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?f .
I Copyright, 1911. by American Pn ' \*?o~
culiun. I
^HERE'S the girlie doll
> and dogs," with the flaxen hair,
I am it does rain % ^^wfiSI) Anc^ ^ig> ^at' 8rowV
YOU'VE heard of it "rain- ,
ing cats
And certain 1 c
Sometimes, and polly
But come and listen to me,
my dear,
For I want to ask, Did you
ever hear
Of a rain of real dollies? /, ,A ""'^
,ry^IS a wonderful rain I'll
tell about,
And there isn't the tiniest bit r- m
of doubt H 41
That it comes in Christmas
And that all night long the
doll drops fall
From up in the sky through
the chimneys tall
With no more noise than
a feather.
JTROM up in the sky where
Santa sails
In his airship swift as the
1 sweeping gales
The dolls rain down the
flue, dear,
And if you've been good the
whole year through
And have done the things
that you ought to do
They are all sent down for
you, dear.
/ mm
Teddy bear
That is made for hugs and
And the dolly boy with the
queer little hat,
And the doggy doll, and the
necktied cat,
Which r m sure is very
a rain, my dear, where
you don't get wet
And you can't catch cold at
all, and yet
You'd better not he out in it,
But stay asleep in your trundle
|| T ill the sun in the east is rosy
And then jump up that
jump right up in your
nightgown white
And see what a rain has fall
en at night,
And it won't be polly
Rut there on the hearth where
the doll drops fall
You'll find them each and
you'll love them all?
And such is the rain of
the dollies.
The 4'Land Man"
Two and fifty ninc-ono hundreths
acres of land- with a two story store
?oom 4S x 20, bounded by lands of
Rufus Gray and W. P. Adair. This
Is ono of the finest locations for a
general mercantile business in the
upper part of the county. Price fif
teen hundred dollars.
0 lots of land ranging from 36 to
til acres just outside of the Incorporat
ed limits of the town of Gray Court.
This is known as the Hill place and
's in one half mile of the Gray Court
Owings Institute, and will be sold at
prices ranging from thirty to sixty
dollars per acre. Here is a chance
to get close to the best high school.
One half acre of land with 4-room
cottage, Watts mill. Price $10."0.00.
200 acres of land, with dwelling,
three tenant housos and good out
buildings, bounded by .lid Davis, Hub
Martin and others. Prices and terms
made reasonable.
334 acres of land within three miles
of Princeton with dwellings and out
iiildlngs lor the small sum of $1G
per acre.
100 acres of land with sis-room
dwelling with good tenant houses, up
to-date out buildings. This is a very
desirable home and a beautiful farm,
situated m three miles of Ware
Shoals, on the main thoroughfare lead
ing from Lauren;; to Ware Shoals.
Price $1,000.00.
Six acres of land. 5-room cottage,
good barn and other outbuildings. 2
iieres wired in, four nice building sites,
at Wa'.ts Mills village, price :>2.:.00.
13 1-2 acres of land, half mile from
Knorec, with corn ami wheat mills, the
latter being in running con lition.
Prlco $.1,750.
125 acres of land. with seven
room dwelling, barn and outbuildings,
bounded by lands of Ilebeccn Simp
son, John Childless and others. Price
fcl'.o per acre.
85 acres of land more or less, eight
room dwelling, 2 tenant bouses, good
bam and outbuildings, in the town of
Lnnford. Pike $G,500.
1-3 ncre of land with six-room dwell
ing In town of Clinton situated on
Adair Street. Price $2,200.
4 acres of land, morn or less, and
ten-r?om dwelling, electric lights and
water works on West Main street,
City of Laurens, 159 foot front. This
is the P.nest location In the city of
Lnurens and the building is up-to
date, where you will have the ad
vantages of a country home and still
be on the main street in the city
of Laureus. Terms ,pnd price made
1C7V4 acres of land with seven-room
cottage, well supplied with tenant
houses and out buildings, In three
miles of Gray Court, S C, conven
ient to schools and churches. This is
la nice location In a thickly settled
Icommunity, surrounded by the best
white people. Price $1175. Terms
made easy.
SO acres of land in the town of Lan
ford, with beautiful cottage nicely lo
cated. Price $6,500.
