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Short Stories of Their Suc
cess in Chosen Field.
Under the caption "The Meu Who
Make the Cloth", the Columbia State
i:; printing a series of sketches of mill
superintendents, overseers and other
heaJ men employed in the cotton mills
?of the state. The issue of Monda\.
August 30. contained the two sketches
which follow:
Superintendent A. ('. Huskell, Jr.
A little over four years ago Alex ('.
Haskell, Jr., a native of Columbia and
? member of the distinguished family
of South Carolina Haskells, became
nupe.'intendent of the Lauretta cotton
mil'?. During a part of this period
at l?:;st tiie milling Industry probably
felt .lie effects of the so-called panic
nwn acutely than any other business
In the country, yet the Luurens mill,
under 'he careful and efficient manage
ment of Superintendent Haskell. came
through the crisis without suspending
?opera-ions even for a day, curtailing
Its ci:* put or Impairing its high finan
cial rating Mr. Haskell, first of all.
is a splendidly equipped mill man. edu
cated and trained to an eminent de
gree nnd possessing the tact and abil
ity i'j enlist the co-operation of his
help in making the work in each and
every department nothing less than
the b?'st. and at the same time en
'Coura&lng those al the bottom and at
intermediate positions to advance as
rapidly as i pssible. To this end he
dtrei ts his best thought and energy,
always, of course, taking care of the
< oinpa ny's Interests.
a resume of Mr. HnskeU's prepara
tion and entrance Into his chosen field
of endeavor with its attendant suc
cess may be Of interest and prove an
Inspiration to others. After graduat
ing front the South Carolina college
in the class of he at once took up
and ? implete i on engineering course
in Dcsiou with ii linn of mill architects
and engineers. Later lie took a posi
tion as draughtstnnn with the l). a.
Vonipkins company at Charlotte, cot
i ui : ill builders and general supply
dealers. Here he received line office
training and later obtained a fair,
practical knowledge of installing ma
chine ; In different mills, being sent
out by the Charlotte company for this
purpose. At the end of two and a
half .-ais he was sent to Chester,
where lie had the management of the
two local cotton mill offices,
tiio Catnwba and Chester. In 189?
bo returned to Columbia and become
assistant superintendent of the Cort
garce mill, subsequently succeeding
to the superintendency. Two years
later llO was offered and accepted the
nouthern agency of a large northern
linn if mill builders' supplies and
works, with headquarters in Char
lotte. A year and a half later w
find him at Knoree as superlntender
of the Bnoree Manufacturing compa
ny, where be remained two years;
thence to Durham, x. ('.. as superln
t indent of the Golden Belt Manufac
turing company, owned by the Dukes,
llesiuinig this position two years later
llO went to Laurel. Miss., where for is
months he superintended the Pueblo
mills; thence to Lynchburg. Vn., as
superintendent of the Lynchburs eot
10t'l mills, whence, upon the offer of
the b to \V. V. Lucas, he came t.> Lnu
rens i:i May. lOOB, and took charge ol
(he Inurens cotton mills.
\Vhilo In Mississippi ho ? trt'jod
^'i.-i (iuioii Of Chailoii.'. \Vlib. like her
h'i'sbtdid. is exceedingly Industrious
. ,? I cbnriial>te< and Withal \ery pdptt
i.-r in (Uiiireiis. They hove tin ele
gn'hi i ??mie. three In t creating children
i o- - -own tin automobile ami pay
.<-\ incohJ? tit?:.
i Overseer of Went lug \. II. (lessen,
.# Recomlnu tired of the rarih al the
. of earning a dally wage rate
01 less 'hau 20 cents. Al ) 7.0 R. Gossen
left I is Spart an btirg county home,
i" en |ic.rhiitles?3, and found work in the
vt ? iviii.. department of the Clifton cot
, -i mills. Spartnubtirg county. She*
cesslveiy he filled the positions of
iooin*ilxer and second hand anil within
a few year- VVns overs sei' of Weaving
;ii Pftcolei. Here ho remained eight
years, or until (he (lbbtl of 1 03, ni
Wh| It time he was in e'inrg ? of weav
\ - K a I the Hip-" Pacolcl mills which
were destroyed by water. He after
ward* ran the weaving 0( Henrietta
mills, \. C, then at Hickory. N. C..
nn I for ii year was Btipet'lntendenl of
(he Neely Manufacturing company at
Yorkvlllo; (hence to Clinton as boss
weaver; thence (o Laurens two years
Hgo In the same capacity. U > re
ceived n very meagre education, hut
lifter entering the mill work and find
ing It attractive he began to study.
pursuing Ii etxtlle and designing
course, feney weaving, etc., thua the
letter preparing himself for his work.
tie l ? mads "good." Vel n young
I t he hftA nsplrntlons and a future.
