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(Continued from Page One.)
the said non-Intoxlcntlug beverages,
and has been notified that if he did
not do so ho would be prosecuted be
fore the Mayor of the said City for
every sale, that his beverages will be
seized and confiscated whenever re
Fourth. Plaintiff i? informed and
believes that It is the opinion of the
City Attorney for the said City and
also the Mayor of the said City of
Laurens that it is against tho law and
ordinances of the City of Laurens to
sell any drink containing alcohol, ev
en though the per cent is not sufficient
to cause Intoxication if drank to ex
cess, and, acting upon that opinion
and that advice, the defendant City of
Laurens, through its properly con
stituted officers have instructed the
police force to arrest and bring be
fore the Mayor for trial any and all
parties offering for sale within the
incorporate limits of the City of Lau
rens any drink containing alcohol, re
gardless of whether it will intoxi
cate if drank In excess, and to con
tinue to prosecute any such person
for any sale that he may make thereof.
Fifth. Plaintiff alleges on informa
tion and belief, that he has a right to
sell "near-beer" or any other bev
erage not containing a sufficient
umount of alcohol to intoxicate if
drunk to excess, just as he has the
right to sell soda water or other soft
drinks; that the said beverage Is
harmless; that If there is any ordi
nance in the City of Laurens, which
makes such sale a criminal offence, it
is null and void, since it Is In viola
tion of and inconsistent with the sta
tute law of the State; that to prevent
him from selling said drinks and bev
erages (not intoxicating if drunk to
excess, but containing alcohol) is to
deprivo him of his property rights,
and to prohibit the tiifllc in a legiti
mate article of Commerce, so recogniz
ed by the laws of the said State, which
right Is guaranteed to every citizen
under the Constitution of the State,
and of the United States of America;
becausethe ordinance is contrary to
and in conflict with the Act of 1909
known as the Dispensary Law. and
also In violation of Section Eleven,
Article Eight, of the Constitution of
South Carolina, because the ordinance
is unconstitutional and conflicts with
the laws of the State, in that it seeks
to confistlcate and seize the property
of a citizen without authority of law,
delegated or otherwise.
Five A. As a further basis for this
action and a further ground for test
ing the validity of any ordinance of
the City of Laurens which makes the
sale of any beverage not containing
a sufficient quality of alchol to In
toxicate If drunk to excess, plaintiff
alleges, upon information and belief;
it hat such ordinance Is in excess of the
police power of the said City of Lau
rens, that it is not necessary for the
health, peace, order or good govern
ment of said City, that it is unrea
sonable, that It Is not In harmony with
hut repugnant to the Statute law and
public policy of the State of South
Carolina governing the manufacture,
sale, etc., of liquors containing alcohol.
Six. That by reason of the prem
ises set forth in paragraphs three and
four herein, plaintiff Is prevented from
asserting and preserving his legal
right; would he harassed with n mul
tiplicity of prosecutions, and an ac
cumulation of fines and imprison
ment, should he undertake to contin
ue his business; that irreparable in
jury is being done him by reason of
the discontinuance of his business,
loss of trade and custom, expense In
maintaining his establlshmet, loss of
employment in his business upon
vhich he is dependant, and the loss
in value of his stock which he Is for
bidden to sell.
Seventh. Plaintiff alleges upon In
formation and believed that he has
no adequate remedy at law for the as
sertion and preservation of his legal
rights except by injunction.
Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment
against the defendants City of Lau
rens, Mayor and W. S. Bagwell, Chief
of Police:
1. That the said defendants be en
Joined from interfering with the plain
tiff In the sale of any beverage which
if drunk to excess will not produce
intoxication, the sale of which is not
in any other respect illegal, and that
the said defendants, their agents and
servants, be enjoined from prosecut
ing him on account of Bald sale.
2nd. For such other and further
relief as to the Court seems just and
Gwynn & Hannan,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
June 19, 1912..
The order of Judge Gary is as fol
(State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
B. B. Hill, plaintiff,
City of Laurens, C. M. Babb, Mayor
and W. S. Bagwell, Chief of Police,
This matter comes before mo at
Chambers, upon tho ex-parte motion
of dwynn & Ilnnnon. Attorneys for
the Plaintiff, for an order of injunc
! tlon pendente lite.
Upon rending the summons and veri
fied complaint which has been mude
a part of the affidavit of the Plaintiff,
B. B. Mill, and tho said affidavit, It is
i hereby ordered.
Thai the defendants, City of Lau
rens, C. M. Babb, Mayor, and W. a
Bagwell, Chief of Police, their agents
and servants, do show cause before me
at Greenwood court house on the twen
ty-seventh day of June at twelve
o'clock noon why an order of injunc
tion should not be issued pendente
lite. In the meantime the said par
ties are restrained from interfering
with the plaintiff in the sale of non
intoxicating soft drinks and beverages,,
and until a further order, of the court
or a judge thereof.
Frank B. Gary,
Judge Eighth Circuit,
At Chambers.
Laurens, H. C,
June 19,th, 1912.
When y?ur child has whooping
cough be careful to keep the cough
loose and expectoration easy by giv
ing Chamberlain 8 Cough Remedy as
may be required. This remedy will
also liquify the tough muscus and
make it easier (to expectorate. It has
been used successfully In many epi
demics and is safe and sure. For sale
by all dealers.
* ?
Pea Ridge, June 21.?Rev. J. M.
Trogdon filled his regular appoint
ment at Bell View Sunday morning
and night.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C" Sumerel of Clin
ton, were the guests of Mr. M. A.
Sumerel and family Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cunningham, of
Lanford Station, were visitors on the
Ridge Sunday.
Miss Fannie Bobo of Clinton, is the
guest of Miss Nina Sumerel this week.
