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Mr. T. .1. Bratnlett of Laurens. route
5. was in the city Thursday.
Mr. H. S. Blackwell attended the
commencement exercises at Urskine
?college last week.
Miss Donte Counts returned Wed
nesday from Winthrop college.
MiSS .Mamie Crews is at home, hav
ing complete I her course at Win
Mis-? Willie Mae Chlldress returned
Wednesday from Spurtanburg where
she attended the wedding of Miss Er
nestine Jones.
Ldttle Miss Catharine Crews gave a
delightful birthdag party Monduy af
ternoon, at which a large number of
her friends had a most pleasant time.
We all hope She may live to he 10
lime- 7 ami more, and that her beau
ty a;; 1 sweetness may always abide
with her.
Mis* Julia (iilkerson went to Clin
ton Friday to attend a reception by
Miss Dot Owens to the friends who
coui; jso her house party.
Messrs. V. s. onion-son and w. c.
Lancaster attended Miss Dot Owens'
< loceptl >n at Clinton Friday evening.
All ?'ae eit; churches except the
Episcooal wer? closed last Sunday
morning in order that tlte people
might hear Dr. Moffut's sermon at
the First Metho list.
Mr. Dupon' Cuerry of Greenville
spent Saturday night in the city.
Miss Junie Colvln left Saturday for
her home in Chester. It is a matter
Of resect that Miss Colvln will not
teach i:i the city schools next year.
Mis-; Kate Glenn left Saturday for
Spart an burg to attend the Wofford
commencement, before going to her
home In Chester.
Mrs. E. .1. Cage and children of
Greenville arrived in 'lie city Friday
afternoon. Mrs. Cage accompanied
by Miss Anna Prentlss returned to
Greenville on Monday.
Mrs. \V. E. Lucas went to Spartan
burg S inday to attend Wofford com
mence meat.
Miss Annie Bell Chlldress wen' to
Greenville Saturday for a visit to
Whi!-' in the city Friday. Dr. .1. II.
Harms and daughter, Miss KiUhertne.
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C C.
Featherstone. Little Miss Katherlne
remained in the city until Monday.
Mrs. Lucy M Boytl returned Satur
day f a fro.-.- 11 ill where she visited
Mrs. : I. T. Stnipsbii;
Mr. W. W. :;. :: and three children
spent - erne days In tlte city last week,
Mr. B: :! lea-.i..-; lor Columbia on Sat
urday. The children will remain
here "il Mrs, Ball arrives nexl week,
when fter a tew days' visit the fam
ily will leave for their summer home
in II-:: lorsoiivllle.
Mr. (5 is liar*, who has been atletid
? ing the t'niversity of South Carolina
in Columbia, is in the city for the
Rev. C. Ii. Jordan of t'nion was in
the c:-y last Sun iay ami administered
the sacrament of the Lord's supper
at the ??hutch of the Epiphany .and
preached at the evening service. it
"was announced that Rev. O. T. Por
cher if Greenwood would con be i
these two services, but late.- it was
found Impossible for him to be here,
and Mr. Jordan kindly consented to
be present.
Keep in mir. I the drawing contest
at Terry's store nexl Monday morn
ing at .'bom ! : o'clock. Fifty dollars
will be given away.
Dr. .1. S. Mi ft tl While in th ? city
was r':-> lines' oi Mh and Airs. f. ('.
Fen the ? ion >,
Mr. Harb? Wilson went to Green
ville Saturday ai i brought back with
him the line, new E-M-F automobile
that he purchased some tune ago
from the Tanhehlll co.npany.
Miss Mayme Tolbert is at home for
the summer from Winthrop college.
Accompanying Miss Tolbert is Miss
Sadie McGIII of Abbeville, who will
spend a. few days in the city.
Miss Marjorle Gilder of New York
is in the city visiting her sister. Mrs.
