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Baking Powder Is the jjj
(F\ ,,Mll^f^^^(iXfL greatest of time and labor ll
/savers to the pastry cook. H
^^^Bt^^Cfe^'F'^i^ Economizes flour, butter f|j
^j^Sift^^Wife^^ ftnd eggs and makes the 11
fTOpS||^k^^WRA food digestible and healthful M
i^H? 1UKi?s1>oWi>?h|
c (^J^?/ Makes most healthful food fij
^flpy No alum?no lime phosphates |j
The only baking powder made ?
? from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar |jj
There are a ureut many people iii I
too county who are hot thoroughly ae- j
on inted with ih? bird and game laws
of vlio state. * Some have expresaed
the desire thai Tin? Advertiser publish ^
iiv i.iw on ta - subject. That pari of j
vli- statute thai pertain* inore panic
a I a rly to this siTiir.ii us de state is
gh below; it w ill pay the peojile
to -ad it: tin- game wardens for tin1'
;-o- ?>? have expressed the Intention of
sir ly enforcing each provision, and
violators of the law may do well to
ex ? Ise a little care.
1 he statute is as follows:
An ' ?! to Amend Section of the
tninnl t'ode of South Carolina,
lining too hunting of certain
M.-ila and doer to the period begin.
b November IJVth and ending
ich ;.-i following.
Prot? timi of (tame in Certain Seasons
ion i. lit- it enacted by the Cleit- I
era] 'Vssemblj ol the state of South i
Carol na, That Section ?f?0 of the
[5rin tial Code of South Carolina he i
aUlt1 "(led to read as follows:
s- . fifiU, Subdivision I. It shall not
he i ? ful for any person in this state,
bet' mi tin- 1st day of March and the
15th day of November, except in the
cour'ies of Heaufort, Hampton, Hor
che -?? r. Colleton, Charleston. Bnrn
well, Berkeley, Aiken, Oconee. Lexing
ton, .'airfield. Saluda. Georgetown and
Clarendon, wherein the time shall be
between the first day of April and the
1st (Jay of November, in any year here
after to catch, hill or injure, or to
purs1 e with suc h intent, any wild tur
key, partridge, quail, woodcock, Mon
golian or other pheasant, or at any
linn '.ithin five years from Mat'Cfc 1.
1.900, o sell, offer or expose for sale,
slop ar export for sale, or to pot-hunt,
net. ' ap or by flrollght to catch, kill
or ii i ire, Ol" to pursue with such in
tent ny of the birds named in this
section; nor shall any person or per
son- riostroy or rob Ihe nests of any
picl 1 Irds. And any person so doing
.shall ii'* deemed guilty of a uiisde
in : ?. and upon conviction thereof
ilinll ho lined not more than twenty
dolla -. or in- Imprisoned not more
I ui ? thirty days: Provided. Thai
ii tie in ibis Act shall prevent the
linpn tutioh for sale of any sit lit birds;
Provided, further, Thai the handling, i
possession, loutroi or ownership of.
.my of the said birds sohl, offered or 1
exposed for sale, or shipped or ex
ported, shall be prima f ae in evidence
of a iolntlon of this Aei; ami the
bari.' i of proof shall be upon any I
person so handling, possessing, con*
trolling or owning any of the said
birds, to show that they were import
ed i um any state or territory.
Approved the 2"d of February, a i>
i ?on.
IV- an Aet approved the 20th day ol
February i tans. Section was
r ue...id so as to strike oil! tie' Word
"fiCXiligtOU" wherever it oeiurs in
.?aid section of the rode as amended. j
Ah \ei for tit-' Protection of Bird*
and Theli Nests and I'.ggs, and to I
pro, id" for ib.- punisliuient of vlo
Intions thereof.
Willi Minis the Property Of the Sliite.
Section i Re it enacted by the
Cm., al Assembly of Iho Stale of
South Carolina. That all wild birds,
both resident and migratory, in this
state, shall he, and are hereby de
clared to be, the property of the state.
Came Minis.
See. 2. That for the purposes of
tills A<t, the following shall hu eon
ftldered ranne birds: Swans, wild
Ke<>.-". brant, wild ducks, rails (marsh
hens), roots. gullinules. surf birds,
snip'. Woodcock, Mtldplpers, upland
plover, curlew, wild turkey pr ilrle
chicken, nuail (partridge;, rice birds
blackbird and dove, A!' other spe
cies of wild resident or migratory
birds shail be considered u#ti gam a
Non.dnmc Birds Not t?> Be ('antritt or
See. Thai no person within the
state shall kill, catch <>r have in his
his or their possession. living or dend.
any resident or migratory v. H.i bird
other than :i game li?\l. or purchase,
offer or expose for sale, any mic'i wild
non-game bird, after It has been killed
or caught, except a- permitted by this
\ ?
\n?l None t>> Hi- Sol.!.
