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Only one Dealer in this Town
can sell you the highest grade,
fairest-priced coffee and tea to
he had anywhere, for he alone
sells The Votan Line
Each, best of its kind
TW? &Mlir Ir
Dial Company
A good man to sell Monuments, Headstones
and Iron Fencing in this section for one of the
largest yards in North Carolina. A good oppor
tunity for the man who means business and can
get business. Experinced men preferred.
Write us
Mecklenburg Marble and Granite Company,
Box 32, Charlotte, N. C.
m r urica i iu niuanLu ?%>*i
A long route?but a safe one,
Sato tor you?sale for us.
No speculating about the
quality or price of build
ing material here.
We own the timber
land, saw mills, and
planing mills, which produce our building
material. Only one profit?not three.
We specialize on complete house bills
and furnish estimates free, figured by
Call or mail m your
August* Lumber Co.
Susb, 7>noTv
Kiinrtv r.io.
x ?iue iSfH giviin "Thoroueh tnatmrcion under pomc'vu^ CiiriHttae
Mf)MOTlCtt tit iru lovrat ;*(>?>?':><( rot.; '
?v!-.Sl*i.T : Ii * to .da? vrtth hf laeurtj of R2 ? hna-rliru; natrnnnprt of r.2.V
;li i idem )?..'?.-!? d and j;*. r>u?i,i wnrtl.tl4n.nuf
i I ?,1 otafttfMt in: the year inrhiHtnc table hnnrri room lipntf. R%sam
launrt ? mehMnaJ (retention ffttyilcad nutttm.. ant ttiittnr. Sr. till ?in?i?e.u
? maRU urn. nlortottor. For rattntoffuf am; ttrtpltnatinn blank add-w*
! v. THOS. ROSSER REEVES, R. ./U Primp*!.
K ft The tallowing wobi?rtui* tjgu'fi? a'f?- n?blhtbeo' milt nf inromi&tlot
mni not ' '????<?
?1.4 tut ftuitioti r.?
fc:2(j fc Iii i Of j, TL 1a lAurnnt At S W p in T f.l. j n.
S.44 fc>W Oiiotnr. ? J?f> 7:88
f:R? }::2t' Newhnrrt 5?? f.44
? l.f I 'M fro?r*rft5 ?; J? | :?(
IT:!!. 4M. At Columbia 1a 9: 31 1..0d
f 4f> Ar Sunuer 1a f? 40
"JO: HO f n. Ar Charlnwor 1a F, 00 k m
?.? Train* M kjiA r.f. run grillt bar wem Orennvinf. hii? Columbia dally ?*
rofit Sunday. Tliefir r-ain> uror a: OorvaU St Station. DU|)? fain* RS and
T.fi ffo to Tin Inn BtfttiOh
Holitl through train* botwnm. OrannvllU- and Oharlmnor via laiurnm nnfl
T. C. VFTITK. Gonorul T'aHMntirm Apom
V Spirit of Box i mi I is EtM(?1 in tar
Church und Much Progress is Being
Mll.lr .
l>ast Sunday tho Philathoa c'iss
had its regular election of officers for!
the next six months, as follows: Pres
ident. Margaret Martin. Vice-Presi
dent. Annie Walker, secretary, Lucile
Moore, Treasurer. Nods Snoddy, Chair
man of Committees, Neda Snoddy.
Teacher. R. K Thompson.
Tho class has made a splendid rec
ord for the past six months and has ,
pledged itself to do more in tho fu
ture. They have been instrumental
in placing a nice piano in the church
for the use of the Sunday school and
church and have done a great deal to
increase the membership o* the school
at )a.rg<> hy tbclr persistent work ir.
various ways.
The pastor. Rev. L S. She&ly, has
been out on the move getting up mon
ey to paint the church. The work is
now complete and the congregation is
very grateful to him for his noble
work which has been so long needed
He wishes to extend thanks to all
who contributed to this cause The
?work cost about one hundred dollars
which was paid in full when the 'work
was finished.
The church is now in the midst of
a series of meetings, the pasn>r doing
the preaching with Miss Jennie Shealy
assisting in the music A good re
vival is expected in this church. A
cordial invitation is extended t>a all
to attend those meetings
* Pout years of success *
* Results gU&r&TltOed. T rice ?
* $!> cash With order. *
* ?2e Rhodes Ridg. AGanta. Ga, *
? Prinecun Locals. *
Princeton, June I'*?Mr. Milton
Taylor 61 Greenville has been the
guest of borne people recently..
