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Wilson's Freckle Cream Is Pos
itively Guaranteed to
f Do the Work.
Letters aro constantly being re
ceived by tho makers of Wilson's
Freoklo Cream from prominent ladles
naying that they have ut luut discov
ered h??* 'j remove freckles.
Juat I ocaasc you happen to have
frtrkles la no reason why you should
always have them.
Mn. M. J. Rivera'wrote from Kerne,
Swlttorland, suylng: "If after giving
Wilson's Froekle Cream a fair trial
It doea not cure your skin, there in no
remedy tor you. i always took the
l?t caro "f my skin, but freckled
:adfully and couli K?t no remedy
'ill I found Wils: It's Freckle Cream.'
One Jur of Wilson'? Freckle Cream
Will cause yoi r freckltt? to perceptibly
fade, *nJ the second Jar will entirely
remove them.
The druggist 2b instructed to return
your money to you if It doean't do
juat whet we claim for it.
Try a )ar toduy. Vou'll be delighted
filth IIa fine effect on your skin. If
your drugglat cannot supply you, aend
60 centn to the Wilson Freckle Cream
Co., Charloaton. s. C., and they will
send you a full else iar.
Special Agents
The Cameo
Is more popular now
than ever. It is an ideal
gift for a birthday or
wedding anniversary.
We have some beau
ties is Scarf-Pins, Pend
ant-Lockets and Broa
ches in both the shell
and stone varieties at
reasonable prices, qual
ity considered.
Don't you insure with
the Southeastern?
It offers the best to be
had in Life-insurance
Paid Up Values
Large Loan Values
Long Extended business
A Home Company solic
iting yourjnsu ranee.
M. R. WILKES. Agent
Lauren*, S. C.
Southeastern Life Insurance Co.
Greenville, S. C.
Jno. W. Fergesosi C. C. Feataerateae
W. B. Kaiflmt
pnOUSOfl, MATIaftSTtm * KNMsfT
4BL AMMMfi at Law
LsavNss, i. C.
mi earssial attaattea sjtvea
U all ttiaam.
OtRee OveePalsesrrU Baak.
Asthma! Asthma!
gives instant relief and an absolute cure
in all cases of Asthma, Bronchitis, and
Hay Fever. Sold by druggists ; mail oo
receipt of price f t.oo.
Trial Parkas? by mall 10 cents.
WILLIAMS MFC. CO.. rw>.. CUv?UsmI. Ohio
Laarene, H. ii
Cross Hill, June 24.?Mrs. J. M.
Hough of Greensboro, N. t\, is visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nance.
Mrs. R. A. Austin was a Clinton vis
itor last Thursday. She brought Miss
Caroline Dugan, a little girl from the
orphanage, home with her for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Todd and chil
dren of Clinton, visited Mrs. N. E.
Boyce Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Rcld Todd and Mr. A. Todd
came over to see Mrs. Manna Satur
day. Mrs. Manna is still quite ill.
Mr. Jno. W. Manna Is visiting his
mother In Greenwood county.
Miss Rhidona Owens is visiting
friends at Senoca this week.
Early Cotton Bloom.
ivir. \V. B. Fuller handed this cor
respondent a red cotton bloom last
Saturday and a colored man, John Mil
ler sent a white one and a boll that
the bloom had dropped from. These
are the first seen by this correspond
ent, and three days later than first
sent In laHt year.
Messrs J. Warren Bolt, Andy I.
Boyd, Guy Watson. Edd Blakely, E. S.
Mudgens, and W. R. Rlchey, Jr.. a
party of young men from Laurens,
passed through town today en route
to Saluda river to fish.
Dr. J. Lambert Nance of Fort Val
ley, Ga.. is spending a few days In
Relieved In a Few Seconds.
Yes. an itching, burning, raw, irri
tated skin relieved the moment ZEMO
touches It. Zemo Is a clean, sooth
ling, healing wash, composed of Thy
mol, Glycerine, Witch Hazel, Dor
ado Acid and other medicinal heal
ing properties. Zemo rollevoa and
cures every form of skin and scalp
eruption, and if you are not entirely
satisfied with the results from the very
first 25-cent bottle, druggists will re
fund your money. Large size bottle
$1. Endorsed and sold in I.aureus by
Lauren8 Drug Co.
Zemo is prepared by E. W. Rose
.Medicine Co., Si. Loulo, Mo., and
their guarantee is as good as gold.
* Dots From Orn. ?
