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Subscription Price it $1.00 per Year
Payable in Advance.
S. K. BOSKY, Editor.
advertisements, per square, one inser
tion, $1.00; each subsequent insertion,
50 cents. Liberal reduction made for
large advertisements.
?Obituaries: All over GO words, one cent
n word.
Notes of thanks : l ive cents tin- line.
Entered at the postoflicc at I.aureus,
S. C. as second class mail matter.
\s announced last wedk, on and
after January 'st. of iioxl year sub
scriptions for The Advertiser will be
strictly cash in advance. No papers
will be sent out of the ofllce unless
paid lor. This does not mean that
subscribers must pay uu entire year
in advance; i: is loll iv'ih them ?s to
time and amount. I lit 1 the paper Is
to bo paid for before ii Is sent out.
This method, wc realize, is entirely
new in I,aureus county, and it may |
not be well received i'i Ii i st. I'.ut our
unbounded confidence hi the business
sense and Judgment of our people as
sures uu that after careful considera
tion they will see the wisdom of i;
niid assist us in making it successful.
In facti we have !.n urged by many
Of PUr subscribe!-- to r<M|tt!ro COsh in
advance; from time to time, men have
said: "Why don't you ftop a paper
ill" very ilny it la our. that's lite only !
business way". Wo nr.- Convinced
that the majority of tlto people will
welcome the change.
Rut why do we miike the change?
The people are probably not aware
of the fact that it costs The Advertiser
Printing r<>. something like $100 n
week to issue the paper: that is about
$."i,'J00 a year. Now suppose that we
have no revenue from subscriptions
until the end ol each year: where are
the funds for each work's pay roll?
And again, for years we have been
making a paper und sending P to
peo;,|r. who do not pay for it: this is
not good business judgment on our
part, all will agree. There seems to
he n strange idea among some people
that a debt to a newspaper is not like
other debts, and if they can shun it.
there is no wrong done: right now
we are holding bills agnlnst people in
Lattrens county, many of whom Im
agine that they are utterly forgotten,
Some owe us no more than twenty
cents, maybe, but others are indebted
to the amount of of $8.00 and more.
A Cash in advance system will allow
no such Conditions. The Advertiser
cannot afford to print the paper for
Another thing: since the new postal
law hns been in effect, which requires
thnt papers in arrears to the amount
.)( twelve months be discontinued, we
have complied to the letter with this
requirement ami hundreds of names
have been dropped from our lists.
The cash In advance plau will work
exactly hi the same way. and we
Should not lose tiny more subscribers.
We have obeyed this law, and we
expect to carry out the new plan
without deviation or concession. We
have not adopted the ruse of many
other papers, under the law, and cut
the dates off the labels. Heading the
paper on in violation of the law Just
to hold a good list.. The Advertiser
has endeavored to make a paper that
the people want, and not have to re
sort to subterfuge to hold on to our
Subscribers. If this paper is worth
$1.00 a year to you, wc want von to
subscribe; If you do not think it worth
the price, we do not want to bold Olli
"inducements" to uet you. Prom
eight to twelve pages of home news
?ach week at just about two cents a
Week. is We beli ?V0, pretty cheap.
And we are endeavoring to give the
news while it is news; we do not
Waif for the issue of other paper* to
make up Otlr own. The Advertiser
pays mi Ofllce force to net the news;
and the people se, m to think they are
succeeding, Judging from ihd patron
Think the matter our. good peo
ple, and sec If W0 are not Justified In
the course. Keep it in mlhd, and
renew your subscriptions now.
? ? *
In another column appears the re
ply by Superintendent of Education
Pitts to the card by Mr. T. II. Holland
Which was published in The Adverti
ser last week. The readers of this
paper will recall that Mr. Holland
charged "a false report" by the su
perintendent, regarding the IxniR
<*anch school, Scuflletown district
tV/uber one. Mr. Pitts' reply on each
w#t Is very clear and needs no fur
l]1Q explanation; In the light of the
i,lasl week and the editorial ex
Ion of conditions, the people are
I left to judge for themselves.
in Mr. Pitts* card is explained the
correct manner of ranking tip a report
of a school district, and it will be
greatly to the henelit of the people,
not only of SCUffietown, to read it and
Widerstund how these school matters
are handled.
? ? ?
They Just come all at once, and we
fear, if all are accepted, the ?'simple
life" that is to follow will he a terri.
hie bore. We are in a dilemma; hut
time mid purse will settle the prob
First comes an Invitation from the
Spurtanburg unber of commerce to
attend the gre. . celebration there on
October 29th., tin- occasion being the
opening of tin Carollun-Clinchfleld &
Ohio railroad. It will he a big day
in the old town, a barbecue and a
number of speeches, the fair and a
meat electrical display being attrac
tions. And by the way. the coming
of this new railroad is to he a .meat
thing lor the whole state: the trains
will (dine through I.aurens on the ('.
iv A'-C. tracks.
