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Ray's I
Come to ourSoda Fountain where
you can always find something
sparkling, refreshing and cooling
to drink. All of the newest and
latest f rappes, sundaes and sodas
are served in the Most Delicious
I and appetizing manner. They
? are made from the purest mate
I rials so they are healthy and in
vigorating as well as pleasing.
Ray's Pharmacy
Dial Bldg.
Laurens, S. C.
A Woman of
Good Judgment
Never discontinues trading at a store
as long; as she is given satisfactory
goods and service. These two items are
our strong points.
Best Goods
*Best Service
Are ever in our minds with our custo
mers. We appreciate the business of
the customers we have and have room
for some new ones.
J. C. HENDERSON, Manager
We Will Call on You
For that Coal Order on or
about the 15th.
Eichelberger Brothers
Day Phone
Night Phone
Officer Eichelberger of Florence Keep*
His Eye on Stocks .Minus Flesh.
The following Clipping from the
Florence Dully Times will be of In
terest here where the "hero" formerly
lived and has many friends. The well
known "officer" is doing excellent
work as a member of the Florence
police force:
Police Olllcer Eichelberger is after
the people who violate th'j law in re
gard to cruelty to animals, and lie
made a haul of seven hack drivers
and for the benefit of the great num
ber of people who have had com
ments to make about the poor and
delupidated specimens of mules that
hauled the mail wagon to and from
the station, we cheerfully add that
he got behind Gabe and made him
pull his own wagon in and lead^hls
mule. The mule had been the eye
sore of the people of Florence and the
joke of the travelling public ever
since old Ike Peterson stopped haul
ing the mall in Columbia with his
bag of bones.
Officer Eichelberger is going to pay
especial attention to this matter of
sick and sore horses and mules in the
vehicles that are used in the city,
and If any one is driving an animal
not fit to work they are going to be
It would make you sick even to
hear about the sores that he exposed
on hack horses and dray horses In
the arrests that he has been making
and he needs the cooperation of the
people who are interested in this
form of humanity.
It Is now well known that not more
than one case of rheumatism in ton
requires any internal treatment what
ever. All that Is needed is a free ap
plication of Chamberlain's Liniment
and massaking the parts at each ap
plication. Try it and see how quickly
It will relieve the pain and soreness.
Sold by alldoaleis.
* *
(Copyright, 1910, by Rev. T. S. Lln
scott, D. D.)
Golden Text?I am not come to de
stroy, but to fulfill. Matt. v. 17.
The following questions may be
used as an original lesson or as a
review of the twelve preceding lessons.
The date and title of each lesson,
where found, Golden Text and one
question from each lesson follow.
April 7. The appearances of the
Risen Lord. I Cor. xv:l-ll. Golden
Text -This Jesus hath God raised up
whereof we are all witnesses. Acts
(1.) Verse 7?What proof did Jesus
give at his various appearances after
his resurrection that it was really
himself they saw?
April 14. The Use of the Sabbath.
Mark, ii: 23 ; if 1:6. Golden Text?The
Sabbath was made for man, nnd not
man for the Sabbath. Mark 11:27.
(2) Verses 23-24?What Is the origin
of the Sabbath day, and what was Us
original purpose?
April 21. The Appointment of the
Twelve. Mark 111:7-10. Mntt. v: 13-16.
Golden Text?Ye did not choose me,
but I chose you and appointed you,
that you go and bear fruit. John
(3.) Verse 14-15?Jesus had a large
following at this time. What method
therefore did he adopt in selecting his
twelve apostles?
April 28.?The Reautitudes. Matt,
v: 1-12. Goldten Text?Blessed are the
pure in heart for they shall see God.
Matt. v:8. .
(4.) Verse 4 What is to be bless
ed f (This is one of the questions
which may bo answered in writing by
members of the club.)
May 5. Poverty and Riches. I.uke
vl:20-26; xvl:19131. Golden Text MA
man's life conslsteth not in the abun
dance of the things which he pos
sessed I.uke xii:ir>
(f>.) Verse 20?Wherein consists the
blessedness of poverty as Jesus hero
May 12. The Law of Love. Luke vl:
27-38; Rom. xiil:8-10. Golden Text?
Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy
self. Rom. xllt:9.
(6.) Verse 27-28?What benefit Is It
to us, to the cause of God or to our
enemies; If we love them?
May 19. The Old Law and the New
Life. Matt, v: 17-26. Golden Text?He
that lovcth hlB neighbor hnth fulfilled
the law. Rom.xlll:8.
(7.) Verses 17-18?In what Ren3e did
Jesus mean that the law was not to
be destroyed "till all be fulfilled?"
May 26. Truthfulness. Mntt. v:33
37; Jas. 111:1-12; v:12. Golden Text
Putting away falsehood, speak ye
truth each man with his neighbor, for
we nro members one of another. Eph.
(8.) Jas. 111:1-2?Is nn untruth over
Justifiable? Give your reasons.
June 2. Hypocrisy and Sincerity.
Matt. vl:l-18. Golden Text?Take heed
that ye do not your rlghetousnes be
fore men, to be seen of them, else ye
have no reward with your Father who
Is In heaven. Matt. Vf: 1.