* *
Ora, June 24.?Misses Margaret and
Janle Blakely are attending the sum
mer school at Winthrop, fitting them
selves for successful teaching in
which work they expect to engage the
coining session.
The little daughter of Rev. and Mrs.
I. N. Kennedy Is recovering from a
severe attack of cholera infantum.
Mrs. Carlisle of Nowberry spent sev
eral days last week with her daugh
ter, Mrs. [. N. Kennedy.
Miss Alice McCllntOCk will leave
soon for a visit to friends in Clover.
Misses Linda and Janle Munter are
spending the vacation with their moth
er. Mrs. Lou Hunter. Miss Linda has
been principal of a nourishing school
at Greer, and Miss Janle, n popular
teacher i:i the Greenville City schools.
Miss Lizzie Hagau is the guest of
her sister. Mrs. W. J. Bryson. Mr.
Olin Hagau brought Miss Lizzie over
in his new touring car.
Mr. 13. I). Byrd is at home for the
summer. , Ho taught last year at
Quite a pleasant dining, was that
given by Mrs. J. L. McClintoek. Those
who enjoyed Mrs. McCllntock's hos
pitality In her lovely home were Rev.
I. N. Kennedy. Mr. J. Y. Bryson. Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Bryson, Mr. and Mrs.
I). M. McCllntOCk and Mrs. S. H.
.Miss Mamie By I'd It) home fi win her
school in Woodruff, where for two
years she has taught quite success
Mr. Samuel Blakely is finding much
I pleasure in his new motor cycle.
I Miss Helle Itlakcly of Simpsonvilie
I spent last week with relatives here.
A Professional Paradox.
The stud" "f science Is not neces
sarily all ; it may have its rosy
patches, h is mid that a learned pro
fessor of Heidelberg forbade his stu
dents the repetition of a certain ex
"But." they protested, "It has al
ways been successful."
"Nevertheless," he said, "Its position
among experiments Is absolutely un
tenable from an Intellectual point of
The boys stared.
"The thing may answer very well In
practice," said the professor, "but It Is
not sound In theory."-?Youth's Com
Man Coughs sad Breaks Bibs.
After a frightful coughing spell a
man In Neenah, Wis., felt terrlblp
pains In his side and his doctor found
two rlbB had been broken. What agony
Dr. King's New Discovery would havo
saved him. A few teaspoonfuls end
a late cough, while persistent use routs
obstinate, coughs, expels stubborn colds
or heals weak, sore lungs. "I feel
sure Its a God-send to humanity,"
writes Mrs. ETne Dorton. Columbia,
Mo. "for I believe I would have con
sumption today, If I had not used this
great remedy." Its guaranteed to kA
isfy, and you can get a free trial bot
tle or f.0-cent or $1.00 size at Laitrcns
Drug Co.. and Palmetto Droy Co.
? ?
Moun^ville, June 24.?Mr. and Mrs.
Thornton have the sympathy of their
many friends in the loss of their in
fant child whoso death occurred a
few days ago.
Mrs. Gco. Hannah, an aged lady
whose home Is a few miles below here,
has been quite sick for some time.
It is said that her physician entertains
but slight hope of her recovery.
Mr. Luther Timmons is also right
sick of fever.
Rev. W. 1). Ratchford of Sumter
county has accepted the call to take
pastoral charge of the field left va
cant by Rev. G. M. Hollingsworth. He
preached his first sermon to the
Mountvllle congregation last Sunday.
He wns greeted by a good audience
who gave the young minister their
prayerful attention and were pleased
with his first sermon.
Miss Kessle Goodman of Charlotte
N. C, and Miss P^dlth Teague who has
been attending school at Camp Hill,
Ala., are here with their home peo
Mrs. Etta Whatley of Greenwood Is
here this week visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Nelson.
The county road force with the big
gasoline engine has been here and put
our town streets and country roads
In much better traveling order.
I Mr. Paul and Miss Sarah Fellers
went to Columbia Saturday. Paul will
return in a few days but Miss Sarah
will remain there with her brother,
some time.
Mr. Thomas Griffin has come Into
town and established a blacksmith
shop. Tom is a young man of genius
and skill and is eminently worthy of
a full share of patronage, which no
doubt he will receive.
Miss Ruth Stokes who has been
teaching at Denmark is at home.for
the summer.
Ends Hunt for Rich Girl.
