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The "Land Man"
1-3 acre of Kind with six-room dwell
ing in town of Clinton situated on
Adair Street. Price $2.200.
125 acres of land, with seven
room dwelling, barn and outbuildings,
bounded by lands of Rebecca Simp
son, John Childless and others. Price
$30 per acre.
219 acres of land with dwelling am;
Jautbuildings, hounded by lands of J.
J?. Philpot, B. P. Terry and others,
^rice $10 per acre.
85 acres of land more or less, eight
room dwelling, 3 tenant houses, good
barn and outbuildings, in the town of
Lanford. Price $6,500.
00 acres of land in Yo"iigs township,
known as the Old Smith Place, nice
cottage and good barn and outbuild
ings. Price $1,850.
' 80 acres of land in the town of T.an
ford, with beautiful cottage nicely lo
cated. Price $0.500.
2 beautiful six-room cottages In
town of Gray Court, nicely locate'
close to business part of the town.
Prices right and terms made easy. Al
so 3 lpts suitable for residence lots in
town of Gray Court.
One lot of land 50 ft. fronting on
North Harper street, 210 feet dee])
with store-room 20x50 near the Watts
rail I.
One b t fi outing North Harper St.,
100x210 feet deep, price $800.00.
3 business lots near the Watts mill
fr-ntlng North Harper street. 25x150
feet deep.
Onci lot with 5-room cottage front
ing Mock street, 110x300 feet deep.
2 acres of land, more or less and
S-room dwelling, store-house and out
building at OwingS Station. This prop
erty is well located to establish the
trade ami is worth mere than the mon
ey we ask, $2,050.00.
If you do not find what you want let me know your wants
and I will find it for you.
The Real Rstate /Man That Divides the Barth to Suit Your Pur.
After The Grippe
to write and thank
writes Mrs. Sarah
"1 am much pleased, to be able
you for what Cardui has done lor me,
J. Gilliland, of Siler City, N. C.
"Last February, I had the Grippe, which left me in
bad shape. Before that, 1 had been bothered with female
trouble, for ten years, and nothing seemed to cure it.
"At last, I began to take Cardui. I have taken oniy
three bottles, but-it has done me more good than all the
doctors or than, any other medicine 1 ever took."
The Woman's Tonic
For the after-effects of any serious illness, like the
Grip, Cardui is the best tonic y*ui can use.
It builds strength, steadies the nerves, improves the
appetite, regulates irregularities and helps bring back the
natural glow of health.
Cardui is your best friend, if you only knew it. ,
Think of the thousands of ladies whom Cardui has
helped! What could possibly prevent it from helping you?
Remember you cannot get the benefit of the Cardui
ingredients in any other mediane, 4or they are not for sale
in any drug store ?except in the Cardui bottle. Try Cardui.
Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Chattanooca Medicine Co.. Chattanooga, Ttnn.,
lor Spectal Instructions, and 64-page book, "Home Treatment lor Women," teat bee.
Improvement in your office methods
you naturally expect to cost more
money, but ?
Let us show you why.
Instruction book frets.
We have a few copies of * Moore* Modem Methods", a
160 page book illuslrating 40 record form? and explaining how
they are kept. Call or phene for one.
What Uie Merchants of this Pit)
Could Copt After With I'rolit. Plans
are AI read) iu in- Discussed to
Have Such a Bat at an Burl) Onto.
The following ucouut of "Bargain
Day"' at Spnrtanburg occurred in The
Lnndrum Gazette; it speaks for itself:
Surpassing the fondest expectations
of those who had its success most at
heart, and surprising even the mer
chants, who hoped most for it. the
first "Bnrgain Day*' ever observed in
Spnrtanburg was celebrated Monday
in a highly creditable manner, into
the tills of the storekeepers "Bargain
Day" brought a golden shower of
coin; to the shoppers it brought arti
cles of every description at ridicu
lous!) low pi'l?eH. All were pleased, i
The success of "Bargain Day" is an
eloquent tribute to the power of ad
vertising; for "boosting" is only
another name for advertising, and the
boosting trip which led up to "Bar
gnin Day" was nothing more or less
than an advertising trip. It is ad
mitted that newspaper advertising
played an important part in making
"Bargain Day" what It was, and that
but for the wide publicity given the
merchants' offerings through the press
there never would have been such
Cl'OWdS at the stores.
"Bargain Day" brought visitors to'
the city from as far as '.)?> miles away. '
They commenced to come on the early '
morning trains, and by noon there
was such a throng in the city as is ex- '
ceeded only on circus day or when 1
there is a convention in the city.
City was Thronged.
The Chance visitor in the city must
have been surprised at tie throngs]
on the streets and the hum of activ
ity in the stores. Mut the chance vis-'
Itor was not in re lout; before he:
learned what the occasion of the'
crowd was. Placards displayed 1?
the stores, cards and handbills distrib- '
uted in the streets, proclaimed that it
was "Bargain Day."
