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inability to Collect Assess
ments the Cause.
1 it uro us Coiuptinj Loses ii>. License.
Litigation Over (lie Ippoiiitmcul
of a Receiver.
Insurance Commissioner Pitz Hugh
Mc.Master was in the < iiy las: Thurs
day afternoon t<> hear the answer of
the State Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany, Why its license should nol be
revoked. By an order the week pre
vious, the commissioner had tempor
ally suspend? d the license of tiiis
ompany which had been doing u
? 'tale-wide business, but under the
i ? w Insurance nets was <?, tillnetl (o
i.aureus and Greenville. Tile teiu
. ornry suspension was due to Hie fael
ii ai the company had been unable t<>
ay loss Claims, because the secretary.
Mi*. T. II. N'elson, was unable t<i ool
l- el the assessments.
The hearing on Thursday amounted
? i an examination of the company's
financial condition, no resistance he
i c offered by the company to the re
voking of its license. The commis
sioner decided thai the license should
! e permanently revoked, hut stated
? ' the reporter (hill his action was
not based on any mismanagement of
lue company, simply that tin company
had failed io accomplish its purpose.
It has now developed thai Mr. S. B.
Hobo of the Walls mills is to bring
Kii action requiring the appointment
?f a receiver, being represented, by
Dial & Todd and P. I'. McGowan. The
company will resist this action, for in
IhC complaint it is alleged thai the
( ompany has been improperly man
aged. The hearing will he before
Judge Devore at Abbeville on next
Monday. The Officials think thai I he
(ompany can best manage the winding
up of the affairs.
For Pipe Organ Kund,
Tin- Church of the Epiphany, of (bis
i Ity will in a few months begin work
on the proposed addition to the church
I uildlllg, intended for the installing
>l a pipe organ. The work of rais
Ing (he funds for (his purpose has al
ready begun, and the subscriptions
have been made. At a congregational
meeting last Sunday, Mrs s. E. Bouey
was elected treasurer of the organ
fund, and will begin, on the first of
each month to receive these subscrlp
I ions.
Communion at Kplscopnl Church.
\t the Church of the Epiphany, Sun
day, June 6th, the Rev, o. t. Porcher.
rector of the Episcopal church at
Greenwood, will celebrate the holy
communion at morning prayer. The
service begins at eleven o'clock, a. in,
Mr. Porcher will also conduct tin
evening service on the same day.
tndrcn Johnson Honored.
Greenville, Tcnn., May 81.-? Scat
tered over the greensward it. and
i-u r rounding the national cemetery
vhlch, for the past forty years, has
served as the resting place for Bio
ody of Andrew Johnson 'he seven
eenth president of the l i lted States,
thousands of the descendants of his
Uptime neighbors and friends in
;asl Tennessee today tool: advantage
? the llrSI memorial Celebration since
?he transformation of the private
emetcry Into a nation;! Institution
?o do honor to the memory of the
former distinguished citizen by organ
<ing the Andrew JotiUSOli Memorial
s.-ooiat ion.
C(lip?c of the MOOII,
on Thursday night of this week,
shortly after ?unset, the moon will
rise slightly eclipsed . The eclipse
will continue until the entire moon is
OVCred; (his Will be caused by the
-hadow of ti.itfth passing over the
TIlC Bern of Waterbm.
Waterloo. June I Mr. J. II. Gold
aiaii. (be hero of Waterloo, the now
Waterloo. LnUrcns county, ami not
of Belgium, ti? ? - man who was rocog
: i/ed for his luaverv by the Carnegie
hero commission, hrts received his
iiech for Hie $ l.ooo which was given
im |o buy a farm, and with this and
? | .? gold medal aw nrdcd to him be
?is received the foil nwnrd given him
the commission, Mr. Golduinu
Class Out Kxerelses an Next Frida*
Morning Commencement Address
aatl Sermon.