E. I'. Minier.
Miss Jessie Bolt Is home from Co
lumbia college, where she graduated
this year in music
Miss Lilller Stevens who has been
jvlslting Miss Emily Meng left Mon
day morning lor her home in Ker
Miss May Henderson spenl last
Week With Mrs. T. R. Simpson, en
route to her home in Ashevllle.
Miss Emma Arnold of Atlanta w i
the guest of Mrs. R. L Simpson last
Mrs. .1. A. Arnold of Anderson, who
has been Visiting Mrs. K ,L, Simpson,
returned home Saturday.
Mesdames Nottingham aal Powell
are guests a; their mother's home
this week.
Miss Lillian Woodward of Aikeft Is
Visiting the family of Mr. S (i ,M< -
Daniel on .Main street.
Mr. '.v. L. Gray went to Spartan
burg Saturday to be pre-??at at Ills
fraternity reunion held at SVofford
college. Mr. Cray graduated at Wot
ford i:i isTU.
Miss Sadie Sullivan who ait.?mied
the College for Women in Columbia
this year, is at Clinton this week, a
member of Miss Dot Owens' heuse
party; she will reach home , ,\ Friday.
Mis .lOsle Sullivan attended com
mencement at the College for Women
in Columbia this week.
, Mrs. fi. II. Honey, accompanied by
her friend Miss Annie Savage of Wal
terboro, went to Greenville yesterday
to attend the Furman commencement.
They will return on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Langston w'll
begin housekeeping this week: they
will OCOUpy the llramlett house on
Church street.
Mrs. Martha Habb aud Mr fluide
, JIabb left on Monday for Memphis
whence they go on to Coaio. Miss., to
visit relatives. They will be absent
about three weeks.
Misses Ruth and Margarite Adams
Charleston are the guests ot Miss
Helen Crisp.
Mr. Marshall Cole and Miss Lucy
Hill ot" Cross Hill were united in
marriage Sunday morning. Rev. \v. k.
Thayer performing the ceremony.
Judge C. c. Feathestone returned
Wednesday from Spar tun burg where
he held a three week.-.' term of civil
Mr. Carlos Moseley is at 'lottie from
Wofford college.
News from the Columbia hospital
is to the effect that Mr. .las. w. Hen
derson who was so severeiy hurt some
lays ago, is improving rapidly and
will possibly be at home the last of
the week.
Mr. i\ A. Simpson left Monday
morning for a visit to his brother who
lives near Memphis.
Messrs. T. B. Crews nil 1 R. B. King
left early Monday morning for the
reunion of Confederate veterans at
Memphis. Tennessee.
Mrs. .lanie Abrains is now In charge
of the county farm since the death
of her aunt. Miss Jane Statues.
The people in Hast LnuretlS have
been greatly inconvenienced for the
past few days by the burst in? of the
water main near the river above the
Main street bridge. The lire engine
was used .Monday afternoon lo pump
the water out of the hole, and the
break was dually repaired.
Mrs. Mottle Cray and Mi.-s Margaret
Bray have gone on n visit to Newburn
and Morehead City; they will spend
a few days in Charlotte also.
Dr. .1. T. Coole is Confined to hi.,
room on account of illness.
Mr. Aha ih l*augston of Madden
passed through the City last Thursday
en route home from Louisville, where*
he, this year, received his Ph. i>. de
gree at the seminary.
Blakely & Blakely '.ia\ c> '.coved their
meat market into the frame building
formerly occupied by the Kxpress
company. This building has be.mi
moved across the street adjoining the
Tobi block.
Hr. Ii. K. Alken has received a let
ter from Congressman Johnson, in
which ir i-= stated thai as yet nothing
has been done about Cm- Lnurens post
ottice matter, but tha' it will he taken
up as soon as the pressure of bustn >ss
permit s.
i>r. an.; Mrs. F. .b Intnan left Satur
day for LoulsvlRe. Ky? t,> attend the
Shriners' meeting. From Louisville
they wi'd go to Cincinnati. Columbus
and Jackson, Dr. Innuui's old home.
They expect to return to Laurens the
28ni of June.
