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.Spaldlng's Guide F.liinlnutcd mid <Mh
cr Drastic Features Featured in
Terrible Battle I-u*t Friday.
Another chapter In the history of
the American National game was
scribbled last Friday, when amid
hurrahs, hallos, yells, harks and
growls an Immense assemblage of the
elite of Laurens witnessed the down
fall of "The-Cottou-Bankers" conglom
eration of horsehlde artists at the
hands, feet and mouths of the Anti
When Ford Franks, who umpired
for both sides awhile, but mostly for
his own side, blew the whistle for
supper, there were eleven notches on
the stick for the "Anti-Hankers" and
three notches for "The Hankers And
Cotton Men." Doth sides at times
pasted the pesky pellet powerfully and
several pushed the pill clean over the
infield. Pink Sullivan starred with
the willow, having thr?e strikeouts and
a pop fly to the pitcher to his credit.
Others, too numerous to mention, did
equally well.
As usual in such a game, many
stars were shining, though it has been '
learned from a reliable source that
Ty Cobb is not worried much about
his job. Eye witnesses to the fray
state positively that several balls
were caught while in the air and one
person, highly stirred u;> over the
sharpness of the battle, went so far
as to say that Mr. La ce of the losers
stopped at least ont rounder. Other
army from the rear aks and did :*.
were recorded but the scorer fa::.t<. -
from overwork and later skipped with
all the records.
Capt. Charlie Hicks, who command,
ed the Anti-Bankers, generaled his
army from the rear ranks i it
In a way that would make Connie
Mack feel like an Egyptian r..u ::.::-.;??
Hut Captain Lake. co:r.r:-..\r. ::r.g
Money Hags, was on the fifing
from the crack of the first popgun till
the victors chased his squad ir.to the
An agreeable feature of the perfc rrn
?tnce was the tax money accumulated,
there being something like $37.50
handed over to the hospital as a re
sult of this mixup.
A Prominent Citizen of Bark?dale
Passes to His Reward.
Mr. W. Butler Putnam, a merchant
and planter of Harksdale. died hero
last Friday morning shortly after 6
o'clock. Mr. Putnam *vho had been In
apparently good health for several
weeks took ill here last Wednesday
morning at Sheriff John Owings' office
Ho was taken to the jail, where the
sheriff resides nnd was cared for un
til the end came. Although it was
known that he was quite 111. the at
tendants did not think him serious
and Mrs. Putnam and the children,
?who have been living In Greenville,
wer? not summoned until the grim
hand of death had seized him.
Mr. Putnam was about r>S years of
age and was a son of the deceased
.lohn Putnam. He was a very progres
sive business man, having accummu
lated comfortable compctanco. He
is a member of the firm "Putnam and
Putnam" of Harksdale and was also a j
.successful planter of that place. He
sides his widow, the following chil- ;
dren survive: Messrs. Arthur, Hoy,
Walter and Frank and Misses Ixila. '
Nell, Dorothy, and Marjorle Putnam.
The brothers and sisters are Mr. John'
Putnam. Mrs. Mitchell of Greenville
and Miss Isabcllc Putnam of Gray;
Separate Comlmtte for Each District in
Lauren* Tnwn?hlp.
The folloWlnd In a list of the enroll
ing committees to enroll the democrat-1
1c voters of the several School Districts!
Of Laurens township.
No. 1 ?.1. I). W. Watte, J. F. Owing*,'
A. P.. Barkelile.
No. 2?B. Y. Culberuon, P. \V. Fin
ley, fieo Drown, ir.
No. ?Hen W. Hel'ain?, Austin
Itramlett, C ('. Craddock.
No. 4?B. H. Hlakeley, Funnan L.
Drown, Whit W. Adalr.
No. &.?Arthur Riddle, Tom B.l
Chlldress, John D. Mi"*.
No. 6?R. 0. Halrston, S. n. Sloan,
T. Held Hlakeley.
laurens Special?D. C, Harkudnle,
Calhoun McOowan, H. L, ?.'>Hf.
The committee In each 'Ubtrl.'t Is
requestod to prepare a complete roll
of the voters of the district, and hand
same to the Secretary of Club No. J,
W. C. Irby, Jr., or to W. T. Crews.
Kvery voter Is urged to land his
name to some member of the ?om71 It
tee in his school district.
O. O. Thompson,
President Club No. 2.
The enrolling committees, as ap
pointed by School Districts and an
nounced above, will please hand In
names of all voters, desiring to be en
rolled on Club Roll No. 1, to the
Secretary, Alison I^ec.
J. B. Brooks,
President Clab No. 1.
Attractions So Far Have Been Ex
cellent and Those to Come are Re
puted to he Great Ones.
The great June Chautauqua is go
ing ahead at full blast, attractions
that have been given drawing large
and highly appreciative audiences.
There are three mote attractions and
these according to the reputations,
are considered real winners.
Saturday night. Prof. Pamahasika
gave a most delightful entertainment
with his trained animals of every va
riety. And on Monday evening the
Orpheans, a male quartette. pleased
a large and appreciative audience.