This is the last week of school, the
session coming t<> a close on Prldny,
the fourth. Already the examina
tions are ahoul completed and the
real work is over with, only the ex
ercises remaining.
As announced last week the closing
exercises are to continence on Prldny
morning promptly nl n o'clock, with
the class exercises. Tin se consist
Of the various declamations ami pa
pers by the members of the gradua
ting <lass. the history, prophecy and
such like, as is the custom among the
graduates. The program promises
to he especially Interesting this year
and it is hoped that a large audience
will he on ham', to greet the members
of the <dass. These exercises, to
gether with the commencement ad
dress will he in the new auditorium.
t,he scats tor which haw been Install
ed this w( ek.
On Friday evening at 8::'.0 o'clock
the commencement address will be
delivered by Or. .lohn Henry Harms,
president of New-berry College, in the
school auditorium. This will be
among the best events of the year in
I.aureus, and no doubt the auditorium
will be crowded. immediately after
this address on Friday evening, re
freshments will be served on the
school campus for the hem in of the
school library.
In the First Methodist church on
Sunday morning, the (Uh, at II o'clock,
will be preached the baccalaureate
sermon, by Dr. .1. S. Moffat. president
of ?rsklne college. The public are
' cordlall) Invited to attend (his ser
; vice.
Beginning today, the new school
building will be open from 5 o'clock
until 7 for the inspection of visitors.
Many arc availing themselves (his op
portunity to Inspect the handsome
new Structure, Of which (be people of
Lauterts are proud.
Governor offers Howards.
According to the proclamations that
appear in another column. Governor
Ansel has offered rewards for the ap
prehension ami conviction of the in
cendiaries, who set lire to the Gray
Court stores, and for Will illgglns
and Hoy Hunter, the negroes who as
saulted Mose Shands some I line in
1907. It is recalled that Will ami
Roy were convicted in the court here,
ami given four years in the peniten
tiary. Pending an nppcal to the su
preme court, the negroes escaped and
have not ycl been re-captured, Mr.
M. R, Tool was the bondsman of these
net:rues, and necessarily bad lo for
feit the amount, $2.000 for the two.
Mr. .1. W. Henderson Bas Shoulder
Flushed hj Vccideiltal Fall.
Mr. .lames w. Henderson, one of the
most popular citizens lice ami man
ager of the Farmers and Merchants
bonded warehouse is at the Columbia
hospital. Columbia, whither he was
taken last Thursday afternoon by Dr.
Isndorc Schnyer tor surgical treat
ment, the resetting and reconnecting
with a silver brad ol the shaft and
neck of his left arm bone at the
shoulder ami a readjustment <>f the
shoulder blade. The operation,
fhnllgjt unusual, was successful in
every way and Mr. Henderson is do
Ihg nicely, ?iccordinc to the latest
news from him yesterday.
Mr. Henderson sustained his injury
last Thursday afternoon, about an
hour before the train which carried
him to Columbia departed from ban
tens. lb- had hist returned from
dinner, ami walklllg around from his
platform to Gray's store, in- started
to enter when one Of bis feel caught
Itl the rope stretched along the out
side curbing of the newly cemented
side walk, throwing him violently on
his left side, bis shoulder Striking the
sill of the Store doorway. |>r. Schnyer
and Dr. Hughes were called but they
soon determined that the injury was
loo Complicated to he treated outside
of a hospital; hence ii was decided lo
lose no lime in the matter.
Mr. Henderson, under favorable con
ditions, will be able lo come home
within about two weeks.
Lecture nl Old Fit bh Church.
It is announced that Oil Saturday
afternoon, .luue lit lit nl HAO o'clock,
at nid Fields ehuri h, Mr .1. ii Gritver
will lecture on the subject of mis-ions,
under the auspices of the l.a; r..- It's
Hit; UIH'KKN TRIFF l \l i;ilT,
l'tt ul Juck so ii Caii'i Resist the Cackle,
(.els 210 Rays.
