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Culled and Condensed for
Busy Readers.
Current Events of Interest In This
Ntute Selected and Briefly Noted
For Advertiser Benders.
Coluuibiu.?Attorney for Mrs. Lucy
Dugas Til I man denied tonight that
she contemplated bringing suit against
her husband, B. U. Tlllmnn. Jr.. for
$i."i,<juu for money spent.
Columbia.?Judge Devore in the
Rlcbland county court today criticised
Attorney General Lyon for not having
business for tlie grand jury. It was
thought Indictments would have been
handed out against several prominent
citizens In connection with the dispen
sary graft cases. The attorney gen
eral Is in Georgia and could not be
heard from tonight. The jury wer.
paid for the week lost in waiting on
the attorney general. The grand jury
met today on the request of the at
torney general.
Fountain Inn. -Messrs John T. and
J, t). Woodslde were here Friday in
conference with the local directors
of the Fountain Inn Manufacturing
company and submitted a proposition
from outside parties to furnish three
fourths of the necessary capital tc
build a new modern 10,000 spindle
cloth mill, provided Fountain Inn and
vicinity would furnish the other one
fourth of the capital. This is an ex
tremely good proposition for Fountain
Inn and one that her citizens cannot
afford to let pass.
Columbia.?On June 22, the Salva
tion Army will give a picnic at Ridge-1
wood park to 100 waifs of the city, af
fording these children an opportunity
to spend a day in the country. The
Salvation Army has always maintain
ed an especial interest in the poor
children, continually devising meth
ods of adding to their pleasure, and
the Ridgewood outing Is but one ot
the many of their good works in this
A special feature of the day will
be the automobile ride to the picnic
site, giving to the children an entirely
novel experience.
Anderson.?Sixty delegates repre
senting every section of the State are
In attendance at the second annual
convention of the South Carolina
Building and Loan league which con
vened here this afternoon. The con
vention was called to order for Or
ganization by Q. Cullen Sullivan, a
member of the executive committee,
in the place of President William
Barnwell who was detained tit home
on account of u death in his family.
Greenville?In an automobile colli
sion on Stone avenue at 9:30 o'clock
Thursday night Miss Ruth Drummond,
of Woodruff, S. C. was seriously in
jured and Mrs. W. H. Tuttersall, ol
tireer, slightly hurt.
Miss Drummond was out riding with
Mr. L. M. Pierson of Woodruff, and
Mr. and Mrs. Tattersall were coming
to Greenville from (Jreer. At the
curve where the Chick Springs road
comes into Stone avernue, the two
machines met with a compact. Mrs.
Tattersall and Mr. Tattersall were
thrown twenty feet and Miss Drum
mond was thrown in between the two
In some manner or another, Miss
Drummond had her right arm torn
almost to sheds below the wrist, the
flesh being torn back from th* v. : ist.
leaving the bone in her arm almost
bare. She was also bruised about
the face, having a small gash in her
Mrs. Tattersall was thrown heavily
to the ground, und while she was not
injured ns badly us Miss Drummond.
Bhe was painfully hurt. She also re-'
celved some slight bruises about the
face and arms.
Mr. Tattersall escaped practically
uninjured and Mr. Pierson received
only a few slight bruises.
Spartanburg?The work of building
the IfiO.OOO hotel at the corner ol
Charles and Magnolia streets is pro
pressing rapidly. The foundations
are being laid of cement. The building
will be seven stories high and will
contain one hundred rooms. It is be.
Ing erected by T. A. Green for Messrs
Gresbam and Wilson, two railroad
hotel and cafe men who have the man?
agemeni of a number of hotels along
the line of the Southern.
Greenville?At a meeting of the
board of trustees of the Greenville
Female college It was determined to
expend $80,000 in enlarging and im
proving the present building.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace up the nerveB, ban
ish sick headache; prevent despond
ency and invigorate the whole sys
tem. Sold by Laurent. Drug Co.
; l * I * 4 4 ? i * ?* ? 4 * . * ? ? ?
JS?i- *?*
(Written by Miss Elizabeth Shell ami
road at recent meeting of the I?. \. K.
