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For Clerk of Court.
I hereby offer myself as a candi
date for tho olllce of Clerk of Court
of Laurens county, pledging myself
to abide by tho platform of the dem
ocratic party and to support the nom
inees thereof.
The friends of Mr. Chas F. Brooks
hereby announce him a candidato for
the office of Clerk of Court of Laureus
county, and pledge him to abide by the
results of tho Democratic primary and
to support tho nominees thereof.
To the voters of Laurens County:
Fully appreciating your support I'm
the past and with my record as a
public official before you, I take
pleasure in announcing myself a can
didate for re-election for Clerk of
?Court for Laurens County, S. C, and
will abide tho result of the Democrat
ic primary.
Fer Coroner-,
The friends of Mr. R. O. Halrston
hereby place his name before the pco
p'e of Laurens county for the office
?of Coroner, pledging him to abide by
the principles of the democratic party
and to support the nominees thereof.
For Auditor.
I hereby offer myself as a candi
date for re-election to the office of
auditor of Laurens county and prom
ise to abide by the platform of the
democratic party and to support the
nominees thereof.
For County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself as a carf
dldftte for County Commissioner of
Laurens County, subject to the result
of the Democratic primary election.
I hereby announce my candidacy
for re-election as County Commsislon
er of Laurens county subject to the
result of the Democratic primary elec
Having been solicited by numerous
friends, I hereby offer myself for re
election to the office of County Com
missioner for Laurens county, subject
to the democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of County Com
missioner and promise to abide by the
result of the Democratic primary.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myoelf a candi
date for the office of Sheriff of Ij&u
re.ns county, subject to the result of
the Democratic primary.
I hereby offer myself as a candidate
for Sheriff of Laurens County and
pledge myself to abide by the results
of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of
Sheriff of Laurens county, pledging
myself to abide by the platform of
the Democratic party and to support
the nominees thereof.
For State Senator.
At the urgent request of friends, I
have consented to become a candidate
for the office of State Senator for Lau
rens county. I will abide the result
of tho democratic primary election.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidato for the offlco of Senator
from this county, pledging myself to
abide by tho platform of the Demo
cratic party and to support tho nom
inees thereof.
R. D. BOY I).
For House of Represontnthos.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for tlie House of Representatives
from Laurens county and pledge my
self to abide by the results of the
primary election.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-election to the house of representa
tives of Laurens county, subject to
results of the Denioenitic primary
J. IT. Miller, M. D.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of representative
from this county in the legislature of
the state subject to tho rules of the
democratic party.
The friends of Joseph G. Sullivan,
?of Tumbling Shoals, respectfully sug
gest him as a suitable candidate for
tho Houro of Representatives, and
can vouch for his interest In the wel
f. re of tho common people. Subject
.) result of Primary Election.
I hereby nnnounce myself as can
-didate for tho House of Rcpresentnttves
subject to the rules and results of
the Democratic primary.
1 horeby announce myself a candi
date for the house of representatives
from Laurens county, subjoct to the
rules of the democratic party.
I hereby announce myself as can
didate for the office of Magistrate In
Waterloo Township, and promise to
abide by tho results of tho Democratic
For Magistrate.
At the solicitations of many friends.
1 hereby announce mysolf as cancMdato
for tho office of maglatrate In Lau
rens township, subject to tho rule of
-the domocratlc primary.
(Continued from Page One.)
ed, have by concerted action with one
another, put themselves upon the per
manent roll, where they constitute a
majority sufllcient to control the con
vention and defeat the will of the
party as expressed at the primaries.
Conspiracy and Fraud.
"Wo have exhausted every known
means to head o.T this conspiracy and
to prevent this fraud upon the popu
lar will, r. r. without success.
"We were sent to this convention
bearing the most specific Instructions
to place Theodore Roosevelt, in nomi
nation as the candidates of our party
for president and we therefore deem it
our duty to carry out those Instruc
tions In the only practical and feas
ible way remaining open to us.
