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Caroline Roper, Editor-in-Chief.
Otis Huff, Assistant Editor.
Edwin Moseley, Locais.
Anna Prentlss, Athletics for Girls.
Julius Sitgrcaves, Athletics for Boys.
The oratorical contest in the Lau
rens high school will soon he here
and we arc all looking forward to it,
on April 4th. There are many boys
in the high school contesting and we
certainly hope that In tho final run a
Laurens boy will win tho medal as
one did last year.
On the whole we have but a few
visitors to our school unless some
thing happens in the different grades,
to which tho public are Invited. Wo'
have one regular visitor though, Rev.
Mr. Thayer pays our school a Ylslt
every Monday morning.
Also we have very few sick pupils.
The only one who Is very sick now
is Frank Armtrong and he is getting
along fine.
Many of the grades have been
framing so.r.c new pictures lately for
their rooms, because we try to keep
our rooms at neat, clean and attrac
tive as your parlors.
Mr. Lavender, the moving picture
munager is taking great interest in
our school. He has given all tin1
grades an opportunity of going in
free to the moving pictures on cer
tain afternoons. He has helped the
Athletic Clubs by giving them two
weeks in which to sell tickets and we
receive half profits. Now he has
granted a free ticket to every child
who gets on the Honor Roll and we
want to thank him publicly for his in
terest in us.
Mr. Charles Munson. represent ing
Allyn and Bacon, book publishers, vis
ited ohr school last Friday, being call
ed upon to make a talk, he decrlbed
the process of mining oil The talk
was very interesting and every one en
joyed it.
On March 18, an entertainment was
given at the school auditorium, for
the benefit of the girls athletic asso
ciation. Miss Crclghton, one of the
high school teachers, directed the
I play, and was ably assisted by pu
! pils throughout the school. All the
pupils acted well and the entertain
ment wes a success in every way.
Advantages of an Athletic Association
in u High School.
No one will deny that an all-round
educated person Is one who Is men
tally, morally and physically trained.
The first two courses of training are
usually gained through the medium
of the school and home, but there is no
definite means of gnining the latter
unless it Is through an athletic as
sociation. There are a great many
who object to such an Institution In
a school because it takes time which
they contend should be spent In study
ing. If such things as athletic asso
ciations exist In nearly all colleges,
both made and female, and we usually
select the wisest and most capable
men for their presidents, then why
should they not bo In the high schools?
High school life Is only a stepping
stone to college life and If athletics
are considered by these learned men
as beneficial and proper for one, why
not for the other. It Is true play, Is
an important factor In the life of the
average school boy and girl, for with
out it their health Is Impaired and
their work hindered, but systemized
and directed play Is even better for
them, und this Is what they receive In
an athletic association. It Is neces
sary that the close mental strain which
is necessary to studying should be
offset by a relaxation of all the mus
cles and nerves of the body, and there
is no better way of doing this than
by going out and making a hundred
yard dash across a field or giving
vent to a few lusty yells on a base
hall diamond.
The training received In this way
is of great service in after life. Who
has not seen many a man when put
to the t<>st of great endurance give out
In a short while for lack of breath?
This same man had he the training of
his breathing organs and muscles
required in running, Jumping and
vaulting, would undoubtedly have held
out longer. Everybody advises a good
strong, clean physique in a man who
has trained his body and Us organs
to overcome outward material con
ditions, Is more able to withstand the
forces of disease and temptations
which flesh is heir to. If any insti
tution will make stronger, better men
and fit them better for their purpose
In life then it stands to reason that
It Is nndenlally a good thing.
We arc hoping to have the co-opera
tion of some of the merchants and
citizens in making our Feld Day a
success on April the fifth. Should they
see fit to offer a few prizes to the
winners of the different contests, It
would at least stimulate greater Inter
est in those who are working so hard
to make this day a Biiccess and add
credit to our school.
Both teams are putting forth all
efforts to make this day a success by
j taking advantage of every sunshiny
Julius Sitgreaves.
Tenth Grade.
Dat Chicken.
When de early mornin's breakin',
Sleep Is from my eyelids shaken',
Comes dat happy tho't awakin',
I's so glad I's got a chicken.
Day advances, work abringin',
Care, her cloak around me flingln',
Yet in my heart I's a-Bingln',
I's so glad I's got a chicken.
Some times dark tho'ts flutters o'er
I can't see an inch before me,
Still O chicken yard I love thee,
I must have another chicken.
I kin trus' my feet to lead me,
'Neath the night, darkness will keep
Den nobody sho' won't see me,
I must have another chicken.
Gently night sho' is a nearin',
Light frum earth is disappearin',
Still dat blessed tho't so cheerin',
I can have another chicken.
Now, dim darkness gathers 'round
But de missus sho' has found me.
For steel trap teeth tightly hold me,
?She has got another chicken.
Willie Sexton.
Eighth Grade. 1
Will Surely Stop Thai Cough.