2 beautiful six-room cottages In
town of Gray Court, nicely local"1
close to business part Of the town.
Prices right and terms made easy. Al
so :: l,<ts suitable for residence lots in
town of Gray Court.
One lot of land f,0 ft. fronting on
North Harper street, 210 feet deep
i with store-room 20x50 near the Wi.tts
iv.il I.
Gm lit fionting North Hn'per St..
j 100x210 feet deep, price $800.00.
? ! busiiless lots near the Watts mill
fr'-ntlnn Norf.h Harper street. 25x150
' feet deep.
One lot with 5-room cottngo front
ing .Mock street, 110x300 feet deep.
2 acres < f land, more or 1003 and
S-rnoin dwelling, store-bouse and out
building at Owillgs Station. This prop
erty is well located to establish the
trade and is worth more than the mon
ey we ash, $2,050.00.
?1 acres of land with two dwellings
I In town of fountain Inn, nicely lo
cated. Price., and terms made right
1 acre of land fronting on North
Harper street with live-room dwelling,
hot.nded by Dr. Walker and Lee Scan.
All under wire. This home was built
in the month of May. 1910, prices and
terms made right.
1 acre of land, 7-room dwelling with
I lire places, all under wlro, in town
of Fountain Inn. Price $2.r?onon
If you do not find what you want let me know your wants
and I will find it for you.
The Real listate Man That Divides the Earth to Suit Your Purse
Couldn't Walk I
"I used to be troubled with a weakness peculiar to
women," writes Mrs. Anna Jones, of Kenny, 111. "For
nearly a year, 1 could not walk, without holding my sides.
1 tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised Cardui for my complaint. I was so
thin, my weight was 115$ Now, I weigh 163, and I am
never sick. I ride horseback as good as ever. 1 am in
fine hoalth at 52 years."
Cardui Woman's Tonic
We have thousands of such letters, and more are
arriving daily. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves the great value of this vegeta
ble, tonig medicine, for women.
Cardui relieve* women's sufferings, and builds weak
women up to health and strength. If you are a woman,
f'ive it a trial. It should help you, for it has helped a mil
ion others. It is made from pure, harmless, herb ingredi
ents, whrch act promptly and surely on the womanly organs.
It to a good tonic Try it I Your druggist sells it
Writ* tot Ladt**' Adrtorr Dtfi, Chatunoog? Madiciat Co., Chattanooga. Tran..
i& Sptclok Iiutrmito*?, aod64-pa?a book, "Horn* Trtatanaat tor Wocotn." i?nt trtc J 58
Office In Simmons Dollding
Phone: Office No. 86; Residence 219.
v-am <'i><? <? r'? in.,..rTiri.?.i/A\
jf^iSi^JfOk Pill? III 11. J . .1 ?i?|,l ?.rl.;|;A%//
? T T- ?MI"'*'?h IHue ki!U,?.\V^
I*! *S *Sfi| no olhrr. Hu? of Tour "
JV ?> J"?"kno?n??B?I.S?fe?I.AIwiy?K(llill?
Assessor's Notice 1912?
The Auditor's ollieo will bo open from
the 1st of January to the 2Uth of Feb
ruary, lhl2, to make returns of all per
sonal proporty for taxat ion and wberevor
changes bavo been mado in real estate.
For tbo convenience of taxpayers tbo
Auditor or his deputy will attend tho
following named places to receive r?;
turns for said yoar to wit:
Tuesday, .lan. 9th, J, S. Craig's store,
BcufHotown Township, 10a. m.to.'i p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 10th, s. Watts I loan,
Jacks Township, 10 a.'m. to !1 p. m.
Thursday, Jan, 11. Kenno, Jacks
Township. 0 a. in. to II p. m.
Friday, Jan. 12th, Clinton, Hunter
Township. 10a. in. to 1 p. m.
Saturday, Jan. l!Hh, Clnton (Cotton
Mills, Hunter Township, !) a, in. to 2
p. in.
Saturday, Jan. I.'illi, Lydia Cotton
Mills, II unter Township, U to 7.510 p, m.
Monday, Jan. 131b, lloldvill?, Humor
To\\ nship, lo a. in. to I p. in.
Tuesday. Jan ltlth, llopowell, J. J.
Young's, Hunter Township. Ida. m. to
:i p, in.
