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Honored Son of Laurens
' Died In Spartanburg.
Wns n Son of .1. Wistnr Simpson nnd
mis Prepared for College
by Col. Ferguson,
Spartanburg, October 28.- -The Hon.
Stobo .). Simpson, one of the leading
attorneys ot this bar. and well nnd
prominently known throughout the
stato. ('ted at his residence in this city
tonight, alter an illness of two months,
of stomuch trouble,
Stobo .1. Simpson was horn at Lau
rens. S. C. on March I I IS.".:!. He was
a son of J. Wlstar Simpson and Anne
Untillo Farrow, lie attended the vil
Ingo schools during his early boyhood
and was prepared tor Princeton Col
lego at the Laurens Male Academy.
Which was then conducted by Col. .lohn
W. Ferguson.
In the tall of IS7I be entered the
sophomore class of Princeton College,
remaining for two years. He was un
able to complete his course, however,
and returned to his homo in Laurens,
serving as school teacher during the
year he was principal in what was then
known as the Clinton High school Ho
was elected principal of the Laurens
High school in 1S7."> and taught there
that year.
During his spare hours of thai year
and in the early part of 187(5 he read
law and was admitted to practice at
Greenville, s. c, in the spring term of
In June of the same year he settled
in Spartanburg, entering into partner
ship with his uncle, Col. W. I). Simp
son. This partnership continued until
1ST!?, when he entered tho linn of
ISvlns A Boinur, the lirm then becoming
ISvinn, Homnr <fc Simpson. This firm
continued until the dentil of Major
.lohn Karle ?oiutir In 1800, Horace
L. Domnr, Ilie youngest son of Major
tlomnI', had entered the lirm a year
previous, and on his Ml tier's death the
firm became Simpson & Homnr, as i1
lias existed since.
in lssti Mr. Simpson was elected !o
the State legislature r.Ud after ; cry
ing one term, refused to again oiler
himself a candidate, lie was a mem
ber of the .judiciary committee. in
1802 he made the race for the Senate
as representative of the Antl-Tllllimil
or Conservative party. In '.s!'.~> when
delegates were being elected If) 1110
Constitution Convention, factional feel
ing still being unnbntcd In Spartan
burg county, full tickets were put
forward by both parties and Mr. Simp
son was again chosen as the repre
sentative Of his party and defeated by
a strict patty vole.
He married Miss M. lOlolso Simpson,
daughter of Chief Justice \V. I). Simp
son . on May 18, Issr,. They had no
Mrs. Simpson and six brothers sur
vive Mr. Simpson. Ills brothers are:
Dr. Frank F. Simpson, a promlm
physician of Plltsburg, Pa.; Wells \V.
Simpson, a leading citizen of Wood
ruff, S. C.| Arthur C. Simpson, presi
dent of the Farmers' Fertilizer Com
pany, of this elty; Caspou Simpson,
Paul s'mpson and Hai" >y s. Rlmpron,
the last three ?ante! belt,; of (?eiill
Springs. Mrs. C. VV, Zimmerman, also
of Qlenil Springs, is ;t sister of Mr.
Mr. Simpson was an elder In the
First Presbyterian church in this city,
II trustee of Converge college and a
director in several of the leading bus
iness enterprises in this city.
If those who knew him best were
asketl what was Mr. Simpson's loading
Characteristic, the answer would be
his honesty, honest in thought, in prin
ciples, In practice, iionecl In every
relation of both Ills public and private
life. ills profession assured him of
what in this day is counted but a com
fortable Income, and ho was generous
in spending it to a marked degree.
Another leading trait was his gener
osity and for years ho has contributed
freely to mission worn, lo leading
educational Institutions am! lo ilie or
phan homos in both North and South
Kvory one who came in Contact with
(bo man loved him. At all times be
was cheerful and jovial, being especial
ly fond of children, all of whom loved
him dearly. His high Ideals were an
object lesson to many young men in
this City, and Iiis honest, straightfor
ward manner won for him tlm name
which commanded respect wherever it.
was spoken.
Although any office In the glfl of
1 the people of the State could have |
been Mr. Simpson's bad he wanted it.
he always refrained from entering pol - 1
I itics in his later life, being content to ,
! remain in his law office and continue
; the good deeds which had made men
out o/ youths, which protected widow
ed mothers who turned over their bus.
iness interests to him and Whose ad
vice was always heeded.
i The State.
! The State's daily reports of cotton !
