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$10,000.00 Reduction Sale
Is Now Going ON. Don't Wait! Don't Hesitate!! Come and Buy What You Want and Ask no Questions.
$5.00 and $,6.00 Men's Suits for. $2.98
7.00 Men's Suits for. 4.07
9.00 Men's Suits for. 6.84
10.00 Men's Suits for . 7.03
12.50 Men's Suits for . 8.96
15.00 .Men's Suits for . 10.00
Buy ! Quick-prices will be with-drawn
Just as soon as #10,000.00 worth of Goods are
Our Red Hot Prices
1,000 yds Ginghams worth 6cts, now
1,000 yds Calico worth 5Cts, to close
out quick.
1,000 yds 6cts Calico 10 close quick .
One large Handkerchief.
Yard-wide Sea Island, only .
Good ch.ee??> ' Homespun.
Ladies' 2c>cts Elastic Belts.
A c
Red Hot Prices:
25c Silk Ties, only .15
35c Silk Ties, only .19
15c Linen Collars, only .<>
25c Rubber Collars, only .12
10 balls Thread for .05
r spool Thread, good, only .02
1 spool best six-cord spool cotton
made (Williamtic) .04
6 spool Williamtic, only.23
Needles, Pins, Hair Pins, Col
lar Buttons, Key Chains, only ic
Men's ioc Suspenders .07
Men's 25c .Suspenders .12
Men's 35c Suspenders .19
Table (lilcloth, 25c quality, our
Red Hot price, only .13
Big ]<>b Lot Men's Linen Collars,
think of it! .Ol
Large Rugs only .
Large $1.50 Rugs only
? 3(>
8 cts. value in Ladies4 Under
:8 lbs Standard Granulated
?rar. (Sweet) .
liig Stock Men's and Hoys'
Fine Hats.
. .78
$ 1.00 Fur Hats at.
1.25 Fur Hats at.........
$1.50 Fur Hats at.
2.00 Fur Hats at.
2.25 Fur Hats at.
2 50 Fur Hats at.
5.co John B. Stetson Hat
4.00 Silk Beaver Hat .
Best Guaranteed Extracts.
ioc Lemon Extract .07
ioc Vanilla Extract .07
Red Hot Trices!
Colgates or Mennen's 2scts Tal
cum Powders, Red Hot .... 12c
Air Float Talcum Powder, 2sCts
can, Red Hot at . 1 2c
20Cts can Talcum Powder. 8c
20Cts full 1 lb. can Talcum Pow
der. 1QC
3 cakes of 5-cent Toilet S
7 packages Washing Pow
7 packages cd" Gold I>ust .
12 cakes Polo Soap, Red Hot .
5-ceut cake Toilet Soap .
2 cakes Toilet Soap .
old reliable \ ictorv
1 1 cake:
Pig Lace Sale.
Red Hot.
per yai
Keep A-goin!
If you >:rike a 1 born or Hose,
Keep u*goin'!
If it hails or if it snows,
Keep a-goin''
'Taint no iis<> to sii and whine,
'Cause the fish ain't on your lint-.
Hail your hook an' keep Oil tryin",
Keep a-goin'!
When the weather kills your crop,
Keep a-goin"!
When you tumble from the top,
Keep a-goin'
S'pose you're out of every dime
Getting broke ain't any crime -
Tell tiie worldvou'refeelin'prime,
Keep a-goin' I
When M loc ks !;ke all is lip,
Keep a?goin'!
Drain the sweetness from the cup.
Keep a goin'!
See the wild birtis on the wing,
Hear the bells that sweetly ring,
\\ hen you (eel like singing, >. 11 g :
Keep a-goin'
'Til you t'et to Red Iron Kacket.
lied Hot Prices!
Men's Fine Tailored Pants
in Stock Reducing Sale
at these Price while
the lot lasts :
$4.00 Pants for . $2.97
3.50 Pants for. 2.64
3 25 Pants for. 2.32
3.00 Pants for . 1.96
2.50 Pants for . 1.68
2.00 Pants for . 1 45
I.50 Pauls for. 1
1.25 Pants for .
1,00 Pants for.
.75 Pants for .
Red Hot Prices!