Miss Maude Machen is Visiting rel
atlves In laurens.
Yiiss Annie Lee Arnold has return
ed from a visit to her brother. Mr.
Martin Arnold In Atlanta
Miss Mabel Klnard who has been
the guest of Miss Mazw- Knight, has
returned to her home ir. Rranc.hviiie.
Mr. and Mr*.. R M. DuBosc and
Chi ?ron spent a U? days las: w eek
With friends a: Ware Shoals.
Mr and Mr*. Iatx- Monroe of 1j.u
rnns spent Thursday bore with Mrs
. onro< i home people.
Mr. and Mrs John Callahan of
Honet Path were visitors las; week
at the home of Mr John L Bagwell
The rrfcmd* ol little Ruth Arnold,
who artnnded school here for the past
session kiui is no* al bor home in
Atlanta, an sorry io learn oi her ill
nesa, it is- hoped thai she will soon
be able to return from the hospital
anfl b< with her f lion fit agi...
HSrvf On Jfew?
savf u pritloemas to a strorfl crowd
a'd vhamks heads If it don't. "Move
nri ti; v ," says the hig harsh mineral
pills to bowel congestion and HUffor
ing follows T>- King'* New Life Tills
Ooi 'l bullflojie thi bowels Tbey gent
.? nersuadl them to right action and
health follows liar at Laurens Drug
Oo nnd Palmetto T>ruf. C
Rarks?ulti ."tunf 24 ?Mr, and Mrs
George Browning anfl little daughter.
Lillian Brown, all of OoldvlDe, art
apondtafi several day* With Wsrs
Browning'! mothnr, Mrs R. C. Bums.
Mi R f. Putnam and wife wore
no (?? home mi last FVlfln? morning at
the death of Mr. Putnam's father, Mr
si <? Putnam.
Mr and Mrs Asa Tnrtd wore fhel
gUOSU Ol Dr. and Mrs. E C. Owflni OH
last sundaj.
Mr. Ouivm Owings ol Laurent was
li town DD Satur?uv
Mr. and Mrs. Jamm Tndu. Mr and
Mrs. V A. Putnam. M: Elnioi and
Miss Laurie Putnam sporn lust Sun
dav with Mr Tiraror. Todd and family
Messrs. 0. T. Garmtt and Blssf
Plume u', Watorlnr. spent sevoral hours
It the cltv law Friday
Mrs 0, A Owrois npoiu Sufurda* It
j'?TWJ Court with ho? (laughter Mrs
Fovd AlKiroronibli:
Miss Amv flhoekle? and h?vr gimm,
iMIsk CJlar*. of flin.DMoi ? l.if. loft for
Winthrop ?dflflRti Hook Hill, last
WnOnesflay whwr they will 1h- In
Rolmdl nnr month at ihr ?ummsr
school thnrs.
When yoa feet JSH**
<n\m tirad. wnrrinA nr Aammdnnt h m a
HM ?igr vnti ntmA MOTTS NE?VkJRJWS
PILLS. Thrtv ranew the normal vigor uu
mafer lit* worth living hr nn ..?.< ??* tat
Maitf'? Nirwinf PilW
WhXiAMS m?fC CO.. Nmm? "1 lm< Ob?
Laars aa. %. (?
Madden, .Tune 2&.?Crops generally
aw pretty clean through here The
grain has been cut and gathered in
good shape. Corn is looking veil and
.'hough cotton is small yet as the old
darky said "Theres a powerful come
out in cotton'*:
The rain of last night -will also
help out in the sow ins of. peas.
Bro. .todie Martin filled his usual
appointment at Prospect Saturda> and
Sunday. He gave an interesting talk
Saturday afternoon to the Indies* Aid
Society on "Mary, t *>? Mother of
Mr. j. 1\ Oulbe.rtson and family
spent Sunday with his uno'e. Mr
Klisha Watkins.
Mr. J, A Wofford ?? Isited for a few
days last week. Ms kinsmen near
Woodruff. He was accompanied home
hy his nephew. Carroll "Wofford
Veteran .lohn R. Finley ha* boon
ripht sick for the last few days and
is confined to his room His many
friends hope to see him out ;r. a few
Mrs. 6. H rir.le.y has been quite
indisposed for the last few dAys
Mrs .V A Wofford awd Mrs. Claude
Finley of Madden, were among those
who enjoyed the services at the First
"Baptist church Sunday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs Thad Moore and lit
tle Lillian visited the*former's moth
er in Laurens recently
The Misses Teagoe left Saturday;
for a visit to their brothel :l Spar?
van burp.
