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Mi?. Albert C. Todd after RH ex?
tended visit to her former home in
Albany. Oa., returned to Laurents on
Mr. J. B. Minter of Sedalia was in
the city last Wednesday for the an.
nual meeting of tbe stockholders of
the Laurens Furniture Manufacturing
Ci.pt. John R. Minter and Mr. E. c.
Minter are spending a tew days at
Mrs. Q. s. McCravy went tu Colum
bia Saturday to \isit Postmaster Mc
Cravy who is under special treatment
In one of the hospitals in that city.
Late reports Indicate that he is doing
very nicely and a steady Improvement
In his general condition is encourag
ing news to his family and friends.
Mr. K. B. Rasor of Cross Hill was
in tbe city Monday.
The Demotes! Comedy company are
playing to large crowds every night
this week.
Mr. W. H. Druramond of Lanford is
attending the Southern Baptist con
vention this week.
Rev. G. M. Sexton of Princeton was
In the city Monday enrotlte to the
Baptist convention in Ixuiisvlile.
Miss Lilly Peterson who has been
teaching near Bamberg the past yenr
has returned to her home at Sandy
Springs for the summer.
Mr. T. O Burdette. a well known
teacher of I^iurens county, who was
principal of a line school in .North
Carolina dining the term .hist closed,
is visiting relatives In the Tylersvllle
Hi ctlon.
Attorney T. Crank Watkins of the
Anderson bar was in the city Monday
at the m. a. l.eaman bankruptcy hear
Miss Laura Barksdale went to Spar
enburg Friday to see the Hen Greet
players on Converse campus.
Miss Bessie Kendrlck spent Sunday
at her home in Gafl'ney.
Ml'. .). F. Tolbert went to Asheville
Saturday and returned Sunday ac
companied by Mrs. Tolbert who has
I * < n in the san it a riu m there for sev
eral w?cks. Mrs. Tolbert is much
Improved In health.
Mr. and Mrs. D 11. Courts visited
relatives in Greenwood en Sunday.
Mr. A, W, Teague 8l?ent Saturday
in Col urn I ia.
Capt. T. Ducketl of Cllntou was
here on Saturday shaking l ands with
his many friends.
Rev. D. H. Baldwin of Donalds was
among the vet rat..- in Laurens on last
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Baldwin of
Carksdale w?n- ;;: Laut ?. as on Satur
was among the visitors In the city
Sat u rday.
Mr. W. W. Grumbles of Owings was
among the veterans In Laurens Satur
day. Mr. Qrumbles Is a reader of
The Advertiser, and his call at this
office was appreciated.
Mr. H. F. Mclver, expert accountant
arrived Inithe city Saturday and be
gan the regular semi-annual audit of
the Laurens Cotton .Mill's books.
Mrs. L\ S. Thayer, mother of the
Rev. w. B. Thayer, left Monday for
James Island to spend two weeks with
her brother, during Mr. Thayer's ab
sence In Louisville ami Baltimore.
Messrs. \V. H. Gilkerson. Jr.. F. P.
McGowan and R. Scott Tern pie ton,
representing Calhoun lodge No.
I. O. O. F. left for Alken Monday to
attend the State convention of Odd
Mr. James Clardy of Columbia spent
Sunday in the cKy with his parents.
Mrs. Mary Jlolcombe of llobbysvllle
arrived In Laurens Monday to visit
her daughter. Mrs. B. C. Watson.
Revs. W. B. Thayer. B. C. Watson.
A. T. Stoudenmlre and W. I). Hamraett
and Mr. Chas. B. Hobo have gone to
Louisville to the Southern Baptist
convention. Messrs. Thayer and
Hobo left Monday, the others on Tues
Mr. William Powell of Watts Mills
is representing his lodge of Odd Fel
lows al the State convention in Alken
this week.
Mr. .lohn L. Gilkerson went to Spar
enburg Monday to see a game of ball.
Mr. Broaddus Bates, district agent
of the Southeastern Life Insurance
Co., left Monday morning for Abbe
ville to pay a $5.000 death claim to
Mrs. Lucile E. Nabers. whose son. Mr.
C. C. Nabers, was killed there about
a week ago.
Miss Marth:* Westmoreland of
Greenville is in the city nursing the
child of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. McNeil,
who has been quite 111.
Mr. L. S. Cooper of Waterloo, route
one was ill the city Tuesday.
Mrs. H. K. Alkeil. and Misses Willie
Ma,- Chlldress and Rosalie Franks
left Tuesday for Columbia to attend
the 13th annual meeting of the South
Carolina branch of the King's Daugh
ters, now in session there. Mrs. Alkeil
is a member of the State executive
Mr. W. F. Modlock and daughter.
Miss Pearl, Were In the fit}' Tuesday
spending the day with Mr. and Mrs.
Arthu Taylor.