Laurens COUIlly Is ll?* a large tiling,
When to the suhjeet you closely
For the county alone has many con
ned ions.
So I'll treat the suhjeet Irolll three
First. I will discuss the name. When
the war for American Independeuci
had (dosed and the affairs of the gov
eminent had become settled, tin' <|UC8
tion that agitated the minds of the
people In this section of the IMcdinonl
hell was "What will we name out
county.'' All old memories had passed
away and naturally their choice was
made from the struggle which had 80
Indelllbly Impressed them. Majoi
Jonathan Downs had exercised suel
fortitude in this pari 01 South ('.-?<.
Una that the people one and all. now
proposed the name of Down.; for tin
county. Mr. Downs, however, objecto?
to this, lint he said. "The name o.
I,aureus. I propose, tor he. yon re
member, died lighting the toes. Am
as I am yet alive. I might dlsgrac?
my name while with his, we asaociati
only honor and lame." Hence, llu
present name.
With the county named, I will nex
tell of the selection of the county s, at
one bright August morning a comnils
.don, consisting of certain leading citl
/.ens. set ottl to look for a Stlitahh
place to build the principal count*
town and alter roaming about to
roads and paths in the forests, fouiu
themselves at noon by a Cool boll
spring. The spring was not alone it
its glory as the eyes of these puhlh
servants rested upon it. for near a
hand, a little down stream, stood ;
still house, and close by were describ
ed a number of beo gums. Still house
bee gums and a nice cool spring al
there together, were not to be treated
with Indifference. The combinatioi
was full of blissful suggestions to tin
experienced eyes and palates of thi
tired, hungry and thirsty wanderers
and it was not long till every drj
throat was refreshed with a draught
that cheered the soul and made the
world anew. With renewed hopes am.
appetites they repaired to the dens,
shade near where Robertson's hotel
now stands and after dining from tin
contents of their ample wallets, the}
lay down to sleep. On waking, the>
seemed to he moved by an in,plus*
and as soon as some one could put
resolutions into words, it was de
termined that no better place than
this could be found for the count)
seat, so the town was located jus!
four miles north of the geographic
center of the county.
And last, hut not least, your atten
tion I will call.
To how these lands into our posse*
Bloil came to fall;
Mr. Downs is again the principal fac
For to us. he surely proved a nobli
One of his daughters, on coining int?
her father's room one morning, not
long before his death, found him wltl
a trunk full of papers before the tin
taking them out. one by one, ami
burning them. In answer to her ques
tion as to what he was doing, he sah
that these papers were grants to him
self from the King covering nearly th<
whole of Laurens county, between the
Saluda and Knorcc rivers and that af
ter reserving ample lands for his fain
lly, he was destroying these evidences
of his ownership, so that the hundreds
of innocent persons now occupying
these tracts might never be disturbed
by any one under him.
Now, history neither records these |
two generous acts of our noble bene
factor, nor the sad rolloctions of out
town founders; granting however that
they are both true, we regret that his
spirit of generouslty is waning but we
are proud to say that the untiring on
erny of our Citizens has made the at
mosphere of our little city polluted
from the very beginning, as pure as
Stomach Dead. Man Still Lives.
People who suffer from sour stom
ach, fermentation of food, distress aftoi
eating and indigestion, and seek rellel
in large chunks of artificial dlgestors
are killing their stomachs by inaction
Just as surely as the victim of mor
phine is deadening and Injuring be
yond repair every nerve in his body.
What the stomach of every sufferer
j from Indigestion needs is a good pre
script ion that will build up his stom
ach, put strength, energy, and elas
ticity Into It, and make it sturdy
enough to digest a hearty meal without
artificial aid.
The best prescription for IndlgOS.
tlon ever written Is sold by druggists
everywhere and by Laurens Drug Co,
and Is rigidly guaranteed to build up
the stomach nnd cure Indigestion, or
money back.
This prescription Is named Ml-o-na,
and is sold In small tablet form In
large boxes, for only BO cents. Re
member the name. Ml-o-na stomach
tablets. They never fall.
Booth's 1*111?. best for liver, bowels
and constipation, GOc.
