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Treasurer Jennino ("ho Information
to the Loan f<?r Which Governor
Blease Claimed ( rrdit.
Treasurer Jennings last Tuesday ad
dressed a communication to tue House
of Representatives in regard to the
money borrowed by the state last sum
mer and about which so much has been
said by Governor Blease and others.
It will be remembered that Gov. Blease
claimed tha: it w-as through his in
fluence and foresight that the money
was secured at the low rate of 3 per
cent, claiming that this low rate had
never been before equalled by pre
tious administrations. He also claim
ed that the part of the loan on deposit
not being used by the state was draw
ing interest, thus making the rate even
lower than it really appeared. It was
also stated by him that twenty per
cent of the loan at times had to be
left on deposit at the bank making
the loan.
Treasurer Jennings corrected thf?
statements made- by Gov. Blease and
Gov. Blease replied by declaring that
anybody who said that the loan was
not made just as he had said, was a
malicious falsehood. The Legisalture
thereupon gave Mr. Jennings the
right to give his side of the case. The
letter of last Tuesday resulted. It Is
as follow*;
To the Honorable, the General As
sembly of the State of South Caro
Gentlemen: I gratefully accept
the permission extended to me to sub
mit this conimufnVation to your hon-,
orable body In regard to the money 1
borrowed fof the use of the State in
1911. In presenting this matter I j
respectfully submit the entire record
to show- that no contract, either writ?
ten or oral, was entered into, by ]
which the money borrowed was to
bear interest while on deposit.
Pursuant.to an act passed in 1911
authorizing the governor, comptrol
ler general and treasurer to borrow
for the use of the State SGOO.OOd. if
so much be necessary. I addressed
letters on the 11th of April. 1911, to
several bankers who had expressed a
desire to handle the State s notes, re
questing that they submit proposi
tions, net later than April IT. Among
the bids submitted was one by J. P.
Matthews, who is cashier of the Pal
metto National Bank of Columbia,
as follow i:
Capt. R. H. .lonnine- Treasurer of the
State of South Carolina. Columbia.
S. C.
Dear Sir: Complying with your
request in reference to loan to the
State of South Carolina. $500,000 to
$600.<X'?. beg to advise that it will
be my pleasure to make you a rate
of 3 per cent. If the entire amount
is not wanted now. I will be glad to
make a rate of 3"? per cent., the
money to be usei needed.
If. however I am granted the privi
lege of representing the State as I
have done in the past. I will go to
New York with a representative of
the State of South Carolina and get
the very best rate that it is possible
to obtain, giving the State the benefit
of my connection and of my pxi?>
rience in handling the State*? paper.
Ton know I have handled it for the
last several years, and it has been
my pleasure to have taken care of the
?State on all renewals requested. If
you will recall, during the panic I
handled for the State a renewal of
$100.000 at the same rate, enjoyed
during the easy money market.
My bid contemplates taking care of
the paper when due. takine from the
State your checks on various banks
' throughout South Carolina. I might
say for your information that I have
had to pay as much as $1.50 per thou
sand to collect some of the items taken
in payment of your r.otes.
I believe it would be to the inter
est of the State to let me take a rep
resentative to New York and effect
the best arrangement possible.
This bid is submitted with the un
derstanding that the paper is to he
delivered to me promptly if ray bid
is accepted.
Yours very truly.
(Signed*) J. P. Matthews.
Rids Were Opened*
On the day fixed. April 17, the gov
ernor was absent. Comptroller Gen
eral Jone? and I opened the bids
?which had been filed with me.
On the 19th of April the governor,
comptroller genera', and I met In the
governor's office, when the bid of
.?. P. Matthews was accepted and the
contract awarded to him to furnish
$500.000 at 3 per cent, interest.
On the 2u;J> of April four r.otes for
$100.000 each and two notec for $50.
o00 each were prepared in the follow
ing form:
?Tnder and by virtu* of an act of
the general assembly of the Stat* of
South Carolina entitled 'An act to
make appropriations to meet the or
dinary expenses of the State govern
ment for the fiscal year commencing
January 1. 1911, and to provide 'or
a tax sufficient to defray same'
"The State of South Carolina, by
Cole L. Blease. governor. R. H. Jen
nings, treasurer. ?nd A. W. Jones,
comptroller general on December 31.
1911. promises to pay to the order
of J. P. Matthews, the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars iSlOOyt" ?
value received, at the Hanover Na
tional bank* in the city of New York,
with Interest afterdate at the rate
of Oiree per cent.) per anounv
"In witness whereof, the State of
South Carolina has caused these
presents to be executed by Cole h.
Blease. governor: R H. Jennings,
treasurer, and A. W. Jones, comptrol
ler general, and the seal of the Stat*
to be attached the day and year above
I signed these six notes as treas
urer and delivered them to Mr. J. P.
