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Committees and Sub-Comlttees Differ as to Who was
Present at the Meeting and Who was not Pres
ent?Archltlct Todd on the Stand.
Columbia, Feb. 8.?The Todd claim
for $13,550 will be still further In
vestigated by a special committee
from the house under a resolution
which the house passed this morning.
The resolution was introduced by Mr.
Stevenson. It follows:
"That a committee of five members
of the house be forthwith appointed
by tho speaker and when appointed,
shall constitute a commission whose
duty it shall be to Investigate and re
port to this house? with all convenient
speed tho facts as to the conduct and
action of the committee on state
house and grounds, and it.; subcom
mittees, and all other persons and of
flcers connected therewith or alleged
to have been connected therewith or
to have had anything to do with the
same, as to the plans undertaken und
contracts entered Into to carry out the
terms of a concurrent resolution,
the object of which was to carry out
suggestions of the governor In his
message No. 5 in relation to the state
"2. That said commission shall
have the power and authority to
swear witnesses, send for and compel
the attendance of witnesses and pro
duction of paper; employ a ste
nographer; preserve order, and shall
report the testimony, with their con
clusions thereon, back to this house
with all convenient speed at this ses
sion. That the sergennt-at-arms of
this house is directed to serve all pro
cesses issued by the said commission,
signed by its chairman, and obey the
orders of said commission."
Speaker Smith appointed the follow -
ing committee to investigate the Todd
claim for $13,550: U M. Qasguo, .1. II.
Miller, lt. D. Heiser. J. W. Boy?\ and
J. R. Connor.?Spartanburg Herald.
The First Meeting.
Tho committee was appointed by
Speaker Smith, and Friday there
?was considerable contradictory tosti
nnony at tho first session. Mr. Bryan
said that not only his subcommittee
was familiar with the facts, but that
all members of the committee knew
about the contract with Todd & Ben
son when It was discussed on Sep
tember 27 in the office of (low Blease.
Other members of the whole commit
tee said that the contract was not
brought up and that they knew noth
ing about the claim for $13,550 filed
later. They did know that there was
some discussion as to the fees al
lowed an architect, and there was also
some talk about a*lowing Mr. Todd
not more than $1,(100 for his "cam
paign of education," as one 'member
termed it. The details of tho con
tract, however, were not prepared at
this committee's meeting and were
drawn up afterward in Charleston by
Mr. Bryan on some of the data taken
nt the committee meeting. This
Contract was witnessed In Charleston
by the architects interested and later
In Columbia signed by Messrs Todd
and Bryan and Dixon on behalf of
the commission in Columbia, as is
shown in the testimony below. The
contract was dated back to Septem
her 27, but it wa# signed in Columbia
in a room rented by Mr. Todd over
the transfer station at the corner of
Main and (Jervals streets several days
Mr. Wells, Mr. Mltchum and Mr.
Pcgues said that they had not attend
ed any meeting of the general com
mittee, except tho one called for Sep
tember. They knew nothing of the
meetings held during the session of
de general assembly when the sub
^sommlttee was appointed. This Is
Bxne of the points upon which em
phasis was made yestorday. A sum
mary of the meeting yesterday is
? Mr. Bryan said that the general
committee knew of the plnns and ap
proved of the expenditure of the
money for Todd A Henson on account
of the authority given under the res
olution adopted after Qov. Blease sent
a special message to the general an
i sembly regarding the toilets and tho
approaches to tho State house.
Othor members of the committee
say that they were not familiar wRh
tho contract except that an architect's
foe was discussed In a gonernl way,
and that while they liked the plans
they did not understand that there
approval bound them to the claim
filed.?Tho State.
Contractor Todd's Version.
At the meeting hold Monday, among
other witnesses was A. W. Todd who
drow up the plans and made the "edu
cational campaign". The testimony ap
peared in The State and was about
as follows:
A. W. Todd was then sworn. Mr.
Todd said be bad been an architect
for 32 years, He is a member of the
general assembly. "Mr. Bryan said
to me to go ahead with the work, but
I asked him as to his authority."
Mr. Todd then presented a written
statement which Mr. Blackburn, on
being recalled, said he prepared at
the dictation of the governor. It is
dated July 2G, 1911, and addressed
to Mr. Bryan, authorizing the employ
ment of an architect in regard to the
State house as suggested In the mes
sage, and to employ an architect as
reasonably as possible, as he (the
governor) was sure that it was not
the intention of the general assembly
to go to any considerable expense.
Mr. Todd then said he was asked as
to his idea of tho toilet approaches. He
told them it would require compre
hensive study, and later he appeared
before the committee and told t lie
members that the toilets would have
to be put on the inside, as lie major
ity of the offices were dungeons, and
to meet the demands of the building
additions were noooss'ary.
Sub committee Named.
"It was then moved," said Mr.
