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Have you decided where to send hi in to school? Do
you wish to place him in a Christian Military Institu
tion? Where his health will be carefully looked after,
his mind he thoroughly trained and where he will be
taught habits of obedience, punctuality, and industry?
If so send hi in to?
The South Carolina Co-Educational
Here the teachers take the place of the parents and
students are at all times under the direct control and
watch-care of the faculty from the time they enter
school until they return to (heir home. This Institu
tion has splendid brick buildings with modern equip
ments, a faculty of Fifteen experienced teachers, and
a thorough course of study.
It has been in successful operation under the same management for
twenty years. Last year students were in attendance from all over
South Carolina and from six other States. Write to-day for catalogue
and application blank to
COL. F. N. K. BAILEY, President
im? - ''Tm^W'.
K'.-'.i ?'' . AVWv\SNv\v\\\\vr<;;-.\v\\\vv. . -?
They never need repairs, never need nny attention in fact except an
occasional cont of paint. They're Fireproof?Stormproof and suitable
for all kill; of buildings. For further detailed information apply to
Local Dealer or
Cortright Metal Roofing Co., Philadelphia. Penn.
Buyers Guide and Classified
Merchant Tailors!
Compare Suits made
by me with other suits
you see. Ask your buddy
about it.
Harness, Horse Goods
and Vehicles!
The difference between a
rut and a grave is the length
and the breadth of it. If you
deal with
there is no danger of falling
into cither,
We wash everything but
the Baby. Put your duds in
my suds. The best combina
tion in Laurens.
Laurens Steam Laundry
Come in and see about the West*
houso Rugged Tungsten Lamps und
let us reduce your light bill.
Tinning. Rooffing and
Plumber and Tinner
Dealer in Plumber's and Tin
ner's Supplies.
Upstairs opposite City Hall.
P. F. Baxter Sc Son
Marble and ?i.-anito Dealers
Georgia, Vermont and Italian
WinsboroC.ranite kept on van
all the time at
Newl>erry, S. C.
Delicacies of the Season
For all '.he Delicacies of
the season ?
is the place to go.
Laurens' Up-to-date Grocors
We are the sole bot
tlers for Coca Cola, the
famous drink.
Coca Cola Bottling
Pressing Club
for Cleaning, Picssing
and Dyeing. All Alterations
promptly and neatly done.
Membership fee $1.00 per
month. Telephone No. 254.
Advertiser PrintingCo.
"The Quality Print6hop"
Specialist in Every Class
of Job Work
Our Bible Question Local Club is
looking up and we are much encour
aged. It is very remarkable how
these questions Interest, even the
general public. It is a mistake to
suppose, as some do, that this contest
is confined exclusively to adults.
Bright boys and girls can take up
these simple studies, and may com
ply with the conditions as well as
their seniors, and are just as likely to
win a solid gold medal or one of the
other prizes. The prime, object of
this Bible Question Club is to get
old and young to reading the Sun
day School Lessons, and to ponder
the Suggestive Questions. It must
not be forgotten that In answering
questions it is legitimate to get all the
help which is necessary. Anybody
can cut out and sign the coupon each
week, and can read the lesson and the
questions. This does not take skill,
but it does take method, and it
means tin unspeakable benefit of
reading these st> dies from week to
week. You \.ill lind i to be a great
benefit to join some f31ble Class, and
;:. t the help and enthusiasm which
conies from company.
You will need the Advertiser in or
der to read the questions and net the
necessary coupon; you had better sub
scribe at once. If you are a subscrib
er, then send the paper to some per
! son whom you think this course of
reading will help. Send in your sub
scription now, and get the benefit of
the special rate, t'se the attached
Send The Advertiser from now
to December 10, 1912, the close of
the Bible Question Club Contest,
lor the price of $1.00 enclosed.
Count me a member of the Local
Name .t.
(Copyright, H?io, by Rev. T. S. Lln
scott, D. D.)
The Prophet Ezekiel a Watchman.
Ezek. iii.
(1.) Verses 1-3?What is it that is
to the soul like food to the body?
(2.) Do men get, in these days spe
cial messages from Cod as Ezekiel
did? If so specify.
(3.) What Is the Immediate effect
upon us of new knowledge?
(4:) Verses 1-7?Which are most
susceptible to the claims of the gos
pel, a people who have rarely heard
it preached, or those who are con
stantly hearing it? Give your reasons.
ir>) What is the effect of preaching
the gospel upon those who reject It?
(CO Verses S-ll Is it always true,
that we i rvo sufficient strength to do
the work to which God appoints us?
Give your reasons.
(7.) Does God know In advance,
"whether ti oy will hear or whether
they will forbear," when he sends a
message to a people? Why or why
iS.i If your hearts fail us in the
difficulties of our (Sod-appointed work,
how much are we to be blamed?