Matthews, cashier, who agreed to p-o
enro the signatures of the governor
and comptroller general, neither of
whom could be seen at that time. Mr.
J. P. Matthews receipted to me for'
these notes as follows.
The Receipts.
Received of R. H. Jennings, treas
urer of the State of South Carolina,
four notes of $100,000 each and two
notes of $00,000 each, all dated April
20. 1911. payable December 31. 1911.
with iuterest afte- date at the rate of
three per ceut
We are to credit the State of South
Carolina with $500,000, subject to their
check for current expenses, and it
is understood that if the State is not
able to. pay these notes when due
that we are to have renewals payable
during the month of January. 1912.
(Signed) J. P. Matthews.
Correspondent Shown.
In connectio'- with the foregoing
records. 1 submit the following cor
respondence: *
Hon. A. W. Jones. Comptroller Gen
eral of Columbia. S. C.
Dear Sir: Wll you state the facts
in reference to the governor, comp
troller general and treasurer borrow
ing $500,000 to meet the expenses of
the State government for the year
1911. as provided in the appropriation!
Was any agreement made whereby
the money borrowed was to draw in
terest while on deposit?
Was any agreement ever made dur
ing your administration whereby 20 j
per cent, of the money borrowed was
to remain on deposit? Yours very]
(Signed) R. H. Jennings.
State Treasurer. H
Hon. R. H. Jennings. State Treasurer.
Columbia. S. C.
Dear Sir: Replying to your letter
requesting that I "state the facts rela
tive to borrowing $600,000 to meet the
expenses of the State government, as
provided in the appropriation act
1911.** I bee to say that on the tenth
of April. 1911, you submitted to me
the draft of a letter to several banks
asking for bids to place the loan. On ,
the 17th. the day fixed for opening
the bids. 1 attended at your office.
The governor was absent. The follow
ing sealed bids were opened: Peoples'
National Bank of Rock HiU" the Ger
mania Savings bank of Charleston,;
and J. P. Matthews. Columbia. Mr.
Matthews' bid was the lowest. On the
19th I attended at the gov -rnor's
office. The bids were then placed be
fore Gov. Blease, and on my mo
tlon the bid of Mr. J. P. Matthews at
three per cent, interest was accepted.
There was no agreement that the'
i money borrowed was to draw interest
i while on deposit, and I know of no
i agreement ever being made that any
portion? of the moneys borrowed
i should be kept on deposit. Yours
j very truly,
? Signed" A. W. Jones.
Comptroller General.
Office o! State Treasurer.
Mr. J. P. Matthews. Cashier the Pal
metto National Bank, Columbia. S.
Dear Sir: The governor in his mes
' sage to the general assembly, Jan
I uary 9th ultimo, under "Finance^"
j uses the follow ing language in ref
erence to money borrowed, to wit:
"In some instances it has been
[necessary to leave 20 per cent, on de-,
j posit, but in this borrow, such was
j not the case, and while the money
!s no deposit here, it is drawing in
terest for the State, thus further re
j ducing the net cost of the loan, which
I has not yet been done heretofore."
In the same message, under "econ
j omy of my administration." the fol
lowing language is used: ". . . . the ;
j low rate of interest at which money
j was borrowed, the securing of interest
on this money while on deposit. . ."
Since the State has adopted the pol
icy of borrowing all the money needed
annually from, or through one b^nk.
have you not handled all such loans,
and has it ever been necessary or has
any agreement been made to leave 10
per cent on deposit? Was any agree
ment made whereby borrowed money (
would draw Interest while on dei?o?lt.
i and if so with whom?
I request an immediate reply to
, this, as I desire to use it in a state
ment which I shall make to the gen
eral a.-.sembly.
Yours very truly.
? Signed- R. H. Jennings,
State Trca>urer.
\? to Interest
Capt. R. H. Jennings. Treasurer o
State of South Carolina. Colutob'a,
Dear Sir: Replying to your written
request of the 3rd, in reference to
your general account with this haut
\ beg to advise that there was no agree- I
ment made whereby ?e were :.o pny
ivfi *!?:??? re.-1 on your general eh-ck'n.;
int. We have never paid inter
est on -any of the State's account.-, ex
cept what are known as special iutsr- jl
est bearing accounts.
! Replying to your second question.
I as to the understanding that we have
i had with you since the State has
j adopted the policy of requesting bids
I for rates, beg to advise that we have
endeavored to secure for the State the!
very test rates that could be had. and
it has been our pleasure to have re
ceived several awards.