"Therefore, be it resolved, That, we
representing the majority of the vot
ers of the Republican party, and of
the delegates and alternates legally
elected to tho national Republican
convention in compliance with out In
structions from the party voters, here
by nominate Theodore Roosevelt as
the candidate of our party for the
office of president of the United
States; and we call upon him to ac
cept the nomination In compliance
with the will of the party voters.
"And, be It further resolved. That
a committee be appointed by the
chair to forthwith notify Col. Roose
velt of the action here taken and re
quest him to appear before us In this
hall as soon as convenient."
Mr. Prendergast then made the
nominating speech:
"I second the resolution presented
by tho courageous sonator from Min
nesota." This was a signal for a
rousing demonstration for Senator
"Wre place him In nomination to
night?we the people of the United
States?the sovereign voters of this
land will elect him In November,"
Mr. Prendergast concluded.
Dean Lewis followed Mr Prender
gast. seconding the nomination of
Col. Roosevelt.
Roosevelt Cheered.
Col. Roosevelt was escorted to the
hall by the notification committee, ac
companied by Senator Dixon and Gov.
Stubbs of Kansas. As the colonel
entered the ball there was a storm
of applause. The people leaped to
their feet with a shout and for five
minutes there was pandemonium.
Col. Roosevelt mounted the plat
form and waved his hands. Binlling
with delight at the reception. When
he said he would accept the nomina
tion there was another frenzied dem
ons! ration.
The colonel expressed his gratifica
tion to tho delegates who, stood by
"Gentlemen: I thank you for your
nomination and in you 1 recognize the
lawfully elected delegates to the Re
publican convention, who represent
the overwhelming majority of the
voters who took part in the Repub
lican primaries prior to the conven
tion and who represent the wish of
the majority of the lawfully elected
I members of the convention. 1 accept
the nomination subject to but one
"This has now become a contest
which can not be sttled m< rely along
the old party lines. The principles
that are at stake are as broad and as
deep as the foundations of our de
inoraey Itself. They are in no sense
sectional. TllO) should' <ij-j-i-.il to all
honest citizens. Bast and West. North
and South; they should appeal to all
right thinking men. whether Repub
licans or Democrats without regard to
their previous party affiliations. I
feel that tho time has come when not
only all men who believe in progres
sive principles, but nil men who be
lieve in those elementary maxims of
public and private morality, which
must underlay all forms of successful
free government should join in one
Sound tho People.
"Therefore I ask you to go to your
several homes to llnd out the senti
ment of the people at home, and then
again to come together; I suggest by
mass convention, to nominate for the
presidency a progressive candidate on
a progressive platform, n candidate,
and a platform that will enable us to
appeal to Northerner and Southerner.
Easterner and Westerner, Republican
and Democrat alike. In the name of
our common American citizenship. If
you wish me to make the fight, I will
make It even If only one State should
support me. The only condition I
impose Is that you shall feel entirely
free to substitute any other man, and
In such case I will give him my heart
iest support.
To Absorb If Possible.
"Wherever, in any state, Cue Re
publican party is true to the princi
ples of Its founders and Is genuinely
the party of justice and of progress,
I expect to see It come bodily Into the
movement, for the convention that
has Just adjourned in this city Is In
no proper sense of the word a Re
publican convention at all. It does
not represent the masses of the Re
publican party. It lias served the
purpose only of a group of sinister po
litical bosses, many of whom have
used the party merely as an adjunct
to money-making, cither for them
selves or for tiie great crooked finan
cial interests which they serve. The
bosses who stole enough delegates to
enable thent to dominate this conven
tion have no kinship of soul or spirit
with the men who started tho Repub
lican party on its career as an agent
of liberty and Justice.
Lincoln Again.
"You, my friends, are the heirs in
the spirit of Abraham Lincoln when
he refused longer to be bound by
shackles of the, past, and faced the
new Issues in the new spirit that the
time demanded. Rut we are more for
tunate In one respect than our prede
cessors, for we who now stand for
the progressive cause, the progressive
movement, have done forever with all
sectionalism, and we make our appeal
equally to the sons of the men who
fought under Grant and to the sons of
the men who fought under Lee, for
the cause we champion Is as eminent
ly the cause of the South as it is the
cause of the North.