Next Tuesday afternoon nl 7 o'
clock. In liarllngton's pasture, the
Traynham CHiards will engage in n
practice shunt battle, which the pub
lic is Invited to witness. The com
pany will inarch from the armory In
two platoons, meeting tit tlie ap
pointed place shortly after 7 o'clock.
,L M Wlnn, a citizen of the city, was
fined $100 in the Mayor's court Mon
day morning for violating the dispen
sary law. He paid the flue.
The condition of Miss Nan Barnetl
who was brought home quite ill from
Willlston several days ago, continues
Mrs. Kennedy rind children of Spar
tan burg ar.* visiting her father, Dr.
.1. M. McCarley.
Postmaster Oeo. s. McCravy has
received no* ice from Washington to
th:> effect thai his salary will !>?? ad
vanced July first from ?2,ICO to $2.
Miss Nora Taylor Is spending this
week In the city with relatives.
Messrs. .1 I\ Strobe! a v. I M L. R , -
per spent last week In Dorchester
county, near st. George, hunting and
Mr. Clarence Cunlnghr.m of Cralg
send. Cross Hill township, was a vis
itor In the city Sunday and heard Dr.
MoiYatl at the First Methodist church.
Carolyn Wells, In l ife.
On j more unfortunat ?
Grasping for bread '
Rashly Importunate,
Laced 'most to death.
(laze at her t mi l?rly.
Dress.'! with such cure;
Fashioned so slen lerly,
By corsetiere.
Look at her garments
Clinging like cerements:
Judge her hot scornfully.
Think of h": iudUrhfUlly,
Oentlj an I humanly;
Not of the heft of her -
All that is left of h.v
Now is pure womanly.
Se ? (l)OSe silk s!ip< of ll M'S
Clinging so lovlngi; :
One Might say. gtoviugly,
Sheathing those hips of li
Kseap'd from til" Collih;
Her fair golden tresses
while wonderment guesses
who-" head they're from.
Sh" is dressed rightly,
No matter how tightly
Her heart is compressed.
i dree tot re sheathing
May stop one's hrethlng.
But one is well .dress.>d *
Our neighbor's faults are magnified
sevenfold, but as to our own short
comings wo can not see them with a
As Q rule most live stock do better
when the grain fed to them is groun 1
but sheep will do as well When fed
Whole grain.
mr. tv. w. ball.
PoUowlQg are a number of refer
ences to Mr. w. \v. Ball, who last
week resigned his position as edito
rtat writer on The News and Courier
to accept the position of news editor
on the Columbia State. Mr. Ball Is
a native of Laurens an l was for sev
eral years editor or The Advertiser.
Hone, bui v>t forgotten.
lie has gone and we are sorry: but
we couldn't help i*. He is built that
way. having been taught in his youth
that here we have no continuing city.
He has gone to Columbia, where he
Used to be bet?re he came to us. and
he cleared out In spite of the fn< I
that his letter of resignation was
never accepted. That Is to say he
"moved on." in spite of all the good
counsel of hi.- best friends, against
his own better judgment, i:. fact, and.
though lost to sight, he will ever be
10 memory dear. He is "a fellow of
infinite jest, of most excellent fancy ;"
bill he won'; stay put. Come what '
?nay. however, we have had the satis
faction of working with him fur about
four years, more or less, it seems less
now that iiis bright presence has van
ished, and we know that he comes
very near being all-wool-and-a-yard
wide. His vacant chair will he kept
for his return for the space of the
usual thirty days. We hope sincerely i
that he will get far more than what
is coming to him and that he will ?
soon come back home. All tins is
about William Watts Ball, who is go
Ittg to ('o'uml)ia to work some more i
on the Columbia State.?News and
The Iteeord Is Delighted.
We judge from an editorial appear
ing in today's issue of The News and
Courier that our esteemed Charleston
contemporary lias lost the services of
one of the best and brainiest news
paper men in the south ami that our
Columbia contemporary Is to he con
gratulated upon the addition of Mr.