(!>.( Verses 12-14?When we are
"bitter," or angry, or even sorry to
carry oul the work to which wo are
appointed, what attitude does God
likely take to us?
(10.) May we make every work, no
matter how hard or disagreeable, a
joy or does does God know and expect
that we shall sometimes be sad?
(11.) When we do God's work
against our will, or inclination, are we
praised or blamed by Him?
(lL'.t Verses 15-17?Is it either es
sential or an advantage in order to pet
best results, for missionaries to dwell
among the people to whom sent and
become a part, and parcel of them?
(13.) When we are appointed by
God to do a thing, should we sit
around and wait for special Inspira
tion, or start right at the work and
expect all essential help?
(14.) Verses 18-19?How can we
justify God in making the salvation of
a sinner depend upon the warning of
a man?
(15.) What is the guilt, and what
will be the punishment of a man
whose failure to warn, is the means
of a sinner dying in his sins?
(10.) If a Christian refuses, or neg
lects, to give to his utmost ability, to
the missionary cause, will he be ad
judged guilty before God for those who
could have been converted through
the Influence of the money he might
have given?
..(17.1 Verses 20-21 To whnl extent
arc vtc giiilt> for the backslidden state
ef so many members of the church.'
(This is one of (lie questions that may
he answered in writing by members
of the club.)
(18.) How Is it that some who were
really earnest Christians, lapse into
a sinful life?
(lit.I Verses 22-27?Which person
gets more revelations from God, the
one that gives himself up to contemp
lation chiefly, or the one who is in
the thick of the fight for God?
Lesson for Sunday, Oct. 8th, 1011.
The Life Giving Ehtream. Lzek. xlvii:
By Rudyard Kipling.
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubl you.
But make allowance for their doubting, too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting.
Or. being lied about, don't deal In lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;
If you can dream?and not make dreams your master;
If you can think -and not make thoughts your aim;
if you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two Impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to. broken,
And stoop and build them tip with worn-out tools;
If you can make ono heap of all your winnings
And iisk it on one turn of pltch-nnd-toss,
And in;;.. Mint start again at your beginnings
And never breathe it word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gout ;
And so bold on when there If nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"
If you can talk with crowds Mid keep your virtue.
Or walk wit 1? Kings?nor lose your common toitch;
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
It' all men count With you, but none too much;
If you can 1111 the Unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run.
Yours is the Barth and everything that's in it.
And?which is more -you'll be a man. my son!
The short ]>oom above was banded to us some time ago. At tile same llmo
this thought was expressed: "What man with red corpuscles in bis veins,
who is in 'the Stream of life' trying to make headway, that has not OXpOrlonc
ed and will feel tho force of this master-craftsman's observation-'.''' ludee,)
show us a man who has not met these issues face to fare and we will show
you a man who has in him lacking some virtue which keep- him from being
"a man." These verses might be read and rend ami read again and then
each tlmo that they are gone over again something new might bo found in
them to serve as an Inspiration to more and better thing;;.
EAST TO GET RII> OP DA\ DRITT, roots with lust the proper nourish
Dandruff means that down near the monl to make hair glow lustrous and
roots of your hall' there is a vast I luxu NO 111.
army of little invisible germs or flilc- PARISIAN RACE is guaranteed by
robes. i I.aurens Drug Co. to banish dandruff.
And this army never sleeps; It wag- stOp falling hair and Itching scalp or
es a war of destruction night and day. money back, it j ? a delightful hair
It destroys the nourishment that the I dn islhg that wins Instant favor with
hair must have In order to grow vlgO-I refilled Worn II, Sold for only f>0 C< nt
rously and abundantly. a large bottle by Lnurens Drug Co,
PARISIAN' SACK now sold all over and druggists everywhere. Girl with
America will destroy those germs and J \ubilrn lialr on every carton ?hd bot
st the same time furnish the hair tie.
JT j
Copyimiit l''0'?, bv c. v.. Zimmerman Co.--No. 9
When you work hard for your money, don't
V> fool it away. Make it work hard for you. It will,
;; if you only take care of it, and put it in the bank.
They'll make it work for you?that's their busi
We are receiving daily our Fall and Winter
Stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing
Shoes and Millinery
and inspection is invited. These goods arc the
Highest Grade Merchandise that can be bought and
the prices are the very best.
We are better prepared than ever this year to
handle your trade, for we have the largest and best
selected stock ever put in our store.
And we are going to give the best at the very lowest
prices. We invite you to call at our store.
Xcxt Door to Post Office Laurens, South Carolina
?v IN EACH TOWN ninl dlstrlol . .i ;,> exhibit, n taumln I .Mast Model
v\ "K?nr,or" \>lvt >?'?? furnished by us. ' mr ni etil ? ovi i. w in ro tiro making
??)? ley fO I l:'nuf ..... !.?!.<,,!.e.ratume. 4?