? seed markets show no large diver- 1
gence in prices in the towns of the j
Slate this year. Wednesday the price j
at Lake City was 4fi cents abushel
and at Union, m cents a bushel, a:
' difference of six cents a bushel or
near four dollars a ton. but that j
may have been due to special and
purely local causes. It is of no sig
' nlflcance. Last year differences of i
I lfi or H! cents a bushel were some-j
times noted.
Taking the reports from a dozen
towns in every pari of South Carolina ;
that appeared in The state yesterday,
it will be observed (hut the cotton
prices were generally on a level, which .
is in some sense coincident with the!
Piedmont region, being no better than
those paid in the 1*00 Dee and south
western towns. (Poen wood's price
was an eighth of a cent higher than
that of any other town reported but,!
as we have heretofore remarked, it
Is about as safe for the farmer to
sell his cotton in one neighboring i
town as in another. Sometimes there I
may be a temporary enhancement or
depression in a market, but the range
ol' prices in these days is nearly al
i ways Instantly anil closely res poll. J
slve to general conditions. It is well'
enough, however, lor producers and i
business men to be watchful of the]
local markets so that, if any sign of
stagnation creep's in, it may be (illicit
ly corrected,
t in k< ii \vi:i>im\(; \i:\t ivkkk.
Marriage of Miss /,eleite (?rnj ami Mr.
.1. >V. Danklin Wednesday.
A social event of wide interest will
he the marriage Wednesday evening.
November :?. at the First Methodist,
church, of Miss Helena dray and Mr.
.lames Washington Ouilklin. Cards
announcing this Interesting affair were
issued a few days ago by the hride
elect's father. Mr. Hugh }?). day. Miss
Cray and Mr. Dunkllll are among the
most prominent and popular young
people of this section or the Stale, so
daily ami otherwise, ami the celebra
tion of their marriage will he of more
than local Interest.
Poor Old Pumpkin!
The State.
Although pumpkins have no ? Ii
place in The State's creed and their
over-prodtlClion 111 South Carolina
should be carefully avoided, it Is of,
Interest to observe a statement of The'
I LaiireilS Advertiser that William P.
Snow of Laurens county will exhibit J
at the State fair a pumpkin weighing
pounds and another more Inexcus- ,
ably heavy that tips the scale at 05. 1
It must be confessed that the soil of
South Carolina is so fertile and the
skill of South Carolina farmers so i
considerable that excessive pumpkins
can not he prevented if the pumpkin
business is fooled with ai all. We,
who have no toleration for pumpkins,
believe that the cost of living must
climb to three times its present dis
graceful and despotic bolglil before
we shall be driven to the depravity of
pumpkin consumption bin among the I
1,000000 inhabitants of the State thai
the census will disclose, there are all
: sorts of people. As hitherto admitted.,
the 26.3111 In Columbia include all '
sorts of people and in some of lb6111
the pumpkins of Laurens will arouse
I admiration. At any rate, bigness is a
thing worth while and n State fair
w I thou I pumpkins at which men. wo
men and Children, stand and gaste
! would be no Statr fair at all. These'
pumpkins of Mr. Snow would probably
fetch fnnoj prices in I lost Oil, the
pumpkin being perhaps the nearest
approach to n fruit (hat nan he pro
ducod in \ew England,
When a cold becomes settled in (he1
system, it will take several days' treat -'
j nienl to cure It. ami (lie best denied)'
to use is Chamberlain's Cough Heine
<l.v. It will cure quicker than any oil.
er. and also leaves the system Is in1
j natural and healthy condition Soil
; by Laurens Drug Co
Culled and Condensed for
Busy Readers.
South Carolina nt a Glnncc -What is
Doing in a Groat state From
l>ny to Day.
Columbia, October 28.? A live stock
exhibit will be at the State Fair, in
charge of Mr. E. F, Jackson, who is
the animal husbamlryman for the
South Carolina Cotton Seed Crushers'
There will be placed on exhibit
about twenty-live head of beet cattle,
and the method of feeding and results
obtained will be explained lo those in
terested in the fattening of beef cattle.
At the same time there will be shown
some native types of cattle in order
to demonstrate that, for fattening pur
poses, the types broughl into the Slate
are the best.
Abbeville. October 29, The llrsl gen
uine cold wave of the season struck
Abbeville yesterday afternoon, and this
morning ice had formed on water in
exposed places and the sun was high
in the heaven before it had till melted.
Steady wind front the west prevented
the liest from forming, but.the cold
was sufficient to nip potato plants, and
as a result the potato patches today
arc black.