The temptation was loo strong, and
Paul needed the money. Trattlc in
chicken was lucrative, especially since
he did not have to trouble himself
with raising the chicks: In fnct, the
only raising necessary was a gentle
lift, in the pale moonlight. Paul
Jackson got the chickens; now he's
got 210 days on the chain gang
Some days ago, this Paul Jackson
brought some chickens to Blakcly's
market to sell. lie acted in some
what a suspicious manner, and the
police wer?' notified to he on the watch
OUt. So yesterday morning, Sergt.
Jernlgnu "happened" to be around the
market street, and sure enough, In
conies Paul with a bag full of chick
ens; They were of a line variety,
since they were collected from such
a variety of places. Paul had re
ceived contributions to his hau from
several places, two from II. A. Mc
I.'i ll's, four from I",. \V. i'opc land's
eight from W. P. Walker's and four
from It. IS. Pranks, The policemen
took Paul in chitrge, who soon con
fessed to the theft, together with three
otIn rs. to Will II the sinner llppi an d
before h ho:.or. the mayor at I
o'clock Tuesday, he plead guilty to
the seven charm s. ami was riven
thirty days on each.
As a streit wag expressed it: 'I
r.n : s that'll hold him for a while."
Ofliccrs P. lee ted and Delegates to the
Slate Association Chose'!.
The annual meeting of the Beurens
County Rural Letter Carriers' asso
ciation was held Monday at the post
Office, with President A 1). Harksdale
In the chair, and Mr. R. P. Sexton act
ing secretary.
The first business of the association
was the election of officers lor another
year which resulted in the re-election
of Mr. Harksdale as president. Mr. S.
Boyd Sexton, secretary and treasurer.
Another mattet was the selection of a
representative to the Stale association
which meets at Hock Hill .Inly Mr
Ludy Moore of Clinton was chosen as
d< li gate, w ith Mr. Q, C. Abcrcroillblc
of Cray Court as alternate.
Palmetto Lodge, \. P. M.
Palmetto Lodge, No. 10, \ P. M.,
will bold an extra communication on
Thursday lilglll of this week for the
purpose of conferring tin- i: A. de
Lectures it Second Baptist.
Rev. a. T Btoudeumlre, pastor of
the Second Bllptisl church, announces
that oti Sunday night, Juno 0th, there
will he a number of lectures on the
subject of missions at his church, ser
vice beginning at (be regular hour,
some Interesting speakers will be
present and the service will be of
spceinl interest.
School Prizes to he Offered.
The Rural School Improvement
association has renewed Its offer of
thirty-live prizes to the rural schools
of South Carolina. Lnorcns county
has been getting Rs share of these
prizes, and we hope there will be
schools eiiier the contest ibis next
year. Miss Theodosln Bargan, States
burg, s. c is president of ihe as so
cial ion.
Show Mini.
Papa Are you writing to that
sweetheart of yOUl's again, I'M I til?
Why you seem to have ccilh doing so
for years. ib>w do you sign your
Edith Ohi 1 al.'Wrtys' say "I remain,
ever yolr loving Edith Jollcs."
Papa f)h W0I1, strike out the "I
remain,'* and "ever"' ami put three
scores under the "Jones." It's time
(bat young man was coming to the
point. Tld.BltR.
IfllOflg It III us.
First visitor Most interesting
country round about here. Have you
seen the ruins?
Second Visitor (WllO has just paid
bis bill- Yes; I suppose you mean
the gii"sts leaving this hotel London
Tripping Tongue,
"I l< m y Peek, you re a fool '
"you didn't seem to think so when
I was single."
"No, you never showed whtil a big
foid you were until you married me."
BoStOli Transcript.
See our lim- of Ice box. s made of
the b< st quality of mat. rial in differ
Don (Ii of Mrs. Luc> MeSwuhi. Other
limits of 111(??!??>.i.
