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Capital (II) Will Hare Host Muh leal
Talent in tin- World Urenl Ituxh
for Tickets Already*
Columbia. s. (.' , April 1st.?Special:
April 22iid nud 23rd are tho dates for
the Columbia .Music Festival ti> bo
held In the Columbia theatre, uuder
the ausplcos of the Columbia Musical j
association. ?
As the keynote, in a boHoh, tho fea
Uvul of 1909 demands the best. The
best ha* been secured Ih assured with
tho announcement that Jomolll, l?aii" J
gendorff, Lawson und llasllnga have !
been engaged io sing at tho three coil
GOrtB with tho world renowned Dresden
Philharmonic orchestra. CS men. Willy I
Al'.ien, conductor.
Tho ongagomenl of Ilia famous
Dresden orchestra has attracted the
attention of tho whole music world i
to tho Columbia Music Festival, it
was necessary lo obtain royal permis
sion for the orchestra to lUilkO this
long trip to America, and so many ?111*
icuitles had to he overcome that It
Is doubtfui If the trip would have been
arranged had it not boon for the efforts i
Of Victor I. Clark, llSSOalatO conductor.
Columbia is indeed fortunate to he '
listed among tho cities hooked for tho
spring tour. ?
Attractive features of the festlTal
will bo the mixed chorus of over two
hundred voices, Mr. (Icorgo S. Kitt-'
lodge, of thu College for Women, di
rector; Hint the children's chorus of'
two hundred voices, Mr. W. <i. Uler
uiochlcn. of Columbia College, director.
As tho time for the festival ap
proachea, Increased Intorost is taken
In the great event, for several weeks I
fiast Malinger F. I.. Brown lias been
receiving numbers of mail ordors and
P. Is believed from the present outlook
that the sign, "S. It. 0 ? " will be shown ;
ut each porforntauco. Beginning to.)
day season tickets will bo sol;', for a |
fow days only: .
Box seats, and ?; Orchestra, $"?; '
Balcony, %5, $4 and f.:; (latlery,
Mall orders tilled in order received.
Local checks must bo drawn, with
exchange, payable to P. I.. Drown,
business muunger of the Columbia
Musical association. 1
From all stations In South Caro- ?
Una the usual special railroad rates
will be given, ami Columbia is making
ready to welcome a "regular fair week
crowd," for the calendar lu well filled
and each day will be Crowded with
events of Interest.
Art students, and all Interested in
the work that is being done In South
ern colleges, rejoice to know that the
second Arts and Crafts exhibit will be i
held In the studio of the Col I ego for
Women, April 20th-23rd. Foremost i
artists of the day will send paintings
and lhero will be over one hundred
canvasses Oll exhibition in addition to
tho display Of Crafl work, to which all j
South Carolinians are especially ro
puestod to contribute.
April 22nd-23rd there will bo a stu
dents' art exhibit at Columbia college;
Wednesday, 21st, automobile races; '
Wednesday, 21st, Tarantella gormnn; I
April 22nd-23rd-2lth, baseball?Jack-1
Honvlllo \s. Columbia. The most bill
llant social ovonl of the week will be
tho ball given by the Coluindla Festival I
club on tho oponlng night of Ihe fes
tival. Many out of town guests will
ho welcomed at this ball, which will ,
rival In brilliancy the annual State !
halls, and be the most notable event 1
Of thu social season In Columbia.
v Little Kinsing.
A little kissing.
Now ami then,
Is why wo Uuve I
The married men. i
?Birmingham (Aln.) Age-IIornld.!
A 111tlo kissing
Too, of course,
Is ".\ hy we have
The quick divorce.
Chicago Record Herald, i
A little hissing's
Lot 's of fun, j
if you can kiss '
The proper one.
--Cleveland Leader.
A little ktsslng'a
Not enough;
a lot. of kissing - m
That's thu Bluff.
Mr. Fricson'H Old House.
flo see it. it's a beauty. It Blandfl I
OUt among Its neighbors, because th?
coloring Is so bright and Clear. Mr.
