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News Letters From Many
Happenings of Interest to .Many Peo
ple all over the County and to Those
Who Have Left the Family Hearth
stone and pone to Other States.
Mt. Olive, Sept IS.?Rain is much
needed in our section. The late corn
is suffering. Cotton is opening very
rapidly. Hill & Cooper's ginnery is
kept busy.
A number of our people attonded
services at Poplar Springs last Sunday
Mrs. John Wells of Coronaca is on
a visit to her daughter, Mrs. J. H.
Mrs. Minerva Hill, who has been
sick for the past week is better.
Miss Bessie Cooper is on a visit to
her grandparents at Ekom ,
Madden, Sept. 10.?The third drought
of the year, 1011 is upon us. Even the
September gales have as yet not ap
Misses Kate and A/.ile Wofford will
represent us this year at Winthrop.
Judging their future records for schol
arship by their past, we shall conil
dently expect them to do themselves
and their county honor.
Mrs. Fannie Bailey of Clinton, ac
companied by her niece, Mrs. Mary
Dunaway of Rame, Qa., was the pleas
ant guests of Mrs. M. T. Allison last
week. Mrs. Dunaway is the daughter
of Rebecca Bolt, who was reared near
Chestnut Ridge, hut years ago she
and her husband cast their lot in
Georgia. The friends and relatives of
the mother gladly welcomed the
Mr. and Mrs .0. H. Finley visited
the latter's brother, Mr. Ben Cunning
ham, recently.
.. Mesdames Luther and Thurman Pin
attended church at Mt. Pleasant
r. Proflltt and daughters also went
down to the baptizing at Mt. Pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Finley went ov
er to Ekom to see Mrs. Finley's par
ents ,Mr. and Mrs. O'Dell.
Mrs. Lin wood Martin went up Sun
day to see her brother, Mr. M. H. Fow
Surveyors are out today running
off the Henry land. There have been
several good farmers down to look
at the place. We hope it will fall into
the hands of an up-to-date farmer.
r Mr. John R. Finley has returned
from ft visit to his brothers at West
inister and Honea Path. He found Mr.
Jim Finley quite low but seemed to be
some better when he left.
Eden, Sept. IS.?The farmers In this
community are iry busy now picking
out their cotto
Mrs. J. A. Arhislr?nfl and daughter,
f'ora visited in Eiden community Sat?
urday and Sunday.
Master Clay Crisp of Enoree Is the
guest of his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Y- H'PP. this week.
Dr. J. W. Benson was in Woddiuff
Friday and Saturday.
Mnj . .Childless and Mi s Sallic
ChildresS) Of Fountain Inn, have :><?> n
Visiting Mrs L. R Brooks.
Mrs. Emily Woods was the g'tesi
o flier brother, Mr. J. L. Mnhuffey, the
latf*r part of the week.
Mr. Carl Reeves left lr-st week to
take charge of his school in Waynes
boro. Virginia.
^Pvinucr Wilsen of 'no Moving Plolnre
Show- Will lilve Proceeds of ?xt
Friday to Civic League.
y'if Next Friday afternoon and night
? the proceeds taken In at tho opern
house picture show will be donated by
Mnnagor Wilson to the Civic Dengue.
Tho ladles of the league are working
very hnrd to make a sum BUfllcl ml to
pay tho balance on tho fountain orect
Ifad Av them on the court house square,
. Thero Is a balance due of two hundred
dollars and as the sum Is rather large
I wind tho cause a very worthy ono as
' many as can should attend one of the
performances. The prices will be the
Burns as they have always been.
Hooks uro Now Boing Distributed ov
er the Count}' Containing the Pre
mium List.
The premium list catalogue of the
County Fair Association is off the
press and is being distributed all over
the county. The book cotains a com
plete list of all the ribbons to be com
peted for and besides has the rules
and regulations under which the fair
is to be governed. There is a total of
1S2 classes for Which entries are to be
made and from the present indica
tions nearly every class will have a
number of competitors.
In addition to the ribbons offered by
j the County Fair, a number of special ,
prizes have been offered by private
parties and business men for exhibit.s
| Prizes have been offered for special
exhibits in the stock and cattle class
and some have been offered in the ag
ricultural class. These prizes will be
enumerated in this paper next week or
some time before the fair takes place.
This, as all are quite aware, will be
on Thursday the 19th of October.