Cross imi. May l. a number of
our people attended a picnic last
Thursday on tin river ai Mr, Blue
Goodman's ferry, and r< port a nice
Mrs. Lucy McGowan died at Simp
sonvllle last Friday. The body was
brought lure last Saturday for luier
Inenl. She was living with her
daughter, Mrs. Ducket Young.
The Confederate monument here
will ln> ii11\<? iI?? 1 nexl Thursday. \u
interesting program has been arrang
ed. .Mr. .1 .1. MoSwnln ol the Green
ville bar will be tin speaker, Exer
cises will begin at IOS.U o'clock.
Mr. .1. \V. Slum.s I sold oul his
telephone business to Mr. Buyer (it
this place.
Mrs. Perrln Watt-- und little Garrel
ar<? Visltllii: Mrs. \". I'. ! Iuv< lipOlt:
They have been in Florida several
Tin ' !* Mr. I'. S. I
count of the (.llnncd serious Illness
?l' Mr. 1 jueoii ; lid Ml: f .laiih Pills en.
Iti'v. Mr. Gruver preached til the
I're: byteris Ii chlll'i tl v < : ;< r.la> .
Miss Evii I Ingood ami Mrs. C .!. man
el" Greeo.Wob'd ar*.' visiting their sister.
Mrs. M. A. Lean.an.
Mr. .1. H Withorstpoon of .Yes tmltt
stor, s. c is i.i kiwii today.
The marriage <>t" Miss Nyolllii Sea
right to Mr. William Edward Burdette
of l.anford. this county, was solemn
ized at Donalds, the home of the
bride, last Tuesday evening, May U.">.
.Mrs. BurdcttC is (plitC well Known in
l.aureus, having taught school near
the city two years ago. while the
bridegroom is a progressive young
farmer whose many friends join in
Miss Mar) Name In Wed.
Friends and admirers over the state
'--and she has hundreds in every
county in the state through her sev
eral years' work as president of the
State School Improvement association
ol Mis.- Mary T. Name will learn
with Interest that she is io he married.
The lucky man is Mr, W illiam L, Dan
ii I. of Sillildn, graduate of Purmaii and
'a prominent young member of the
legislature. The ceh mony takes
place June 10 at Miss Nance'? home.
Gross Hill. I.ami its comity. Miss
Nance resigned the presidency of the
Improvement association months ago,
< !ro< u\ ille News.
V n Kdiiciillouiil Mass HecGinr.
The educatioiilil campaign cominlt
tee will hold an educational mass
meeting in I.aureus some time durlnii
the IllOlltll of AllgllSt. Trustees.
teachers and patrons will be Invited
i to iiIIend and join in a discussion of
school needs and plans for school
I improvement. Three home citizens
will he asked to discuss local educa
tional problems, ami two speakers
from a distance will represent tin
cominitti e.
Scholarship* lo I diversity,
Tin (University of South Carolina
is Itll.VloitH to have ap;die;."it. fmill
ibis county lor the Normal Scholar
Ship which will be vacant lloxi year.
The scholarship is worth Tills
is a rood opportunity for sonic young
man who experts to make a teacher.
The dale of the f xaillhtlil loll i .1111>
Vaudeville Kiiler(ainer> l.eaw.
The SedgWii'k family, after filling
, a week s engiigeuiClit Iii the city opera
home here loi'l Sunday tor Shelby,
N. C, This company of entertainer.
is far above the ordinary vaudeville
aggregations, ami put en soine ?i
tractions that were well leeejvid In
spile of Ihe rains good crowds at
(ended all the performances.
Prof. Martin l b ( led District Deputy.
Mr. W. It. Sloan returned Thursday
from Charleston where Ik- attended
ihe grand lodgO meeting of the
Knights of I'ylbias. Mr. CllJIS. F.
Brooks, of Allcridnlc, was the other
representative from the l^nureus lodge,
At He- COIIVCntloU, Pro if, A. V. Martin
of (Minton was appointed district .dep
uty for (be district which Includes
Baun-Iis. SUCC?Odllig Mr. .1 I:. Car
lisle of Spariaiiburg.