Todd. "that a committee be appointed
to look into the matter. A resolution
was introduced and passed. I was
then told to go ahead witli the plans
and I worked the whole year with ex
perts on the matter. Then in Sep
tember I told the chairman that I
was ready, and tho meeting was
Mr. Todd then showed his plans
and produced pictures and the article
In The State, September 2S, describ
ing the proposed building, which he
said was mailed to every member of
the general assembly.
- The report, Mr. Todd said, was
published in The State by the per
mission of the committee, and ho
gave it to a representative of The
State after permission was obtained.
Traveling Expenses.
He told the committee that it was
not customary for an architect to
travel over state and solicit work.
It certainly had never been his pol
I Icy.
Questioned as to the appropriation
of $1,000 for traveling Mr. Todd said:
"The governor said, 'That Is a hell
of an exorbitant fee. 1 canvassed (In
state for $:{"?'? when 1 ran for gov
j ornor.
"Mr. Dlxon sail, 'lint this is an ex
traordinary affair,' and the governor
said the matter was with the com
"1 told them as to tin1 architect I
would work under fees as provided
by the American association nnd the
resolution passed unanimously. Wo
appointed a committee to draw up a
bill and there waa objection to tho
$1,000,000 plan. It was suggested
that the appropriation be made hi
annual Installments of $:i00,000 each.
The contract was drawn up In Char
When First Called.
Replying to Mr. Casque, he was
called on first at' a meeting of the
committee during the genernl assem
bly In 1911, and he was acting under
Instructions of the general commit
tee under an oral contract.
Mr. Todd then road the contract
He maintained that the phrase, "as
heretofore," Implied that the com
mittee acknowledged that he was
employed. Mr. Todd explained the
plans, which he said he had spent
months on.
"From what I hear I should have
required the contract a year ago,"
said Mr. Todd.
Replying to Mr. Casque, he said
he was In no competition, and under
the rules of the association the fees
aro duo pro rata, and he was. now
entitled to one-fifth of the entire fee.
He entered into no competition, be
cause it was the rule of hiB ofhee.
There wore other rules?for Instance,
no negro could get a plan from his
Was Directly Interested.
"The matter was impressed on my
mind because I was directly Inter
ested. I wouldn't Bpcnd money on a
contingency. I understood the con
tract was made in good faith."
Replying to Mr. Gasque, ho said
I he visited people throughout the
State, talked to tax payers and in
terested them in it.. Mr. P. C. Cary
had told htm that he would support
the plans If the governor would not
veto them. Mr. Todd told Mr. Cary
that he could make no promises.
"I keep no account of my expenses,
but R that Is a matter of Controversy,
I will eliminate them despite the fact
that The Sate has attempted to per
vert the facts. 1 would like to know
what architect It was The State says
roughly speaking, the Improvements
would cost :t:'..ooo,ooo.
"There are plenty of architects who
enter Into competition, but I am not
one of them. The State newspaper
has never said that the $i.ooo ap
propriated was to acquaint the people
with the facts."
Mr. Todd stated emphatically that
be understood that he was to be paid
for the model and for the traveling.
He had spent nearly a year on the
work. lie consulted B. Marlon Ruck
er and other attorneys as to whether
or not, as a member of the legislature,
ho (Mr. Todd) was violating tho eth
ics of the profession. Mr. Rucker said
At the September meeting he was
husy explaining the plans and he
could not say whether or not the
governor was in the ofllce all the
time. Ho naturally thought that, the
meeting being held there, it was au
Never Heard Objection*
He never consulted the governor
"I never heard a 'no' on any plans
discussed at the meeting. As to the
traveling expense account, I would
rather wipe that out. According to
Mr. Bryan, I thought I had authority
to proceed with the plans after the
February meeting. If I know then
what I know now. I certainly would
not have gone on with the work. I
told them that It would take lots of
money to fix this oapitol. The dome,
for instance, is unsafe. 1 think as
to toilet approaches, if you bother
the approaches to the toilets, you en
danger the rest of the building."
Mr. Holser asked the witness after
reading the governor's message, how
It could be possible to Interpret the
idea as it was done.
Mr. Todd said that when once work
was started on the Capitol It meant
wholesale changes. The front steps
were unsafe, new offices wore needed,
and South Carolina should arrange
for a new building.
The contract and his report were
prepared in Ills ofllce in Charleston,
but he did not know where the min
utes were drawn up.
Questioned by Mr. Gasque, he said
he did not recall who he visited. For
instance, he talked to representative
men like Col. Johnstonc. He did not
call on the governor, because the
meeting was held there and the gov
ernor was presumably familiar with
the plans. He named four from his
ofllce who were here on architectural
work. The whode thing had cost about
$8,000 In addition to his work of ft
"I felt as sure of my money, as If
I was investing in a gold bond," re
peated Mr. Todd.
GOV. IMoase May Testily.
It was reported Monday that GOV.