Bricson painted with L &M. Paint and
ways It cost 1*3 less than ever before. ,
I lo bought only 12 gallons of L. ft M.
Paint ?nd '.i gallons Of Linseed Oil to
Rilx with it. This made t\ gallons or
pure paint, ami cost only $1,20 per gul- j
Ion. It's an handsome, as tho linest In
town. Tho L. ,V- M. Is sold by:
J. II, tb M. L. Nash, Lam ens;
J. W. CopOland Co.. Clinton;
L. & M. Palnl Agents.
A man who talks lohlmsolf always
has an Interested listener.
Don't worry about what may hup
pen; Just us like ns not It won't.
t ri" lit ini Fate Averted*
"l would have been a cripple for
life, from a terrible cut on my knee
cap," writes Frank Dinbi rry, Kelllher,
Minn., "without Buoklon'S Arnica
Halve, whic h soon cured me." Infalli
ble for wounds, cuts and bruises. It
soon cures Hums. Scalds, Holls, Old
Sores, and Skin Eruptions. World's
best for Files. 2f?c, at Laurens Drug
Co. and Palmetto Drug Co.
f *???*?*?? it i ? i * * * i ? 4 t>-4 i ? <*
5*JMi**4-****ft******' W. * * *
Lesson In Good Uauners.
A well-known lawyer Is telling n
good story about himself and his ef
forts to correct the manners ot bis
ofiico boy. One morning not long
ago tho young autocrat blow iuto the j
Ofllce, and tossing bis cap at U hook.' I
"Say. Mr. Blank, there's a bull game I
down at the park today, and I Ulli j
goinn." jj
Now, tho attorney Is nol r hard- >
liearted man, ami was willing the boy
should go. but thought he would i
teach him a little lesson in good man
"Jimmle," ho said, "thai Isn't the
way to ask a favor. Now, you come
hero and sit down, and I'll show you
how to do it."
Tho hoy took the ofiico (hair and
his employer picked up his cap ami |
stepped outside. He then Opened the !
door softly, and. holding tllO cap in ?
his hand, said quietly to the small boy
In the big ?halt :
""'lease, sir. there |.s a hall gailtO at j
tho park today; if you can spare 1110 ]
1 would like to get away for the af
In a Hash tho hoy responded: ;
"Why certainly. Jimmle; und here i
Is HO cents to pay your way III."?
Short Storh s. I >
ooo i
A Stud) In Anatomy.
When tho butcher responded to his I
telephone call, the shrill voice of a '
little girl greeted his cars.
"MellO, Is this Mr. W ??"
"Yes," hi* answered kindly.
"Well, do you know anything about
Where grandpa's liver Is? We've
looked everywhere, hut we can't lind
it."?Success Magazine.
Near-Sighted Lady?"Tue hoy who
is trying to tie that tin can to that
poor dog's tall ought to he thrashed '
within uu Inch of his life the horrid i
little brute."
Maid?"It's your boy. muni."
"My boy ?"
"Yes. mum."
"Tell him if hell slop I'll givo him
soinu Cake.?Christian Advocate.
ooo i
The young man, leading a dog by
a string, lounged up to the ticket of
llce of a railway station and Inquired:
"Must I?aw -take a ticket lor a
"No; you can travel us an ordinary
passenger," was the reply. ? Unlvor
sallst Leader.
'Ihe Morning Quarrel.
"Say." called his v. lie from the win
dow, you forgot something."
He caiUO back.
"What did I forget?"
"You forgot to slam the door."
He slammed it all right, all right, I
till right. -The Tradesman.
Don't I'tit it There.
Husband of Three Months.: "Do you
believe a wlfo Is justified In taking;
money from hor husband's pockets?" *
Husband of Experience: "Certain- (
ly, if he is that careless." Imltluioio
A Good Keason.
A professor tells Ibis story at Ids
owti expense Ho was Instructing a
??lass of hoys about the circulation of
the blood and to make sure that I hoy
understood him he said:
"Can you tell me why it Is that If!