School Teachers Knjoj a Hide.
Through tin- kindness of Mr, Chiii'
ItiU'fiiliiiirt'iitr Kornion In he Preached
Nc\( KihmIii) Homing! hj I'm. \V.
II. i'rnzlcr ut* Viulorson.
Clinton, May l'.v Thu commence'
inent of tin- Presbyterian College of
Smith Carolina w ill tnki place on tin*
? '.til Ol" .Inno. Tin' opmiti;' llUCCItlllU
renti! sermon will In- preached by Dr.
W. II. l-'r.i/.ic: ol Anderson, S ('. On
Sninlny ni;:lii Iii?- regular address be
forp ilia Younp Men's Christian \sso
cintloii will Im delivered l?y Itev. II,
II. Sweet h dt l.ouls\ lilt*, K).
(in Monday evening m s:!Ui |?, in,
I he oratorical conti st w III ho Im hi In
(lie main a.i<l,i(i nun at which eoUtOKl
1 \v?i inen from j)hcli society will eon
I'M tor tlii> orator's tin tlnl. Tin- Kn
knsmiini Micj.iv will in represented
hy \V. ('. Addison .I II. S. Schlutter,
while the IMliloilliltlli'till will he repl'O
vein. (! hy W. \i. Sellers itiul W. I.
Latham (hi Thei day e\ ? liiiir .at
?::!?' |?. in. the dOelsiluior's couP'sl will
ho held, ill v... ii four l( |iii'.s('iitiiil\?;?
will h|m'n|{ Crotii each society. Kroiii
i'? ??
I Kl r i
from IMilhmtntciiti, l.'iiniii. Hrowo.
(lie n in (Iis
liliiiniiK' ;.i I! o'clock the ? ? itli Mm nit'
in. hi i'\ri'. . .? will Im; In i<i. nodie'i . ? i
will In- made hy (ho graduating ? ?!m? .
ami h.v Itev. \\ 11. Kn lint (h'Oii. 'I Ik
diplomas li lid Ii odi Is w ill ho d< 11 v? rod
and degree! will ho conferred.
Death <>i Mrs. .1. \. Madden.
Mrs Ki/.iah Stephens Madden, w id
0\\ ill IhO lal<- I'm.I ,1ns. A. Madden,
died May -I'll al (he home ol hel
daughter. Mrs K (I. Ur?mien, noil I
Harksdnle. On tin follow inj; djij
she was III 1(1 lo lest in (he Mt I'lefis
ant church cemetery, Itev. .1 A. Mar
tin, pastor, conducting ihe funeral
KOI Vice.
The deceased was (*.:'. years of age
and is Riirvivcd hy two daughters,
Miss May Madden and Mrs Uraml.ti
The ('loir lest Oil Ullle Shoot.
Messrs. Habit, Uiehey, Itopor, (Snij
and Holt have returned from Chaiios
ion. reaching home on Sunday, ivhc-ro
tllisy participated in the annual lille
shoot, in which th?J representatives
to the national shoot at <'; 11 ? 11 > I'erry.
Ohio, an- elm en. Only one mcmhci
of the first I'CgltllClll Will chosen on
the team Cap! Till, i of ('hi sier.
HoWOVOI', llio 1'Oeords made hy Private
T C Hull and Cap: (I W, lllihh ol Hie
Trayiihaiii I! minis wire good, Mr. Holl
having scored fourth in the rogliiioni
and Mi llnhli .-??-..ml Ii.
TtMi linaiense Coach Whips.
Itathoi an unusual ocenrr< nee || ivas
last Saturday at Madden, when almost
at the mi mi: time, two very lair"
snakes, eoaeh whip.-, were killed, Oil*'
at the homo oi Mr. II C Cunningham
and (tic mini at Mi T. S. I.ahgstoh's.