The wind has blown steadily here al
most all day. and this evening the ther
mometer is falling slowly, and there is
every indication of a second freeze to
night. If the wind settles, the frost
will probably put an end to the plants
which escaped the freeze last night.
Florence October 29. The cold wave
struck Florence with a vengeance last
night tllld the thermometer struck
tl.e freezing point notch in the tube.
The result was that a killing frost was
observed this morning and vegetation
is blackened and dead. Considerable ice
was noticed on exposed places, To
night hids lair lot a freeze and a black
Newberry,*Oct. 20. The f$#H^erm of1
the court of general s?*" .mis for New
berry county will he held during the
week, beginning November 21 Kl. It is
expected that the trial of lion Hub. If.
Fvatis, former member of the board ol
dispensary directors?one of the so
called "graft" cases will come up at
this term, and for tiiat reason this ses
sion of the criminal court is looked
forward to wilh much interest. It Is
raid that an announcement ((, (his
effect has been made by Attorney floii
eral .1. Printer Lyon.
The Indictment, charging Mr. Evans
witli receiving 'graft" from llqtloi
houses, while a member of the slate
board of dispensary directors, was
handed out lo the grand Jury of New
berry county at (he .lime term of tie
criminal court, and a true bill was re
turned by that body. Attorney dell
oral Lyon was in New berry at the time
titid personally attended to blinding
out the indictment. This proceeding
came as quite a surprise to many per
sons In Newborry and throughout the
immediately upon the Unding of a
true hill by the grand Jury. Mr. Evans
engaged counsel, 'Kugene S. Rlcuse,
Esq., of the local bar. ami put uptlie
required bond. Mr. Blense and Mr,
Evans demanded a prompt trial of the
case, but this was opposed by the at
torney general, and it was Continued,
It. Is presumed that Mr. Lyon will
represent the state In this case, and
will he assisted by Solicitor Cooper.
while Mr. Evans will be represented
by Mr. 10. S. ideas.-. The case will be
hard fought, and it is safe to predict
that the trial will be heard by a large
crowd, owing lo the prominence of Hie
Columbia, Oct. 20, -The sum ol
$221,011.9:'. has been received since the
first of the year from the sale of fer
tilizer tags. This fund goes to Clem
son college. The total amount received
from the tux last year was approxi
mately $202.000, The total amount re
celved to this date la: I year $18."
it is estimated that approximately
$240.000 will be received during the
year from the tax. At the annual con
vention of the State Farmer:.' Union
there was a resolution passed Indorsing
the proposition of Increasing the num
ber of free scholarships at Clemson
college The argument used was ihul
the scholarships have not boen In
creased although when the free tuition
was first granted only $l~>0,00 was re
ceived from the tag tax.
This means that the farmers of
South Carolina have used nearly 1,000.
000 tons of fertilizer this year as there
is a tax of 2f> cents on every ton sold.
It is expected that the matter of
Increasing the scholarships at ("lent.
son will he brought up at the next ses
Sion of the general assembly. There
may be a movement started to use pari
of the $250,000 for agricultural high
schools to ho located in several sec
tions of the Stale.
Washington, I), C. Oct. Popula
tion statistics as collected by Uncle
Sain decennially for more than a cen
tury past presents a maze of fact
of absorbing interest.
The recotds show that the lirst ton
sits of South Carolina was lakon in
17!?0 when Iho total population of the
stale \sas 210,07:1. In 1000 this total 1
had mounted to I,340.310.
The lirst census in I.aureus county
was als?) secured in 1700. At this tlllio I
the county honst od a population of
:::'.T. In 1000 the total was .'17,5182.
A study of the various census's
shows thai the county en joyed an nv- ,
erage growth of 3,000 each ten years,
save in the years intervening between I
1830 ami IS111 and IS'.U ami I860 when
the gains were 1.011 and 400 respec
tively. Prom I Still lo isTu there was
a loss of more than 1,000. The great
est gain was from 1800 to 1900, the in
crease bolng over 6,000,
The npperded table should prove of
marked interest throughout Laurens
county, showing as it does, the pop
ulation of all division? of the county
in I SOU am! Poo.
P.100 Is'.or
Laurens County .17,382 '11,610
Cross Hill twp, including
Cross hill town 3.638 2.073
Cross Mill loss II I"'"-' 216
Dials twp Including Cray
Court town 1,8?7 11017
(Iray Court loss n 181
Hunter two including
Clinton ami Mountvilb*
towns &.6-I11 1.7 7 7
Clinton toss a 1,867 1.021
Mountvilb- loss a 120
.lacks lownsliip 2,f?l!l L'."i72
I.aureus twp. Including
Palliens town S.hlO 6,201
Laurens town 1.020 2,2l">
Scullletown iwp. 2,100 ...
