bo
ordained on the Ill's! Sunday in March.
? t I *? * .. * F ? ? * ?. V ? ? ? < ? . . " ? ? ? ? ?
About forty little girls wore made
happy yesterday when tiny celebrated
Ixlithcrllie und Marian Holt's birthday
ami George Washington's.
A pretty cherry tree was arranged
so thai the little girls could chop the
cherrh-s off with I he hatchets given
them. Little v,bs .Mildred Counts
was given ti e prlaO for gelling the
H ost. v. hi. h WHS a pi'tily picture of
the IWins.
Jelly and cream with cherries wore
served tis refreshments.
Mrs. A. ('. Todd v\ ill < nierlain Iho
Fortnightly olttb ill hoi' lioiho oii West
.Main street this afternoon.
Miss Gladys Huff entertained I'm
day evening in honor bf her gin.-st,
Miss May Ixinloeh, of Chitl'losioii.
Several Interesting games ot pro
gresivo wliist wore played afior which
a delicious si..ad course with Coffee
was sor\. di
Those prosonl lo inooi Miss Ixinloeh
wit-.-; Misses I .a 11 a Ma'- Dial, Joseph
ine Stlllivilll. Mary .i. Todd. and Jahle
t'idvili; Messrs. (Ins Simmons. Albert
Dial, .liiu Danklin. Henry Conn's. .1.
M ('Million, II. S. Khc kw.-ll and W. G
Miss Annie Oilkcrsoii loaves this
week for Washington lb lie gone until
after tin- Taft Inaugural ceremonies.
Miss GlUiOISOll Will be accompanied by
Aliss ,1 til hi I.e.- (,:' GrOcuwoOd'.
Goes in Heallii Uesoii.
S. M. & R. H. Wilkes & Co.
Prof. Peterson of Oniuvtchurii Has
I.on sod Morris Springs llotol
1'rnpcrt) for Ihls Purpose.
According to ii statement made to
Tlio Advertiser, Laurens oomity is in
havo a high school, or Institute for
i?i\s and firis. in ho opened in loo
fall hi ih?- present your. Prof. SV. S.
Peterson, now president of the Ornngo
hnrg Collegiate litstltuto has leased
tho Harris Springs hotel property, anil
ho as preshleul of the proponed insti
tution with a large ami tiblo faeulty
will have ehai'ge of (he school. Mr.
Peterson is iho sun of Mr. \V, 15. Peter
son, a native of llils county., who now
lives in Newberry. Prof. Peterson Is
a proiuiiionl I'lguro in iho educational
lifo <il tin1 Stale and his coining In
this county is heartily welcomed.
in his letter. Prof. Peterson stated
thai the luauagmeiil of tin' Springs
will spend several thousand dollars in
tin' Improvement of Mm property, re
fitting ami riirulshlng the rooms, and
Installing a system of steam heal for
tln> buildings. The purpose is ti>
found a school of high grade, some
what the nature ol tin' Orangeburg
school, witii a curriculum otpial lo
that school, conforming in the hif.li
school requirements, The faculty
has alroad.n i.n engngod, nmoiiK i" i
numbers being some of the teachers
now employed hi the Oratigehurg
school. Prof. Peterson seems saiigii.
I do <>r the success <>i the enterprise,
being assured of support/ from numer
ous quarters, ami Itilcunjhig in make
the school worth> the support and
patronage of tue Laurens county peo
Mr. Peterson states Hint he will
come to this coiint.x tit an early dato
llils Klimmet ami locate III iho Harris
Springs, it befug his Intention t<? open
iho hotel for puirniiagO 111iseason;
he lids leased the ? nlirO hotel propert>
ami will be prepared to accmnodalo
gliests ni the opening oi the season as
. mil
\ oi st; \\ \ \ '.! t l HKS i \i !.", i.
Untreue Koviliiml iVoumloil hj Hls?
cliartro of Pistol in Itrothcr's Mao !.
Sunday morning last, out ai the
homo of their mother, dear Ora, Mr.
Kiigcnc Mowlam) was ucCldciiinlli shoi
lb rough ihe llilgh while iittemiitlm> in
disarm his .Vdlillger brollc*', Mr. Km
e.u Mowland with had an lam- earlier
in lie- dliy (ire.I several .la.i n't lieh
loltuson, a colored hand on the place
because (,: a quutTol over a set Of
buggy harness.
Tl i
i.eecedeil in
I ?
("poll his reiiirh lo ihe house Kugond
met hi:, brother in the >iiril hi '1 under,
look in disarm him. In the scuttle
in!' the possession (if ihe pistol
weapon vvils discharged with the ivj
null as stall il above
Mi. Lowland's wound, while very
painful is hot regarded til till dan
>iii. \sn Mils. 11\?. i *?. > hkkk \\ kt).
Hinten Collcae l.ilornrj Societies
Debate liib reviii, ? sei h i t.
Owens, ih os ?? mouths old buby of Mr.
? > i
March l

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