Mr. and Mr--. J, \|, Sumerel of
Gray Court, route one. were Iii tin
< ity On Tuesday,
Mr. 11. P. Garret! of Gray Court
was In the ?Ity Tuesday and paid a
pleasant call at this office.
.lodge Featherstone has refused the
motion for a new t: !a! In the Edwards
-Walters Co. against the Enterprise
jbank. It Is recalled that this firm
of architects sued for $571.22 duo
on contract, and were awarded
${71.22. the defendants moving for a
new trial. Whether or not the ease
will go to the supreme court is not
yet Known.
At a meeting of the Newbtrry grad
< (l m UooIk board of trustees this week,
.Miss Emily Meng <if Laurens was
elected a teacher in that city next
year. .Miss Meng has not yet decided
whether or not to accept the offer,
Whi? h was voluntarily tendered her.
Mrs. m. H. Babb returned Monday
from a visit to relatives In Greenville.
Misses Julia and Jeanette McFar
lan. who for several years past have
befti living in Philadelphia, have
moved to Laurens and are living with
the family of .Mr. \V. C. Ifby, Jr., on
South Harper street.
There were no services at the First
Presbyterian church last Sunday, Rev,
(.'has. F. Rankin, the pastor, having
gone to assist Rev. R. E. llenderlite
of the Falrvlew church, in the com
munion service.
Mr. ('. li. Roper is again at his
place nf business after an illness of
several days.
Mrs. .1. P. Marlon left Tuesday for
her home in Sumter after a visit to
relatives here.
Miss Grace Simmons returned home
Tuesday after a bri< f visit to Miss
Amelia Vance in Clinton.
Miss Nell Miller is at home again
alter a visit to friends in Clinton.
Rev. C. P. Parker Dr. R. E. Hughes
and Mr. R. W. Davis left Tuesday for
Spartanburg *o attend the Dioscesan
Council of the Episcopal church.
On account of the absence from the
city of Pastor YV. E. Thayer. there
will be no services next Sunday,
morning or evening, at the First Uap
tist church.
Mr. Edwin Lucas of Wofford Fitting
school visited his mother Sunday and
Monday of this week.
Proirranis of Mcctiugs to he Held bj
Baptists During May.
According to the plans adopted by
the Baptist association for the bedding
of union meetings, the committees in
charge have announced the following
programs for the me? tings this
Second ;*:t;{ Third BitN'cn.
The I'nlon or B cond i r.d Third Sec
lions of Laurens Association will meet
with Poplar Springs church cn 2Sth,
j: th raid 16th 6i May.
11:00?lutroductory sermon by E.
i.. Kugley.
12:00-?Oi ganlzatiort.
2:00?Topic: Baptist Orthodoxy;
In what does It consist? Its practi
cal bearing upon the church members.
C. B. Bobo. W. B. Thayer, ?;. M.Sexton.
2nd topic: Bible Study; best meth
ods?Its effect upon the life. T, B.
Brown, W. D. Hammett, A, L. Stou
10:00?Prayer and praise meeting
led by F. L. Bramlett.
3rd topic: Baptist Literature; its
Importance and effects. T. S. Lang?
Bton. T. Machen, B. L. Kugley, H. II.
4th topic: State Missions. F. L.
Bramlett, W. O. Hammett.
5th topic: Home Missions. A. L.
Stoudenmire, W. B. Thayer.
6th topic: Foreign Missions. C. I'..
i.obo, E. c Watson.
11:00?Layman's Movement. C. II.
Roper, R. A. Codper.
The ( hutches are requested to send
their delegations to this meeting.
Fourth Division?Baptist Colon,
The Colon of the Fourth Division
of Lr.urens Association will meet
with the Waterloo church, Saturday.
May 29th. U?09. at 10:30 o'clock A. M.
Churches composing this Cnion will
please see that they are represented
by full delegations.
10:30?Sermon by Rev. C. Lewis
Fowler, or Rev. C. W. Hidden.
11:30?Organization. Annual elec
tion of officers.
11:40?Choosing Wisdom the secret
of a successful life. Matt. 6:33, i
Kings 3:4-15.M. L. Nelson. John W.
Fowler. S. R. Brock, C. W. Hidden.
12:30 ?Intermission.
2:00?Obedience to the Word the
test of true disciplesbip. 1 Sam. 15:
-'L'-::. John 14:15-24. w. C. Wharton.
J. A. Martin. B. P. Mitchell.
3:00?The prevailing spirit of law
lessness and evil Indulgences; cause,
responsibility, remedy, s. R, Brock.
.1. L. Boyd, W. P. Turner. C. Lewis
Sunday Horning, -May 30th.
10:00?Layman's Missionary Move
ment. .1. A. Martin. .1. II. Wharton.
C. Lewis Fowler.
11:00?Missionary senr.cn. Rev. B.