A number of the catalogues have
already been sent out but a number
of them are still left. Those who de
sire having them can call on cither
Mr. C. A. Power or Mr. W. R. McCuen
and they will hand them out as long
as they last. A certain number of
them will be sent to the different com
mltteemen for distribution.
Present Indications are thai a very
large number of exhibits will be
bright in and showed that day. Indien
tions are also that a great many
people have very worthy products on
their farms which they have not as
yet made up their minds to send In,
President Byrd and tho other officials
of the fair are very desirous that these
people who have been heretofore luke
warm In the matter wake up and get
their stock and agricultural products
in rendiness for exhibition. The on
ly way in which Laurens county can
have a fair is for the people to bring
their exhibits and that is what Is ex
The bridge over the stream leading
to the fair grounds In Qarlington Mea
dow has been rebuilt by the city coun
cil and no fear need be entertained
as to safe crossing being made. So
get everything sleek and well groom
ed and be prepared to show it to your
neighbors on the 19th.
Had Leg Broken.
Little Cnrl Thompson, the live year
old son of Mr. R. B. Thompson was
painfully hurt Monday when he fell
from a tree and broke his leg. Carl,
as is usual with all boys had the idea
thai every tree must be climbed and
It happened that this particular one
was a little slippery, causing him to
lose bis footing and fftil? The wound,
while it is painful Is not serious and
Dr. Hughes, who re-set the broken
bone states that he will soon be alright
Picnic at Unrksdalc.
The children of the liarksdale Grad
ed School and their teachers of la1;,',
vein. Misses Garllugton mid Tongue,
enjoyed H very pleasant picnic last
Friday afternoon, Considering tho
busy season, a largo number of chil
dren Canto. Many games were played,
after which a nice lunch was served.
Miss Teague will be tbe assistant at
liarksdale for another year and Miss
Qarlington Will tench in the Graded
schools of Columbia.
Entertainment at Trinity*
The Foreign Missionary Society of
Trinity church sold Ico cream and
cako on the church grounds Saturday
afternoon. A large crowd was pres
ent, and $15 was realized for tho so
Narrowly MfsseVl Serious Fire.
The ico cren'm parlor and candy
store of X. M. Falles, known as tho
Laurens Candy Kitchen, had a blaze
to start In the renr of tho building
Monday morning shortly after mid
night and only tho prompt response of
the lire company saved that section of
the city from a disastrous fire. The
fire M?sl probably started from a care
lessly thrown match or cigarette In
one of tho flower stands. The blaze
had evidently smoldered for several
hours and Policeman Dodson happen
ed to see it as it began to blaze. Tho
bcH was rung and the department re
sponded promptly and the fin- was
soon out. The blaze did very little
damage but the water damaged tin
goods and furniture to a considera
ble extent. '^C^lv
1 oi . I MMOURKS.
Court of General Sessions Adjourned
Friday Afternoon.
After being in session since Monday
morning, the Court of General Sessions
adjourned Friday afternoon. Roy I'.
Powers, charged with breach of trust,
was acquitted after a long trial Thurs
day afternoon. Hoyce Hughes, who
was charged with assault and battery
with Intent to kill Laurens Hughes,
was also acquitted. These were the
two most important cases of the week.
Friday morning, just before adjourn
ment, the court heard the plea of the
father of Roy E3. McKnlght, who was
arrested several days before at Flor
ence ,Ala.. charged wjth obtaining
money under fnlse pretenses from a
Clinton bank. The father made a plea
on behalf of his son. stating that the
boy was not mentally responsible for
any of his misdeeds. He showed pa
pers to prove that his son had been in
the asylum several times and asked
that he be allowed to go free this time
and return to his home in Virginia,
Where he would again be placed In
Confinement. It being very clear that
the young fellow was not in his right
mind, he was allowed to go.
Death of Mrs. II. L. Scnu,
After a long illness. Mrs. Llda Senn
led at her home a few miles from the
city at 5 o'clock Saturday morning,
September the 9th. Before her mar
riage, Mrs. Senn was a Miss Sims. She
is survived by her husband and four
small children, her mother, Mrs. F.
C. Sims, two sisters. Mrs. T. B. Chil
dless and Miss Ada Sims, and one
brother, Mr. Irvln Sims, all of Lau
The remains were laid to rest in tho
Rocky Springs cemetery Saturday af
ternoon at li o'clock, the ceremonies
being conducted by the Rev. W. B,
Thayer, of the First Baptist church of
Next Saturday Will be Celebrated as
The Heginning of a New Year.