WO MOHbY rl-:r.Jli1C > uiiH! vtm icoclvn and n
approve, of your
\%u McvHo. Wo nlil|? l/> anyone . ...... iin l.ho I] H without a ttntdipoitt
\? 1n advance /..-.../. ? i 71 H DAYS' F?CE TRIAL <lin ink'
; \?i which Uino you may ride, t!. ? :.U: ,'clo and mil It to any lest you wish.
[i\U If .V"ii oro then m?t. p if. :?, i (ltd up <lo not wi h lo koon tlio
,,->? hlcyoloHhlpIt.I>a<:l< lo usai.ouri' i.ndietn '?? ? /..?.-...? *../ ?.??.?.
Izffl tFAKYOH'/ PRICE'S V " xki lilcyiikvs Ii Is
, ?^rht\ miOiC?,?, .? , , ... . m, oho small ?rollt aliovo
%&.wWWjr?:ty '"?"'?'I ? '? Von mi .-ii';! prollts by bny
nTTSsilaWni! director in 1.1 I have tho n . i behind your
M> ?\l?jtV'4" Wl'h'y' '"? 00 HJT i* a I 'or tins lr. .,?,:?, Ill, a?r
/'ilvVwtxr K.V W>r'<? until you i - . .. < ( lKir unheard of fattw*
/ J -a wvo? mil KS ASTOMditty i, z..
\ .' \BJ T:/''" ??'/ '?- . r 1 wo ?an 1. ... f.
BICVr.l.R OSfl'.LHJ.v .....
fiele r< in:.-.11i1...1 iv rnoolvi i|
1 luk.'ii in t ratio 1
r?n?lnir fr.."i #:i 1 . *8-.r tjio. pe ..... . , ,1 ?
C 0 AS TER - ?f-A K ?; 3 - "?"
I Self-bealiiiglfifi'dsf?^
|>|eyr*V?< I" I u*milly l.avo
..r ...it promptly ?1 uncoil
(i tri i)?, pnrtw, rct.alni ?n?l
fbr rrfularrnall prtttc/lhi ir 1
?"/.' 1) ; r- ft Ir, t ut 1, initoju,
U/lllnllf6U4iamfil' fait trfl.Xtlitnihlvli
nails. Tackt, or Ol .? BVV ., n?l U I In. . i. ?
A liundn d llumsaiid |m i sold lust, vi
rldhiif, v< ry diirnhlo ;i Iii i d .. . '? ??
a him .-inI (junllty ? i i ? ? hicij ?..
I'oinoH |>op(ius 1? 11 (I \ ... . . , ?
imiicluri's without a 111. v. Iio'ulr
Wo haVn litindi'i-dH of l< ? ? i ? - ?
HlatllKfthtll U??'|P 1 .;..!.? 1 ,. ,. |,,;
or t w lea In a whole*:m . ?
an ordinary tiro, tli" i.
ilvon liy ho Vera I lay<-i.
fahrlcon i ho t v< nd '> ?? ?
is flO.OO l< r l.nir, hill I
maklnu a sjh -ini ftt?u
da> Ifitop is n ct'h ? .1 d
bnvo i'xiiinhii .1 and 1
Wo wlllotlOH it?,nh d.
with oRorn ? : .
pel irni ?) ..i our. . pon ? . < >
ami.npywnttoum ? ? ,.
Cauli r run rnxtor, ?mr ?? ?* . . ?
Wo I no* II.?1 >.m Mill 1. ..
yoti to k-imI ax a trinl ?.r.l> r .,' . ??
nrlo? quoted aliovdi or ?nie I - ?
klntlHof nr. ?I nli...it half 1 li. .1
It f.nly costs a |><>^tal to lr?rn .
W'r.i.. II Ky'V.
0 1 ho liiir.tt rubber!rend.
<no p;uiciuros(ripb"B'*
li ' also ron slnp "H'*
v.int rim cutting. Tiu&
?ili outlast any other
901s r, LLASTtC a.iU
PULL cash
ni torn |i(ilrr.f U..lirrMinrn
bi 11.1- mi introO. ? lory
4111i r . .. . 1. ihi a uii l
' ?X Pdlf of
Greenwood County Farm Land! f
I have listed in my office a large number
of fine Greenwood County Farms, both Im
proved and Unimproved. I will be glad to
answer all inquiries about them and to
show the properties to prospective pur
chasers. I also handle Greenwood Citj
Real Estate as Selling or Renting Agent.
Write of call on
Fireproof Building Greenwood, S.
I * # I ? ',<4tt^+44JrWJHr<*><+*+*+-y*4'/l C^?<r^'

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