Often the hunt for a rich wife ends
when the man meets a woman that us
es Elec tric Hitters. Her strong nerves
tell in a bright brain and even tem
per. Her peach-blossom complexion
and ruby lips result from her pure
blood; her bright eyes from restful
sleep; her elastic step from firm, free
musics, all telling of the health and
strength Electric Hitters give a woman
and the freedom from indigestion,
backache, headache, fainting and diz
zy spells they promote. Everywhere
they are women's favorite remedy. If
weak or ailing try them.' fiOe at Lau
rens Drug Co. and aPlmetto Drug Co.
An Infant Cuvier.
Miss Griggs easily Induced the
wealthy Mrs. May to let her son Fred
'die Join the vacation class in natural
history that she was organizing tor
"I'm sure he'll love It!" said Mrs.
May, with surprising enthusiasm.
"And you will find that be knows a
lo. about natural history already."
"Indeed! That is very pleasant,"
murmured Miss Griggs. vaguely, for
she was not prepared for scientific at
tainments in a spoiled boy of live
"Yes," said Mrs. May. complacently,
"ever since Freddie was a baby the
chef has made all his blancmange in
the shape of rabbits and squirrels, and
only lately he has begun to make him
mnrshmnllow frogs and chickens and
turtles, and 1-reddle simply worships
thm?you can't get him to touch any
thing in a plain mold!
"I ahi sure." concluded Mrs. May.
"that you will find Freddie very ad
vanced for his age."?Youth's Compan
*? Tis queer about a chauffeur."
"What's queer?"
"His walk In lite is to "-ide"
Not A
Crown for
A head full of unsightly gray and faded
hair.?Why not have beautiful, natural
colored hair, full of life and beauty?
keep yourself young looking and fascin
Every woman wants to be and can be,
If ?he will use HAY'S HAIR HEALTH
to restore those gray hairs to their natu*
ral color. It isn't a dye.
You'll be surprised how quickly the
gray hairs vanish and how young looking
you can keep yourself by the regular
your money back from your druggist if
you are not satisfied with it.
SI 00 aed 50c at Dr*4 Stores or direct upon
receipt of price aad dealers tint. 8cod 10c for
tri.I bottle.?Philo Hay Spec. Co.. Newark. N. J.
For Bale and recommended by
Have you overworked your nervosa ays
tern and. cauaed trouble with your kid
neys and bladder? Have you paina la
lotna, aide, baek and bladder? Have you
a flabby appearance of the face, and un
der the eyea? A frequent desire to pass
urine? If ao, William?' Kidney Pille will
cure you?Drutralat, Price 60c.
WtUIAMS MFC. CO.. Prop*.. Cleveland. Oki?
Lauren*, S. C
> How greatly superior our Buggies are to others until you J
> have tried them. We are handling Buggies that are known 4
> the world over as equal to if not better than any make. Moyer J
I Norman, Anchor and Perry Buggies are being sold to satis- f
> tied customers every day. J
\-AND- (
> As for Wagons, the Milburn, which we handle is the Road Z
t King. Best quality, long wear and reasonable in price. 8
> Come around and talk vehicles over with us. 5
I Laurens, S. C. *
Office In Simmons Building
[?hone: Office No. 86; Residence 219.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
People's Bank Building
Phono 882.
Laurens, S. C.
Piles! Piles! Piles!
WIllliimH' Indian Pilo Ointment will cure
mind, Hl. . .in,,- and Ilching ??Uro. It nb
rorlifl the tumors, allnyn Itching at once,
not? n* k poultice, trtve* Inntant relief.
WUIIama' Indian IMIr Ointment Is pre
pared for IMlea and ltrhln< of the private
part*. Ur?iRirlstB. mall Wc and $1.00.
mlliam8 mfc. CO., Promt.. Cleveland, OMo
LaCBJWS ?KU? >0.
Lnarens, 8. C
over 08 years'
Co*> vmoMTe Ae.
At?I I Wit ay a oh ?n<i aoaorlattoa m??
anartala our o?(uK.d tr? waotJacr aa
MMi free, a fan agr??y ft* eaoar
ri?MM taaa* ttwura fcfaaa
myuM r>m*t, wttaaal Ami, ta taa
ScfcntifjrC Jfnwflcan.
?If ttraetrete* waoelr.
fanroet ?ii
Tarroa. M I
of aar HMnUtO Vmrral.
rear \ tomt awctaa, |L Sold by alt newiaaalari.
