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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, April 14, 1909, PART ONE PAGES ONE TO FOUR, Image 4

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YOUIIK F,aureus School I.ill dopes
With Lover Instead oi' doing
to School.
QltltC II I tit lo Htlr was created hero
Th?r day morning when Ihe tows
spread that Miss Addle tluri'GttO, a
young schol girl, had run away and
married at uboul '*::?> o'clock, shortly
after the opening of school.
li HceuiH that Mr. Snmuol Wayne
Walker of Clinton, having previously
laid plans lor the elopement, was on
hand .at ihe [tap! 1st church corner,
near Ho- (traded school building, with
a loam At JuhI about the time lor
school exorcises lo open Miss Oor
retto, wdio Is scarcely over sixteen
years or age, and a pupil in I he 8th
grade, instead ol' marching into the
school with the other pupils, hastily
made her way to Ihe corner whore
her lover was in wailing. Together
they drove to Ihe Walls mills, where
from the residence of Mr. Itickman
tho> phoned for Itev. W. 10. Thayer.
Upon the arrival ot th<- minister lhe>
were united in marrhlgo.
it is understood thai the young
girl's father, Mr. Allen tlarrotte, was
completely surprised al the news of
the runaway, and made a strenuous
effort io forestall Ihe marriage, but
the ceremony had already been per
formed when ihe couple were located.
Mr. (larretle resides on the Souih
Harper road, Jusl beyond the city
Oils Appointed Solicitor.
<)u last Thursday Governor Ansel
appointed state Senator I O. Otts or
Uaffney as solicitor of the seventh
judicial circuit, io till out the unex
pi red term 111 years) ol lion T S.
Sense, r? ceutly elected lud.ee.
On tprll PI is !?
"Hear Husbnild Sour dinner is In
the cupboard. I am at the millinery
opening, h'eed tie cat."
state Press Association.
'Ihe South Carolina Press associa
tion will meet in Greenville on July
IS, 7. sih. The meetings will be held
in the new (>tlara\ hotel.
You will Hud hero ihe largest and
be:,i Hue of Water Pooler:, in differ
ent sizes from which you can select
Just what you waul.
S. M A K. II. Wllkes & Co.
Watch These Married Men.
Wc wondor how many of our rund
era have noticed the difference be
tween the men who are married but
it short time ami one who has been
married soverul years. Von con al
ways toll a young husband from an
old one. When a man has. been mar
ried a few months, yon will generally
see him working In the garden or fix
ing up about the house and while he
works he whistles, or slugs, or occas
ionally look; ll fi low aid the window'
to see It any one is watching him
A year later he is still working in
the garden hut the smile has been
exchanged for a frown and he occas
ionally looks up toward the bouse
wondering why in thunder breakfast
Is not ready. Another year rolls
by and his looks would sour milk, hut
he Is still at work, stopping occasion
ally to kick the dog or throw a brick
at the cat. Tin- next year WO lind
him sitting on the porch, smoking a
plpo, while his wife does the digging
in the garden. Now just watch our
young men. as one by one they are
caught in Cupid's net and see if this
rule does not work out the problem
correctly. iOxchntlgO.
A:; WO write these few lines WC are
listening to all kinds of ngonl/lng
cries from the obi armory hall Just
above the Intelligencer olllce. In ibis
hall the unknown tongue religious
crowd hold nightly meetings as well
as nightly attractions, as great < rowils
congregate on the sidewalk to listen
lo the pitiful Wails sent ii|i by some
of the religious fanatics. If a si ranger
was to approach the building no doubt
he would think thai he had struck
lb. Insane asylum in Columbia,
We believe in church tillemlaiice and
all that tends to b ad people to .1 bei.
lei life, hill When il COIIICS to CllUSillg
people of none ton Iii Iglu a mind to
Jump up ami down ami niter unearthly
shriek:; and take on like a raving ma
ll lac, especially children thai are easi
ly Influenced, we beg lo be excused.