! : n wife and one ? hild, a nice turn*
an attract Ivo h i: v :cid altogether
iod liver.
By reason of the liot, dry weather
which prevailed in Laurens; In fact
over a greater part of the state, dur
ing tits past two weeks, crops of all
kinds have suffered great injury.
Cot m lias deteriorated possibly L'O per
cent, while late corn and peas have
suffered to a greater oxtent. How
ever, copious showers fell Sunday
11 i111 in several localities, including
Laurens and vicinity, thus somewhat
relieving the situation. Mut the crops
stand in immediate need of more rain
and unless It is forthcoming greater
loss will follow.
Both the Oil Mill and Hudgens' Gin
neries have been thoroughly over
hauled, and We ttt'O now ready for cot
ton, an 1 will appreciate your patron
age. R. II. HUDGENS. 5-4t
Editor The Advertiser:
I Hud I was not in possession of all
the facts concerning the arrest <>f .lohn
Wallace as published in the last issue
of your paper. Mr. Koon gave me his
version of it and Mr. Lowe thinks
Koon ought not to have all the credit.
1 enclose a statement from Mr. Lowe
and in justice to all I hope you will
publish it.
W. T. Austin. Cor.
Cross Mill, Auk. 30.
I'. S.?Lowe is all right and game
to the backbone. vv. T ..\.
Mr Lowe's Card.
Editor The Advertiser:
I notice in your paper of last week
that Policeman J. w. Koon was given
tiio credit for the capture of John Wal
lace near llopewetl. Von will please
I correct the above, I was deputized
, on two warrants to arrest .lohn Wal
' lace, charged with forgery and selling
liquor. I located .lohn and got four
men to assist me. I procured the
help of ,1. \V. Kocn. Van Coates, Dich
Coat.-s an 1 a Mr. Saterwhite. We
surrounded John's house: I broke the
w. idow open and procured a lamp
from n house close by. I was the
first to locate him up in the funnel of
the Chimney. He could up! h ive been
captured by no one man: he would
have made hi.^ (scape without help.
So all the men should l ave credit for
his capture, and not one man nil the
S. \Y. Lowe.
Cross 11:11. S. C. Aug; 30th.
Still Drawlnjr on Laerens.
Mr. .1. W. Cooper, who was sales
man for Wright & Grtlbbs for several
years, and who has been living in
Laurens county for the past two
years, has purchased a small farm
from Mr. W. C. Hranyon. near this
|Uace, and as soon as he can build a
j bpttse will move his family her.-. We
age '?lad lo welcome him back to
Honen Path.?Honen Path Chronicle.
Jus' Keep on Keepin' On.
i the day looks kinder gloomy
An" your chances kinder slim:
if the situation's pu/.zlin',
An' the prospect's awful grim
An' perplexities keep pressin'
Till all hope is nearly gon >
.Ins' bristle up. und uril your teeth
An' keep on keepin' on.
Fit mill' never wins a fight,
A n' fret tin" never ptij -:
There ain't no Rood in bt'oodin' i:t
These peushniutic v ays
Smile just kinder cheerfijll.v
When hope is nearly ijono;
.lu^' bristle up. nud grit your (? Hi
An' keep <>n keepin' on.
There n'.u'i no use tit jjvby
An' gruinbtlu' all (he ?::?:?
When music's ringln' ove'ry wir ere
An' everything's a rhyme-?
las' 1' [l on smiliu' pket-i uijy
if i'.dp,* i- nearly scne,
\n" keep on 1
?I Saicd His Let:,
"AM thotiglit I'd l?se in;, leg.-" wHl 'a
J. A. Sweiison. Wttt^rtovvi . W!s.
"Toil yea's of oC/.enut, that llfteeh doc
tors could not < tire, had fit last laid ine
tip. Tina ihtoklen's Arnica Sitlvi
It sound and wo!l." Infallible for
Skin Eruptions, EcviemUt Sail Rheum.
Moils. Fever Sores. hums, Scolds,
Cuts an.I files. "'??? ::t Lumens I?.
Co. aa l Palmetto lirug Co.