All of the stores did a rushing busi
ness. If the weather had been Cold
and the trees hare of leaves and the
people in the streets clothed warmly
II would not have been a difficult mat
ter to imagine that the Christmas
shopping season was at hand- imb ed,
that it was the very day before Christ
What Merchants Say.
Put listen to what some of tin lead
ing merchants said last night about
"Brgnln Day:*'
Floyd l- I.lies: "Our sales were
over r>on per cent greater than on
July U of last year, which came on
ti Saturday. We couldn't begin to
wait on the crowds promptly with tin
force we lind."
Thompson ^- Dillard: "This day has'
brought mor< business to our store
than any other occasion in live years,
and till who came were eager to buy '
Harris-Grimes company: "We had
a continuous crowd all day, with very
eager buyers, and are very much
pleased with 'Bargain Day'"
CJreenewuld's: "This was one of the
largest days we have ever had at this
time of tin year. We sold more than
three times as much OS we expected.'
Herring Furniture company:
are very much pleased with 'Bargain
Day.' We were rushed all day to tin
utmost capa< it.V. We sold many good
at a fair profit, in addition to out 1
special offoi lugs "
I lunter-Langston Hardware com
pany: "We' are very much pleased
With 'Bargain Day' and believe it was
the best advertisement that our st.
could have had. Our salts were v< y
Cannon k Fetzet company: "We
are delighted with 'Bargain Daq". We
had a fine business from both In and
out of town. Our sales were more
than double what we expected."
J, II Low< Shoe company: "We had
an extra good day. EvCry customer
was an eager buyer and an easy buy
er. We were rushed all day. Husl- '
ness was better than on any Satur
day during the season."
A Howling Success.
Smith-Cop( land Shoe company: "It
was the itest day this yenr except the
Saturday before Caster. 'Bargain
Day' was a howling success."
A. Goldberg: "We bad a v< :? good
day, especially in the afternoon, and
arc very much impressed with this
scheme of advertising."
Hammond-Brown-Wall 1 ompany.
"We are very much pleased with Par-'
gain Day." Business was much larger j
than we anticipated. We helleve it
would be a good idea to make it an
annual affair. We are gratified by
the resultB obtained from our adver
tising, and are satisfied we regained
more than every cent we spent. We
had customers Who bad never been In
our store before, from North Caro
lina, in and out of town. We want,
to congratulate Mr. John Wood, sec
retary of the Chamber of Commerce,
foi originating this idea ami carrying
It through to such a successful con
Wright-Scruggs Shoe company: "We
[had extra good business, brcakfyig
all past records for the correspond
ing outlay. We want to shake hands
with John Wood for his part In this
Crelghton Clothing company: "We
did from 400 to 500 per rent more
business than on the corresponding
day last year. We believe in 'Bar
gain Dfty' is a line idea in every par
Greatest Day of Year.
Mr. Harry Price, manager of Price
clothing stoie: "'Bargain Day" was
the greatest day of the year for us."
Red Iron Kacket, Mr. lOntrekot
manager of this store, reports this as
being one of the liest sales thai lie
ever had at this time of the year, and
is very IIIUCll pleased with his newspa
per advertisit g and other ways of
advertising in connection with the
boosters' trip. He thinks "Bargain
Day" a very good idea, and wishes to
congratulate the chamber of com
merce for originating the scheme.
Mr. Krank McOee. of the Aug. W.
Smith Company: "We were almost
swamped by the crowds which came
to our store. For a while it was all
we could do to wait on our customers.
'Bargain Day' was a great success, so
far as we were concerned and 1 am in
favor of making it an annual affair.
Next year it should last three days."
Mr. Warren DuPrefl of DuPre's
Book store: "We are greatly gratified
by tin- business we did. As an ex
ample of what patronage reduced
prices seemed, we may mention that
we sold oil" man $inn worth of pic
tures for $00 in live minutes. Next
year we must have it on a larger
scale, display our goods better and If
necessary uet right out in from on
the sidewalks with our wares."
"Bargain Day" may be regarded as
the greater success by reason of the
fact thai owing to the drouth sonic of
tlie fanners are worried as to the
prospocts for their crops ami for that
reason arc not spending money as
freely a- they would otherwise.
The proposed "Bargain Day" fea
ture of having farmers, briiiu- to the
city anything they wanted to dispose
of, and of having such articles sold at
auction in the square did not mater
ialize There wore lew tanners, if
any, who wanted to sell anythitu.1 at
The moving flieturc ami vaudeville
theatres enjoyed a good patronage
from "Bargain Day" visitors. and
there was an extra large attendance
at tie baseball game at Kairli.dd
Miser) Prom L'psel Stomach and
pepsin Will Vanish.
If what you just ate is souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead refusing to digest, or you belch
gas and eructate sour and undigested
food, or have a feeling of dizziness,
heartburn, fulness, nausea, bad taste
in mouth and .stomach headache this
is indigestion.
Bloodinc costs only fifty cents and
will thoroughly cure the worst case
oi Dyspepsia, and leave sullicleill
about tllQ hOUSC 111 case some one else
in the family may suffer from slom
icho t rouble or indigost ion.