When We hear SOIIIC of these Weak
minded people Inking on as we do
when we are writing Ibis, article, well,
we feel like w ell, w .? won't say. Vn
derson I nt el I Igencer.
Patriots is. Ilootllekcrs,
"Anderson, in Inviting Tall lo visit
that city, lays herself liable lo criti
The I'nknovt 11 Tengue.
clam by tlx' staunch, rock-rlbbeil Dom?
ocrats of tho Stale" Laurents Advor
titter. Tliere is no danger of Unit. The
condemning erlticittiu from tho faith.
I'ul is not visited upen those offering
tu ptty perfectly nuturul rospeel in
the chief executive of tlielr country.
Ii is poured out upon Democrats thai
in the presence of n President, or for
the suke i?f Imped foi pap turn boot*
lick. Tlio State.
So Sen:.lor Otts is now a solicitor.
The |i!;>n of llydrlck Sonne Nichols
has struck Us llrsl bump. There In
on.' oilier phase of the deal. Time
will show trow thai < omes out
Meanwhile Senator Otis Is lost to the
great cause of prohibition, We weep.
Ureenwooii Index.
to lie done || llll How is tile lime to
do it. The Laurons and Clinton
electric railway will be in hero bo
fore you know it and some of our
streets are too narrow to inn trol
leys." We llldU't kllUW ihe street:-.
iwide or narrow) could "run trol
leys." Rut. clear the I rack, contem
porary, we're coming, (Minion tin
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
Whereas, petitions signed by more
than one-third of the (|UUlillcd eli , tors
:md free-holders residing in school
district number live, i>i;iis Township,
Luurcus County, South Carolina, ask
ing fill' Mil eleelii.ii on llie ||0CStiOU of
ii High School in said district bus been
I llled with ihe County Hoard of ISdu
cntion, an election upon said iiuetilion
Is liereby ordered, said election lo lie
held on the I day oi April, A. I). l!M>!?,
at the (I ray Courl-Owiugs I list Unto
School House, under the mauagenieut
of Ihe trustees of itl school district.
All i|tinlilled electors und free sold
ers residing in said school district are
l etil it led to Vote III ;i id elei i ion.
Those favoring the high scliool
school shall \oie a ballot containing
ihe word "Yes" written or printed
thereon; those nauinsl the high school
shall vole ;t ballot containing the
word "No" written or printed thereon.
I'olls shall Open III the hour of one
o'clock in the afternoon and shall re
main open until Ihe hour of live o'
clock in ihe afternoon, when Ibej
shall he closed and ihe ballots
The Trusteos si.;tll report Ihe result
of said election to ihe County Itonrd
of Kdncnlion .is. soon as possible
I hereafter.
It Is To Weep.
Clear the
Says lite Newbei
News: "There are
Unit could he wid(
. Herald and
several streets
id. Ii ought
xoth v. or r. i, i'M "no\,
? Our Store This Week
The season is at its height and our store is 3
a=bloom with pretty spring novelties.
We are showing a beautiful line of riessalines M
Satins and and Poulards, in all the latest shades ?&
with Trimmings to match.
b Buy your Spring
and get Distinctive Styles |1
Make our store your home while in Laurens and ||
we will make j our visits worth while
O. B. Simmon
Laurens, S. C.
Buggies, Wagons, Harness, Whips, Lap
- B
I have opened up again a very handsome assortment of Vehicles, Harness, Kap
Robes, Whips, EtcM and solicit your inspection of my line
before you purchase elsewhere
Columbus Buggies
They need no introduction
to the general public.
M U L *
Taylor-Caimady Buggies
I have sold these goods for
years and from every quarter
comes a word of praise for
Also a full line of Andior's, Lyon's and American Manufacturing- Go's., Goods
Headquarters for Live Stock and Vehicles
Lain ens, S. C.

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