William Wat's Hull t > It's staff.
There Is not u more thorough nor
more .tonorabie newspaper man in
the profession than Blllly Ball nor a
I.er fellow In the world. We are
delighted to know thai he Is coming
to Columbia (o live again, and we
trust (hat he will be :i!)> so Id appre
ciate tu- value of "Main" street, as
Well n.-> the beauties of the capital
city generally, that he will nceopl a
Bill} Ball.
Mr. w. w. Ball has t >slgnc i from
the editorial staff of the News and
Courier and has hfcejtted :i desk on
the Columbia Stat \ There is ho bet
ter writer on the press In this stai"
than Billy Ball and we congratulate
The Stat-> on securing his services.
N'ewberry Herald and New.-,
cm- of The Best.
W, w. Bali, for the past four years
a member of the editorial staff of the
News ami Courier, and at all times
one ol the best all routi i newspaper
men America, has gone bach to
Hi eluinbla state, on which paper
he as formerly a worker. -Yorkvlile
Ell uirer.
(By W. S. Hough. I
In tlte year 1855 the citizens dl
Cross llill erected two brick acade
mies, about one-fourth of a mile
apart, for the separation of the sexes.
The school prloi to thai time was lo
cated near the oil Presbyterian
Church, and was to some extent a de
nominational school.
Through the efforts of Messrs. H.
A Austin and llogan (loggans, who
with Hire? others wen? appointed to
recover as much as possible of the
Wadsworth endowment, which i
treated in another article by Mr Feath
erstone. enough ha.- been restored to
yield an income of $1.00 per pulpl in
the dis'ri t. Had the fund been prop
erly managed this district would now
have an Income of $25,000 per annum.
Forty years ago this school was
supported by subscription. Pupils
i:i the higher grades were charged
tuition, gome of them as high as $5.00
per m?nth, Not until two years ago.
lid our people awake to a full reali
sation of their possibilities and obli
gations, It was then that our hand
some $5.000 building was erected and
equipped with modern desks and new
furnishings. The lot cost $800. A
acroat share Of the credit for all this
work is du- to Mr. P. A. Wh(trtOl) who
gave almost Ills entire time for a
' whole* year in endeavoring to build
up Ibis school.
I n ier the MOW order, two pupils
Were entered in college last year, and
one of them, Miss Mary Owens, made
highest honor at Limestone college in
Latin and Algebra. Five teachers
are employe I ami the total salaries
amount to $2.280. The flrsl year of
the establishment of the high school
the enrollment Increased from 104 to
The teachers for the past year w->re:
W S. Hough, principal; Misses Pea He
West, high school department; Kate
Addison, sixth and seventh grades;
ledia Barre, fourth and fifth grades;
a.id Lizzie Crillin. primary department.
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QRA*i COl RT-OWIMiS 1'nS ?i fR
(Dv Prof; Archie Willis)
S"';:>.'. ? ; i'.s ago the towr.s ol (irtiy
sol; ?' i which ih" children of both]
lOWIlS !:.:-?' ? -a>\ Tin- litt!?' to Wils of
Cray Conn und Owings lie just two
in If es n part, and a site was selected,
nt|d-way between the two places, upon
which the building should stand,
Exactly one mile from the center ?>i
each town, In a beautiful grove <>t
young oaks, the school was built, be
in; called the Gray Court-Owiugs in
st Itu! e.
The first principal of tin Institute
was Prof. Th?S, P. Jones, who hail
Charge of the school for two years.
During the time 'bat Prof. Jones had
charge of the Institute, be had asso
ciated with Ii Im Prof. \. Q. Itlce,
Misses Annie Putnam. Alice McCar
ley. Daisy Harris, and Mrs. Thos. F.:
Jones, a - music teacher.
The school begab to excite atten
(ion Immediately ufteY it was built.;
an.I hoi ohty !: I it draw pupils from!
ib.- I wo r,.'\::-. ::::.| th" seel Ion S sur
roun.ling, but pupils from other places
cam-' to c.ay Court-Owlng.s Institute
to gel ready for college.