And next comes an invitation to
meet the president of the United States
at the luncheon to he given in Colum
bia on November 6tll. On the next
mail is an invitation from the Charles
ton Chamber nf commerce to attend
the banquet to President Taft at the
Charleston hotel on the evening of
November .*.th. Which shall wo tie-!
cept? Only one. of course; lor a
country editor can hardly stand such
prolonged and continued festivities.
And thea here is an Invitation to
attend the musical festival i:> tin' "City
by the Sea" which lasts during next
For ail then ', !!.<? editor i>:' The Ad*
vertlser r turns sincere thanks. If
he cannot attend all. h ?. like the
worthy editor of the Manning Times,
v. ill wish them mighty well, drinking
a sileu.l toast :.> ijiein. at home.
? ? ?
Alas! Tis no longer aristocratic to
have appendicitis, tor a negro convict,
--and his name is TiUman- -over in
< 'nmd( 11 now has !:.
? . ?
Tii" Advertiser wishes to urge the
fni in era to enter the grout wheat con
test that is to be conducted this win
tor and next Spring, I' is hound to
result in good for all. Head the arti
cle on another page.
? ' *
To the people of tin- county, yon
who have legal advertising to insert
in the newspapers, kindly keep this
fact in mind: The Advertiser's cir
culation is now just about equal to
that of all the other papers in the
county. When you are having these
advertisements published, it is in your
discretion which paper it shall appear
in. Which is more valuable, to have
it reach 000 subscribers, or 1900? i
See that y??u get your money's worth
in the matter of this advertising; di- |
reel the attention of the sheriff, the
clerk of court, ami th? probate judge j
to these facts.
? ? ?
Mrs. Ruth Bryan l.eavitt is a can.
didate for congress In Colorado. He
redity is an awful curse sometimes.
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i cling men who were suffering from
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says .1. C. Jenkins, of Glasgow. Ky.
This remedy is for sale by the I>aurens
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You will find here any article you
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8. M. & E. H. Wllkes & Co. ,
Explains) Matter of Long Branch
School Tin* Holl and Fund?.
Edltor Tiu> Advertiser:
I dislike very much to enter into a
newspaper controversy. In this ease
it is forced upon me. I refer to the
article written by Mr. T. H. Holland
in last week's paper. I uive an exact
reproduction of the statement to
which lie refer.-:
"Scuflletown School District No. 1 ?
Long Branch School: Trustees, J. Wil
son Blukoly, Sam R. Todd, and Qeo.
\V. Cunningham. Miss Lldle Sloan,
teacher; No. of pupils. 4S; length of
school term. 7 mouths; total school
fund. $507.13".
The above statement appeared in
your educational issue of .lime Oth.
The school year closes on .lime 30th.
hul it was some time after that date
before I could get. from the treas
urer's books, the exact amount of
money appropriated to each school
district. When the correct figures
for Long Branch school were as
certained I found that it was $494.13
instead of $."07.13?a difference Of
$13.00. The $494.13 was derived from j
the following sources: balance from
previous year. $159.13; amount of :'? !
mill state tax. $236.00: amount of poll
tax. $S0;00; amount of dog tax. $i:>.oo. !
Before Miss Sloan sent In her an
nual report she crime to my office to
know if she should Include in that re
port those pupils who were enrolled
in Miss Lane's school, previous to her
dismissal from the public school by
the present board of trustees. 1 ad
vised her to include in that report '
every pupil who bad attended the
public school the legal number of
days. So the is pupils 111 the above;
statement Is the total number enrolled
by both teachers in the public school.
I have the roll before me and find
that it is correct. The 7 months' 1
school term Is also found by taking
the total nuniher of months taught by j
both teachers in the public school.
I felt that tho district was entitled to
the enrolIim nl : lid length of term. ,
1 sti'.i think so. 1 wo.ib! repent my
actions under similar circumstances.
Miss Sloan Is In no wny responsible
for the enrollment; she acted upon my ^
I did not state thai $">i 0.00 had been
paid oat; I simply gave, ;?s near as I
could, the total amount of money the
district would have. 1 will give at
this time, however, bow the money
was disbursed: Sept. 30. 1908, .Ilio.
T. Blakcly (lumber). $43.00; Nov. 2.1
1008. s. .1 .Todd (building house),
$02.70; Dec. 190S. I>. K. Trlbble
(lumber), $ 159.22; .Ian. 7. 1309. L. II.
