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For Women
Dr. Simmons Squaw Vine Wine
is prepared exptt-^ly for the ail
ments of woi i .!. It contains
Ingredients wh'oh act directly on
the delicate female constitution,
mildly and pleasantly?yet It ex
ercises a most beneficial effect
all through the system.
Squa w Vine
Overcomes weakness, nervous
ness and Irritability. Gives prompt
relief from the depressing bear
ing-down pains, backaches, nau
sea and irregularities which cause
so much suffering and despond
ency. 11 has a most happy effect
Restores strength, renewed hope,
cheerfulness and the energy and
will to perform the duties of the
household which formerly were
sc trying and distasteful.
Sold by Druggist* and Dmalcr*
/Vice $1 Per Bottle
Lawrens. 8. C
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding (daims against
the late Dr. K. W. Plnson will file
itemized verified statement of same
with the undersigned and all persons
Indebted to the late Dr. E. W. Plnson
will make payment to the undersigned.
.Mrs. Sophia C. Plnson,
Qualified Executrix,
Will of Dr. Plnson.
Cross HUI. S. C.
June 3rd, 1012. 4?-3t
1785 1912
College of Charleston
12Sth Year begins September 27
Entrance examinations at all the
county seats on Friday, July 5, at 9
a. ih.
It offers courses In Ancient and
Modern Languages. Mathematics, His
tory, Political Science, Debating,
Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and En
Courses for B. A.. B. S., and B. S. de
gree with Engineering.
A free tuition scholarship to each
county of South Carolina. Vacant
Boyce scholarships, giving $100 a
year end free tuition, open to compet
itive examination In September.
Expenses reasonable. Terms and
catalogue on application. Write to j
Harrison Randolph, President,
Charleston, S. C.
Scholarship and Entranee
The examination for the award of
vacant scholarships In Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new stu
dents will be held at the County Court
house on Friday, July r>. at !? n.
Applicants must be not less than fif
teen years of age. When Scholarships
are vacant after July r> they will be
awarded to those making the highest
average at this examination, provided
they meet the con lit Ions governing
the award. Applicants for scholar
ships should write to President John
son before the examination for Schol
arship examination blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition. The next session Will op
en September IS. 1912. For further
information and catalogue, address
Pres. D. B. Johnson, Rock Hill, S. C.
N. B. Dial A. C. Todd
Attorneys at Law
Enterprise Bsuk Building, Laurens, S. C.
Office Is Simmons Building
Phone: Office No. 86; Residence 219.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
People's Bank Building
Pktse SM.
Laurens, S. C.
PHm! Piles! PIUs!
WIIHum' Indian JMU Otataaant will <mr*
Wfead, Bla+AJn* aad Itehlas; Wlaa. It aa
aarba tha tu?*or?. allaya Itealaa at one*,
metm aa a panltlea, sIvm Instant reaaf.
WBIUWB' Indian Pile CHatmant la pra
fjatafl far 1*11?a and itching- af tha prlvata
parts. J?r\i/amiat?. mall 60c and II.00.
ist LI AM? *f?. CS.. Prei??., Clevtlai.d. SMa
Lavarena, f. C.
Another shipment of those extra
good Porch 8wings, Just In, fhey are
only |2.90.
f S. M. A B. H. Wllkes k, Co.
gov. ble?se: and
the negro college
Built Heating riant When He was
Trustee?Spent Much Mono)'?Be
lieves In Educating the >'egro to
Keep Him From Being n Paraalte
on the Body Politic.
Governor Bleose has been t criticiz
ing the legislature since ltd last ses
sion because of an appropriation for
repairing an old heating plant In the
negro college at Orangcburg nnd for
putting In a new plant In the new
building that was erected. This has
been his main criticism against the
general assembly outside of his gen
eral charge that they overruled his
vetoes. In view of this, a report
made by him and his co-trustees to
the general assembly while he was
trustee of the negro college, throws
much light upon the situation and Is
as follows, being found In the reports
and resolutions of the general assem
bly for the year 1903 at page 897:
To the Hon. J. J. McMahan, State
Superintendent of Education of
South Carolina, Columbia, S. C.