During thd time Prof. Jones had
charge of the school noi less than a
do/.ei: girls an I boys wer - prepared
lor 'b ? different colleges there.
Among those who went from the In
stitute to college during the Ars! two
years of :' < existence were Mis.-es
Haiti.- IJrow 11 lee, Pearl Garrelt, l.u
pile White. Nannie McCain, and Kate
Wright. Messrs Richard Harris, Mb
,1am OwillgS, Karl Harr.-it. Robert an.I
John DuPree, Clyde OUrry. R?ther
Henderson, Cleveland Jones, Rrooks
Patterson, Cleon Hunter and Archie
Prof. Hamilton had charge of the
school during the third year, and thai
year s ??? ral s.lrls StlRl boys wer? pre
pared ; ? college, Among those who
went ?'. u i f!i" Institute to college dur
ing the year thai Prof. I Ininlltoh ha I
Iehai'ge. wert' Misses Louis- Harris.
, LoUlse Gl iy. ReSsl.? CltCCk, May W'il
; ton rim : i iitIs. Annie Willis an I Mr
existence and the school was verj
I successful under Mr. firysou's innn*
agemeni Several weiht from (bay
Court i> ? in.-.- to college during the
year thai Mr. HrySOU Was principal
Among those whom Prfo. Rryson pre*
pared for college wer.? Misses Rthol
Willis. Itosn Che. k and Messrs. Albeit
Gray. \ C. Shell, w. P white ami
Groy Harris.
Prof. .1. C. Anderson was principal
of the school after Mr Rryson, Mr,
Anderson had a most successful year,
keepli i u;? the school's record of
sending somo of its pupils away to
During the years that Prof. .1. Y.
Rryson and Prof. Anderson taught at
the institute Mrs. McSwalh, one of
the m-' successful public JChOOl
teachers this Kate has produced, was
associated with the school, as toucher
of Iii?- rmcdintc department. Prof.
Anderson had associated with !iit;i
Mrs. M Swain. Miss Kulii Cheek an i
Miss I'nnnie Harrison.
During the session |usl (dosed Iho
school has ha<l for its principal Mr.
Archie Wiiiis. Mn Willis litis ha I
associated with him I his year. Sirs;
L.turn lltttchcll anil Miss Km I a t'heok.
The enrollinciil this year was oiie
liumlretl ami forty-seven, ami :.i\
mein hers of Iho lent Ii Krade wer.- pre
pared for college this year. They are
Misses Nettle Cl.k and Mamie Wll
Iis; and Messrs. Kills (iray, Tallle
Armstrong. David Dorroh and Jefl
Two years ami an effort was made
to vote the High school) hut II was
overwhelmingly defeated. This year
the attempt was made again to vote
the High school and it was carried
with.mi an opposing vole heing cast.
The school building win he enlarged
during the summer, ami what has
heretofore been the tlray Court Ow
im;.- graded school, or Institute, as i'
is (-tiled, win ix- the ilriij court 0w?
lags lli.-.ii school.
The olllcer.- rd I he hon rd ol I rus
tees, since the school's erection., have
!.Ii Mr. IV. I.. Cray, president; Mr.
I.. ('. Dono
Willis, treasurer.
Teachers Klcelcil l ei \e.\l Venr.
At a meeting of the hoard Of trus
tees on Monday afternoon, Mr. C K
Klugli of Coronaca was elected prin
cipal of the city schools, an l Mr, IL
I. Parkinson of Payetteville. 'renn.,
'I- a ti*aclier, Mis Willoii ("ray was
elected a teacher hut declined; hence
there Is one vacancy yet to he Tilled.
