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Sending Money
Through the Mails.
The practice of sending currency or silver in a
letter is always dangerous. Thousands of dollars
are losl annually in this manner.
The better way is to buy a bank draft. If the
draft is lost, your money is not.
We issue drafts which arc payable at par any
place in the I'. S. If a draft is lost in transit we
issue a duplicate without any red-tape or delays.
The Bank for Your Savings.
Buy a Farm Now!
In the fall of the year is the time the to buy a nice
farm, you will soon have to plan for next years work, so
come let us show what we have listed.
We have recently had some exceptional nice farms
listed for sale ranging from 21 to 200 acres. Prices from
$15.00 on up. We have farms all over the county well
located as to Neighborhood, Churches aud Schools and
we can please from our list.
Laurens Trust Co.
C. A. Power, Mgr. Real Estate Department.
Xmas Shopping ?
LAURENS, South Carolina
Get Your Price Right On
That Protpery of Yours.
No matter where or what kind it is, rich or
poor, let me know by mail or wire and I'll
help you sell it. I will visit you and help
you get it in selling shape if necessary.
Bell Phone No. 75 CLINTON, South Carolina
Residence and Twenty-five Acre
Tract of Late County Physician
Sold to Five Men for $10,000.
A .syndicate composed of Messrs. I).
W. Ebaugh, J. A. McCullough, T. P.
Hunt. J. T. Arnold, und I). B. Trax
ler, have bought the property of the
estate of the late Dr. ti. L. Martin j
from Mrs. Martin, on the Buncombe
road about two miles from the city.
The p-lc paid for tbe property van
$l?;.0O0. There are twenty-five acres I
In this tract of land. The property i
has a frontage on the Buncombe road '
of 17C0 feet.
It is the intention of the new own
ers to cut the property up in lots and
sell them soon. Streets will be cut
through the grounds and shade trees
planted. Water connections are
already made and these lots should he
paying investments to home builders.
Dr. Martin was a prominent physl- ,
clan of this county and was appoint- ;
ed by Governor Ansel two years ago
to vaccinate people in this county who
were unable to secure the services of '
a physician. Ho left his property to
widow and several children.?Greoil
Vlllo News.
Dr. Martin was a native of Laurens
county where many of Iiis relatives
still reside.
Collection of Theru Works Needless
Hardship on Carriers.
l'osttnaster Geo. S. McOravey has
received the following letter from the
Postofflce department, division of
rural delivery, which is given public
ity for the benefit of the rural deliv
ery service in Laurens county.
December 10, 1009.
From a recent count made by rural
carriers in one of the counties in the
state of New York of coins deposited
by patrons in their boxes for the pur
chase of stamp supplies, it was found
that each carrier in the county was
collecting an average of US one-cent (
coins each week. This average ap- |
plied to all the routes In operation
throughout the country would give
the enormous total ofabout 300,000,- \
000 one-cent coins.
As most of these coins are depos
ited loose In boxes, it is desirable that
you and the rural carriers, in a tact
ful and polite way, put forth your
best efforts to induce patrons to pro
vide themselves with stamp supplies
In advance of their needs, and to equip
their boxes with suitable coin-holding
receptacles. It should be explained
to patrons that the picking of loose
coins from boxes not only results in
needless hardship and suffering to
carriers in winter weather, delays the
delivery and collection of the mails,
but frequently results In actual money
loss to the carriers, for If, in collect- 1
lug coins from boxes, they drop them
Into the snow or on the ground with- ,
out recovery, they are required to
replace the amount out of their own
if it can be done without expense
to the Department, announcement of
the foregoing should be made in your
local paper.
P. I). Met;raw.
Fouth Assistant l'osttnaster General.
Washington. I) C. Dec. 10. 1909.
The Marion Company "Funk."
About the sorriest aggregation of
"near-actors" that ever struck this
burg Is the Marlon Stock company,
compt ted of a hunch that might well
earn a good living in some other line;
but. most certainly acting is not their
"long suit." This company endeav
ored to play something they called
"The Waif of The Mines" on Thursday
evening. Maybe the small audience
was partly to blame for the bum ex
hibition; maybe not, most likely not.
They held forth at the opc-a house
again Friday and Saturday evenings:
the populace were not inflicted with a
M. II. Fowler will sell yon a 15c plnj?
of tobacco for 10c. It is called MERIN
Capt. .lohn M. Hudgens, Pension
Commissioner, will be In the Aud
itor's otlloe each Saturday in the
month of January next ensuing, for
the purpose ot filling the necessary
blanks for applicants for pensions,
and certifying to transfers from this
county to other counties. The com
missioner will be provided with the
required blank applications, and will
prepare them to go before county
pension board, which meets the first
Monday in Fehrunry, 1010.
Township representatives, pension
ers and applicants for pensions
please report the nnmcs of those who
have died, especially widows, since
first day of March, also the names
of those who have moved out of the
county and State, also the name of
any on the pension roll not entitled
to receive a pension under the law,
with proof to establish their conten
It is desirable thai new applicants
for pension appear before the hoard
in person, unless shown by certificate
of a practicing physician to be un
able to do so.
\v. P. Cocker,
Chm'n Co. Pension Board.
Dec. i:;, 100'J.
********* * * ***** #** * ?* * ;***
?. * t * * ** *# ** ****
Mrs. Ella Fuller Goodman.
On Thursday morning Docemher 9th.
the angel of death visited the home of
Mr. B. B. Goodman Jr. and carried
away the young wife and mother. Mrs.
Goodman, whose maiden name was
Miss 101 la Fuller, was 0 woman of
sterling worth, a true woman In every
respect; the old and the young alike
loved and respected her. She was a
perfect homemaker. and although her
presence Is sadly missed, her sweet
influence yet lives.