. . ? ? i ? i
of whetm-r saii hli'd was captured or
killed within or without the stau?.
v> llgtrs ??!? \e^t* (?) it,- Defrayed.
s. i. That no person; within the j
stUte. shall lUke <>r desif'Oy. or utteiupt
to take or destroy, the nests or the'
e>ggs ol any wild birds; or have such
nests Or eggs in his or their posses
sion, except as permitted by tbi.; Act.
\ Dt t n Ho Tninsparti d.
sec. (?. That it shall be Unlawful ;
for nny person or i> ?rsi us, or tiny cor;
notation acting as it common carrier,
its officers, agents Or servants, to ship;
carry, take or transport, either within
or beyond tin' confinot ot the state,
any resident or migratory wlbl uon
name bird, except sts permitted by this I
Act. !
Certificate t<> Take Birds,
Sec. 7. That Sections I. ?"? and G :
ot' this Act shall not apply to nnj per- j
son holding a certificate giving tin'
right to tnke birds, their nests or
eggs, for strictly scientific purposes,
:is provided for in Section S of this
Act. nor shall anything in tbis Act
contained prevent nnj householder
from keeping any resident or migra
tory birds, whether game or non-game,
in aviaries or cages, as pets or for
experimental and breeding purposes,
and from trapping or catehing them
for such purposes: Provided, That
no one shall trop or catch tin* same
save on Iiis own lands: Ami. pro
vided, further, That the same are not
kept for barter, sale or exchange, .and
shall not lie shipped or transported
beyond the confines of this state.
How Certlllcates t?ranted,
Sec. s. That certlllcates may be
granted by the secretary ot state t<<
any properly accredited person of the
nge ot fifteen years ami upwards, per
mitting the holder tinTen :<> collect
birds, their nests or Gggs, fdi strictly
scientific purposes only. in drdoi to
obtain such oertitlenl i, the applicant
'01 same must present to the secre*;
tnry of state written testimonials i
froth two v.'ii-iiiiniu: oruiihoiogisi -
certifying to the g.I character an I
litness of said applicant to be oil
iri|stcd wiib sin h privilege, ami must
paj to saiii otllcer one dollar ($1,.
io defray the accessary expenses
lendliig the griiutiug of such cert ill'
cate. On proof that the holder of
sm h Certificate has captured or kill.-.I
filly bird, or taken the liest or eggs
of any bin! tor other than scientific
purposes, the certificate shall become
void, ami he shall be Mahle to a fine
of not more than one hundred dollars
(100). or imprisonment not exceeding
thlrt.v t :'??>? days.
When Expire,
See. f*. That the certificates author
ized by this Act shall expire on the
:'. 1st day of December of the year is
sued, and shall not be transferable.
Destructive Birds \?t Included.
Sec. 10. That the English sparrow.
Cooper's hawk, duck hawk, sharp
shinned hawk and great horned owl
and all ?ither birds which are by na
ture destructive Of other birds, are
not included among the birds protect
ed by this Act; nor are the nests ami
eii^s of such birds protected hereun
der. This Act does m>t prevent any
person from killing crows on his
premises if destructive to crops; Pro
vided. That said bird- or hot sold or
Offered for sale, or shipped OlU o! the
\\ ?
Violation of This Vcl I- Misdeinennnr.
Sec, II. That any person violating
ttny of tie* provisions of this Act. ex
cept Section S. shall be guilty 01 a
misdemeanor, and shall be liable to
a line of not less than one dollui
($l.0')i. nor more than five dollars
($;,.l)(M, for each bil l, living or dead.
or part of a bird, or nest, or set of
eggs, or part thereof, killed or cap
tured or possessed, ia violation of this
Ac;, or :>.? Imprisoned in the county
jail '. ?r not more than thirty (>.0j
da;. -.
Sec. That a':! Acts or parrs of
\ .. ? .
wit . ? ? .
! . VJtihitn' ?
What about protecting
your property against loss
by tire. Wo have as good
as the best l:\ the way of
Laurens Fire In
surance Agency
C. W. McCRAVY, Mgr.
Postum. Po>t toasties
Grape nuts, ()at flakes
in ait tigllt tin can,
Figs, Seedless Raisins,
and cleanett Currants,
California Lemon cling
and yellow free stone
peaches, Canned Peas,
Canned Tomatoes,
Fresh and domestic
Sardines, Cheese, Hulk
Snow l-lake
u^c Ci ic''.vi
Coast an ! a'.
soiiabic daji
itV and t^ric
Laurens, S. S
for Feeble Old People, Delicate Children, Weak, Run-down
Persons, and to Counteract Chronic Coughs, Colds and
Bronchitis, is because it combines the two most wojjo^gmgd
tonics?the iin*dii.in.i!, sti o:>^t!;cniti^, ixxiy-ouildm^ c..;: 1?? ?:ir.,
of Cod Liver Oil and Tonic Iron, without oil or groiii,
tastes good, and agrees with every on.?.
