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Many Women Bank Here
We give special attention to the carry
ing of an account of women. We realize
that many women have occasion to use the
services of a bank, yet often hesitate to
avail themselves of its advantages.
Every woman who comes to this bank
in quest of information or advice, may be
assured of friendly consideration and cour
teous treatment.
The Bank for Your Savings.
Have four sources of ammonia. They
feed your crop through the entire grow
ing season.
They will be sold at every shipping
point in this county.
Next week we will tell you in this
paper why they are the best goods to
be had.
Armour Fertilizer Works
O^OHr^O^O** OO ^0*^0^0**0
3 Bells and Batteries g
For all practical purposes in hotels, stores, offices ?
and residences we are always ready to furnish, %
and we always furnish the best?they are the
cheapest to use. Let us show you how many uses ^
you have for one of our batteries and how very Q
little it costs. $K
Electrical and Plumbing Contractors ^
10 mills make one trust.
10 trusts make one combine.
10 combines make one merger.
10 mergers make one magnate.
1 magnate makes all the
The Original Step Toward Becoming a Magnate is
the Step Toward a Hank's Door to Lay by YOUR FIRST
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
Wishes to Aid You to Become a Magnate
ihm.1; 5i iiii um
Culled and Condensed for
Busy Readers.
Currant F, vents of Interest In Tills
Stale Selected and Briefly Noted
For Advertiser Headers.
Columbia?The members of the leg
islature enjoyed a trip to CleuiBOIl
college and to Charleston last week.
Sessions were held on two days of the
Sumter?Maj. Marion Molse. one of
the leading lawyers of Sumter commit
ted suicide Sunday afternoon by shoot
I Ing himself through the bead. Ill
health is suppossed to have prompted
the deed.
Paris?The great Hoods that have
threatened the destruction of the city
of Paris are subsiding, although it
will take two weeks for the River
Seine to fall to its normal level. The
property loss from this Hood is a
ina/.ing, although It is yet Impossible
to estimate it.
Newark. N. J -Miss Virginia Ward
law. Mrs. Carolina B. Martin and
Mrs. Mary Snead. charged with the
murder of Mrs. Ocey Snead. were ar
raigned in court today and pleaded
not guilty. Chief Justice Glimmere
announced that he would preside at
the trial of the case which he set for
the first Monday in the April term and
he asked that all tin; lawyers who ap
pear in the case be attired in black
While in court. This is a revival of
an (dd custom in New Jersey courts
which long ago feil into disuse.
Ocey Snead was found dead in an
unfurnished bouse in East Orange.
N. J., which she and Miss Wardlaw
had occupied. Her life bad been heav
ily insured. Mrs. Carolina I!. Martin
was her mother and Mrs. Snead and
Miss Wardlaw were her aunts.
Columbia.?There was a battle of
words on the floor of the House last
Thursday between Representatives
Richards and Browning which came
near resulting in a personal encounter.
This was prevented by the interference
of friends. Mr. Browning stilted that
laying aside the question of prohibition
Mr. Richards had laid hold of the tail
of the prohibition mule and that the
mule would kick Mr. Richards into
the governor's office. He said that
Mr. Richards bad supported the state
dispensary until that position was no
longer tenable and thai lie had now
laid hold of the prohibition movement.
Mr. Richards' only reply was that Mr.
Blowing's remarks were beneath his |
not Ice.
Due West. Jan. 27.?President James
Boyce. of the Woman's college of Due
West, died this morning at :? o'clock,
lie had been gradually growing weak
er for ten days past, lingering at
death's door for several days. When
in the best of health apparently, and
without warning, he was stricken with
apoplexy and has been in a critical
condition since.
Saved From Awful Peril.
"I never felt so near my grave."
writes Lewis Ohamhlin, of Manchester,
Ohio. R. R. No. 3. "as when a fright
ful cough and lung trouble pulled me
down to 116 pounds in spite of many
remedies and the best doctors. And
that. I am alive today is due solely to
Dr. King's New Discovery, which com
pletely cured me. Now I weigh Kid
pounds and can work bard. It also
cured my four children of croup." In
fallible for Coughs and Colds, its the
most certain remedy of LnGrlppe, As
thma, rosperate lung trouble and all
bronchial affections. GOc and $1.00. A
trial bottle free. Guaranteed by I.au
reus Drug Co. and Palmetto Drue Co.
And Be Got Shot.