Yen will III) 1 live largest :ir ' I ?>-'
line of Art S<piareidlne > ? .sv. Squares
ami Kims that ar< t. tnle tit' the le t
quality of inntiM'i i i. rjifferei t de
El 1111 ? ?
rii'l (Mill il'i
8 m. ,\ K H wjiii,,c. r?.
We Ask You
to take Cardul, for your female
troubles, bacauxe we are sur^. it
wll! help you. Remember that
this great female remedy?
has brought relief to thousands of
other sick women, so why not to
you ? For headache, backache,
periodical pains, female weak
ness, many have said it Is "the
best medicine to take." Try it I
Sold in This City F3
>\ By W. D. S. $ '
Venrs ago. he preached over Oreeo
viiie and Laurens counties, even down
into Newberry. He had one church
down on Bush river; front sickness
he could not fill his appointment, hut
sent his son-in-law, John Campbell,
to fill Ids place. He gave him in
struction where to spend the night.
Next morning they had boiled e^gs
for breakfast; tho salt and pepper
wer-; passed to Hro. Campbell. The
top fell off the popper box and its con
tents fell on his es^s.
'Uro. Campbell, let me give you an
other plate."
? No. Sister, l have pepper on my
He stirred it in. and went to eating.
The fumes uot Into his nose, which
cause! a violent fit of sneezing, ac
companied with loud eructation. The
young ladies pot so full of laughter
the.- left tho table. The hostess tried
her h?'st to maintain her equanimity,
but f'.nally she had to leave, which left
, the table to the father and Uev. Camp
I hell. Soon 03 he not some relief he
I went to the lot and saddled his horse
and made for Fork shoals. Hush river
had no preaching on that day.
I On one occasion the Rev. Win. Bol
lard carried a convert down on a
branch to immerse htm. He was a
portly man and the preacher carried
i him to the deepest water In order to
handle him easily. The man looked
! up oud saw a moccasin stinke lying
! on the alder limbs right over them,
jile seized the preacher's arm and
pointed Up? saying:
"Lcok nt that blamed big :-i:uke ?
li I > ou bapt l?.e him?"
"Yes." he spoke up before he
thought what lie was saying.
Beins accustomed to sw >arlhg all
his life, it was an utter impossibility
for hi:.: to break off from this useless
? habit nt one ?.
Near Death in Iiilt I'ontl.
it '.mis a thrilling experience to Mra.
. Ida Sopor to face dentil. "Cor years
a severe lung trouble nave me intense
suffering." she writes, "and several
Hilles nearly caused my death. All
r unedles failed and doctors said I was
incurable. Then Dr. King's New Dis
covery brought quick relief and a
cure so permanent that 1 have no;
have not been troubled in twelve
years." Mrs. Soper lives in Big Pond,
Pa. It works wonders in Coughs ami
\ Colds, Sore i.um;.-. Hemorrhages, Lu
' Grippe, Asthma. Croup, Whooping
Cough, and all Bronchial affections,
f>0C nnd $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by Laurens Drug Co. and
i Pal met to Drug Co, ,_
If we could always he as kind
As when some grief has SCOUI'ged our
? As gentle as when love is king,
' 'Twould tench this sad ol 1 world lo
j'Twould prove hevoml a doubt. each
That kindness is t': l bettet- way.
If we could always s* e the good
I In erring brother as we should.
' And close our lips when wont to speak
i Of error in the poor and weak.
I I think that we would soon be glad
' And see more good in man than bad.
I Tho hearts of men need sun and
An I Words to cheer them in the
A virtue praised, a cheerful smile.
Would re!) their tempter of his mule;
i Wohld tench the good In them to grow
And btoJ'.e wrecking undertow,
bist Trentmoni r'or a Burn.
It lor no ether reason. Chamber
lain's Sah-? should he kept in every
household on account <?!' its great
vn'.iie In ti e treatment of burns. It
I allays the pain almost Instantly, ami
unless r-.e jnjury Is a sever.- one,
\ heals the part without leaving a sear.
ml d
Sleep, \? !.'. ?t. V. Peace for I lie
innerer front hhlne) I'rniihtrs,
\ ?. ?
Pain hud distress from hidrii to
(i ?i hp u i'i> ri lame back,
Twlnuos of backache bother yon all
(let at the e:,-'.- > c't -e the !': ill \ -
flnve made great ciiros in LaUreiis.
St ri ? :.
??. a-:. S, ?'.. says:
"Pur year's i had pairs across II;?
