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Every now and then Borne one un
dertakes to revive the unfounded story
of Longstreet's tardiness, mistake or
failure at Gettysburg.
It is impossible for me to do more,
in tho space you could allow, than
name a few points touching upon the
?ubject, realizing as 1 do, the difficulty
of the task of making the younger
generation understand those things
pertaining to military life.
Let us keep in view that we are sur
veying, or discussing Longstreet's mil
itary career or character, remember
ing that these charges were brought
long after the close of the war, even
after General Lee's death. Why they
were made Is well known to thoae who
were living at the time. It was this:
during the reconstruction period Gen
eral Longstreet ofllllated with that
?class of Southern men who, to use a
phrase of that period chose to "accept
the situation", that is acquiclsed In the
results of the war. He accepted an ap
pointment under Grant in the early
dayB of the latter's administration. This
brought upon him a storm of criticism,
denunciation and abuse, from all over
the Southern ? States. In order to
weaken, or destroy bis influence, lead
ing men like General I'endleton and
others, aft^1- the death of Gen. Lee,
which occured in 1870, set about to
weaken Longtsreet's hold upon the
Southern people, with the hitherto
unheard of charge of his having
brought disaster .it Gettysburg.
Let's notice two or three or four
reasons, or facts, any one of which,
could not exist, or have existed, and
. be consistent with, or reconciled :o
any theory of culpability, or guilt ou
the part of Gen. Longst.ri.et at Gettys
burg. Those lespontiblo for thet.e
charges, knowing Leo's exalted esti
mate of Lougst^oet as a soldier, dared
not make them while Gen. Lea l.ved.
It is the ve-.er.\u soldier alone that
can realize how absurd it is to tup
pose that any such insubordination,
disobedience or Incapacity, could havo
existed on the great field of Gettys
burg and have escaped the knowledge
of his men. Who of Longstreet's
First Corps ever heard such a thing
during the dar? This sort of thing
could not be done In a come.* or be
kept a secret.
The Confederate soldier was no hired
mescenary. Ho had an individuality
about him, and knew what was done.
He was not In the secret of Lee's plans
before hand, but knew mighty well,
how, when and by whom, they were
executed. Longstreet was second In
command In the army ot Northern
Any Confederate soldier, that may
chance to peruse this, knows full well
that wherever any ofllcers of any rank
I committed a blunder on the Held, that
lit very promptly and swiftly reached
[the ears of every soldier of the line.
Who, of either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd corps
ever heard, at, or after, Gettysburg, or
at any other period of the war, of a
blunder of Longstreet at Gettysburg or
on any other of the hundred fields
from Mannassas to Appomattox?
The writer recalls a number of in
stances where ofllcers of rank In the
Confederate army were censured for
insubordination, blunder or incapaci
ty. Jealosy often interfered with the
efficiency of the service. Some briga
dier was slow or loth to help the rank
ing brigadier win the fight and his
major general commission, (wonder If
some of the boys remember "TrevUllan
Station" and "Will Valley" and Joe
Hooker and Burnslde at Frederlcks
A few timos the great Lee had to
censure, or reprimand, usually similar
to the manner or way a teacher would
treat a pupil, or a parent, a child. At
the Noith Anna river during the cam
paign from the "Hapldan to the James"
A. P. Hill (who was the peer of Na
poleon's great marshals) through some
mistake, or want of caution, permit
ted a federal detachment or column,
to get in a position that was very
awkward for tho Confederate lines,
Gen. Lee appearing upon the scene,
said to Gen. Hill In a BCOldlug way,
"Why did you not do as Jackson would
have done?" Lee seldom went beyond
this. It rarely happened that an of
ficer of high rank was subject to ar
| rest, or court martial.
. What survivor ever heard a breath
of censure or want of confidence In
Longstreet during the war?
Again, Is there not an unanswerable
I significance In the utter dearth of any |
mention, or reference to such a charge
against Longstreet, In tho chronicles
of those times? Wo don't have to re
fer to an extreme case like the treas
on of Arnold In the revolution, or the
surrender of Hull In 1812-15, but might
mention the reprimand by Washing
ton of CharleB Lee at "Monmouth" and
his subsequent court martial, or the
case of John Porter charged by
Popo with disobedience of orders at
the 2nd battle of Mannassas, as ex
amples that prove that such things
cannot, nor never do escape history.
Now let's see dear reader. If there
had have been defection, disobedience
or Incapacity shown by tho officer
second in command, as Longstreet was,
on the great field of Gettysburg, at the
decisive moment In the assault on
Cemetery Hill on the 3rd day, the de
cisive battle of the war, when the des
tiny of the Confederacy as well as of
the nation, hung in the bulance, when
that officer had Immediate charge of
that assault, and whose blunder, led
to Its failure, would there not have
been some court martial, o fncial
problnr. censure or criticisms I. By
What sort of reasoning can you main
tain ycui oxalied estimate of the
peerless Lee who allowed Longstreet
to remain In a position that in case
of his (Lee) becoming disabled would
have put him (Longstreet' In com
mand of the army of Northern Vir
ginia, tho greatest army of the Con
federacy, at the crucial period of Its
You can't put It on the ground of
Lee's generosity, chnrlty or greatness
of heart or character. Great as he
was in all that makes a mortal great,
to have allowed these to influence his
action would have been to saerillce or
endanger hi, country's dearest Inter
In war, discipline, the efficiency of
the service, and public safety, demand
Inexorable rules. Before these, senti
ments of generosity, or mercy to an
offender, must go down like grass be
fore the sharp sickle.
Following Gettysburg, did either Lee
or the Confederate authorities exhibit
the slightest want of confidence in
Longstreet? The facts, or history of
the times, is an a1l?sufficient answer.
Sixty days from the rolling back of
the tide from Gettysburg, Longstreet
was leading two divisions of tho old
1st corps, as line a body of veteran
soldier.; as ever fought on the conti
nent, to the bloody field of Chlcka
mauga, there to command one wing
of the army, lead In breaking the
enemy's lines In the only very great
victory in the west. Following that
battle he was offered the command of
Bragg's army. Declining that he was
entrusted with an expedition In East
Tennessee, was at Lee's right hand
when the bloody drama of 1864 opened
In the wilderness, and after recovering
from desperate wounds received at
the latter place, was at Lee's side up
to, and at the lust moment at Appo
In what regard the Confederacy held
, ... -
Longstreet and hl? men following
Getysburg, is very forcibly shown by
the following joint resolution by tho
Confederate Congress, following Get
tysburg. Chiskamauga and tho Bast
Tennessee campaign;
"Resolved by the Congress of tho
Confederate States of America, that
the thanks of Congress are due and
are hereby cordially tendered to Lleu
tcnt General James Longstreet, and
the officers and men of his command
for their patriotic services and bril
liant achievements in the present war,
sharing as they havo the arduous fa
tigues and privations of many cam
paigns in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsyl
vania, Georgia and Tennessoe, and par
ticipating In nearly every great battle
fought In these states, the commanding
general ever displaying great ability,
skill and prudence In command, and
the officers and men the most heroic
brnvery, fortltudo and energy In every
duty they have been called upon to
"Resolved that the President be re
quested to transmit u copy of the fore
going resolutions to General Long
street for publication to his command."
"Feb. 17, 1864."
General Longstreet, ns viewed from
the Southern standpoint, made a po
litical mistake In the latter sixties, but
It Is a gross perversion of history and
a no less gross Injustice to his mem
ory, to the memory Of General Lee,
and a gross reflection upon the Confed
erate government, to assail his military
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