Rlease had been "Invited" to appear
beforo the committee.
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Ki i -imp Chapter Adopts Attractive i
Program for the Tenth of May?j
School Children to he Conspicuous
Arrangements are already under
way for the Memorial Day exercises
to be held on the tenth of May under
the auspices of the J. I). Kcrshaw
chapter. United Daughters of the Con
At the last meeting of the .chapter,
It was unanimously determined to re
turn to the time-honored custom of
having tl5e entire program carried out
at the cemetery Instead of having the
address delivered In the opera house.
Hence the time of day Is also chang
ed?the exercises this year being In
tho afternoon, toward sunset, when
It Is to bo expected that the weather
will not be uncomfortably warm, and
particularly when the children can par
ticipate without interference with
While the program in detail has not
yet been definitely decided upon, it
is known that tho exercises at the
cemetery will be in the nature of a
combination (and condensation) of
what last year was done at the opera
house and at the cemetery. That is
to say, there will be music, presen
tation of crosses of honor, the reading
of the roll and an address. In addi
tion thereto, each soldier's grave will
be decorated with a laurel wreath tied
with red and white ribbons; these
wreaths being placed by a number of
little Kills who will have been care
fully instructed and drilled in advance
so that this feature of the program
may be promptly and properly carried
out with no possibilty of a single grave
being overlooked or neglected.
In fact this Idea of precision and
careful preparation is to signalise tho
entire event which, while dlguiflcd and
In a measure solemn as well, is hoped
to be not without Sufficient "dash"
and vigor to make'it distinctly inter
esting as well as instructive.
The thin Gray Line is ever thin
ning. The sombre iron crosses in the
cemetery increase in number day by
j day. And the "Daughters" realize that
It Is the children who must be im
pressed with- Memorial Day and all
that it means, because they must be
the conservators of all that is best
and noblest in the community; that it
is for them to hand down to the gen
erations yet to come the memories of
the brave days and brave deeds of the
men and women of Lau t ens.
While, therefore every effort will
he made to secure the attendance of
as many eVterans as can possibly be
present and while of course It is ex
pected that the goneral public will
conn; in Inrge numbers, particular
stress will be laid upon the desirabil
ity of having all the school children
attend; and it is expected that a spe
cial invitation and request will in tin
near future be accordingly extended.
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I^iurcns. S. C, Feb. 3rd. 1012.
A call 1h hereby made for a County
Convention of the Colon Republican
Tarty of I^auren?, to be held at Lau
rens, 9. C., February ?Ith. 1912, and
elect three (3) delegates to tho State
Convention at Columbia, S. C, Feb
ruary 20th, 1912. and elect five dele
gates to the Fonrth Congressional Dis
trict Convention, to meet at Union,
8. C, February 28th. Tho various
precincts or townships will meet on
Saturday. February 17th, and eleot
four delegates each to the Connty Con
vention, to meet nt I>aurens, S. C,
February 24th, 1912.
Hy order of Executive Committee:
P, S. SOBER, Chairman.
F. W. WILLIAMS, Sec'y.
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N. B. The following schedule figures are published only as information
and not guaranteed.
*r?4 53 station f>2 ?55
S:20 a m 2:12 p m Lv Laurens Ar 2:12 p m 7:f>6 p in
8 44 2:35 Clinton 1:60 7:115
9:32 :t: 20 Ne wherry 12:60 0:44
0:50 3:34 Prosperity 12:42 C:2f?
11:15 4:6T? Ar Columbia Lv 11:15 5:00
6:20 Ar Sumter Lv 0:41
10:00 p m Ar Charleston Lv C:15 a m
* ?Trains 54 and f>5 run solid between Qreenville and Columbia daily er
cept Sunday. These trains stop at (larvata St. Station, while trains f.2 and
go to Union Station.
Solid through trains between Qreenville and Charleston via I.aureus anil
T. C. WHITE, General aPsscngcr AgeuL
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Arrive Richmond 7:22 am 6:05 i'm
Washington 10:17 AM 8:36 i'm
Baltimore 11:36 AM D:56 i'm
Philadelphia ? i :4r. i>m i . i:, AM
" New York 3:.r,r, i>m 3:50 AM
All trains carry through steel electric-lighted Pullman drawing
room sleepers, which now enter the new Pennsylvania Railroad
Station (in the heart of New York City).
No. 32 "The Atlanta-Birmingham special" carries a through
observation car. Birmingham to New York.
All trains en route serve meals In dining cars -service a la
Any agent of the SKAHOAKD can furnish information as to
schedules, rates, etc.
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
M. R. FavIIle. M. I)., wishes to an
nounce that he has offices on the third
door of the Grier & Park building;,
Greenwood, and Is equipped to fit
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Phone 406.
Ofllce hours?D to 1 and 2 to 4.
Sundays my appointment.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
People's Bank Building
Phone 852.
Laurens, S. C.

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