Hthull of hiy bn'okj especially severe
at nlahi ft ml :.s the result I couhl hoi
sie ?-,(. .\t times i w,.s uutit to attend
?o iny work and tkotigli i tried every
remei'.y tlutl was brought to my at
tention. I grow no bettet'. 'I'll" kid
ney ;...,?;>.;ions were too freqtieni in
passage, contained a sediment ami
wi re oherwlse unnatural. Prom this
l cone!tided 'hat my kidneys wen. Mo
cause of my trouble, and seeing |)o?
ans Kidney Pills advertised I pro
cured .-, supply at the Palmetto Drug
Co. Through their use my buck re
gained its strength, the pains disap
peared and my kidneys were restored
to their normal condition. I give this
testimonial In return for the benefit
I receive,!."
Par Sale by nil dealers. Price .*.??
'it's. Kos-..- Mllburn Co.. Buffalo,
N w York. SOlO ag-m'.s for the United
Remember 'he namo?Doah's?and
take no other.
[ Work For The j
I They Are Worth It j
I Go to H. Douglas Gray & Co. and see J
I that Buggy ^
1 I
j Go to Fleming Bros, and see that s
* Watch. *
J 5
j Go to S. M, 6: E. H. Wilkes & Co. and i
see that Chair. *
!? The Piano will arrive later. $
j? _= \
^ These goods are not prize box affairs but are ^
$ iroods bought of reputable merchants who w ill be j
^ Had to show them to vou and sell others like them 2
%?? . ?
I The Advertiser j
1 Laurens, S. C. J
(Schedule Effective June 20, 1909.)
x B.~These schedule figures show
the time thai trains may be expected
pected to arrive ami depart but the
tiiu"> shown tire not guaranteed.
Kast ami West bound trains from
Spurtanburg, S. ( .
7:::0 A. M.?No. 36, daily, for Char
lotte. Washington, Richmond, New
York and Intermediate points. Ar
rive Charlotte 10:05 A. M. Richmond
!>::tu P. M Washington 10:5G P. M?
New York G:30 A. M.
!?:.'."? A. M.?No. 12. daily except
Sunday, for Charlotte and Intermedi
ate points. Arrive Charlotte 12:45
I*. M.
I ;4fi P. M. No. 12, daily local, for
Richmond lUld intermediate points.
Arrive Richmond 7:00 A. M.
P. AI. -No. i'.S, daily. ('New
York-Atlnnta-New Orleans l.ltnllcd")
for Washington. New York and (he
Emit. Arrive Washington (i:f?0 A. M.
New York, I*.00 l'. M. Pullman cars,
dining <ars.
S: 10 I'. V. Nu. |n. dally, for Chat'*
!o) tC and Intermediate, points.
P. U for V,
Ingtoh ah<l Neyi York. Pullman cars',
i ?? car
i ca
re \th
y OII! Ii I
illttt, A. M. No 29. riiiliy. for Sa
vannah i ::'i ,lac!:convlllc. Pulltuah
7:.V. A M No \ 2, lall.v, for C.'.ar
Ich on ah '. Irit^ruio Hut'?? point *.
:.::.') P. M,. No. ! I, daily, for Chat -
les'on nil I v.av -.tat lOtIS;
2ilfi A. M N) lf*>. dally, for Char
leston. Pullman car
Rummer excursion llck?ts how on
For further Information call on
ticket agent* Southorn rallwaj or
J. I.. MeeX,
A ?".. P. p. v. Atlahta, Ga.
c. h Acke?*t,
V. P. & G. M., Was'.-- taton. 0. c.
V/. K McGee,
\ . Washing!
1 wish to call the attention to the
public that I have rented the store on
Main Street, three doors from the Post
Office, Diamond's Old Stand, and will
open up, on or about
September the 1st.,
a Kirst-class line of Ladies', Misses and
Children's (xnrmcnts. A full and com
plete line <>i" Kancy and Staple Dress
My connections arc sucli tlml I will
be able to offer Iligh-^radc (ioods at
popular prices. I will also carry a com
plete line of Men's and Boys' Clot hinu\
Shoes, H?ls and iMirnishinus.
This store will be entirely renovated,
painted inside and outside, new fix
tures, etc. Watch for my Opening
Sale, in which 1 will introduce to the
public 11 i^h-grade Merchandise1 at Low
Prices. The Motto of the Store wili
always be: All (ioods freely exchanged
and your money back for the asking at
anytime on any unsatisfactory purchase
Yours for a Square 1 )ea!,
W. H, Ashendorf,
I /aureus, S. ('.

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