Miss .Tf.nie Browr. was ;r< : tmsanl
guest of her aunts. Mrs Teagtx and
Mrs. Allison, Friday.
Mrs Emma Cunningham it quit*
>:k at the home of her granddaugh
ter Mrs Tom Shaw, her friends will i
be sorry to hear.
r?cath of (revs Hill CftJson,
Cross Hill. .Iahe 24.?Mr Tom Hill
died last "Wednesday Ht was found
?ead by the roadside near hit borne
His wagon laid hands name along and
fpuhd him In ii few minuras afte-t be
foil. Dr Peak happened to be In thi
neighborhood and was called to him
and said he died from heart trouble
Mr Hill was u good Christian mtu.
and a pood citizen about ;?(? yean old
He leaves a wife, two sons tj? du?
daughter A large BongrogntloTj u>
?.ended the funeral v.: Betliabare e>t
Thursday "Re-v. ."!. a Marrii. conduct
ed t he service.
HftW'f This?
We offer One- Hundred D?lteri T.?
wtrd for any rase- of Catarrh thai
caiiiiot be cured by Hall's Catarrl
F. ."" Cheney & Co. TrileQn Q
"We, tbf undersigned huvi known
F. .*). Cheney for the- ias: ? yonrft um
bell we him perfeptlj honorabh n ul
business transastionf and financial!1?
able to rarry out any nhligattoi mittb
by his firm.
National Bank ol Commerce,
Toledn 0
Rail's Catarrh Cure is taker ltrtnm
ally, acrinp directly upon the blnn?
and mucous surface's of th< ays) om
Testimonials son: frtte Prie< *'.: ttonti
fit-- b:.T:'ie Sold by all druggljVU
TfcVe Hall'i Famil? Pi'.it- for constl
Simpson, Cooper 6t Babb.
Attorneys ?t Law.
WiB prmctiee tn ?11 State Course,
nrranpi Dttantior r'T'nr tt> all btumieni.
A Fine
Of the World's roost
Oorham Silverware
is to be found at ay
A Wedding Present
of Gorham Silver is
everlasting and will
surely be appreciated.
Chantilly, Recent and
other patterns always
on hand.
William Solomon
Laurens, S. C.
Heart Symptoms
The Ailments of worr*n include symptoms of heart trouble known as palpitation
of the heart. The palpitation is so violent at times as to bo really painful and
leads the patient to fear she has heart disease. Ninety per cent of such cases are
not heart disease at all but only a symptoSn of a liver disorder which has affected
the normal action of the heart, and on applying the proper remedies the unusual
throbbing ceAses. The stomach and digestion need strengthening ano> tho
depressing effect of these disorders on the female organism must be corrected.
For the latter purpose there is no more effective remedy to be found any whero than
Squaw Vine Wine
It conveys a strengthen Ing Influence to the delicate female organism, re-establishes
refulAr and healthy periods, rvercomes the painful symptoms, builds up the
nerves ana ptts the generative system :n fine healthy condition. For the liver
and hc?-ei diso-ders one or two ooses of Simmons Liver Medicine is all that Is
needed. It clean the Momach and bowels of Impurities, helps digestion and the
proper nourishment of the body the result of which Is sound, healthy
condition* ail through the system.
Dr. SSmnwMu Somov 11? HriM /? Sold by all DeaUn?Prico $1.00
Sold by Laurens Drug Company
ulled the Oliver
all day arvd
like a, colt
If the hone* feel that way.
Lew at* y&a suppose the man
whe oaa been holding the
handles feebr
Probably mighty well saba
fcrc with himaeli, and glad
ha'a air**
He has oone more wp-k.
better work, and with greater
eaae simply becauae he u?ed aa
Why con't i'oc ht one cf these men?
e will be piaa to show you the plow?to answer
pueationf?unt It convince you that this is the plow
tor you to buy.
Madden, S. C.
June 27th, 1912
With Final Return Limit June 28th.
Vjkfrts Good on Train No. 87. Return any Train
on 28th. Fare? as follows:
Laurens S. C.
DurhsQale, S <
Otvai 3ourl B
OwlngK S c
Fountain Inn.
SlmpHoi t'l .'
Muululn s. c.
Have your Clothes Pressed and Cleaned by
mcTi who know haw. You'll find them here at
this Shop.
Over Palmetto Drug Co. Laurens, South Carolina %

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