Il was at dinner (line when lite login
hands on these places WtM'o in Un
farinynrdi thai the snakes wi r?- seen,
and shot They were both lull..' nix
feel loan According t?i ?l*?- slate
incut of a rdKidc.nl of that section
these are Ilia lirsl snakes. of this kind
s?? ii in i hat id ?'t ion for yen i P
W ill \ all' I aur Mill lav.
A Very interest llltf school nieetii.:'
was ji'old la: t Saturday afternoon ni
ip' Itahuti and HolHlei'KOii
I ' ||C> w ill hol h hflVO il KOOII.
1 i \ |ni? 1'u in pit ii n ? w (iniirtc
i'.ll oh
Commencement of Clinton
Mi<jh School1.
.1 oil II I. KUCIII ill! I II. *? full- Sil
|lCI'llltcudcill ol I ihn atn n. hi*.
II\CI'S \ II II till I Vilitnss.
? i i111< ii, May :'i The crowning
? 'Mill <il I 111' I Uli I Wi'ili in I'lillloll WIIS
I lir OollllllCIICellll III ? m . i i ? til 1 !n
t'111111? 11 In;ill school Tin :? .vero liclil
in ihe Ctopla hall Krida) evening in
Ihe presence <ii a liirg? and interested
'I in- (ilalforth wiis iiiilol biuelj ilei;
? . ? ?
Tin i i iidiial .ii!' el as Mo Hon. .1 K.
S ? . i In h
oral i< i> * in e io|i!i<
K.sshy lilaiiehe Adalr.
Class History .lohn l.lrle.
< 'Im ! l'roph< ey Kih em Vounu
Vu ledictoi > Kl am i! ?..
Annual AililreSs! Hoi .1, ? Sw oar
I'rcscntath.t Medal VI K 1.0?
I lellver) ni I dplninns '! he lto\ J.
It l looti II.
licucdiction The Uei. Dr. Iiscobs.
Printed on the program were ihe
class mil and tin' hono.I I'oi Ihe
i yea r, as follows:
class mil lllancltc Adah . Chi i^-1??
phor Adair, ISIleii Chandler, Kranoes
(iarviu. Elleone ^'c?iin?r. with mil <li
plomas; .lohn Little, with certificate
Itanium Iii: i fiir >*?*?r (irnde i Ma
inl .Simpson; grade Manch Kills;
'grade '?>. Virginia Crbiiier; grade I
11111 fn I d M< < 'a 11. i y i tide Henry
lllriiiiili; grade (i Piere? Scnii; grade
Chiyle Ituiloy >? i ad? v \' i ? ginia
(Iweii; >? i ade |lj I ICnl i i< < I leiiinM i ,
gi'iide to l?llccii) Vouiig.
'I'lii \iiiiii)- graduates liei|iill |ei|
tin niseivei well ami Ihcil popularity
will jirbven iiy ilu i m ; i lieu|is of
Mow < : : ami gifts I lie III ji< kepi I'll
im.' at i in ii feel dui in| 1 ! < ? xei ? i ???
.Mr. Swenl'iiigeu i alwi ? an inieresl
ing llgiire ami Iii t p? eeli coiiialiied
many pidliO ol iiileret;! lind lufoi'lilii?
mi nt ill i lie eoiiilnoi i i i i Mr I'!
I.i i I'ltlS i ? t ? ? i.li <l lie ' ' id II I* shl|i
in* did in a manm r (pilli chin-sict.cHs
iit 'l iii niediiI is given in i;.- pupil
iiiiove iho sixth grade hialdio Ilu high'
?.? i general yearly average, it was
Wbii i?y .Miss (Mii.vtc Hail.;, ?aughtoi
<ii \ii i: I. iiiiiii j I in K' v Mr.
llonO'ii's preSi'hialioii Ol ihn lilplohlOs
? ?
III l.olnl I Ii
. II Hall ili Si r: Cop.
Mahaffev. \liss Olli? l? l-son. All
ill it ii? ') . art'
ruduated w it
I . I'. ( v
i '

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