The Price Concert Company was on
deck last night and judging from the
continued applause this was the best
so far.
For tonight. Carer.ee L Burgdt-fer
and his company of Mlrth-provokers
will give an evening full of fun and
pleasure. This ecu:;any his r:: :-:-c
to Laurens before but iz ether Sof
ern cities it ha* m&de & ?:rri: hit
For Thursday evening The Trier
si?ter:- a concept s>r,d Q-~r&. Quintette
will give ar. t:.:r:'.A.i~r::. ?t
ing of vocal t-d lnstruznen:*J ? :
This is ?ne
And ihi but r.:: tie .iu: .z.
en:er.a:r :r.c ;-_s.::t.ei .? tie ?.:?r
?.iT-Et:.: given by M-i-s Erelrn Et-r* s
This :i j;zr:u>: for th-: fctei
Friday Barge!* :? i Fartroi f.
and Ti'dir :'. tiler; i'
promi.*~ei :: give a highly :::r:L.:.::
About '?e'trDlj Fhe vr ITsej Thk
the L"?n bj Stern ?itfc t Hr**?
Band. Colored (* at bred Us and L:e*b
Boosters arrived in :h* city wsti
crs flying z.r.i bands playing yester
day aftefn about t**c thirty o'clock
and marched at once to the center o!
gravity, the court house ;'.aza. After
a short serenade wa.^ g!v*r. by the
excellent band and a few pleasantries
showered upon the Laurens folks, the!
trade getters and city builders found
their way into the beautifully decor-1
ated dining room of the King Hotel,
where "Mine Host'' McGee served ai
well balanced dinner as. ^er menu'
which follows:
Mock Turtle Soup Consomme Royal
Queen Olives Iced Tomatoes
Mixed Pickle
String Roans With Irish Potatoes
Asparagus Points Au Vlnegrette
English Peas
Rolled Ham
Smothered Chicken With Dressing
Chicken Salad Cold Slaw
Prince Albert Pancakes With Jelly
Carolina Rice Glbcon Gravy
Creamed White Potatoes
Lemon Cake Caramel Cake
Tuttl Frulttl Pineapple Ice Cream
Edam Cheese
Peaches Oranges Raisins
Coffee Ice Tea Buttermilk
Having done justice to this fine
spnad in true Spartanburg style, the
omnnny adjourned to the street and
got dow nto brass tacks talking Spar
tanburg and Spartanburg wares. The
band, also having been given a new
lease of life via the same route as
the other gas artists, viz., ??Brother"
McGee, they proceeded again to fill
the air with delightful music.
The Spartans put in a brief half
hour visiting the Laurens merchants,
getting aeqalnted and talking Spar
tanburg. They were a very cordial
set of men. and handsome, and left a
very pleasant Impression upon those
visited; so it Is said (The Advertiser
was not honored*.
There It No Upper Middle Class and
and 8hop Keeper? Are Usually
the Leader*.
The student of Welsh life and char
acter who encountera almost any Til
lage In North Wales will be able to
acquire a full knowledge of hi? sub
ject without traveling a mile further.
For Welsh life baa a certain quality
of uniformity which Is not found In
the other constituent peoples of tho
Practically there la no upper middle
class In Wales. A few rich mlddle
clo.nn Welsh families there are, but
tbeae. ev?n If they keep up a Welsh
home, usually draw their wealth and
spend It beyond tbe Welsh border. If,
however, the visitor wlshea to know
who controls public opinion, who alta
on tLe district and county councils, or
even who represents the division In
the house of commons, he had much
better regard the names painted over
the shop fronts than try to discover
the identity of tho occupants of the
lavlah red brick villa which looks
down Into the village from Its place
on tbe hillside. The owner of the
vtlla, as likely aa not, will be found
to be an Englishman- a retired
Manchester contton spinner or a shlp
I owner from IJverpool.
* ?
Habun. June 24.?Mr. Harvey Woods
after a lingering illness passed away
from this world Saturday ovor. :-.c
about seven o'clock. Mr. Wood? was
about SO years old. and is survived by
his wife and a good many relative*.
Sunday morning about eleven o'chx'k
his body was laid to res: In the Kit v. a
cemetery. Mr. V A. Baldwin con
ducted the service.
Sunday aftenoon the infant of Mr
and Mrs. Joe Thor..;-son was .". :.
rest in Rabur. Cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hopk-ns i>f C\>
iurnbia are spending a while with Mr
Hopkins' mother who is critical >
Mrs. Miry bol; of Hickory T*v*rs
s~o::on visited Mr P:nin;y Bill?..:.
Mr. &ni Mr* Paul Wl * :'. >: :r
section Sur.i*y ?* V-*. ; v.
Mr S; ;n;: N?ii.c*ix .-? y;.. .
sec:-:n mi M- P.m.-i ? ?'*?:.> tj: z
f*~Kj :f T-ii z MClka ???.?- :t*L Y*
Mrs. Rebecca Oven* ;s tajp
era', week* in Wuct*"'. >..'