500 Boys1 Knee Suits, ages
from 4 to 1 7 years.
$1.25 Boys' Suit .98
$1.75 Boys' Suit .$1-23
$2.25 Boys' Suit . 1.72
$2.75 Boys' Suit . 2.09
#3.50 Boys' Suit . 2.69
$4.50 Boys' Suit . 3.37
#6.00 Boys' Suit . . 4-45
Job lot Boys' Coats and Suits to
move quick 35cts each.
10c plug Baby Ruth Tobacco
15c plug Thoroughbred Tobacco
only .08
15c plug Yellow Jacket Tobacco
only .08
5c package Piedmont Cigarettes,
Big Stock Smoking Tobacco.
Cigars and Plug Tobacco at
Wholesale prices.
1 good Porto Rico Cigar.02
3 good Cigars.05
Shoes! Shoes!
This is One Chance for You in a Lifetime
to Buy Goods at and Below
Wholesale Prices.
$4.00 White House Shoes and Slippers $2.97
3.50 White House Shoes and Slippers 2.64
3.00 White House Shoes and Slippers 2.39
150 pr Men's Overall,
$1.00 Men's Overalls,
.60 Men's ( K'eralls,
1 /
?4 9
Job Lot Men's Pants worth
$1.25 to ?1.50, to clean out
quick, going at .S2
P>i;4 lot Men's and Boys'
Work Shirts to move quick
at .19c, 34c and 39Cts
Don't be a Shirtless Jerry
?mT~ We have (ine Car Load
of Fruit Jars ready for the Fruit
season at Red Hot Prices.
Big Embroidery Sale! Embroid
ery 16 inches wide?Red Hot?
the yard.09
Big values in Laces going at 3 1 . c
Big values in Embroidery, 16
inches wide, only per yd..09
3.000 yards 8c Ginghams, Red
Hot juices, only .05
5c Cotton (checked) Plaids.04
Pig lot of Candy Crackers and
Chewing Gum?wholesale. Red
Hot prices. Get in line.
Pocket Knives at Cut Prices?5c,
ioc, iSc, 23c. 39c, up to 79 cts.
2 =; ctw'. Scissors
< ine Nice Umbrella,
1 c\o/.. Jelly Tumbler, only... :9c
2.50 "
2.00 "
i-75 11
1.50 14
1.25 ??
i.oo 41
85Cts ,4
5octs -4
25CLS 11
11 u
11 (i
o 10
Dress Goods
50cts Dress Goods down to .
40cts Dress Goods down to .
25Cts Dress Goods down to.
2octs Dress Goods dow n to.
l5CtS Dress Goods down to .
I2icts Dress Goods down to.
iocts Dress Goods down to.
Prices Withdrawn as Lots arc Closed
.7 :'
Special Job Boy's Wool Hats, bound
all round with a woolen string,
Skidoo, .
Thousands of Items Not Listed but the Price Has Been Cut to the Quick.
Sec Her Go?Roll, Let Her Roll. These Goods are going to be sold. Buy what you want and ask no questions.
This Sale is
now going on
Cheapest Housw on Earth.
208=209=211 LaurensSt.
This Sale is
now going on
Mi*. V. C, Mayflcld of Nashville.
Teiio., one of Tennessee's prominent
nil men, visited friends in town the'
pant week, and left Monday tor New
YOI'k Where ho will enter a missionary ?
t aInlng Institute,
Miss Lillian Holt who is taking a j
course in (rained nursing al lite Made- '
line hospital of ('hosier, spent last '
week with her parents, .Mr. and Mrs.
.1. Warren Boll.
.Mrs. .1. 1". Tolbert and Mrs. W. II '
Oar ret I attended the big meeting at 1
Warrior ('reek church on Sunday,
spending part of the day with the fam
ily Of I )r. Fowler.
Mr. .1. X. Wright, Jr., who holds a
position with the Central National
In nk of Rpartnnhurg, spent the we<-i<
< :.<! in Lauren* with his father;
Miss Little I lairs ton of Spnrtanburg
Is visiting fi'leuds and relatives in the
< My ami county.
The families of Messrs. T. II. and
.1. H. Cromer have come to Laurcns
to make their residence Iii tin? city.