The board of trustees of the Col
ored Normal, Industrial, Agricultural
and Mechanclal college of South Car
ollna, reopectfully submit the follow
ing report through you to the gen
cral assembly of South Carolina:
We herewith submit the report of
the president of the college, embody
ing reports of the academic, normal
and Industrial departments, showing
that good, solid work is being done,
harmonious efforts being expended by
all concerned.
The Industrial department Is scor
ing a signal success, the fine exhibit
of the Industries securing a gold
medal at the South Carolina Inter
state and West Indian exposition
No better work of the kind Is being
done anywhere. There were 804 in
dustrial units pursued last year out
of an enrollment of 024 students, thus
showing that each student at least
took one or more trades or industries.
The students that leave this school
will be self-sustaining and not para
sites on the body politic.
The farm continues to make a good
showing. Farmers* Institutes were
held in fifteen (lf>) counties this
year, to the edification of the white
and black. Experiments still con
tinue on the farm with various kinds
of cotton and corn, and especially at
tention was given this year to pro
lific green stock feeding plants, with
The health of the student body
continues to compare most favorably
with any similar Institution.
Five thousand, nine hundred and
forty dollars and forty-seven cents
have been expended on the new brick
Industrial building. It will require
nbout $.*>,000 additional to finish and
place the machinery In said building.
A steam heating plant has been In
stalled in Morrill hall at a cost of
$3,000, which adds much to the safe
ty of the building and the health and
comfort of the students.
The president's report shows the
l ecelpts and disbursements for the
I year, an itemized account of which
has been filed with the state super
intendent of edusatlon. It Is always
subject to Inspection.
The president's report likewise
shows the Itemized needs of the In
stitution necessary to continue the
construction in hand and to run the
Institution on. viz:
Absolute Needs.
Current expenses (approx.
by last year's figures) ..$ 4,468.34
Incidental expenses (ap
prox. by last year's fig
ures) .$ 1,264.31
Furnishings for Industries
(last year's figures) .. .. i.t?97.r.?
Insurance. 1,500.00
Physician and clerical serv
'ce. 800.00
Fireproof vault. 800.00
Salaries, teaching force .. 12,.r>00.00
Reduced by Income, etc. .. 18,315.16
Absolute needs.$ 5,005.12
To complete and equip new
Industrial building.$ 5,000.00
State appropriation needed. .$10,000.00
Thus it wll be seen, as has been
claimed, that the Institution can be
run In a state appropriation of $5.000
annually when the buildings in pro
cess of construction are completed,
but we need $5,000 to complete the
Man Conghn and Breaks Ribs.
After a frightful coughing spell a
man In Neenah, Wia? felt terrible
pains in his side and bin doctor found
two ribs had been broken. What agony
Dr. King's Now Discovery would have
saved him. A few teaspoonfuls end
a late cough, while persistent use routs
obstinate coughs, expels stubborn colds
or heals weak, sore lungs. "I feel
sure its a God-send to humanity,"
writes Mrs. Effle Dorton, Columbia,
Mo. "for I believe I would have con
sumption today, if I had not used this
great remedy." Its guaranteed to sat
isfy, and you can get a free trial bot
tle or 60-cent or $1.00 size at Laurons
Drug Co.. and Palmetto Drug Co.
utiii?iiiK hi |iioceti8 oi eree?on, andj
we earnestly request your honorable
botlies to appropriate $10,000 this
year In order that this work can be
completed and the Institution be
placed on the bates that the trustees
and president have been striving for
since its establishment.
A storm this summer damaged the
roof > of the new Industrial building
severl hundred dollars on account
of its unfinished state.
Respectfully submitted,
(Signed) M< B. M'SWEENEY,
Governor and Chairman.
COLE L. BLEASE, Trustee.
W. R. LOMAN. Trustee.
?The Spartanburg Herald.
It Is now well known that not moro
than one caBe of rheumatism in ten
requires any internal treatment what
ever. All that Is needed Is a free ap
plication of Chamberlain's Liniment
and massaklng the parts at each ap
plication. Try It and see how quickly
It will relieve the pain and soreness.
Sold by alldealers.
The Union Of the Fourth Division of
Laurens Association will meet with
the Mt. Pleasant church, Saturday,
June 29, 1912, at 10 o'clock a. m.
10:00 Devotional services. Pastor J. A.
Martin. Organization.
10:30?All that is Involved In the
Christian's filial relation to God. 1
John. 3rd chapter. W. P. Turner.