The State has never Indicated what
amount of balance would be kept with
us op an average, nor have we ever
bid on a balance basis, as your re
quests for rates did net take up this
matter, and if such a proposition had
been made by us we felt that It would
debar us from being able to secure the
The proceeds of the first noteB made
each year have been paid out, as a
rule, prornptfy for pensions, and when
the oecond serjes. of notes was made,
as a rule the money was used to pay
the Interest on the State's debt
?W? have used our very best efforts
every year to serve this State to 'he
best of ovr ability.' *
Trusting that , this statement will
cover the matter, we are
Tours very tntty
. P. Matthews.
Staads ea IWord.
Inasmuch as I am the person who
gave out a statement of tne facts jn
regard to the money borrowed in 1911,
and to which the language of the gov
ernor was doubtless directed when he
In his message, said tbst "Any report
er correspondence to the contrary Is a
malicious falsehood and was an effort
to rob me of the credit doe me lif sr
j curing this loan," I beg to state that
the foregoing records and correspond
ence sustains the truth of my state
ments which were made not to claim
credit?because at least once before
during my administration and Gov.
Ansel's second term, the same amount
of money was borrowed for the State
at the same rate of interest and upon
b?tter terms in which credit was not
thought of.
Again, the statement made by the
governor that the money was on de
posit here drawing interest for the
State Is at variance with the records
submitted. I therefore deny the state
ments made in the message of the
governor. They are absolutely with
out foundation.
Very respectfully.
R H. Jennings.
State Treasure.
New Root Juice Medicine
'^Apparently Creating the
B?Same Interest and En
5 thusiasm Here That
It Has'Elsevvhere.
If one can judge by the crowds that
are almost continually swarming the
drug stores to investigate and pur
chase a supply of the new Root
Juice medicine which for the past
few weeks has been creating a sen
sation in all parts of the state, oty
home people are fast becoming as
enthusiastic over it as those of other
places in which it has been intro
So many reports of the most as
tonishing cures effected by Root
Juice have been published and so
much has been said of the excite
ment the medicine has created in
other cities, it is not strange that lo-'
cal sufferers from indigestion, belch
ing pains after meals, loss of appe
tite, nervousness, backaches, weak
kidneys, sleeplessness. tir?d. worn
out feeling and other similar ailments
for which it is recommended, should
be anxious to follow the examples of
those who claim to have been almost
miraculously cured by its use.
At the drug storea it is said that
the sale of Root Juice has far ex
ceeded all expectations and although
there is still a good stock on hand
som? fear is entertained that there
will not be enough to supply the con
stantly growing demand, for It is said
that the main laboratories at Fort
Wpyne. Ind.. are working to their
fullest capacity, and are still far be
hind cn their orders.
Good reports are still coming in
frorr these who rave purchased the
uelicino and stories of some truly
startling results right here In town
can be heard every day.
The medicine can now be had at
any good drug store or can be ob
tained by writing to the Root Juice
laboratories at Fort Wayne. Ind.
Large bottle holding nearly a pint
cost only one dollar.
.More Hog and Hominy.
Elitor The Advertiser;
We have started the new year and
our farmers are preparing to plant
another crop. The guano drummers
are abroad in the land and our mer
chants are buying fertilizers as usual.
Our stock dealers are selling high
priced mules every day. many of them
at $600.00 per pair. Our merchants
are preparing to furnish as many cus
tomers as they did last year. What
is the meaning of all this?
Are our farmers going to do in 1012
a? they did in 1911? It certainly looks
that way now. Have they not seen
the hand writing on the wafl?
Farmers, why don't you wake up.
talk business and be men, and cut that
cotton acreage down? Now Is f.he
time to act. before you plant the crop.
Get back to the old way of farming?
raise your supplies at home, let cotton
be your surplus crop and what cotton
you do make, don't sell it for less than
15 cents per pound. Raise corn, wheat,
peas, sorghum, hay and potatoes at
home and stop living out of paper
sacks and going to town so much. This
is the only correct solution to our
present predicament.
Farmers, it is up to you" Stop mak
ing Wall street rich, cut the acreage
down and raise your "hog and hom
iny" at home.
Wood's Seeds
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mation which it gives.
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1 Sola Beans tad all Faro Seeds.
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What You Need
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The Goe-Mortimer Co.
IJS A1JL \ A one* had wonMt
QONE! \34uuL fA^Lr^
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Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
N. B. Dial, President C. H. Roper. Cashier
Take This Method
To thank our customers for
their liberal patronage during
the year just passed away. With
renewed effort we hope to merit
a continuance of the same.
With best wishes toiall for
a happy and prosperous New
Very; respectfully,
W. Q. Wilson & Co.
- OF THE -
County Treasurer.
The Books of the County Treasurer
will be opened for the collection of
State. County and Commutation Road
Taxes for fiscal year, 1911, at the
Treasurer's Office from October 15th.
to December 31st. 1911. After Decem
ber olst., one per cent, -will be added.