C: pf. .1. M. Phil pot lost one of his. !
delivery hoists Friday afternoon,
During a heavy rain and electric
storm Thursday afternoon lightning'
kill >d a mule In the vicinity of Mr. W.
1). Byrd'S whieh belonged to Mr. T.
P. I'dole. '
Mr. w. \v. Hane of Lexington Bponl
Friday night with bis cousin, Rev. W.
- 1$. Barre.
Mr. A. ('. Todd left Saturday f(. ? n
week's visit to Moutrcat. N. C.
Mr, Win. Ii. Au? of Hol (on was in
th? e|ty Friday, I lie gUOSl Ol Rov. \V.
K. Barre.
.Miss Louie CreWS returned l? At
lanta y.?-!(?;?,lay after a pleasant visit
lu i ? lal Ivt s li?j'?.
Mr. W. B. Wriplit of Savannah. Oft;,
is spending several days Hilst week
v.itii Iiis fat her; Mr. .1. X. vv'rlghL Mr.
Wright is tin" yard master of lltO
Southern road at Savannah.
Attending (he meeting of tile medi
cal soeltey on .Monday were the follow
ing ont-of-town doctor:,: .1. (). Willntr
of Waterloo, \V, L Brtlley and .1. w.
I).i\ is of Clinton.
The friends of llttlo Clark Hundrick
will ho glad to hoar that he is rapidly
recovering and will In- out of the hos
pital next weeki it is recalled that
Clark suffered lockjaw and little hope
was entertained for his recovery.
Misses Lila and Xonle Clark 01 in ir
LtlllgBtoil church are visiting their
Sister, .Mrs. .1. L. Cooper at Carlisle.
Mr. RobCl'l Adams of Lome, Ca.
spent a few days last week with hi<
bi'Othet', Mr. .I. .I. Adams.
Mrs. Wilmol Holmes of Ornugcburg
Visited relatives in the city last Week,
leaving for her home on Monday.
Mrs. Robert Adams of Clinton w a
In the city Sun lay spending the day
with her son, Mr. I. .1. Adams.
Palmetto Lodge, No. 10, a. f. M.,
will hold a regular communication
Friday ni.uht of Ihls Wooh and will
confer the m. m. degree.
The work on the Baptist Church
building Is rapidly'going on. Mean
while, regular services are being held
in the auditorium of i.e graded school
Rev. ('h?-, r. Kankin will go t<>
Cross Hill tin- latter part of tliis wet k
??> isslsl Kev, o. \!. Ilolllngswortli in
i series ??f meetings, ami will in con
sequence i?<> away from Iiis Church
liext Sunday. Mr. Kankin will go to
Montrenl after (lie second SuhdSy.
.Messrs, IIrooks ChHdress, \v. <:.
Lnneastei't Fowl er Chlldrens, Albert
Dial ami T. c. Rhen returned Saturday
afternoon from their two week's
camping trip through 'lie mountains
Of North Carolina. .Most of their
time was spent in the vicinity of Men
dersonvlllo. "The hoys'' say they
had a meat time.
Miss Joste Bull Ivan delightfully en
tertained the members of the Myste
rious Twenty-two club yesterday af
t' enoon in compliment to her eharm
:; ^ guest, M;*^ Juaultn Wyllo of Lan
m< isrs. W. ii. CJllkerson, Jr., am!
.1. F. NetSOII rtl'O in New York this
we< k 0:1 a ph asuro trip.
Little Misses HeftuiToii niid Mary
Mnr> Coiieland win give a party to
their friends this afternoon.
Mrs. C. II. Roper ami Miss I'ay Hml
gehs hnvo returned from Henderson
Miss Janle Coivln of Chester is vis
iting Miss Blln Roland.
I. D. PltlS of Rock Hill Is vis
Mrs. C. C. ("eat herslone ami
Ol . relatives in the city.
V ? A. II. Sanders ha- gone to
tlorsonvllle t<> sp nd the mouth of
Mr. Henry Dodson, oil" Of the most
lenl pollcomen the city hat ever
had. is spending a brief vacation In
the COUnty with relative?.