Wednesday, Jan I7lh, Mouniville,
llnnter Township. !> a. in. to I p. m.
Thursday, Jan. iSth, Cioss Hill town,
Cross Hill Township. !i a, m. to I p. m.
Fridav, Jan. 19th, Waterloo town, Wa
terloo Township, lo r. m. to I p. m.
Saturday, Jan. 20lh. Dr. W. 0.
Thompson's, W aterloo Township, 10 a.
in. to :t p. in.
Monday. Jan. 22*1, Jerry C. Martin's
store, Waterloo Township, i> a. m. to 12
Monday, Jan. 22d, Broworton, Sulli
van Township. I lo I p. in.
Tuesday, Jan 2IUI, Sharp's store, Sul
livan Township. !> n. in. to 12 in.
Tuesday. Jan. 2'!d, Princeton, Sulli
van Township, I to i p. ni.
Wednesday. Jan. 2ltli. Tumbling
Shoals, Sullivan Township, Ida. in. to 2
p. in.
Thursday Jan. 25ih, Aimer llabb's,
Dial Township, 9 a in. lo 12 in.
Thursday, Jan. 25111. I>. D. Harris',
Dial Township. 2 lo 5 p. in.
Friday. Jan. 20th. Y A. While s, Dial
Township, i) a in. to 12 in.
Friday, Jan. 20th, Gray Court, Dial
Township, 2 to ."? p. ni.
Monday. Jan. 29tb, Stewart's store,
Young's Township, '.la in. lo ?'! p. m.
Tuesday. Jan. rlOth, Cook's store.
Youngs Township, lo a. in. lo 2 p. m,
Wednesday. Jan. ftlsl, Young's Store.
1 Young's Township, lo a. in. to 2 p. in.
' Thursday, Fob. 1st, Pleasant Mound,
! Young's Township, II a. in. to 12 in.
! Thursday, Fob. 1st. Lanford's, Young's
Township. 2 lo p. in.
Friday, Fob. 2d, Ora, Sculllotown
Township. !l a. m. to 12 in.
I Friday, Feh. 2.!. Watts Mill store. Lau
rens, 2 to ,510 p. in.
All male citizens holwoon the ages of
21 and 110 yours on the 1st of January,
except those who are incapable of earn
ing a support Iron bei im maimed or
from ol her ciiiis?s, lire deemed polls.
Confederate veterans excepted.
Also all male citizens between (he
ages of IH and50 on the 1st day of Jan..
' 11112, are liable to a road tax of lfcl.f>9
and aie required 10 make i heir return of
same to llie Auditor during the lime
above speciliod and shall |lllj lo the
County Treasurer til thestiino time oilier
taxes are paid in lieu ol working Iho
' road.
All laxpayors tiro required to give
Township and So. ol School District;
also statu whether property is situalod
in town or country. Fach lot. trtlOl or
parcel i,| land must be entered sepa
AHer the 20lh of February 50 per
(?(?lit. penalty will ho attached lor fail
ure to make ret urns.
County Auditor.
No\ 2:?. I'd I s td
The highest prices for all kinds of
fi.rs will he paid by S. Pollttkoff, Lau
rens, S. C.
Minks from .3!?C lo #7.25
Raccoons from.15c to #2.25
Skunks from .IDc lo $1.50
Opossums from .5c to 75r
Musk Hats from .5c to 55c
Fox from .2.*ic to #11.00
ott.r from .#1.00 to #20.00
Beavers from .50c to #8.50
Civil Cat- from .5e to 55c
Wild Cats In.m .I0c lo 75c
All pr ices w ill he governed ae< Ord
ing to fur market.
Ne M to Po t (? ?? Lauren;- , S. C.
Notice tiiiiual Heeling.
The annual ineetihu ol lie' County
Don cd of ('omuibsioii ? ol Laurens
County will be held ;:t ti . Supervis
or's ollice (>n the Ith (lav of January.
1912,. All persons holding claim
against the county will have them
with the County ('lei k on or before the
1st day of January H* i'c*|ulred by
County Clerk.
Jno. W. Ferguson C.C. Featherstono
W. II. Knight
Attorneys at Law
l.aurcns, S. C.
Prompt anil careful attention given
to all business.
Office Over Palmetto Bank.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.

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