Wade H. Plnson, L. A. Cooper, S. H.
11:15?Works of the flesh under the
law and the fruit of the Spirit under
liberty; or lust and death, liberty
and life. Gal. 5th chapter. W. C.
Wharton, B. P. Mitchell, Ellle A.
12:00?Intermission for dinner.
1:30?The value of a man's life depend
ent upon the place and character of
his treasures. Matt. 6:19-23. J. A.
Martin, W. P. Brown, J. H. Whar
ton, L. m. Halloway.
2:30?The necessity and Scriptural
grounds for periodic revival meet
ings. Some helps and hindrances to
such meetings. T. H. Madden, Guy
Martin, L. A. Cooper, B. P. Mitchell.
3:30?Fault finding and reasonable
Judgment. Matt. 7:1-5 and 15-20. W.
P. Turner. Wade H. Plnson. M. L.
Nelson, W. C. Wharton.
All the above to be Intermingled with
song and prayer.
Sunday Morning, June 30.
10:00?Song and prayer service. Supt.
J. W. Fowler.
10:30?Christian education and mis
sions. Address by Ellis A. Fuller.
11:30?Missionary sermon by Rev. B.
P. Mitchell or Rev. J. A. Mnrtln.
W. P. Culbertson, Sec.
Bites or stings of poisonous insects
which cause t'.ie flesh to swell should
be treated with DARBY'S PROPHY
LACTIC FLUID. It counteracts the
poison, reduces swelling quickly and
eases pain. It Is equally as valuable
when applied to flesh wounds, burns,
scalds, cuts or bruises. It causes the,
flesh to heal over and leaves no dis
figuring scar. Price 50 cents per bot
tle. Sold by Laurens Drug Co.
I read In the Visitor of April 21st
the wonderful cure of the rich Alaba
ma planter Kphraim of fits by a tramp
who cut a lock of hair from his head,
twisted and plaited it up nicely and
bored a hole in on oak tree and plac
ed the hair in it, nnd pluged It up
with a wooden pin. Kphraim was fully
cured and rewarded the tramp with
a plantation and his daughter as his
wife. You know a good tale always
ends, and he got the woman.
Let me tell you what came under my
own observation. Just after the close
of the Confederate war, a large white
oak tree, some three feet In diame
ter, Btood on Reedy river above the
shoals bridge. The top of the tree
commenced to decay, and It had some
fine mill timber In It, that was worth
saving. I hired it cut down and as
the axman cut into it, he cut an oak
pin out. And at Us base, there was a
handful of coarse black hair. It looked
coarser than a white woman's hair.
I put It up, that was a Indian woman's
hair. I was puzzled to know what was
the object of placing It In the tree.
From the size of -tree and the rings
of its growth, Jhe hair must have
been in this tree over one hundred
years. The cure of old Ephraim of
his fits and headache I guess will solve
the placing of this hair In that tree.
W. D. S.
Makes The Nation Gasp.
The awful list of injuries on a
Fourth of July staggers humanity. Set
over against It, however, Is the won
derful healing, by Rucklen's Arnica
Salve, of thousands, who suffored from
burns, cuts, bruises bullet wounds or
explonlons. Its the quick healer of
bolls, ulcers, eczema, sore lips or
piles. 25c at Laurens Drug Co. and
Palmetto Drug Co.
Money to Loan. Apply
to T. Qlbbon Traynham,
Laurens, S. C.
Haa aiuoe 1894 given "Thorough Instruction under positively Christian
Influences at the lowest possible coot."
RESULT: It is to-day with its faculty of 32, a boarding patronage of 328,
Its student body of 400, and its plant worth $140,000
$150 pays all charges for the year, including table board, room, lights, steam
heat, laundry, medical attention, physical culture, and tuition in all subjects
except music and elocution. For catalogue and application blank address,
You'll have your "inning"?if you
take your outing in a Ford. 'Twill
give you the largest measure of
satisfaction?at the least expense.
And should accident befall, you'll
find Ford repairs near-by. There's
scarcely an American hamlet
that hasn't a Ford service station.
Seventy-five thousand new Fords go into service
this season ?proof of their unequaled merit. The
price is $590 for the roadster, $690 for the five passen
ger car, and $700 for the delivery car?complete with
all equipment, f. o. b. Detroit. Latest catalogue from
Ford Motor Company, Michigan and Fourteenth
Street?or direct from Detroit factory.