If yon have point In the. hack, Urinary, liladdof
or Kidney troubla nn<l waul a certain, pleasant
herb relief from Women's Ills, try Mother Oray'a
'?Ai sTi;.\i,i.\\-i.i;.vi'." I; Isafnfe.rel a
r< KU ntor, ami relieves till Femnlo Weaknesses,
iiiciiiiiinn Inilnrnmnilon and iitcerntton*. Mother
Cirny's Austral liin-I.euf Is sold i>y l>r:::v 'is or
1 sent t>y mall f<>r r>? els. Bamplo senl r'HKB.
I AJilrcee, The MoUWt Oruy Co., LuRoy, N.Y.
Mr. .1. A. Unland is SpCtldlllg Iiis
vacation in Ashevlllo,
Miss Sin- Holland of Auuusta is
visiting her niece, Miss Site bean.
Mr. c. \.. Pitts has gone to Shclton
i to s; <'iid a tew days.
Miss Donle Counts returned Mon
day from a visit tu friends in Lancas
Sir. w. u. Hlchey, sr.. Mis; ?ll/.n
Uetll Rlchey and Mrs. .1. J. Adams
left yesterday inornlug on live S< a>
board excursion tor Atlanta.
Miss Cleo Walker of the telephone
office force went on the excursion to
Atlanta Tucs lay.
While in lite city Saturday and Sun
day ( llev. (>. T. Porcher (,i OVeenwood
was Hie guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. L.
Co pel and, who entertained a low
friends at tea Saturday evening in his
Misses Pauline and Wilma Prontlss
have, gone to Urcchvillo to spend a
few days with their mother.
Miss Mildred Counts lias pone to
Greenwood to spend a While with her
grandparei ?
Mr:;. W. D. FergUSi n will go on the
western trio with i.'iitor Bailey's par
ty nert week; they leave cu the third
I of August.
F.tlabliriicd in 1U9-1. 'I In- iiirn r.f tlio aclinol n clearly rOl forth liy ila
* */-xT*-T-r-v "Tliorouith in Iructlon under pw Itlvcly Chrh linn Infiucncofl t.4 (no low ?
MO I I O: ,, l"
Thorchool wna enUihlli hod by Ihn Mofhodl t Chur< Ii, nol to make rr'.n<-^, i nt to f urni ?!>
n plnco v horo irlrui win ho Bivan Ihoroufrh training in body, mind, und hoal t nt a Bxxloral ?
i Thoobjoct hftobeen ?o fillly cnrrir<l out tv.iit n.-< n
r> ''CT 17 1* " ''' ?"?dny, with ii " faculty of Ha N.r.n?n? pat rename of : > f, and i .i
(\1^5v. Ll ! Iiiiildlnff and ((rounds, worth $140,000 VJ
l>:iv : rdl rhnrgOfl for Dip four, InclOdlnR the f 11?!?- tx.nrd. rcv'Ti, |i;f}itH, ftlOIUtl
Rent, laundry, modlcul ni icntlon, hhyaicnl culture-, And lull Urn In all rubjecui
oxc< iit in?; lonnd elocution. Apply for catalogue und &\ plication blank i>>
REV. JAMUS CANNON. JR.. M. A., Principal. FJUck.tonc. V*
. c. p. Parker pr< ached al Iho
?plscopnl chUrch in Greenwood last
Sunday morning ami evening,
Miss Alicno ('rews was Rinong the
I.rturons excursion lata to Atlanta yes
Messrs. W. H. Washington ftlid ?,
v.. Bftbb wenl with Mr. Will Rwltzer
in im automobile trip lo Greenville
Tuesday morning t?> '.is!1 (ha (?aureus
boys Of Um Trft}nimm GuRrCH 110W i?
eainy at that pla< e.
Itrnvc Piro Lnildlos
often receive severe bums |>ui I .
<?ut tires, liien use [}tl< Kleii's \rii\< it,
Halve und forgei them, it soon i
out niilii. Polsums, s< .ibis, we ?
euls ::ikI bruises it h earth's (frreai -l
healer. Quickly eures ?UIll <? .
tions, old tores, bulls. ulcers. fOloils;
best pile euro made. Ret lot i .i In
r.tatit. '.!.ric at Laurona Drug Co. amt
Palmetto Drug Co.

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