Miss Nannie Rowland was the guest
of Miss Bessie Blakely Saturday night
Mr. Tannage and Miss Maggie Belle
Patterson of Lanford vlclted their
grandfather, E. Y. Cunningham, Sun
MiHKQs Blakely ond Collier of Lau
ren? were the gueatB of Miss Bessie
Blakely, Sunday.
Mr. W. G. McDnniel of Laurens,
worshipped at Bell View Sunday.
Miss Landford of Woodruff visited
at the home of Mr. Victor Weathers
last week.
Mrs. Ala Benjamlne and Mrs. Sal
lie Odair visited Mrs. Jim Hipp
Miss Mabel Goodwin was the guest
of Miss Cora Workman Sunday. .
Miss Irene Benjamlne of Darling
ton, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Robt.
Mr. Rylnnd Sumerel of Clinton, vis
ited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Sumerel Sunday.
Mrs. 0. P. Goodwin visited Mr. 0.
W. Cunningham and family last week.
Mies Nina Sumerel vlsltel In Clinton J
last week.
Mrs. S. M. Foxworth of Columbia Is
house keeping for Mr. G. W. Cunning
Miss Lldie Sloan Is visiting her
brother. W. J. Sloan In Darlington.
it A 1.1? Hi: ADS.
More Women are Bald Than Men, Says
This Is a startling statement but It's
true according to an article published
in a standard magazine this year.
One thing is certain PARISIAN
SAGE will surely prevent baldness by
stopping the hair from falling, but It
won't grow hair after the head is bald.
Ladles, look after your hair, destroy
the dandruff germs with PARISIAN
SAGE and dandruff will disappear. It
stops scalp Itch over n'ght and is guar
anteed to be the most refreshing, re
fined nnd agreeable hair dressing that
can be obtained. Sold by Laurens
Drug Co. and druggists all over Ameri
ca for 50 cents.
"My hair was falling out, and I was
troubled with Itching scalp. I received
no benefit until I tried PARISIAN
SAGE."?Mrs. George Thunder, R. F.
D. 5, Marshall, Mich.
Harri? Lithia Water for Laurens Coun
ty People.
Residents of Laurens County will be
furnished with HARRIS LITHIA wa
ter for personal use, free of charge, by
applying at Bottling plant between
nine o'clock A. M. and Noon Sundays.
Bring glass vessels thoroughly cleans
Harris Lithia Springs Co.,
C. H. Pettus, President.
46- tf
Motlce of Election.
Notice is hereby given to the pa
trons of Ora School District tio. 12
to meet at the school house at 10
o'clock on June 29th for the purpose
of electing five school trustees for
said district to serve for two years.
' L. P. Blakeley,
Chairman of Board of Trustees.
47- 2t.
We have all kinds of Porch Furni
ture and you will find our prices very
S. M. & E. H. WHkes & Co.
Breezy Bargains With A
Tremendous Saving Appeal
These are the days when people who want true Bargains find
this store a happy hunting ground. We have placed the hurry
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We Quote Only A Few Bargain Prices!
A Series of Rousin' Specials!
$1.00 and $1.25 All Linen Waist now 85c
$1.00 and $1.25 Fancy Linen Waist 85c
$1.50 and $2.00 Mad rasa and Linen Tailor
ed Waist, now for.$1.00
75c black .Sateen Underskirt now ....48c
1 lot Brown Skirts $6.00 and $7.50 . .$3.75
$3.50 Taffeta Silk Underskirt now . .$2.48
1 lot $10.00, $12.50 Voile Skirts now $6.00
1 lot black Panama Skirts, worth $3.50,
$1.25 full size Bed Spread.89c
$1.50 full size Bed Spread now_$1.19
, $2.00 full size Bod Spread.$1.69
1 lot Lace Curtains, worth $1.00, $1.25.
and $1.50 to go at .89c
Come out and get your supply of curtains
for the summer at Switzer Co.
36 in White Madras?, worth 15c special 9c
36 in. heavy Cresb Linen, grey, tan, black.
and Ilelo, worth 40c. now.25c
27 in. stripe Linen, just the goods for sum
mer Suits, worth 35c now.25c
27 in. Linen for boys' suits and waists,
worth 20c, special.15c
27 in. Cottasilk Foulard, worth 15c now 10c
27 in. Superior Batiste and'Lnwn, 10c qual
ity now.7c
27 in. cheek and stripe Dimity, white,
short lengths, worth 15c going now lQ'i
Every Purchase Means a Bargain!
$3.50 value gun metal and tans, bluteher
Tan Button Oxfords now.$3.00
$2.50 and $3.00 in all leathers, vici, lace,
gun metal bluchers, tan button and pa
tent Oxfords now.$2.25
$2.00 and $2.25 value, 2 strap gun metal
2 strap vici, 2 strap patent now . .$1.75
White canvass, 2 strap Oxfords now $1.25
White canvass, 1 strap Oxfords now $1.35
1 lot $4.00 tan and gun metal value, now
going at.$2.00
1 lot $2.25, $2.50 and $3.00 value in pat
ent, tan and gun metal .$1.75
All boy's Oxfords going at a great reduc
72 in. mere. Table Linen, worth 75c . .50c
27 in. Silk Foulard, all new spring pat
terns, worth 35c, this week.25c
27 in. Silk Foulard, just the thing for sum
mer dress, 25c quality now.20c
Now is the time to buy what you want
in Table Linen and Napkins.
72 in. all Linen, worth $1.00, now_85c
All fancy White Goods, worth 25c and 35c
special for, the yard.20c
An abundant showing of this season's most desirable Hats,
all of the newest braids and shapes as well as the popular
trimmings. The entire stock is offered at Reduced Prices. Every
purchase means a Bargain.

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