South Carolina
Look over your Wardrobe and Household Fur
nishings. Anticipate your Spring Needs. Have
them ready when you DO NEED THEM.
Many pleasing changes and much economy are
easily possible by FOOTER'S Famous Methods and
Processes of
Cleaning and Dyeing
None other can give you the benefit of long expe
rience, modern appliances, or serve your needs as
well as
Cumberland, Md.
Positively America's Greatest, Best and Most Complete
Cleaning and Dyeing\Works.
ulled the Oliver
all day arvd
eels like a, colt
If the horses (eel that way;
how do you suppose the man
who haa been holding the
handles feels >
Probably mighty well satis
fied with himself, and glad
'he's alive.
He haa done mere work*
better work, and with greater
ply because he used an
Why don't you be one of iheee men?
We will be glad to show you the plow?to answer
questiens?and to convince you that this is the pi-- .#
for you to buy.
Madden, S. C.
n?4 Rrt.f
I'lIU la BUS SaSUsM arttlHc
?.o.?. ??tod^wtia Bins KU4m?. ^
Simpson, Cooper & Babb,
Attorneys at Law.
Will practica In all State Courts,
ptocnpt attention given to all business.
For Clerk of Court.
1 hereby offer myself rb a candi
date for the office of Clerk of Court
of Laurens county, pledging myself
to abide by the platform of the dem
ocratic party and to support the nom
inees thereof.
The friendB of Mr. Chas P. Brooks
hereby announce him a cnndldnto for
the olllce of Clerk of Court of Laureua
county, and pledge him to abide by the
results of tho Democratic primary aud
to support the nominees thereof.
To the voters of I^aurens County:
FuBy appreciating your support I?
ths paBt and with my record as a
public official before you, I take
pleasure In announcing myself a can
didate for re-election for Clerk of
Court for Laurens County. S. C, and
will abide the reBult of the Democrat
ic primary.
For Coroner.
Tha friends of Mr. R. O. Halrstoo.
hereby place his name before the peo
p'e of Laurens county for the office
of Coroner, pledging him to abide by
the principles of the democratic party
and to support the nominees thereof.
For Auditor.
I hereby offer myself as a candi
date for re-election to tho office of
I auditor of Laurens county and prom
isa to abide by the platform of the
democratic party and to support the
nominees thereof.
For County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for County Commissioner of
Laurens County, subject to the result
of the Democratic primary election.
J. B. H1TT.
I hereby announce my candidacy
for re-election as County Commslsion
er of Laurens county subject to the
result of the Democratic primary elec
Having been solicited by numerous
frlend?, I hereby offer myself for re
election to the olllce of County Com
missioner far Laurens county, BUbject
to the democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the olllce of County Com
missioner and promise to abide by the
result of the Democratic primary.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Sheriff of Lau
rens county, subject to the result ot
the Democratic primary.
I hereby offer myself as a candidate
for Sheriff of Laurens County and
pledge myself to abide by the results
of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of
Sheriff of Laurens county, pledging
myself to abide by the platform of
the Democratic party and to support
the nominees thereof.
For State Senator.
At the urgent request of friends, I
have consented to become a candidate
for the office of State Senator for Lau
rens county. I will nblde the result
of the democratic primary election.
I hereby announce myself as a;
candidate for the ofllco of Senator
from this county, pledging myself to
abide by the platform of the Demo
cratic party and to support the nom
inees thereof.
For House of Representatives.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for tue House of Representatives
from Laurens county and pledge my
self to nblde by the results of 'he
primary election.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-election to the house of representa
tives of Laurens county, subject to
results of the Democratic primary
J. II. Miller, M. D.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for tho office of representative
from this county In the legislature of
the Btate subject to the rules of the
democratic party.
The friends of Joseph O. Sullivan,
of Tumbling Shoals, respectfully sug
gest hlra as a suitable candidate for
the House of Representatives, and
can vouch for his interest In the wel
fare of the common people. Subject
to result of Primary Election.
I hereby announce myself a? can
didate for the office of Magistrate In
Waterloo Township, and promise to
abide by the results of tho Democratic
Get your fruit Jarc from us, we have
all sizeB In both the screw top Masons
and Sure Seal.
S. M. A E. II. Wllkes A Co.

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