Mr. Klugli is a Wofford gradual - and
was la.-t yeai' a teacher in tie- firoch
wood schools; he comes highly rec
ommended. Misses Maty Simpson,
Irene i:a.?* and l.ila Hurl were re
elected leachers in the mill schools
Miss Fannie Ma - TisttUtes ha.- I.a
r.looted leaeheT ol Hi-' kindergarten
II Ihr Di :
heath of Mr. I lllelilT,
cemetery. Mr. hi Ich or suffer ?d with
thai terrible if in lady, consumption,
and some wed:.- ago went to live In
th ? op iti air, ton it was too late,
During his residence in I.aureus he
Was a InilOf. II-' 'eases only a wife.
stomach Trouble*,
Many remnrknblo tftires of stomach
trouble.-, have been effect?d by Cham
berlain's Stomach and fdver 'Tablets
One man who bid .-pent over two
thousand dollars tor ::: idichin ami
treatment was cured by a few boxes
Of these tablets. Price. 2.1 cents.
Samples free a' the Laufens Dhig Co.
Corn silage in limited quantity may
be fed to Shedp. but not in a large
quantity. Vearllng iambs when shed
ding their first i.b will not fatten
'rapidly on that account.
Scholarship and En
trance Examination
Clern5on Agricul
tural College
ilny, July -u !. in '.' :i. in., thd Sebola ?
ship iiinl KilllaiK'i" Examinations In
Clcnisoh Agricultural College will Im
h.-Iii under the direction of liie County
IUitiril mi Education.
Applicants must In- at lensl If! ; ? , ,
dI age ami must Im |iic|in re.l ! > >
the Proshman ("lass. Thor?? an* no
Scltolarslil|>s in Hi.' Preparatory ( lass.
Till? clttSs Is t>111>~ opeli lo a Umbel
number of boys who ran hoi ? m"i.
high schools an I who UH< living in
sections of tin' State wlieie school
facilities aiv poor. Scholarship:; lira
worth ?liio.i'i) feud Fron Tuition Tho
n?'\t .-???.-a.a of rMoinsoii Agricultural
Collcgd will begin H^ept v '
Apply in t! " ittl 1 > Siiporiulch hull
11! Education after June 'or ?? ? ? I
1 Information concerning kin; s hoi-'
arsliip E.Niiininai Ions.
I'oi' catalogs, further Infonmi'iou,
? i
. ? ? .
P. II. ?11.1 I . Presl Icttl,
, i
mmx;i: i o i.k r.
in . i i'on mi!
?rs 'i Liiuri'us ami Abbeville t'ouul.l ?-.
hlo bidder Mi.- Contract for bulldltig
Man.iv llrldge <>?,.?: Huludn rivet ?I
the old site or such lieW -be as may
be selected ithls will Ii" lukt'll o
either Wood or stec) bridge. ".M
inusl I," accompanied by ce: J
check of $!?)?). tin guarantee, thai '.,<:?
der will It MlcAcssful close wrist >n
< out met an.I I'M'i'u!.' satisfactory boh
I tor performance of sutUv Ih on ? It Iti*
flie a mount of contrrici price with i
. 10 ilayrf after liwiir I ol < on' raet
All lud- to be |)i'i'selite<| in t!i ? f >rth
'and manner pr>'.-< ri'x-1 by sal I i;n>
I to ??<
-1 \ 11. in soi rii i \iidi.in
( mi lit 5 u l.iiurciis.
I School lion- - finder (he innmtgeuuili'
of th" trustees ,of said school,
j All fijuullllcd electors ami free-hol I
el'S residing In said district arc >ntl
Hed to vote ol said election
Those desiring to vote out of thfl
said High School District shall v )? ?
i ballot containing the word yes
written or printed thereon.
Those desiring to remain In thfl
said High School District Shall vot I
a ballot containing the word NO writ
(en or printed thereon.
Polls shall open at the hour of
seven o'clock in the forenoon an ! re
main open unlit ih<- hour of four
o'clock in ih? afternoon, when they
shall be closed and the ballot - counted.
The trustees shall report the ro?
I suit of said election to the County
Hoard Of BdueattOrt as soon as possi
ble th ireaftei.
OEO. I. PItT3,
i'-n Couoiy Su,)- Education.

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