Gel a bottle of llloodlno now and
? :it what you like the next meal and
then take a leaspooiifiil of llloodlno
ti> digest and prepare for as: Imlla
lion into the blood all the food you
eat; besides, it makes you ^o to the
table with a hearty, healthy appetite;
bill what will please you mos! Is thai
you will feel 'hat your stomach and
intestines are clean and fresh, and
von will not need to resort io la\a-?
tlvos or liver pills for biliousness or
const ipat ion.
This city will have many Blood in e
c ranks, as some pcopcl will call them,
but you will be cranky about this
splendid prescription, too. it you ever
have indigestion or gastritis, or any
other stomach misery, take Bloodine,
Mail orders will be Idled |>y the
Bloodine Corporation. Boston, Mass.
Sold by I.aurens Drug Co.
"What is It, pop?"
"Sure, 'tis the tombstone of a auto
inobillet, giving bis record and where
he'B gone Intlrely."
Win rilKY FAIL.
Most Pile Remedies Mis* The Cause
of Piles.
Disagreeable treatment with oint
ments or suppositories usually falls
to cure piles and cutting them won't
remove the ran ?? Such treatment
only moderates the outside effects of
the disease and fails to remedy the
inside cause. The up-to-date doctors
now use internal medicine to free the
Circulation In the lower bowel, and so
remove the diftoasc.
Dr. Leonharden Oem-Rold, the first
and only guaranteed internal pile cure
in the form of tablets -eures any
kind of idles. Sold by Damons Drug
Co. and druggists everywhere. $1
for large box. Dr Leonhardt Co.,
Station B. Buffalo, N. Y.
Out of a job is wor5e
when you
a re out
of money
Don't you want to start YOUR BOY into
A BUSINESS OF HIS OWN, so he can be his
own boss?
Bank $1,000 now. In 20 years, at 3 per
cent, this will amount to $1,810; in 20 years,
at 4 per cent, this will amount to $2,1<H).
Make OUR Bank YOUR Hank.
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety.
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
N. B. Dial, President C. H. Roper, Cashier
1,000 Pine Imported Razors will !><? placed on sulp nt 97c. each. These
i nzors m e I nun one <>f (lie lending Importers of razors In the P nit cd States
The M. I,. Brandt Cullei yCo. <>f New v..i u. They arc nil Ii'kIi Rindesamph ?,'
We secured n big slock nl a ridiculous Pik tire. 'I he nssoi tmciit com in Im sail
the well known maki s.lw lu liiitftlic "W?<lr & Butcher," "Brandl," "I X.I.,"
"Roii?ri," "Woitenhohn" Pipe Razor, "Ben-Hur," "Lew|?," "Blue SlecT,"
populai brands of nil the famous makers, in fuel, we have hern rcIIIur the
same Identical i azors as high *?! M)and $3.00 each. Kvci y ni r.< \ isruuraiiteed
perfect, and set ready for use. livery razor sold thai dors nol cm- pciTcel
satisfaction ran l?- exi hntigcd <J We ,nll st? , iiltriilion lo 11? ? BRANDT
RAZOR. This ra/oi i? tempered hv a serrel prorrss nssutiiiK n iinlfoi mlly of
tetnpci, and is fully guaritiili ed. Kcgu la r price $-j i.m pi it e is 0T< . ein h.
(Q WE WILL ALSO PLACE ON SALE 1000 of the Genuine
These Strops are sold and advertised rvcrywlicrc nt $2.
mm, ?
V .
iropou i lie ?'*??t?.i
Mill,! v| 11,1^. '
The Brandt Sclfdloninv Razor Strop c Ihi In ray
market to-day The only razoi stiopui ilie woi Id thai Ii
youi i ?in ;ii Ihc Mime limciind enalili you lo otilaiu an edge wh
only nil expel ieuced hnrlier can give, Tin liiaudl Sell ijouini; Un
Strop will i>n i :i kenn r edge on n tnxor with f? wri si ink is i |>nii i
oiin r i .1/1,1 sin.p. Yoiir razor will show, und vmit fm < wjll IVi-l the
difference at once. Guaranteed never to become hard or slumy,
Special in Safety Razors: ?lS/?S f?r 97c
Laurens Drug Co.
$2.00 Razor Hones 97c
Mail Order? f>
.kini.nnr.ii n iMTufftiliTifci
M. S. Bailey & Sons
Clinton, S. C.
"CALORIC" Fireless Cookstove
ayg . Mr
CALORIC" Fireless Cookstove
Von will be amazed at the seemingly impossible things
it does. It bakes and toasts food in its raw state without
first partially cooking it in an ordinary stove or reheating
it before serving, as well as steams, stews and boils.
The "Caloric" saves fully seventy-five per cent, in fuel
alone and nearly all the time, and work, and all the bother.
It requires no attention after the food is placed hi it; there
is no danger of burning or of food being over done. The
"Caloric" will pay for itself many times over. After using
it you would not part with it for many
times it cost.
Prices range upward from

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