Next Saturday the 23rd., will he the
Jewish New Year and on that day and
the next the orthodox Jews all over
the world will hold special services
and observe the days with other fes
tivities in keeping with the day. As
has been their custom for many years
Mr. Poliakoff will close his store on
that day and lie and his family will go
to Augusta to spend the two holidays.
Stockholders Meeting.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Palmetto Bank was held Satur
day, Sept. 16th., when a report of the
condition of the bank was submitted
and found very satisfactory. The
same board of directors was reelected
as also were the officers. A dividend
of I per cent was ordered to be paid
on the 1st of January and $2,500 was
paid over to the surplus fund.Vmnking
the same $ir?,000.
Rurneii*Phlliit1icu ( hiss of Second Hup
11st. Church lune Entertainment!
Last Sunday night a very large con
gregation was present a! the Second
Baptist Church to onjoy the special
services held by the Baraca-I'hilathea
Class. During the evening there was
special talks by the pastor. Rev. A. O.
Allison and by Mrs. Allison, both of
them making delightful and instruc
tive talks. Besides these addresses
those present enjoyed several recita
tions and songs that were especially
selected for the evening.
Big Ear of Corn.
Mr. W. F. Shockley brought into the
city Saturday one of the largest ears
of corn that has probably been seen
here in many a day Tho whole ear,
corn and cob, weighed one and three
(limrters of a pound and was eleven
inches in circumference. It had
around 1.G90 grains of corn on it. Mr.
Shockley states that he has about two
acres of such corn and In fact some
of the ears are bigger than this one.
He just happened ot pick this one up
as he started Into town.
Pullmans Discontinued,
Announcement has been made by
Kniest Williams, General Passongcr
Agonl of the C. & W. C. U. R? that
the Pullman service on the Augusta
to Spartan burg line will be discon
tinued after Sunday September 24th.
The last car will lenve Augusta Sat
urday, the 23rd, and tho last Vor will
leave AshcMiie Sunday the 3it!i.
GLASS m owim; BEGUN.
Bottles (m ing Turned Out Like ( lock
Work tit the Laureus Glass Factory.
Many Interested Spectators.
Tho (Mass Factory has boon the
scene of much activity during tho past
week. Not only have tho workers been
there in largo numbers but the sight
seers have thronged the building both
day and night. A large number of
people have been going over to watch
the operations.
Actual manufacture of bottles was
begun Wednesday morning .although
sonic minor work had been done for
the past two days. Wednesday morn
ing the first regular shift was put on
and they worked for eight hours. They
wore succeeded by another shift and
after they bad worked eight hours
still another shift was put oh. Every
two or three hours work Is stopped to
allow the men to rest for fifteen min
The first carload of bottles from tho
factory was sold to tho Sanders Bot
tling Words, the local concern. It
is estimated that when the factory gets
under full sway that a carload of bot
tles will be manufactured each day.
Br. ('. L. Poole Fined $100 after Con
viction on One Count and Forfeited
$100 on Another Count.
Tho city was considerably stirred up
Monday afternoon Wlien Dr. ('. L.
PoolO was carried before Mayor 13abb
and lined $H>(i for selling cocaine with
in the city limits. Again yesterday
morning- be was called for trial on a
second count but preferring to forfeit
his bond of $100 he failed to appear.
His operations thus cost him $200 in
Chief of Police Bagwell worked up
the case and deserves most credit for
tho minuteness with which the evi
dence was gathered and guarded. He
was assisted by Rural Policeman Sul
livan and Policeman Dodson. Mayor
Babb also Interested himself largely
in the case. The officers have been
working the cases up for about three
Tho evidence in thf ?ist case went
to show that .lake Walker, a negro, on
the night of September 2nd, went to
Dr. Poole's bouse and bought three
small packages, supposed to be co
caine or "dust", as Jake called it. Af
ter leaving* Dr. Poole's house .lake de
livered two of the packages to two
other negroes. Mat Mills and Sam Can
non. who had gone part of tin; way
with him to the house. Chief Bagwell,
being on the lookout for the "dust"
purchasers, later arrested tho negroes
and took tho powder away from them j
and several days later carried it to
Columbia and had Mr. .1. B. Mills, a
chemist, analyze it. Mr. Mills was
present at the trial Monday afternoon
and testified that be had given the
powders an exhaustive examination
and had arrived at the conclusion that
in two of the packages were cocaine
hydrochlornto and In one was sul
phate of QlhillO, No testimony was
hrnuy t mil to explain the absence of
cocaine in the last package.