"I am In this fight for certain prin
ciples and the first and most import
ant of these goes back to Sinai and is
embodied in the commandment, 'Thou
shalt not steal.' Thou Shalt not steal
a nomination; thou shalt neither steal
in politics, nor in business. Thou shalt
not steal from the people tho birth
right of tho people to rule themselves.
I hold In the language of the Ken
tucky court of appeals that 'stealing
is stealing.' No people Is wholly civ
ilized where'a distinction is drawn be
tween stealing an office and stealing
a purse.
Gruve Situation.
"I do not know whether our coun
trymen fully realised the gravity of
the crisis which we face. There is no
use In holding primaries, no use. In
holding elections, if we permit a small
group of unscrupulous politicians,
some of whom are certainly acting in
the Interest of big crooked bosses to
exercise the veto power over the pri
maries and elections by upsetting the
results at their own displeasure. The
convention which lO'lay closes its dis
creditable career Mb re iii Chicago, rep
resents a negligible minimum of tho
rank and file of the Republican patty.
Hut with all it has done. It has pro
vided for the future otter material for
serious consideration.
The notional comi?itV.e.t chosen by
me politicians four years ago, made t
temporary roll, lucludlnj; souto !?0
fraudulent delegates who had not been
elected by the DOople, and thereby
they controlled a majorit' of the cr.n
vent Ion,
Fraud t'pon Fraud.
This fraudulent temporal/ roll in
turn chose a fraudulent credentials
committee and all the fraudulent del
egates voting on one anotnor's cases,
thereby made up the permanent roll,
which constituted the fraudulent con
vention. Then this fraudulent con
vention chooses a new and not less
fraudulent national committee. Now
gentlemen, there are those who ask
us to stay in the party which lias
just fraudulently nominated for the
presidency a man who inspire,! and
profited by the fraud.
"They ask us to submit to Infamy
in (lie present ease on the ground that
perhaps wo may be able to prevent
such Infamy in the future. They
seem to forget that the vicious circle
has been completed and thai this
fraudulent convention has provided in
its fraudulently chosen national com
mittee, a means whereby the) can
hope once again, four years hence,
and With the like impunity, to over
throw the wifl of tho majority of the
voters at the primaries. The vicious
circle must be broken. The power
ful, Crooked political bosses; have and
ought to have no feeling, hut con
tempt for the honest man who sub
mits to their violent and unscrupulous
dishonesty. If we permit fraud of
this kind to triumph, we do a shame
ful thing and show either that we are
faint at heart or dull of conscience.
His Principles.
"As for the principles for which I
stand, I have set them forth fully
In the many speeches I have inndo
timing the last four months while
making an active contest for tho nom
ination which I won and out of which
I have been cheated.
"Fundamentally, these principles
are: First, that the people have the
right to rule themselves and can do
so better than any outsiders can rule
them, and, second, that it is their duty
so to rule in a spirit of Justice toward
every man and every woman within
our borders and to use the govern
ment so far as possible as an Instru
ment for obtaining not merely politi
cal but induatrlal Justice. We stand
for honesty and fair play. We prac
tically apply the commandment. 'Thou
shalt not steal.' I hold that we are
performing a high duty in Instigating
this movement, for the permanent
success of practices such as have oh
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ONE 1 > aSE
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l.aureus, S. c
tninod in n fraudii 1 <'iit convention thai
has just closed its sittings would mean
the downfall of this republic, and we
are performing the most patriotic of
duties when we set our fines like Hint
against such wrong.''
When Col. Iloosovell concluded
there was a wild rush for the plat
form and a score of men scrambled
for the leaves of the colonels manu
script, where he had dropped them.
The cheers almost rtrowned out the
blare of the hand, which continued
to play 'There'll be a Hot Time in
the Old Town Tonight."
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Lau rens
South Carolina
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