Besides her husband and two child
ren Mrs. Goodman leaves one sister,
Mrs. Lewis Dantzler of Hodges, and
four brothers, J. R. Fuller of Cross
Hill, Dr. Lawrence Fuller of Laurens,
Ernest Fuller of Clinton and Gettls
Fuller ofAbbeville.
Our hearts yearn with sympathy
for the dear children and devoted hus
band, for she was indeed bis joy and
life; be always found her greatest
pleasure in her company. All who
knew Mr. and Mrs. Goodman spoke
of how congenially they spent their
wedded life.
To the bereaved ones we would say,
there is one more link in heaven for
you. Our all-wise Father never makes
a mistake. Her place was prepared
and she was called to fill it and it
may be a very short time when you
shall se<> her face to face and clasp
in your's the vanished band and walk
and talk together there.
Alone in Saw Mill At Midnight.
unmindful of dampness, drafts, storms
or cold, W. J. Atkins worked as Night
Watchman, at Banner Springs, Tenn.
Such exposure gave him a severe cold
that settled on his lungs. At last he
bad to give up work. He tried many
remedies but all failed till be used Dr.
King's New Discovery. "After useing
one bottle" he writes, "I went back
to work as well as ever." Severe Colds,
stubborn Coughs, Inflamed throats and
sore lungs. Hemorrhages. Croup and
Whooping Cough get quick relief and
prompt cure from this glorious medi
cine. f?0c and $1.00. Trial bottle free,
guarranteed by Laurens Drug Co. &
Palmetto Drug Co.
Notice Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the County
Hoard of Commissioners of Laurel*8
county will be held at the supervisor's
office on Thursday the Otb day of Jan
uary. 1010.
All persons holding claims against
the county will file them with the
county clerk on or before the 1st day
of January as requred by law.
20-It County Clerk.
The Author's office will be open
from the lBt day of January to the
20th day of February, 1910, to make
returns of all property both real and
personal for taxation.
For the convenience of the taxpay
ers the Auditor or his deputy will at
tend the following named places to
receive returns for said year to wit:
Renno, January 10, from 10 a. m.
to 2 p. m.
Clinton, January 11, from 10 a. m.
to 2 p. m.
Clinton Mills, January 11, from ."j p.
m. to S p. m.
Lydia Mills, January 12 from '.' a. m.
to 12 m.
Mountvllle, January, 13, from 10 a.
m. to 2 p. m.
Cross Hill, January 14, from 10 a.
m. to 2. p. m.
Waterloo, January 17. from 10 a. m.
to 2 p. m.
Dr. W. C. Thompson's, January 18,
from 10 a. m. to 2 p. in.
.Martin's Store, January 10, from 9
a. m. to 12 m.
Brewerton, January 19, from l p. m,
to I p. m.
Shnrpe's Store, January 20, from 9
a. m. to 12 in.
Princeton, January 20, from 1 p. m.
to i p. m.
Tumbling Shoals, January 21 from
10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
D. D. Harris's, January 24, from 10
a. m. to 2 p. m.
Abner Mabb's, January 25, from 10
a. in. to 2 p. m.
V. A. White's, January 20, from 10
a. m. to 2 p. m.
Cook's Store, January 27, from 10 a
m. to 2 p. m.
Stewart's Store, January 28, from
10 a. in. to 2 p. m.
Young's, January 29, from 10 a. m.
to 12 m.
Pleasant Mound, January 29, 2p. in.
to 1 p. in.
Lanford, January 31, from 9 a. m.
to 12 m.
Ora, January 31, from 2 p. in. to 1
p. in.
Watts Mill, February 2, from 2 p.
m. to I p. in.
All male Citizens between the ages
of 21 and HO years on the 1st of Janu
ary, except (hose who are im apable
of earning a support from being main
, ed or from other causes, are deemed
polls, Confederate veterans excepted.
All taxpayers are required to give
Township and No. of School District:
also state whether property is situated
in town or country. Fach lot, tract
or parcel of land must be entered
After the 20th of February, f>0 per
cent penalty will be attached for fail
ure to make returns.
Dec. 4. 1909 -td._
Ail kind of furs, Mink,
/Vluskrat and others.
The highest market
price will be paid.
S. Poliakoff
Next door P. O.
Laurens, S. C
f?. J. N. Leak, Pres. J. F. Dorroh, Sec'y. gl
We hope to merit the business of the public at large J|
2 am
and solicit same. ?gg
Apply to us for terms J|
Southern Co-Operative
Collection Agency
Gray Court, S. C.
jR Busines placed with this firm will receive prompt J|
Wool Shawls, Fascinators,
Mufflers, Sweaters,
Knit Skirts.
A full line of HOSIERY and UNDER
WEAR. TABLE LINEN in all grades.
Napkins, Doylies and Towels.
Special values in Ladies'
25 Cents to $1.50
I W. G. Wilson & Co.
io mills make one trust.
10 trusts make one combine.
io combines make one merger.
ro mergers make one magnate.
i magnate makes all the
The Original Step Toward Becoming a Magnate is
the Step Toward a Hank's Door to Lay by YOUR FIRST
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
Wishes to Aid You to Become a Magnate
If SantaiClaus Finds Coal
in your cellar he will know
you are a good provider and
that's the kind of people he
likes. If you are not quite
sure you have plenty better
have us send you a ton or
two. Above all things sec
that you have plenty for the
kitchen rnntre or else there
may be trouble with the
Christmas dinner.
Also sec us befote buying Lime, Brick, Plaster, Cement
and Crushed Stone. The best dry i'ine and Oak Wood
cut for stove or fire place. We make a specialty of Dray
age and will appreciate you phoning us when ever you
have any to offer. We give ail orders personal attention.
J. W, & R. M. Eichelberger

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