Doc Mnngtlin, a negro tenant living
on M. I'.. Poolo's premises, decided one
day last week to move to another
farm. To this Jason A. Davis, mana
ger for Mr. Boole, objected until Man
gum arranged an unsettled debt owed
his landlord Mnngtlin refused to agree
to any proposition, and aided and
abetted by his wife, proceeded to make
an attack cm Mr. Davis with clubs
and knives, whereupon the batter drew
his pistol and fired on Doc. shooting
him in the thigh. Though not seri
ously wounded, the leaden missile had
the effect of bringing about a sudden
capitulation, Mangum changing his
mind about moving away that day.
Won't Meed a Crutch.
When editor j. p. Sossman, of Cor
nelius, N. C, bruised bis leg badly. It
started an ugly sore. Many salves
and ointments proved worthless, Then
Bucklen'8 Arnica Salvo healed it
thoroughly. Nothing Is so prompt and
sure for Ulcers, Moils. Burns. Bruises,
Cuts. Corns. Sores. Pimples, Kczeina
or Piles. 2f>C at Laurens Drug Co. and
Palmetto Drug Co.
Anj of the Rnlldlng A Loan associa
tion of I.aureus will lend yon money
on <t .tears time (o build u house on
Ihal lot lo he given away free at the
auction sale. Do yoil know of anv
easier ami more profitable Investment?
North 1.aureus Itcaltj Co.
THK Ii I Hit' um? HI u.
Will Be Iu Laurens On Thursday Ev
ening, February 10th.
The Coming uttrnetlon in the school
lyceum course promises to be the best
of all those that have been given, and
being largely musical, will doubtless
attract a large audience. The Lyric
Qlee club, under the management of
the Dixie bureau, comes highly recom
mended; it will appear at the school
auditorium on Thursday evening, Feb
ruary I Oth.
The club is composed of four young
men talented and well equipped to
please even an audience of "hypercrit
ical" Laurens people. The members
are Omar Covert, tenor and (lute solo
ist; P. I. Hendry, tenor, cornetlst and
reader; II. M. Doolittle, baritone, trom
bone soloist and pianoist; Thos. C.
I'olk, basso, reader and manager.
Regarding the entertainment given
by this club, the newspaper of London,
Canada, says:
" The first of a series of concerts to
he given in the auditorium during the
winter months was held last night and
was a complete success, both In at
tendance and from an artistic view
point, the entire program being of a
decidedly Clever and pleasing nature.
The Lyric Glee club, which furnished
the program, is a talented organiza
tion. Very seldom bits so good a quar
tet been heard in London."
We are Agents for Parisian Sage, and
>Vc Know the Guarantee
is Genuine*
Laurens Drug Co.
Parisian Sage, the quick-acting hair
Invlgorator is guaranteed?
To slop tailing hair,
To cur?* dandruff,
To cure itching of the scalp.
To put life into faded hair.
To make harsh hair soft and luxuri
To make hair grow, or money back.
It is the most delightful hair dress
ing made, and is a great favorite with
ladies who desire beautiful and luxu
riant hair.
Price 50c a large bottle.
No Charges- But.
The Observer surely does not think
that the majority of the press of South
Carolina are subsidized by the rail
roads and bought up with "free" pass
es.? Laurens Advertiser.
The Observer is not making any
charges, but discussing principles.?
No wherry Observer.
Bon's This?
We offer one hundred dolars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. P.
.1. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have konwn !
P. .!. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations mad"
by his firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
I bill's Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally, acting directly upon the blood
and milCOUS surfaces of the system, i
Testimonials sent free. Price 7">e per
bottle. Sold bv all l)r iggissts.
Take Hall s Family Pills for consti
Bine you sent in jour guess on the
$10 mild prize offered l?J
North Laurens Beult) Co.
What about protecting
your property against loss
by fire. We have as good
as the best in the way of
Laurens Fire In=
surance Agency
C. W. McCRAVY, Mgr.
Iare you satisfied
with your stomach?
Do you want n belter one?one that won't
belch K'?s. or ?"f n *?ur. Of (eel heavy oi make
you (ecl miserable?
Cures Indigestion
It relieves stomach distress in five minutes.
It turns old, unsatisfactory, rebellious stomachs
into new ones, ever ready to digest the hearti
est meat.
Wo guarantee Mi-o-na fab
let? to cure stomach disease.
Money back if they fail.