After January 31st. two per cent, will
be added, and after February 28th.,
seven per cent, will be added till the
15th. day of March. 1912. when the
! books will be closed. ,
All persons owning property in more
than one Township are requested g?*
call for receipts in euch of the severSJ
, Townships in which the property
i located. This Is important, as addition
I al cost and penalty may be attached.
All able-bodied male cltliens be
tween the ages of 21 and 60 years of
age are liable to pay a poll tax of $1.00
except old soldiers, who are exempt at
1 50 years of age. Commutation Koad
Tax $1.50. In lieu of road duty.
The Tax levy Is as follows:
For State purposes.5% mill*
For Constitutional School Tax 3 mills
For Ordinary County purposes 3 mills
For Interest on Railroad Bonds 1 mill
For Roads and Bridge Bonds 3 mills
For Court House Bonds .. ..2 mills
Total.n\ mills
Special Schools?Laurens Township.
Laurens No. 11.7 mills
Trinity Ridge No. 1.4 mills
Maddens No. 2.2 mills
Narnie No. 3.2 mills
i Baileys No. 4.2 mills
Mills No. 5.2 mills
Oak Grove No. 6.2 mills
. Ora No. 12.2 mills
; Special Schools?Youngs Township.
Youngs No. 3.2 mills
Youngs No. 2.3 mills
Youngs No. 4.3 mills
Youngs No. 5.3 mills
Fountain Inn No. SB.5 mills
Lanford No .10.4 Vi mills
Ora No. 12.2 mills
Youngs No. 1.3 mills
Special Schools?Dials Township.
Green Pond No. 1.3 mills
Dials No. 2.3 mills
Shiloh No. 3.2 mills
Gray Court-Owings No. 5 .. ..4 mills
Barksdale No. 6.2 mills
Dial Church No. 7.2 mills
Fountain Inn No. 3B.5 mill*
Special Schools?Sullivan Township
." . Bethel No. 2.3 mills
. .-inceton No. 1.3 mills
.'oplar Springs No. 3.2 mills
Rabun No. i.4 mills
Hendersons ill ? No. 5.4 mills
Friendship No. 6.2?? mills
Brewerton No. 7.3 mills
Sullivan Township R R Bonds 4 mill
Special Schools?Waterloo Township.
Waterloo No. 14.3 mills
Mt. Gallagher No. 1.3 mills
Bethlehem No. 2.2 mills
Ekom No. 3.4 mills
Centerpoint No. 4.2 mills
Oakvlllo No. 5.3 milk
Mt. Pleasant No. 6.2 mills
Mt.Olive No. 7.2 mills
Special Schools?Cross Hill Township.
Cross Hill No. 13.6 mills
Cross Hill No. 1.2 mills
Cross Hill No. 2.2 mills
Cross Hill No. 4.2 millr^
Cross Hill No. 6...2 miiksjsj
Cross Hill No. 6.2 i:.. MO
Special Schools?Hunter T iwnship.
Mountville No. 16.4Vi mill*
Hunter No. 2.2 mills
Hunter No. 3.2 mills
Clinton No. 5.6 mills
Hunter No. 8.3 mills
3peeial Schools?Jacks Township.
Hurricane No. 15.3 mills
Shady Grove No. 2.3 mills
Special Schools?Scuffletown Township
Langston Church No. 3.3 mills
Scuffletown No. 1.2 mills
I-anford No. 10.4li mills
Ora No. 12.2 mills
Prompt attention will be given those
who wish to pay their Taxes through
the mail by check, money order, etc.
Persons sending in lists of names to
be taken off are requested to send
them early; and give the Township of
each, as the Treasurer is very busy
during the month of December.
County Treasurer.
' September 15. 1911.?td.*1
The Auditor's ofllce will be open
from the 1st of January to the 20th of
February. 1912, to make returns of all
personal property for taxation and
wherever changes have been made In
real estate.
All male citizens between the ages of
21 and 60 years on the 1st of Jan
( nary, except those who are Incapable
1 of earning a support from being maim
ed or from other causes, are deemed
polls. Confederate veterans excepted.
Also all male citizens between the
: ages of IS and 50 on the 1st day of
, January. 1912, are liable to a road tax
of $1.50 and are required to make their
return of same to the Auditor during
the time above specified and shall pay
! to the County Treasurer at the same
. time other taxes are paid In lieu of
\ working tho road.
; /ll taxpayers are reiulred to glv^
, Township and No. of School DlatrlfoJ
I also state whether property Is situf*J0
ed In town or country. Each lot, tract
of parcel of land must be entered sep
After tha 20th of February 50 p?r
cent, penalty will be attached for fail
ure to make returns.
Cottoty Auditor.
No . 29. 1911?td

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