Giving way rather sharply at the
start under the welglit of a general
selling movement, cotton quickly
turned about and recovered fully all
of the early loss. This has been the
action of the market for some time
past; it goes downward one day and
upward the next, with the summer
options hovering around the HHfcc lev
el. Developments over Sunday were
of a character disappointing to the
bulls; the weather at the south was
better, the political atmosphere abroad
somewhat disturbed and no settlement
had been reached In the big English
coal strike. Then, too, a number of
the operatives at Fall River express
ed themselves as unwilling to accept
a 5 per cent advance In wages, asking
15 per cent Instead. This also had
more or less effect on sentiment when
considered In conjunction with the oth
er depressing news. Yet, as already
intimated, the market was not long
in reversing its course, owing mainly
to covering by the shorts. The south
bought heavily, as did Liverpool and
large spot houses, the weather map
furnishing the Incentive by taking on
a threatening look. It suddenly turn
ed a good deal colder In the southwest
and rains were predicted for several
states; there has been altogether too
much rain in some sections of late
and crop preparations are backward.
The market was also stimulated by
developments tending toward a settle
ment of the mammoth labor troubles
In England, teh impression gaining
ground that a strike which is paralyz
ing trade there will not be allowed
to contlnui much longer. It was Blg
nivcant, however, that profits were
again freely taken on the advance, and
In the late trading the market be
enme weaker and unsettled. Perhaps
the final ginning report of the Census
Bureau chilled the ardor of the hulls;
the figures, 16,050,000 bales, certain
ly looked impressive, although they
were by no means a surprise.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
won its great reputation and exten
sive sale by Its remarkable cures of
coughs, colds and croup. It can he de
pended upon. Try it. Sold by all
"CORTRIGHT" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.
and accept no substitute, if you want a roof that
will last as long as the building, and never need
repairs?never need attention of any kind, except
an occasional coat of paint.
3. Fire-proof? Storm-proof? Lightning-proof
For sale by
Local Dealers or Cortright Metal Roofing Company
50 N. 23rd, St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Truly, you Do secure the very best meats obtain
able when you patronize this market.
We take special care in buying only where we're
certain of choice meats and after they're received they
are kept in the best condition by painstaking care and
up-to-date refrigerating equipment.
Our prices are as low as possible and our delivery
service, perfect.
Phone 293.
Have now friends by the score.
We have experienced some bad
weather but in spite of that
the business has kept
Just Four
more Days of
the Great Piercing
Arrow Sale and it will
be 4 days full of surprises for
you. Every Day a Special
coming. Now for
the finish. Be
on hand.
AA7FDNFCDAYI Specials in Lace, Embroidery, Ribbons, Shirtwaist
f LtUlMuOVH.ll Muslin Underwear. Closing Out Our Millinery.
NOTICE! Sa,e wil1 Positively Close
.ii.?._T.. Saturday, Mar. 30th.
Bigger doings than ever in the
"SUBWAY." It is wonderful
the way goods will sell. But
why not. Such values
were never known
in this or any
be in addition to the already
big bargains that are bringing the
people from all sections of the country.
Big feature
bargain days all
this week. These will
THURSDAY! reduction in all our Dress Goods. You will lind some
lllUIViJi/H. I ? excellent values in Spring and Summer Percales,
and all Waist Goods.
FRIDAY! Unusual concessions in prices of Clothing: $25.00 suits $14.
I IY11/H.1 : Lion Brand shirts 89ct.s, Stetson $4.00 Hats $2.71),
Smile $3.00 Hats $2.29. Don't miss it.
SATURDAY! Don't ^ t0^e here Saturday, the last day. We are going
VixUH. 1 ? to make that a long remembered day.
FRIDAY! ^e Big ^aY- Bargain Friday! For this one day we are going
I IVlLrii 1 ? to turn things loose. You must come to find out what's doing.
Saturday, March 30th 18 thc Last0p?unkshese Great
J. E. Minter & Bro,
The Bargain Center
There arc Clothing values here that will
Interest every man who comes?nothing that
we could say would mean as much to you
as the following prices and when you have
come and seen the goods you will then .-ealize
why this is a great opportunity.
Lot 1. An assortment of suits sold at $20.00,
$22.50 and $25.00. These are suits picked
from the entire, stock?brokea lots?your
cholco .$14.99
Lot 2. An assortment of suits sold at $10.00,
$12.f>0 and $15.00. They are not the latest styles
hut at the price we quote they arc dandy good
values?come look them over and take your
choice at .*>?.90
Lot. 3. Your choice of our regular $10.50,
$17.50 and $18.50 sultB.$11.99
Lot. 4. Your cholco of our regular $15.00
suits .MM
Lot 6. Your choice Of our regular $12.50
suits .
Lot 6. Your choice of our regular $10.00
suits .M>
I ( o.
5,000 yards Val Lnccs very unusual values at
per yard .',U
Rig lots laces actual values to 1 < at per
yard .7c
I lot men's hats values to $2.00 at.98c
1 lot men's hats values to $3.00 at .... . *l.il>
1 lot full dress patterns regular price $8 50
choice .stil.fr.?
I lot regular 75c lace curtains at..'{IP
75 curtains all kinds values to $1 2fi, Choice Tile
I lot extra line lace curtains $:<.50 value . .$'2.19
Kxtra special values In Muslin Underwear,
gowns, petticoats, drawers, corset covers,
Prices from 19c up. These are unusual values
Many splendid opportunities in this depart
ment that will Interest all economic al women.
We only quote prices on Dress Ooods, hut
the sale includes all Silks, linens and Domes
All our $1.00 Dress OoO(l8 at .7<>c
All our 85c Dress Ooods at.I!Ii
AI I our 75c Dress Ooods at .."?Sc
All our 50c Dress floods at..'{<)??
One tahle odds and ends showing value; to
75o a yard to close out at per yard ,...89c

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