SO Cents a Large Box
Laurens Drug Co., Laurens, S. C.
Ail kind of furs. Mink,
Muskrat and others.
The highest market
price will be paid.
S. Poliakoff
Next door P. O.
Laurens, S. C.
Clinton, Jan. Mat.?Yesterday and
today the regular quarterly confer
ence was held in the Methodist church
here. Tho report presented was far
bettor than at any previous meeting
and indicated encouraging condition
in the church. The Rev. W. M. Dun
can, presiding elder for this district
preached excellent sermons morning
and evening.
A Startling
New York Medical Authori
ties Claim Dyspepsia to be
a Pre-Disposing Cause of
The post mortem statistics of the
big Now York hospitals show that
some cases of consumption arc due,
at least indirectly, to unchecked
dyspepsia, especially when the vic
tim was predisposed to tuberculosis.
Dyspepsia wears out the body
and brain. The weakened, irritable
Stomach being unable to digest
food, the body does not receive tho
required nourishment, and tho vic
tim becomes thin, weak and hag
gard. As a result, the body be
comes ;i fertile field in which the
germs of disease may lodge and
Therefore, the person who per
mits dyspepsia to progress un
hindered is guilty of contributing
toward' the development of one of !
(he most insidious and fatal dis
eases known (o mankind.
Dyspepsia may be completely
eradicated if properly (rented. We
sell a remedy that we positively ;
guarantee will completely relieve j
indigestion or dyspepsia, or the
medicine used during the trial will
cost the user nothing.
This remedy has been mimed
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Cer
tainly no offer could bo more lair,
ami (nir oiler should be proof posi
tivc tllttt Kexall Dyspepsia Tablets
arc a dependable remedy.
Inasmuch as (lu; medicine will
cost you nothing if it does not
benefit you, we urge you who arc
suffering with indigestion or dys
pepsia to try Rexall DyspepsiaTnb-1
lets. A 25-cent box cont ains enough
medicine for fifteen days' treat
ment. For chronic cases we liavo
two larger sizes, 50 cents and Si .00.
Remember you can obtain Rexall I
Remedies only at?The Rexall I
Laurens Drug Co., Laurens, S. C.
Wo guarrantee to save you money
on Steel tables knives and forks, best
value.; ever shown in Lau.ens.
S. M. & E. D. Wilkes * Co.
Too Late, Too Late,
to think about taking out a policy
on your house if it is already
burning. We take a risk but not
a certainty. If you havn taken
time by the forelock, and insured
your property against fire, you
have the
Absolute Certainty
that the company Will pay all
your losses. The race is to the
swift, and you owe it to your
family to protect them from all
troubles. Do not be a laggard.
stocks - Bonds - Insurance
Enterprise Hank Building
Laurens, S. C.
Farm Lands For
I am now prepared to negotiate a
sale for the lands in Laurens county
belonging to tho estate of C. O. Witte,
consisting of tho following tracts;
About 660 acres near J. D. W. Watts
place, known as the Irby Place,
About ? acres near Lisbon church,
joining land of W. W. Madden.
About - acres near Boyd Cross
About 80 acres near Waterloo (In
the "Kork").
About ISO acres six miles from Wa
Any parties wanting a good cheap
farm call (o see me.
M. L. Copeland
The McCord
1 Studio I
? will copy any Photo, en- |
I large any picture and ?
8 make High Grade Pho- |
<< tographs for you at the ?
I very lowest prices. No |
* photographer can do | ?
more nor offer any |
more special inducement |
than the |
I HcCord Studio |
\ has always done.
I The HcCord
I Studio's
motto is
"Best Pictures, Lowest ?
Prices" |
Come to see us. ?
Red May and
Blue Stem
Seed Wheat
Rice Meal and
Wheat Bran for
fattening Hogs
Multiplying, Sil
ver Skin and
Yellow Danver
Onion Sets
Kennedy Bros.
Laurens, S. C.
Land Sale!
20 acre lot on East Alain .Street
with two dwellings and othei
47 acres near Ora; high state
94 acres near Ora; all necessary
Store house and lot at Mount
villc, cheap for quick sale ot rent.
We have a number of othei
farms and town property for sale
cheap. Call and see us if yotl
need anything in land or have
any for sale.
Todd Building Laurens, S. C.
Simpson, Cooper ?& Babb,
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in all State Courts
prompt attention given to all business.

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