(9.) Verses 1-4?Is it or not, ami why
always wrong to let people know the
fact and the amount of our givinga to
June 9. Hearing and Doing. Luke
Vl:39-49. Uolden Text?He ye doers of
the word and not hearers only, deceiv
ing your own selves. Jus. 1:22.
110.) Why is it or not possible for an
unconverted man to be the means of
the conversion of a sinner?
June 10. Christ's Witness to .lohn
the Baptist. Matt. xl:2-19. Golden
Text -Among them that are born of
women there is none greater than
John, yet he that is but little In the
kingdom of God is greater than he
Luke vlt:28.
(11.) Verse 3?What do you think had
produced doubt in the mind of John
concerning the Messiahshlp of Christ?
June 23. The Penitent Woman. Luke
Vil: 36-50. Golden Text?Faithful is
the saying and worthy of all accepta
tion that Christ Jesus came Into the
world to save sinners. I Tim. 1:15.
(12) Verse 39?What, if any, reason
is there to suppose that if a virtuous
woman had been converted by Jesus
she would have publicly manifested
her love in a similar way?
Lesson for Sunday, July 7, 1912.
Malignant Unbelief. Mark 111:20-35.
Iaternailtnal Frees
Bible Question Clab
I have read the Suggestiv? Ques
tions on the Sunday School LeBson
published in The Advertiser, also
Lesson Itself for Sunday
. 191..
(Date) the series of 62.
Name .
Address .
Your Questions .Answered.
If you would like to have answered
any particular question each or any
week from "The Suggestive Questions
on the Sunday School LesBon" by Rev.
Dr. Linseott, send in your request to
this olllce, giving the date of the les
son and the number of the question
you wish answered. You may select
any question except the one indicat
ed that "It may be answered in writ
ing by members of the club." Dr.
Linscott will answer the questions
either In theae columns or by mail
through this office. Don't forget to
state what benefit theBe "Suggestive
Questions" are to you. Gire your full
name and address. Send your letters
to "The Question Editor of The Ad
Tertiser, Laurent?, S. C."
Judge Smith Decided that (he Case of
the Carolina Glass Co. vs YV. J.
Murray et al not in Iiis Jurisdiction.
Charleston. June 20.?That the ju
risdiction of the Federal Courts does
not extend to suits brought by cit
izens against a state, without the
State's consent, is the fundamental
principle upon which Judge Henry A.
M. Smith yesterday dismissed? the
suit brought by the Carolina Class
Company against W. J. Murray et al
??members of the former dispensary
wiuding-up commission. The suit had
been brought in the Federal Court a
gainst these former commissioners,
as individuals, to recover about $19,
000 which the plaintiff alleges were
due it from county dispensaries, but
which had been taken by the dispen
sary commission and applied to al
leged Indebtedness of the plaintiff to
the State, Incurred under former
transactions with the old State dls
Makes The NaGon Gasp.
The awful list of injuries on a
Fourth of July staggers humanity. Set
over against it, however. Is the won
derful healing, by Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, of thousands, who suffered from
burns, cuts, bruises bullet wounds or
exploolons. Its the quick healer of
boils, ulcers, eczema, sore lips or
piles. 26c at Laurcns Drug Co. and
Palmetto Drug Co.
State of South Carolina.
County of Laurens.
Whereas petitions signed by a legal
number of the qualified electors and
freeholders residing in Lanford School
District No. 10, Laurens County, South
Carolina, asking for an election upon
the question of voting an additional
two (2) mill tax upon the property In
said school district to be used for
school purposes have been Hied with
the County Hoard of Education, an
election Is hereby ordered upon said
question, aald election to be held at
Lanford Station on the 5th day of July
1912. under the management of the
school trustees.
Only such electors as return renl
or personal property for taxation and
who exhibit their tax receipts and
registration certificates as required in
the general election shall be allowed
to vote.
Those who favor the two mill ad
ditional tax shall vote a ballot con
taining the word "YES" written or
printed thereon. Those against said
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
word "NO" written or printed thereon.
Polls shall open at the hour of 8
o'clock In the foreno- i and shall re
main open until the hour of 4 o'clock
Iti the afternoon when they shall close
and the ballots be counted.
The trustees shall report the results
of the election to the County Auditor
and the County Superintendent of Ed
ucation within ten days thereafter.
Quick Detachable
' Clincher
Easily Fits Any Quick Detachable Rim
No Tools Required
Henry H. Rogers was a poor boy. He ',*,
worked in a grocery. He saved his money and
put it in the Bank. He left an estate of 100 ??
Million Dollars.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety.
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
N. B. Dial, President C. H. Roper, Cashier i
Quality Line of Drugs
We will give away with 50cts purchase a 50cts
pair of Shears.
The goods are guaranteed, money returned if
not f itisfactory.
Jamuca Ginger.26c
Pltchor's Castorln.26c
Worm Lozengers.10c
Quality Kye Water.25c
Quality Kidney and Bladder IMIIb f?0c
Quality Cream Tartar and Sulphur 10c
Quality Arnica Salve.26c
Quality Carbolic Salve. . .26c
Quality Liquid Shampoo.26c
Quality Camphor lee Tuben .. ..10c
Quality Hair Tonic (6 oz.) .. ..60?
Don't forget 50 cents pair of Shears.
Do you suffer with headache. Then get a
bottle ot Celery Company Salts.
Palmetto Drug Company f

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