P. Mitchell, or W. P. Turner.
P. Culbertson, Sec.
I It would not take a threshing ma
chine very long to thrash out scn.e
men's ideas.
Memory of Confederate Dead Hon
ored Ky Laurens People.
Continued from page one.
Lieut. W. C. Harris, 3rd Battalion.
Willi* l!i.\, Co. A, 3rd S. C. Regi
Lieut. Col. K. P. Todd, 3rd S. C.
Lieut. Col. W. D. .Simpson. 14th S. C.
Lieut. Hugh L. Farley, Co. 0, 3rd S.
c. Region nt.
G. Mc Langston, Co. F, r,r<i s. C.
Regiment; wounded at Gettysburg;
:died at Laurens, s. ('.
j J. Warren Shell, 3rd s. C. Regiment;
I died at Laureus. S. C.
j J. Wofford Peterson, Co. B, 1st s.
C. Calvary; died at Laurens, S. C.
Joseph B. Ballew, 3rd S. C. Regi
men!; died i" hospital, Ashevllle, N. C.
Capt. B. W. Ball, Hampton Legion;
died ;;t Laurens, S. C, .March 26th,
Dr. Thomas McCoy; died at Laurens,
S. C.
Dr. J. P. Simpson. Orderly Sergeant
Co. F, 4th Regiment; died r.t Laurens,
S\ C.
John N. Greer, Confederate State
Calvary; died at Laurens. S. C.
D. P. Goggans, Captain 1st S. C.
Infantry; died at Laurens. S. C.
Hillary Moscley, Private Co. A. 3rd
S. C. Infantry: died at Laurens. S. C.
Andrew V. Eichelberger, Private.
I McBeth's Artillery; died at Laurens.
IS. C.
Pinckney D. Klliott, State Reserves;
jdied at Laurens. S. C.
I Samuel R. Todd. Jr.. Citadel Bat
talion; died at Laurens. S. C.
Win. H. Hudgens; killed at Knox
viiie. Tenn.
w. h. Richardson, 3rd s. C. Regi
ment; died at Laurens. S. C.
John H. Richardson, 3rd S. C. Regi
ment; died at Laurens. S. C.
W. N. Wright; buried at Laurens, S.
B. S. ('lardy; died at Laurens, S. O.
W. B. Lamb. Color Bearer, Co. G.
3rd S. C. Regiment.
0. W. Monroe, Co. A, 3rd S. C. Regi
S. YV. Reid. 20th S. C. Regiment.
Capt. I). M. H. Langston. Co. X, 3rd
S. C. Regiment; killed at Gettysburg.
L. 0. Compton, Co. A. 3rd S. C. Reg.
Iment; died 1904.
John W. Franks. 7th S. C. Rechnern;
killed ?t Maryland Heights.
Charley Bramlett, Co. ?, 3rd S. C.
Dr. B. E. Martin; died 100?. Laurens.
S. C.
S. K. Taylor; died April 4, 1905.
R. H. Yeargln. Co. E, 14th S. C. Reg
iment; died at Laurens. S. C, January
Dr. Irby Danklin, .lames Battalion;
died at Laurens, S. C.
C. M. Miller, .Tames Battalion; died
at Laurens, S. C.
.1. D. M. Shaw.
W. B. Bramlett.
A. X. Bramlett.
.1. .1. Roland was born Nov. 28, 1839:
died Sept. 30. 1897. He was a private
! soldier stationed at Charlesto", S. 0.
Death of a Child.
On Sunday morning in the Columbia,
hospital, little Daniel Coughlin. the
two year old son of Mr. and Mr;--. J,
Coughlin, breathed his last, after
a long and painful illness. Mr.
Coughlin is superintendent of build
ing, with the Gallivan company, at
work on tue addition to Watts mills.
His child hau been ill for some time,
and on Saturday accompanied by Dr.
1. Sch'tyer, he was taken to Columbia
for an operation, which .however, was
not performed. The body was taken
Sunday, to Bridgeport, Conn, for
Read what firs. .la*. IZ. Blair of Boston has to say about Bloodine.
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from Eczema, and had tried many so-called cures and dozens
of physician's prescriptions with little c r no relief, until X was
advised to have hdr try " Bloodine," and I am thankful today
to he able to inforn^ you that she has been entirely cured after
using six bottles of j" 1'loodine." " Bloodine" is positively ibe
only remedy known to science that has the full power to drive
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six bottles for $2X0. Mail orders filled promptly.
Bloodine Liver l'll'.s cure Constipation and Liver Els, - b<
per box, Soid on a positive guarantee by
Laurens, S. C.
Cloth Jig
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dressed men in town if you leave it to us,
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we get a chance to show you one of our
Fine Suits which are now ready to look at
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Headquarters for John !'.. Slclsoi:
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