We return your money without question if Vinol
does not accomplish all we claim for it.
Helping tho Good Work.
a Bates county minister was horri
fied one Sunday to sefe a boy in the
reai church pelting the hearers in
tin- am?-!: Corner with |>a|<i>r wads.
As the good man looked at him the
boy called oat: ? Von 'tend to your
preaching, mister: I'll keep 'em
awake". Kansas City star.
Fleming Brothers
The first consideration in
sele rtitij* a watch is t<> ?jet t
reliable tiitte-ke^per. It
utakes no ditiereuce how lit
tie you spend tot a watch it.
is tuonoN wasted unless you
can depend on it t-> keep
soittewhere he?i perfect
tu the mauufaetutery of
.1 watch) one of the cheap
expenses is the final adjust
ing and regulating. There
arc hower inexpensive
watches of real hum it, these
are constructed along simple
lines and are dependable
time-keepers; other cheap
watches gotten up i:i a
shovy way arc not worth
car tying.
We have learned from
experience to distinguish
between tile good and bad
watches ah<j wo will not
Fleming; Brothers
1 .aureus. S. C.
William Solomon
Vdut watches, rclocks
and jewelry will last
longer if properly re
paired. Proper work
can only be done by a
specialist. I make it
m>/specialty Jto repair
Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry,
and to guarantee it to
give satisfaction.
JYly line of Jewelry is
new and up-to-date and
of the best quality. A
trial will convince you.
William Solomon
l-.xnert W itch Nl tkei
and je\v
\ ?oni To Sufferers.
I wis'i to say to those Buffeting with
Indigestion or any stomach trouble,
that I have been drinking water Horn
Tom Davis' mineral spring ami find
great relief, as I am an Indigestion
sufferer; it aids digestion ami gives
new life to the patient I find that
it has great medical properties. All
persons that have stomach troubles
will find relief in drinking freely of
'his water.
Mrs. M .1. Ahrains.
Matron l.aureus t'ouutv Home.
The State lair.
Visitors to the slate fair this year
will have an opportunity of seeing tho
nation's chief. President Taft comes
to Columbia on Saturday. November
?".. the last day oi the fair. The fair
stait- on November i and continues
for six days. Special features of tho
gala occasion will tie education day,
the Cle'iiMin Carolina football game.
Increased exhibits and many other
things secured tor the pleasure anil
entertainment of the visitors.
til buying Pianos it iswell to remember tli it it costs
a great deal to keep Pianos on hand, also to ship and
re-ship for special sales. This iieeessar\ cost is ad
ded to the price .um the purchaser pays it.
1 sell Pianos direct from the factorx t>> the pur
chasefi and there is no additional expense to be paid.
I bin Pianos from reputable Manufacturers and am
in ,i position u> s.i\c you much iuone\ on a purchase
for I can sell it any price. It you waul term-, mine
are the most liberal ?in fact I let you make the terms,
(iive me a chance to show you before you buy.
Do You W ant to Save /Money?
I can help you save it. Vott take no risk iti mak
ing the investigati ?u before buying. You do
yOtirself and fattttl) an injustice if you do u6t see me
before bitying.
I have pretty ilehelies, Stools Und Chair.-., anil
? ?? I mt ? ? ? :? ?
le*.*. \d' ? ? v " to
. ... -I
'I'tie I'iano iiiul < irgiiii Mini. Lumens, S. C.
I New Fall Goods
* At
* W. G. Wilson & Co.
N'ew l)ress Cioods ol foreign make in the most de
? si table shades at $i.oo, a sard. Down through the several
^ grades of domestic manufacture, full lines arc shown.
rm New Mercerized poplins in all the new Colorings at 25c.
*jk Hen- is shown a double width Suiting in thirteen different
? Colorings will make up stylish, only 15c, the yard. P'lan
^ nelctts in neat scroll patterns with 01 without border
at ioe.
Hetitherbloom I'ndcrskirts in different grades, New
^fc Hosiery, Ww 1'nderwear. Mam mouths ngo the tnanu
? factures wa re uotiiied of a scarcity <?f wool, consequently
^ a higher pi ice is demanded for the present output and as
1^ the relative value of wool and cotton respond promptly
^ the price of both have advanced. Anticipating thi^ we
A placed out ordei early and oflet mum lints of pjoods
|R ? Ihm; et than we could h ive dour had out put been
I .aureus, S. C:
O W W V *& W Vfi *& *St O
Musical and Festival Week
October 25 = 30.
ssian Svmohonv Orchestras
The best organized and most uniform in g%
talent in the United Ststes, supported by a splen
did chorus of two hundred male and female v oices, jjj
Special rates from all points in South Carolina, ^
Ask the Preacher, Ask the Doctor. f
Ask the Lawyer, Ask the Banker. *
ty/ffr4} ?JH?.^? fr/f<i>4p

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