Gubernatorial Candidates will Prob*
nlil) Dodge Contribution Petitions.
Coluiubiu. -Inn" '.i. it is probable
tbat the eandldates for governor this
year will put a bun on contributing
anything in tin* way of funds to
churches und other religious organiza
tions, it wns suggested today, at the
me* Ging held in Summerlund, that
resolutions to this effect bo passed l>*
the candidates, 'rite sugestion appar
ently met with ravor from those who
heard it. and it wil probably be adopt
ed by the candidates.
Wltal it (.real .Man Said to (he Great
American People.
Parasian Sago Is a discovery of a
celo hratcd sclentlsi, who spent the
best years of his lifo perfecting this
great hair tonic.
In giving his recipe to the American
people he sl id: "Parisaln Sage is (he
must delightful hair dressing in (he
world. It cures dandruff by killing
the germs that Infest the tools of (lie
hair: it stops falling hair: it gives
vigor and strength to the hair root:;.
L?ntens Drug '.':>. eo!!? l'ariw'un Ragt
at f?o cents a large bottle and gun ran
tees it to do all that is claimed. It
ttops railing hair, dandruff and itching
SCalp III two Weeks.
Citation for Letter <>f Vdmiu'struliou.
State of South Carolina,
Count) of I.aureus.
By o. <; Thompson, Probate Judge:
Whereas, Drnyton .lone, made suit
to me to grant him Le(t< is of Admin
Is:! at loll of lite estate and effects ol
Thomas Atkinson, Sr.
These are. Iben tore, (o > i.e and ad
monish all and singular !'?.? kindred
tnd creditors of the said Thomas At
'(ilisoi). Sr., deceased, that they la
ind appear before In the Court ol
Probate, to lie held a' Laurens c. II..
-5. c. on the i?!th day of June next, af
ter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
n the forenoon, to show can- >. if an>
hey have, why the said Adlllltlistra
ion should not he granted,
(liven under my hand this 3rd day
if June, Anno Domini TM?'.
O. 0. Thorn; son.
i.-.-l't Probate Judge.
MU D k or llei TIOX.
State of South Carolina.
Count) <>f Laurens.
Whereas, per it ions signed by more
than one.third of the qualified electors
ind freeholders residing in Dials
School District No in Laurens
lOUllty, South Carolina, asking for an
dectlon on the question of levying a
?.lire.? CD mill tax upon property in
?aid school district to he used for
ichool i't.r;o-,. have been bled with
he county hoard of education, an
?lection is hereby ordered upon said
the ISth day of June. 1910 at Eden
school house, uinh-r the management
ptestlon, said election to he held on.
if the truste.-s of said school district.
Only such electors as return real or
lersonnl property for taxation find
\yho exhibit their tax receipt and reg
istration certificate as required In I
general elections shall be allowed to
Those favoring the Tax shall voet a
mllot containh.g "he word 'Yes.' writ
en or printed thereon; those against
?he Tax shall vote a ballot containing
he word 'NO.' written or printed
Polls shall open at (he hour of 7
?'clock in the forenoon and remain
ipen until the hour of 1 o'olock in the
ifternoon when they stall he closed,
ind the ballots counted
The trustees shall report the result
u said election to the county auditor
within ten days thereafter.
if?-2( County Supt. of Kducalion.
17s.". 1910
I'ioth Year Begins September SO.
Entrance examinations will bo held
::t '.!:;? county court house on Friday,
July 1, at 9 a. 111. All candidates for
admission can compete In September
for vacant lloyce scholarships, which
pay $100 a year. One free tuition
scholarship to each county of South
Carolina. Hoard and furnished room
in Dormitory. $12. Tuition $iu. For
catalogue address
Harrison Randolph,
12-?t President.
Clcnisoil Agricultural College Exami
The examination for the award ol
scholarships in Clemson Agricultural
college will be held in the County
court house on Friday, July Sth. at 0
a, m. Applicants must fill out proper
forms, to be secured from the county
superintendent of education, before
they will he allowed to stand the ex
aminations. For detailed information,
apply to the superlntend\nt of educa
tion, or to the president of Clemson
Applicants for admission to the col
lege, but not seeking for the scholar
ships, will also stand entranc e exami
nations at the court house July Xth.
The scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition.
The next session of the college opens
Sept. 14th, 1010.
Coal und Courses of Study.
(1) Agriculture.
(21 Agriculture and Chemistry.
CD Agriculture and Animal Indus
(I) Chemistry and Geology.
(;",) civil Engineering.
(6) Mechanical and Electrical En
(7) Textile Industry.
Cost per session, including board,
f i Undry, heat, light, uniform and all
lees, $1 IS.70. Hooks and all other mis
cellaneous supplies, about $20.00 Cor
students who pay tuition, $10.00 addi
Cor catalogue ami Information, ap
ply to
W. M. RIC.GS, Acting President.
I Offer You the Following:
121 acres land, bounded by binds of
.!. X. Leak, Capt. Martin and others;
(i-room cottage, one tenant house.
Price $30.00 per acre.
17 acres land, bounded by lands of
Friendship church, Joe Wassnn. J, A.
Coats and others. Price $30 00 per
?10 building h 's at Watts mills: also
G business lots. Price to suit your
50 acres land, well located in town
of Lnnford, 0-rooin dwelling, l tenant
house, out-buildings. Price $3,500.00,
$1,000 down cash, balance on easy pay
s> vernl nice building lots In the
(owns of Cray Court and Fount..un Inn.
Price made right.
59 acres, town of Lnnford, dwelling
and out-buildings, nicely located over
looking town of I'.norce. Price
50 acres land bounded by lands of
Walter Nash, ami Ituflls Cray, dwell
ing end out-huildiugs. Price $20.00
per a< re
01 ae es laud bounded by lauds of
Hoher! Nash and others. Price $20.00
per acre.
OftV6 acres land, bounded by lands of
Albert Hums and others; 5-room
dwelling, tenant house, barn and out
buildings, Price $-10.00 per acre.
'.7 acres, one-half mile to town of
Lnuford, good wheat and corn mill
on waters of IJenverdam creek. A
survey of Oils property bat. been made
by Lndskaw Ladshaw, civil engi
neers, which nm> be seen bj calling
tm me. Price M ,500.00
t. acres. .". miles from city of Lau
rens. bounded by lauds of A. Huff,
lohn Drown <fc Bailey land, s horse
farm in cultivation, well supplied with
tenant houses. Price right and terms
22S acres land, bounded by lands of
lianiel South. Davis land. Miss West
and others, known as the f?llen Lark
homestead. 7-rootn dwelling and :', ten
ant bouses. Price made right. Terms
vi! acres of land close to lleulah
church on the dividing line of Green
ville and Laurens with an eight room
dwelling, om- tenant house, also good
out-buildlngs and line pasture. This
place is known as the Thaddens Habb
homestead: Price i-:; per acre;
terms made easy.
1 -7 acres land, bounded by lands of
S. 11. and M. R. Johnson, one mile n|
Friendship church, Sullivan township;
Two dwellings, good barn and out
buildings. Price $30,00 per acre.
::n7 acres of land In? Seullletowu
township near Byrds Cross Loads,
bounded by binds of M. it. Poole, Will
.1. Adalr. Will Myers and others, known
as the Varborough place, dwellings,
70 acres of land bounded by lauds
of Jim Ad Moore. Will lludgetis and
others. COttllgU bouse, to acres under
cultivation. Price $1,700.00.
acres of land in the town of Whit
mire, S. C. nice situated, suitable
for dwelling lots. Price, $1,000.
The "Land Man"
210 acres of land In Dial's township,
known as the Capt. Swtt/.er place; six
room cottage, '-' tenant houses, lino
barn and out-buddings. Price $20 aero
\>~ acres of land near Tumbling
Shoals; bounded by lands of W. 1).
ami J. 0. Sullivan; s room dwelling;
good out-buihlings, Price $22.50 per
ae re.
50 acres of land, beautiful cottage,
bounded by lands of Will. Childless.
Robt Pell und others. Price and terms
made right.