A a u s h t e r M r* I v.?. >. < r A - -.v. s: - v v c
Little S&r&a S-axv* >as Nw. > .v.-.:
tug several tay* Stea * .v. .^ .v .??/> .?
Mrs. r.CA* Hoi* of f >;v.v..
Mr. *m< M s V? a .r :V- . \fi
MVtioc t3ie ?>.*-../ > ,c \ m>.
Mr* v" \. v S..t: v
?bt t in <? . \ ? C ?. VU>> kr
<f * ( ~t i *.t ist..;?o ?.r
C i.'f v>>; -.-r: : I ?:.> Ij
.Vt. , < Rc> -1 V Vttnway
'.' .v. > is 'ccn-fii- Appointment ftt totals
S j dfo. * ' . T.*n^r?
v > v v<t I v ? j v'?^ returned from
. ,vk.v,.t , \ v i n OreenvtUo.
N -v Vi.} \Vfcc VLMdei and children,
. . . < in rtfrecfcytlle last '
* <>. v
\ s vlh Harris, is at homo
j. * * v.r. C>en>f*oTi
v ? v Btvoks returned homo i
N- . v 1 . . \ of several days
. .? . a rifl \ leinit> .
n k: \ r* V*V> d Ourr> and lit-;
. >, "Aj fcpent Snndjvy with Mr.
7 N ?" -x' An?. family.
\ >> .-. .v Harrt? spent Thursday ?
.- ..?.. v .- s shopping.
v. .->.>?->. \\ I. brooks and D. 1>.
^v?: Of s.v.-.; S.v.uriVay and Sun
.-*o r. Spartanburf going over to the
fSpartar 0ttj in the former's car.
Mr* ".v n }:.firr-.s visited relatives
..- l^surent last ?eek.
?S-.- Ha esteemed correspondent from
y*oien > hoping for the political
freezing of Blease. "Hope, Hpring
eternal in the human breast," <I be
lt(<\(> that's the way It goes) and it
won't du a bit of harm either. Yet
when the round-up comes in August,
vV> l. Hlcaso will be anything elseif/
Im; ; "snowed under."
Rnrbecuo at Mountville.
.Inly the Fourth Will be fittingly cef
ebratod this year at Mountville with
n barbecue at Mountville Park. The
ladies of the Methodist church are the
leaders in the movement and they
!i;no made preparations for a big day.
Hon. .los. T. Johnson will be the
main speaker of the day and other
speakers will also be' present. Every
body is cordially invited to nttenef""\
and the candidates are given a speTu>
clal invitation to be on hand.
It. ..41. ?tf .. .,
? '(inn Ol ...I .Hi......
On June 12th. 1912, Mr. and Mrs.
Jno. M. Moore's little girl, Vivian
Olena, age 11 months and 19 days, died
after a short illness. She was burled
on the following day in the Laurens
cemetery. The funeral services wore
conducted by Revs'. I). H. Owlngs and
L, s. Shealy.
William R. Bryson
Although Policy Had Not Been Issued.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York has paid to the estate of the late
William R. Bryson. of Mountville, S. C. SI.001.00 in full for a Policy applied for Three Days
prior to Mr. Bryson's death.
The Mutual Life of New York is the oldest life insurance company in America and is re
cognized as the leading company in benefits to policyholders.
Protects Interest of Policyholders.
The Company has received the following letter from Mr. J. L. BOYD, of Mountville, S. C,
Guardian for Mr. Bryson's minor Children:
Mountville, S. C, June 24, 1912
F. H. Hyatt, Manager,
Columbia, S. C.
DEAR SIR".--As guardian for Elizabeth and Frances Bryson,
minor daughters of the late William R. Bryson, of Mount
ville, S. C., I have this day received New York exchange for
?1001.00 in full settlement for a $1000.00 policy applied
for by the late Mr. Bryson on March 13, 1912.
Mr. Bryson was in Laurens on March 13th and through
your Mr. H. S. Blackwell, applied to the Mutual Life of New
York for $1000.00 insurance. He gave Mr. Blackwell check
for the first premium.
On March 16, 1912, Mr. Bryson was murdered on his own
premises. This was three days after application was filed
consequently same had not been acted upon by the New York
office of the company, nor had the policy been issued.
The company investigated the circumstances carefully
and when it was shown that'he had paid the first premium for
the insurance and he was found insurable, as of March 13,
I was advised that the claim would be paid.
I desire to thank the company for their careful consid
eration of the case and its manifest desire to protect the
interests of its Policyholders.
Yours truly,
J. L. BOYD, Guardian.
In obtaining your life insurance from The Mutual Life of New York, you are assured of
protection at the lowest cost consistent with safety. All policies now issued pay annual divi
dends/reducing cost of each year's premium.
For Information Apply to
Laurens, South Carolina
C. E. McALISTER, Greenville, S. C. J. K. DURST, Jr., Greenwood, S. C.
F. H. HYATT, Manager, W. S. HENDLEY, Supt.,
Columbia, South Carolina

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