Davidson (brick), $8.?"."; Feb. 2. 1009.'
Preston Blakely, colored 1 teaching 1.
$25.00; Feb. 6, 1909, Preston IMakely.
COl. (teaching 1. $35.00; Feb. 27. 1!'09.
Miss Lidie Sloan (teaching), 00;
Marth IL 1909. Charlie Holland
(wood), $2.00; April 10, l!>0f?. Miss Li
die Sloan (teaching), 00: May 31,
1909, Miss Lidie Sloan (teaching).
$40.00. This gives n total expenditure
of $151.37. $12.7? was left to the
credit of the district and brought for
ward to this year's book, making a
grand total of $491.13. The first six
claims were signed by the former
board of trustees and the last live by
the present board.
My books have been checked and
approved by the grand jury, the comp
troller general and the courts. They
are public property; they stand open
to inspection by any citizen In the !
Mr. Holland lias never examined my
books; he has not been in my otlice
since last January. He is not even
a resident of Long Branch district,
although 1 find that bis property was
returned in that district last year.
Long Branch district did not have at
that time a special school tax. Mr.
Holland is a resident of Laurens
sc hool district No. 6; thai district has
a special school tax of two mills.
Long Branch is in SculthMown I pre
8I1IU0 the proper authorities will take
the mater in hand, adjust things and
give the money to the children to
whom it legally boloilgs.
I am unable to understand why Mr.
Holland is meddling with the affairs
of a school district other than his own.
Most of us have plenty to do attending
to our own business. I am also tin*
ab!" to determine the color of a man's
hear I who will bring such charges
against a fellow man as he has pre
ferred against me. Without first know
ing the correctness of the charges.
I trust Unit I have (dearly explained
the enrollment and length of term.
Mr. Holland says that Miss Sloan was
paid ill).'..OP. or three months at $35.00
each, and "wonders'- who got the bal
ance. Mr. Holland forgets, or very
likely did not know, that the negro
teacher was paid $60.00, and that $2:$'.?.
;?7 was paid out for building purposes,
and that a district may carry forward
money from one year to th? next.
I hold no Ill-will against Mr. Holland,
but. I do, from the dopth of my heart,
pity him.
A little explanation just here as to
the condition of affairs in Ix>ng Branch
district -which, ar. the people gen
erally understand, is the primary
cause of all this trouble: When I
came Into office in January I found
that Mi.?t Lane was teaching the Long
Branch school; that she did not have
a certificate as the law requires, and
that Mr. Nash had refused i<> approve
her claims, i also refused to approve
Ihm- < lainis on the ground thai she was
not In possession of a certificate. A
few days later charges were preferred
against the trustees by a number of
the patrons. The COUUty hoard heard
the complaint, discharged the trus
tees, and appointed a new board at
once. One of the main points in this
complaint was that the trustees had
elected and were supporting a teacher
who spent a great part of her time in
the school room teaching what is
known as the "Unknown Tongue Re
ligion". The newly appointed hoard
held a meeting at once and discharged
Miss Lane, and employed another
teacher. The "Unknown Tongue"
followers at Olice started a private
school with Miss Lane as teacher.
Later when the trustees held an elec
tion for a special school tax. the
"Unknown Tongue" believers fought
the tax. Mr. Holland, although he
Is not a voter in the district, but an
ardent follower of the "Tongues", was
on the ground and fought the tax.
Xow. Mr. Bditor, I thank you for so
kindly offering me space in your paper
for this reply. l regret that it is
necessarily lengthy.
Ceo. L. Pitts.
County Supt. of Education.
Perl Paragraphs.
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A girl i-i awful Sly to mal:.? it seem
as if a man was making love to her
when he j, wishing dinner was ready.
in the day of your discontent think
of someone more miserable than you
..nd go to bring him comfort.
The fellow who despises the ladder
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high in others' estimation.
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rens Dr. Co. and the Palmetto Drug
.Notice of fiuardian FHcharge.
To all whom it may concern:
Take notice that on tbo 2l8t day of
October. 100!). at ten o'clock, a. m.. I
will apply to O. C. Thompson, Probate
Judge, tit his office at Laurens, South
Carolina, for my final discharge as
guardian of the estate of .lohn D. Sul
All persons holding claims against
me as such guardian will present and
prove the same or he forever barred.
Sept. 2lith. l'.lQ'.l._8-r.t
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ed for life by being made to pull hard
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The Slate of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
BANK, Plaintiff.