2Vj acres of land. 0-rooin eottago
nicely located In the town of Cray
Ciuirt. with one of the Hnoal wells of
water In Iowa. Price $2,300.
S room dwelling, on Centennial St,
, S C . with SI huudredths ot
an cere of !. n I known as the Grltll?
place. ? 00.
r.cres 'and. one half mile of Dial
church, with a handsome dwelling, 3
lion and good out buildings.
( ? you waui this place,
I rice $r>0 |u>r acre.
107 acres >>r' land hounded by lands
M. II HoLlei W. D. Vbercroinble, and
others; y room dwelling. :t tenant
good barn and out-buildlngs,
P.'h $2 00 |v v acre. Terms: $1.000
c s i, ; i lainder in live equal instal
17". acres known as old Qoodglon
place has S room dwelling, 3 tenant
houses, Iii,.' corn mill in good running
onhr with 7'? horse water power.
Price $-1.500. Terms made easy.
117 acres of land near Gray Court,
ounded by lands of R. T. Shell, W.
I'. ......... ,. ?!..?
7i>4 acres of lane near Green Pond
church. 8-room cottage, with line barn
and OUt-bulldingS, I.room tenant
house, bounded by lands of Jno. Tay
lor. Mrs. Abercromblo, and Jno. Curry.
Price $00.00 per acre.
lOD1.^ acres of land hounded by
lands of Bryson place, Pee Bailey,
I lamp Holland ami thers: ft-room
dwelling, 2 tenant houses; good barn
and out-buildings; known as the old
Ferguson place, owned at present by
Will P. Motte. lias sown II bushels
of wheat, in bushels of oats.--Price
$J7.."i(i per acre, terms easy.
325 acres land I miles of Cross Hill,
known as the old Campbell place.
Price $l.r> per acre. Kasy terms.
Five room cottage on Gnrltugton
street, city of Laurens. Price only
R. Cray; seven room cottage, .
lain and OUl-bulldlllgS and line pas
ture. Price $00 per acre.
One s-rooni dwelling in city of Lau
rens. No. 330 Hampton street. Price
71 acres on I teed y River, bounded
by lands of James Downey, Will Cald
well and others. With tenant house,
Price ^l'ii per acre. Terms made easy.
150 acres land bounde ! by lands of
Ludy Mills. L. 10. Burns and V. A.
Mills. Price $30 per acre.
200 acres. I miles of Laurens. known
as the Jerry farm, well supplied with
tenant houses. In line stale of culti
vation, terms easy. Price 7,000.00
313 acres land, 1 \(> miles below J.
I). M. Shaw's place, good dwelling and
barn: 5 tenant houses, 215 acres in
cultivation, good school near by; 2Mj
miles to Waterloo, same distance to
Cold Point. Price $35.00 acre. Good
If you do not see listed abovewhat you need, see me and I will try and get
it for you. Let your wants be known. If you have land to sell, place it in my
hands. People come to me for land.
Real Estate
Gray Court, S. C.
Automobiles for Sale - Automobiles for Hire
Phone 178-Night Phone I6--I)ay
J. H. PARKS, Agent
Laurens, - South Carolina
Scholarship Examination*
The University of South Carolina
offers scholarships in the Department
of Education to on*; young man from
? ach county. Each scholarship is
Worth $!(?<? In money ami $IN term let
with free tuition.
Examination will he held at count)
sent July 1st. Examination of stu
iiettts generally for admission to tin
university will be held at the same
Write for Information to
Columbia, S. C.
Simpson, Cooper ?& Babb,
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in all State Courts,
prompt attention given to all business
WHEN Cortright Metal Shingles wore first introduced (24 years
ago) you had some excuse for being sceptical:
Rut now?
If you arc sceptical it can only be because you do not know the
facts in the case.
They arc used today from the Atlantic to the Pacific for all kinds
of buildings, under all conditions.
They arc fireproof, stormproof; never leak and last as long as the
building itself without needing repairs.
For further detailed information apply to
Apply to Local Dealer or
COUTRIUHT METAL HOOFING CO., Philadelphia, Pa. ? ?r>a

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