New Tort
e SC. Waeaaactoo. D. C.
flbsf^^ THK DIAMOND ntiAND. /v
, ??!?<- A
,??rik.owaM B?t, Stfart, Alw?]r? K*ll?hla
Enrollment Over son Value <?f Prop,
ort} Over ii Million und a Quarter
Ninety.four Teachers and Officers.
Decree Courses
Agriculture. Agriculture and Chemis
try. Agriculture and Animal Indus
try. Chemistry. Mechanical and Elec
trical Engineering. Civil Engineering.
Textile Engine? l ing. Architectural
Short t ourses
One year course in Agriculture.
Two year course in Textiles. Four
weeks Winter Course in Cotton Grad
ing. Four weeks Winter Course for
Cost. Cost per session of nine months
including all Ices, heat, light, water, I
hoard, laundry and the necessary uni
forms $1."><). Tuition (40.00 addition
The College maintains 167 four year
Agricultural and Textile Scholarships
and 61 one-year Agricultural scholar
ships. Vahie of scholarships $ioo per
session and free tuition.
(Students who have attended Clem-1
son or an) other coll or university '
an not eligible for the scholarships
unless there are no other eligible ap- 1
Scholarship and Entrance Examina*
linns will be Ih-m at the Count) Court
House on .lul) 12th, II V. M.
Next Session Opens
Write AT ONCE to W. M. RlggH. j
President, Clemson College, S. ('., for
catalog, scholarship blanks, etc. If
you delay, you may he crowded out.
Ilridirc to Let.
On Thursday. July 11th, 1012. at II
o'clock A. M. the board of commis
sioners of Laurena county will lot con
tract for bridge over Rabun Creek at
Qoodglon'ft, letting at the Hide. Cluck
of $2f>.00 to accompany bids as guar
antee of good faith In execution of con
tract and bond within ten days. The
right Is reserved 'o reject uny or all
H, B. Humbert,
47-3t Supervisor.
Bridge to Let
On Tuesday, July 9th, 1912, at 11
o'clock, A. M., the board of county
commlsioners of I^uurens county will
let to the lowest responsible bidder,
contract for rebuilding Davenport
bridge on Little River near Mounivlllc,
8. C. All bids to be accompanied by
certified check of $2f>.00 as guarantee
that the bidder will, if awarded con
tract, execute written contract and
bond within ten days. The right is
reserved to reject any or nil bids.
H. B. Humbert,
47-3t Supervisor.
Come to us for your Fruit Jnr rub
bers and extra tops.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes & Co.
178f. 1912
College of Charleston
I2sth Year begins September 27
Entrance examinations at all the
county scats on Friday, July 5, at
a. in.
it offers courses in Ancient ami
Modern Languages, Mathematics, Hi
tory, Political Science, Debating,
Chemistry, Physics, Rlology, and En
Courses for li. A.. B. 8 , and Ii S. de
gree with Engineering.
A free tuition scholarship to each
county <>r south Carolina. Vacant
Boyco scholarshlpsi, giving $100 a
year and free tuition, open to compet
itive examination in September.
Expenses reasonable Terms and
catalogue on application. Write to
Harrison Randolph. President,
Charles ton, s. C.
tyintiirop < OLM-:(it:
Scholarship ami Entrance
The examination for the award of
Vacant scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege ami for the admission of new stu
dents will he hold at the County Court
house on Friday, July f>, at 9 a. m.
Applicants must be not less than fif
teen years of age When Scholarship
are vacant alter Juiy ?< they wili i>e
.awarded to those making the highest,
average at this examination, provided
they meet the con lltlons governing
the award. Applicants for scholar
ships should write to President John
sou before the examination lor Schol
arship examination blanks.
Scholarships are worth tlOO and
free tujfion. The next : oi Ion will op
en September IS, 1912, For flirtlior
Information and catalogue, address
Ties. 1). H. Johnson. Hock Mill, S. C
42 tr
A public meeting of all tllOCO citi
zens who return real or personal
property in the school district of tho
town of Eaurens. S. C. la heroby called
to meet In the Court HoUOO on Th?rs
day, June 25, at 10 o'clock a. m., for
the purpODO of levying a tax for tho
maintenance of the public, schools dur
ing the scholastic year of 1912 and
Hy order of Hoard of Trustees.
Sec'y and Treas.
O. B. SIMMONS', Chairman.
N. B. Dial A. C. Todi>
AttorncyN at* Law
Enterprise Bank Building, i.surens, S. C.
Let us show you the best and
cheapest line of Refrigerators in tho
S. M. & E. II. Wilkes & Co.

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