J. 0. 11 ION DERSON, MKS. I.. R. HKN
Pursuant t<> a decree of Foreclosure
in (he above stated case. I will sell at
public outcry to (he highest bidder,
al Laurens C. II.. S. ('.. on Salesday
in Novembei next, beim- Monday the
1st day of the month, during the legal
hours for such sales, the following
described property to wit:
A tract Of land, containing one hun
dred and Iwo (1021 acres, more or
less, bounded on the north by the
lands of the estate of W. T. Smith,
deceased, east by lands of Anna I'.
Brown. South by Saluda river, and
west by lands of the Defendant, which
formerly belonged to Lillian Paid well,
being tin- 77'- acre tract described
below: a tract of land containing
seventy-seven ami a half acres, more
or less, bounded on the north and east
by the 102 acte tract described above,
south by the Saluda river ami west In
lands of Lillian Oaldwell: and ii
twenty acre tract, bounded north ami
east by lands of the estate of \V. T.
Smith and south and west by lands of
the estate of W. T. Smith and Lillian
Caldwell and J. O. Henderson.
Terms of Sale: ONE-HALF CASH,
balance to be paid twelve months from
date of sale, the orodll portion to be
paid twelve months from date of sale,
the credit portion to be secured by
bond and mortgage of the purchaser
over the premises, bearing legal Inter
est from date, with leave to purchaser
to pay his entire bid In cosh. Pur
chaser to pay for papers. If the
terms of sale are not compiled with,
the land (o tie resold on same or some
subsequent Salesday on same terms,
at the risk of former purchaser.
C.C.C. P. and O S. Laurens. S C
Dated, this Oct. 8th, 1909, U-3t
Bighain Trial Thursday.
A message from Solicitor Cooper
yesterday afternoon states that the
Bigham-Avant trial is scheduled to
come up in Georgetown on Thursday
of this week.
Contentment is merely the ability
to forget for a while the things that
arc beyond our teach.
Even the most learned of us never
realize how little we know till a sut.Ul
boy begins to ask questions.
Arrival and Departure of Trains. Laurens,
South Carolina.
No. L. Leave Augusta.10:10 am
j No. 1. Leave Laurens. 2:')2 n m
! No. 1. Arrive Spartanburg.. 4:05 pm
No. 5. Leave Greenwood.... 6:50 am
No. 5. Leave Laurens. 7:55 a m
No. 5. Arrive Spartanburg.. 9.30 am
No. ?:t. Leave Greenville.12:20 p m
No. ">:'?. Arrive Laurens. 1:45 pm
No.*86. Leave Greenville .... 4:30 p m
No.*8G. Arrive Laurens. 6:25 p m
1 No. 2. Leave Spartanburg . . . 12:20 p m
No. 2. Leave Laurens.2:32 p m
No. 2. Arrive Augusta. 6:15 p m
No. 6. Leave Spartanburg ... 5:00 p m
No. 6. Leave Laurens. 6:35 p m
No. 6. Arrive Greenwood .... 7:50 p rn
N'n.'^T. Leave Laurens. 8:10 a m
No.*87. Arrive Greenville... .10:20 a m
N'o. 52. Leave Laurens. 2:35 p m
No. 52. Arrive Greenville ... 4:00 p m
Trains *86 and *S7 daily except Sunday.
Triweekly through Pullman Parlor
Car service between Augusta and
Ashevllle on trains Nos. i and -;
North bound. Tuesdays, Saturdays;
Southbound, Mondays. Wednesdays
land Fridays.
C. II. OASQL'E, Agent.
Lauren.-. S. C.
0. T. BRYAN, Gen. Agt..
Greenville. S. C.
A W. ANDERSON. Gen. Supt.
Augusta. Ga.
From Dr. In man
Voll are a parent? your child
I is in school a certain number of
i hours each clay using the eyes
constantly. Each year the les
sons become harder, hook-; are
! taken home, studies rre continued
J in the evening, the eyes are being
l over taxed, the deli gate muscles
are strained; yet perhaps no
thought is given to helping the
eye. I know that injury results
from this neglect. We must
realize that if there is a cause for
eye strain there must be a remedy
most naturally would be rest for
the eyes: this rest can be obtained
by wear.tig resting glasses, inv
advise to you is come and get
my advise let tue explain to you
scientifically why resting glasses
should be worn.
I believe that parents use very
poor judgment in not carving for
their children's eyes when the
remedy is so simple and the cost
is so slight.
Eye Specialist
Enterprise Bank Building
Laurens, Set 1 Carolina
at our new store
Grape Fruit.
Fresh Buckwheat,
Georgia Cane
Maple yrup,
Fresh Rolled Oats,
Puffed Rice,
Corn Flakes.
1J. W. Payne & Co.
The Cash Grocers.

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