Dr. Poole was tho only witness put
up by the defense and he denied the
winde story as put up by the negroes.
With this testimony before them the
jury was addresstd by Mr. \V. R.
Kichey, Sr., for the tiefen80. and Mr. It.
B. Babb for tho city. The jury retired
and in a very short time returned a
verdict of guilty. Thereupon the line
of $'00 was imposed and paid.
Yesterday morning at :> o'clock Dr.
Poole was summoned before the mayor
on n like charge. He did not appear
for trial on this (barge but forfeited
$100 which ho had put up as a bond.
Chief Itngwell said yesterday after
noon that he did not expect to push
any of the other cases which he had
against Dr. Poole.
Meeting of Presbytery.
Knoree Presbytery will meet this
week with the Presbyterian church of
this city. A large; number of delegates
are expected to attend and a very pro
fitable meeting is anticipated. Al
though no program has yet been an
nounced it is understood that morn
ing and evening sessions will be held.
Tho public Ik Invited to attend all of
the sessions. A number of well known
ministers will address the Presby
Fifteen (.'amblers Caught.
Rural Policeman S, w. Lowe caught
flftOfcll gamblers Soplombor 17th on
the Qarlington place, oast of Cross
Suwt, Jones ims Made u Selection of
the Very lies! Attractions that He
Could Get.
According to Sunt. B. L. Jones the,
Graded School Lyceum course this
year is going to be one of the very
best thai the city lias ever had and
will be equal to thai of many larger
cities. A number of excellent num
bers are on the program this year and
a most interesting course is promised.
Mr. Jones has written the following
about the course:
The good people of Laurens have in
the past patronized our Lyceum at
tractions so well that we feel satis
lied in believing that our School Ly
ceum lias come to stay and is a part
of the life of the school and commun
For tho coming season we have ar
ranged for What we believe to be the
Strongest Lyceum Course ever offered
to the people of Laurens. He have
not spared ourselves any reasonable
t xpense in securing the very best ta
lent available. Our lecturers are un
usually strong and all the musical
numbers consist of artists of unusual
merit and recognized ability.
We have contracted for the follow
skovgaard Concert Party,
George !'. Bible.
The Philadelphia Concert Party.
Toronto Male Quartet,
Byron W. King.
The Cnferclli Concert Parly.
Tickets are now on sale and you
will confer a great favor on Supt. B.
L .Jones by notifying him at once that
you desire to become a in em bor. Don't
wait for him to see you.
Heal Estate Sales.
A number of real estate deals have
been made within the past lew days,
a very lively interest in Laurens dirt
being taken jus; at this time. The
following sales have been closed
through J. N. Leak, the Cray Court
and Laurens real estate man:
The old "Cullen place" near Boyds
Mill, sold to Dr. Donnnn for $1,507.
T>7 acres near Friendship Church,
known as the Jane Owens tract at $.15
per acre. This was sold to C. L. Hen
derson. Mr. C. L. Henderson also
bought the Clark Smith place, owned
by J. S. Menuett, for $.'',0 per acre.
Charlie Wilson bought from John
Graydon 25 acres at $25 per acre.
I). A. Davis sold to Burdett Bros.
IL'.', acres for $9,500.
.1. M. Woods sold to Mr. Davis J.".
acres for $L'.i? 0.
Bazaar Date Ignlll Changed.
On account of several difficulties
which were found to interfere with
their plans the committee which has 1
in hand the setting of the date for the
Ladies Bazaar n. again postponed
the day of holding it. As remembered
several weeks ago it was announced
that the bazaar would bo In Id on the
9th and Hub of October. It has new
been deckled to hold it on the 25tll
and 20th of October Instend. These
dales fall on Wednesday and Thurs
day and will most prohabb lie found
most suitable for overybody to attend,
Iblll) at the Mill.
Supt. B ,L. Jones has announced thai
a religious and educational rally will
be held at the school auditorium at
(he Laurens Mill Sunday night, A
sermon Wnl 1)0 preached and a very
appr?trlate song Borvlco will bo ren
dered Both Of the mill ( lunches will
close their doors that night so a large
attendance is expected. Everybody
Is invited to be present.