I . tood on my head tho blood would
rush lo my head, ami when I Stand
on my feel thero is no rush of blood i
to the feet?"
Then a small hoy, alter pausing for I
.1 short time, answered:
"II Is because your feet are nol
empty, sir." The Tradesman.
Couldn't Draw It.
A teacher asked her class lo draw
u picture Of that Which they wished
to be when they grew up. am! all went
diligently to work except one little
girl, who only chewed her pen. il.
"Don't you know what you want to
be when you grow up, Anna?" asked i
tho teacher.
"Yes, I know," replied the little girl,
"hut I don't how to draw lt. I
want, to bo married."-- Success Mag
Due Merc Chance.
One day the ofiico hoy went to tho
editor of the Soaring Fngle and said: I
"There's a Iramp at the door and
he says ho has had nothing to eat for
six days."
"Fetc h him In." said tho editor. "If
WO can find out how ho does It we can I
run this paper for another week." - ?
Illustrated Kits.
'lake a Look \\ Her.
Magistrate "You say you want a ,
divorc e, becauso your married life is '
one long series of fight*? You don't
look it."
Would-be Divorce "No. your Honor,
hut you ought to see my Wlfo."
jClrclo Maga7.lno.
It is Only a Step
So to Speak
From Poor
Sight to
Perhaps it never occurred
to you that a defect in the
sight is not as a rule a disease
of the eye. .So often it is a
condition which the proper
glasses will not only relieve
hut many titties entirely
cure. Sight is restored,
eyes ate made strong, head
aches disappear, the nervous
strain is relieved and the
eyes ate saved 'perhaps from
blindness. It you have eye
trouble a personal talk will
interest you.
Room 6 Knterprise BMd'g.
L ?nens S. C. -
Dr. F. J. In man
Office davs, Fridnv and Saturday
. F. J. Inman
Eye Specialist
Of Laurens
Will he in
11 IML.
April 14th and 15th
at Dr. Pinson's Drug Store
And will he prepared to fit Glas
ses and treat any and all eyes.
Dr. F, j. Inman
Real Estate Agent
Sleep over your rights
if you want to, but I am
going to sell 2 stores just
east of the Court House,
100 feet for the small sum
of $S,000.00. Don't wait
until the oilier fellow gets
it, but write or phone 75.
Clinton Property
i lot coutaning a store room
and dwelling in good shape
for $3500.00
1 house and lot and barn
good well right in town, on
water and light line only $2500.
t lot for $300.00
And other properly in town
and coin ly, see me before buy
iiiff and selling for terms.
Clinton, S. C. Box 152
What about protecting
your property against loss
by fire. We have as good
as the best in the way of
Laurens Fire Insur
ance Agency
C. W. McCRAVY, Mgr.
Shoe Service /JL
You expect more service from your
Shoes than from anything else that you wear, but
you won't get that service unless you buy the right
kino! of Shoes and have them correctlv Titled.
We've The Right Sort
We're Expert Fitters
Shoes for Men, Women and Children, that tower way
above the level of "Just Shoes."
Take our men's $3.50, $4,00, $5.00, and $G.00, Shoes, Our
Women's $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, and $3.50, Shoes, our Boy's $2.50,
and $3.00, School Shoe, or our $1.25, $1.50, and $2.00, Misses'
School Shoe, and we say to you candidly that we don't know of
another Store, where you can get such Shoe1 values for the money.
Take a look at these excellent
Shoe values and then -
The One Price Shoe Store
Customers Shoes Shined FRl:!
Wholesale Groceries
We contract for Flour, Meal Corn, Oats and Sugar at the
lowest points the markets have touched this year.
These goods have advanced 5 to 25 per cent, thus putting
us in position to sell you at prices under the market.
We want to clean up by the first of May. Wont you help us?
We've got the prices and we handle nothing but first quality stuff.
What more can you ask?.
You will have to hurry if you want any of these "Mill End"
prices. The supply is limited, we turned loose 300 barrels of
flour today at forty cents less that the Mills figures.
Get your heart right , we want to do you good
Dixie Floxir CSL Grain Co

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