Stllllvans twp. including
Part of Princeton town 2,000 2,218
Princeton loss 11 1 pa|'t of) 181
Waterloo twp. including
Waterloo I own 3,"?73 ",000
Waterloo loss 11 ISO 201
Vouitgs township l'.?it! 2.816
Can Hnsllj Me .Made h'nsclniltitiu and
On April 1010, Mrs. lt. M. Worden.
."1 St. .lames Ave . Ilolyoke, Mass..
wrote: "Parisian Sage is the best hair
dressing I ever used, ii gave my hair
life and a gloss which no other dres
lug ever did. beside.-, slo, pint It Iron,
falling out. Il is the only dressing for
up-to-date women."
Parisian Sago is guaranteed by Lau
rens Drug Co. to cure dandruff, stop
falling hair ami itching scalp in two
weeks, or money back It makes hair
grow' lustrous and luxuriant Ii Is
a delightfully refreshing hair dressing
not sticky or greasy and will it.
diately banish all odors. Large hot
tie ftO cents ai druggists everywhere,
ami at Laurens him; Co. The girl ssiih
the Auburn hall' is tin every package.
Opening hooks of .subsi rlptlon.
Hooks of subscription t<> the cap
ital stock ol Peoples Supply Company,
of Ooldvllle, S. C . 0 corporation to be
organized to tlo 11 tfenernl merchaittlle
business, will bo Opened ai the olllce
of William A. Wooroheud, at Cold
vllle, s. c. mi Thursday, <><t 27lh,
1010 at la a. 111.. pursuant to a com
mission from the seeretao ol state
Authorized Clipllill $*i.000, divided into
Mm shares of Hie par salin- ol $.'.0.00
each, pas able a! once
(1, c. I lopkins,
.1. Y. Cars.
I.. W. C. IllOlOt k,
William A. Moorohend,
Hoard oi Corporators.
Have vim overworked yi.ur nervous sys
tf-m and cftU8od - trouble with your ki.i
ru vs and bladder? HftVe you pains in
loins, side, bach and bladder? Hnvo you
a flabby apponrnnco of the face, ami un
der the eves? A frequent desire to pass
urine? If so, Williams' Khlnoy Pills wilt
cure you?Druggist, Price
\V11 I I AM S MFG. CO.. Prop.., Cle?-Unrf,Oi.io
Laurens Drug Co., Laurens H C,
$ a&ked /nvu /mm
p Wmm the Bank
MOST HRIHNDSHIPS cease when they cost tt man
money. Have yon ever needed money and asked it of
vom Friends? What did you get? Have money of
YOl'R OWN safely deposited in onr hank and be indc
I ?endent.
Mako OUR Hank YOUR Hank.
Wo pay liberal interest consistent with safety.
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
X. B. Dial, President C. H. Roper, Cashier
W. 0. Wilson & Co.
Have opened a full line of Black and Colored
Wool Dress Goods, Ginghams, Outings and
Flannelettes, Hosiery, Underwear, Table Linen
and Towels. Also a complete line of Domestic
Goods of every description.
Special values in Ladies' and Misses Sweat
ers will arrive this week at
W. Q. Wilson & Co. I
Oakland Heights
Realty Company
With cotton selling for 14 cents and increasing daily,
there's no reason why Farming Land shouldn't increase in
value in the same proportion as cotton; therefore take ad
vantage of the bargains we are offering in various sections
of I .amens Comity.
W'e offer a tract of land one and one-half mile from Water
loo. This is a splendid piece of property.-- has one eight
loom dwelling in good condition. Three tenant houses,
barn and stables; will make liberal terms, 244 acres.
Ninety Three acres seven mile west from Lanrens, $1.200,
liberal terms. 24S acres in Abbeville Count)'?three miles
from Loundsville, 75 acre under wire fence; 25 ac re in oak
timber, 75 acres in heavy pine timber, One 6 room dwell
ing complete; one 4 room honse, ham and Stable, This
place rents for 2500 lbs lint cotton, price $4.000 cash. We
have o'.her lands. We are having inquiries for small tracts
of land from 50 to 100 acre. List With US?we give our
time to the handling of real estate.
Oakland Heights Realty Co.
B, A. SULLIVAN, Mgr. Sales Dept.
l^aurens, - - South Carolina.

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