Passing Worthless ( hecks.
Chief Of Police Bagwell arrested
here yesterday Harris Rose, a jew, on
a charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses at Walhalla, Oconce
county. A magistrate came down and
carried the man back as far as Oreen
vllle last night. The prisoner claim
ed that he will be able to prove his
Hose is somewhat of a hustler and
a dry goods drummer, While under
arrest yesterday afternoon he got the
permission of the chief to visit tho
trade under escort, The Chief gave
his permission and Hos.? strolled oui
under guard. Pretty soon he cann
back and sho: I his order book where
hoi bad take* order" for about $400
worth of go? . A little matter like
a warrant d/ i't bother him.
Ceremonies to be by the
Congressman .los. 'I'. Johnson uiul So?
licitor l(. A. Cooper III Make Ad
dresses The tixcrclscs \>lll bo Hold
in the Open ami a l.iiige Crovid is
Anticipated. \
With Masonic ceremonies, tho corn
erstone of the remodeled court houBO
of Laurons county will be laid to
morrow .Thursday, at 11 o'clock. Mr.
R. A. Cooper will bo the presiding of
ilcer. To these corcmuiilcH every por
son in Hie county Is Invited and inas
much as it is a county affair it is ex
pected that a large crowd will bo pres
ent, The principal addresses of tho
day will bo by Solicitor it, A. Cooper
and Congressman Jos. T. .Johnson oC
this district.
The program for the exorcises as
arranged, by Master of Ceremonies K
A. Cooper will be as follows:
Song "When Karths Foundation
First Was Laid."
Prayer fly Itov. W .10. Thnyer.
Placing of stone in position by (ho
Master of Ceremonies.
Song "Lei There he Light."
Address by Hon. K A. Cooper.
Address by Hon. .los. T. Johnson.
Song "Hail Masonry Divine."
I lonediction,
Contents of Stone.
The, conerstono Will contain all of
the pieces that were taken from tho
stone placed under the old building,
and in addition various records Con
cerning the (dd building, names of tho
present county ofllclals, data given by
the architects and contractors Of tin*
remodeled court house, < opies of tho
current issues of the counts papers, ;i
coin or two and probably one or two
other items. There will he no fluids,
bottles of every kind being eliminated
from the ceremonies.
As will be remembered Contractor
Rounds found tie- old cot ucrstnuo
SOVOral weeks ftgo. In it was found as
Rihlo and a bottle containing a few
old coins. The inscription in tho Hi
lde showed that the original struc
ture was built in i s;i7. the contractor
being Dr. .1. W. Simpson. Gen, T, F.
Jones presented the Biblo thai WaH
placed in the stone. Floth of tlioso
men were prominent !.aureus county
men at thai (lino and (heir descend
ants still reside in (ho county. Dr.
Simpson was also the contractor when
tin- two wings were added to the build -
ing in 1858.
Laurens must have had a court liouso
for many years previous to 17!?:'. for
fairly authoritative history says that,
the grand jury called for a new build
ing in that year and thai it was built,
one Mr. Reuben Pyles being the build
er. This building cost $7.778.C7 and
wad probably the one replaced in D"!S.
Spec In I Invitation.
W. II. Washington, secretary >>f Pal
nn tio I,odgo to which tdispensa
tion was granted extends a cordial In
vitat Ion to ail Mason to bo pr< sent
I'he Same Liitj a here.
In spi aking oi the sale of Tho Hap
py Hour Tlioalro several days ago.
The Hpurtnhburg Herald had the fol -
lowing to say ai.out Mr. If, II. Grant,
who ian the picture show here for
some time and who was very highly
thought of It) the city:
Mr, If, H. Grant, who established
this theatre, has sold out and will re
turn to his homo in tho north. Mr.
Grant has made many friends In
Spartanburg? as ho Is a high-toned
gentleman and treats everybody right.
Ho furnished only tiio best vaudeville
and never deceived bis patrons, nnd
bis many friends regret to know ho
is leaving here, but wish him well
wherever ho locate .
Mill Inofhcr One.
And (he Rod lion Racket still
grows. Hy looking at their advertise^
thai Hi > ha\ ? opened up a storo ~ ft
Grears. Tie's will make six stores ' t
t ho ? have star to /.V.
all of |1.cm are u<>-\ doing WOlSK
tore al Gn ers Ii jut he* JrJ
up and promises to be a v?)
ing one. ,

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