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Citizens to Discuss Ways and Means of Raising the Amount Necessary to
Secure Chicora College. Every Citizen Interested in the Welfare of
Laurens is invited and Expected to be present. The Situation is
one which Seldom Confronts a Growing Towri and the Oppor
tunity Must not be Allowed to Pass Unheeded.
The entire citizenship ol Lanrens is
hereby extended an invitation to attend a
Mass Meeting on the second floor of the
Wilkes Building at Six (6) o'clock, sharp,
Tuesday afternoon, July 9th?, for the pur
pose of formulating the answer of the peo
ple of Laurens to the proposition made to
them by the Board of Trustees of Ghicora
L. P. McGEE,
M. L. COPLEAND and others. |J
A great mass meeting of Lau
rens citizens, men and women, has
been called for this evening at six
o'clock, the meeting to be held on
the second floor of the remodeled
Wilkes building for the purpose of
discussing the ways and means of
raising the necessary sum to secure
Chicora college for Laurens. That
Laurens now has the opportunity
to secure this college is already
well known to most of its citizens,
it it is now planned to start such
ii whirlwind campaign that every
body will become aware of the fact
aud be enabled to contribute to a
cause which will prove the greatest
boon that the town has ever had.
To those who are not familiar
with the ci/cumstances loading up
to the call of this meeting, it would
not be out of place to review the
happenings of the past few weeks
or the past few months. In fact
for the past several years Rev. C.
F. Rankin has had a plan revolving
in his mind to secure a college for
Laurens. Realizing when he first
came here that such an institu
tion was one of its direst needs and
feeling sure that the city and coun
ty were willing and anxious to
support a college, he has constant
ly kept the idea in mind. A few
months ago, when some dissatis
faction was expressed because of
the cramped conditions surround
ing the present location of Chicora
college at Greenville and the fact
* came out at a meeting of the board
of trustees that the college would
likely be moved from its present
\ location to some other location in
<>r near Greenville or to some other
city, the question of securing the
college for Laurens was agitated
quietly. The movement gained in
momentum until just before the ap
^fcntcd time for the meeting of
ime board of. trustees last week, it
was thought advisable to get a
number of Laurens citizens togeth
er and discuss the question.
Vhe meeting was held rast Mon
day afternoon and a committee
. (insisting of enthusiastic members
of all denominations was appoint
ed to appear before the board of
trustees at Greenville and to find
out the sentiment of the board. The
committee went up without .any
proposition to offer and were on
ly instructed to say that Laurens
was unwilling to enter into any
competition with other cities to i
secure the college, but that Lau
rens stood ready to do all in her
power to meet any condition the
board might suggest. The trustees
were advised of the hopes and
plans of Laurens in reference to
the college if it were established
here and were, asked to state
the terms upon which the col
lege could be secured. The
committee was given a courteous
hearing. Wednesday afternoon
(the next day) Dr. II. K. Aiken.
the chairman of the Laurens com
mittee, was informed that the board
had acted favorably upon the sug
gestion of the Laurens citizens
and would recommend moving
the college here if Laurens would
supply a suitable site and raise
$75,000 for the college.
With the above facts before
them, a committee of citizens has
called the meeting to be held in
Wilkes' store this evening. As this
will be a meeting of such tremen
dous import, it is hoped and con
fidently expected that every citizen
of Laurens, irrespective of religious
or any other affiliation, will be
present. This is a time where all
petty differences must be laid aside
and every man join with his neigh
bor and cooperate in the movement
The whole "citizenship" is expect
ed to be present so that the matter
may be properly and enthusiastic
ally laid before the people.
As the first newspaper announce
ment of the action of the board of
trustees covers very minutely ev
ery phase of the situation, it is re
produced below, it being taken
from Thursday's issue of The
?reenvillc News. It is as follows:
That Chicora College will be re
moved from Greenville to the town
of Laurens is practically certain,
since the Board of Trustees, in an
nual sossion laat night, adopted a
report from the Ways and Means
Committe to the effect that should
Laurens provide the college with an
acceptable site and the sum of
$75,000 toward a removal plant,
the college would bo rccorr.cr.ded to
the controlling Presbyteries of tho
State. That Laurens will meet the
condition laid down by the trustees,
is more than probable. In fact, it
was reliably stated last night that
the conditions will be met in full
within 10 days. That the controll
ing Presbyteries would adopt the
recommedation of the Hoard of
Trustees in very likely.
"The Board of Chicora College
deem in duo to all concerned to
make a succient but plain state
ment of their action in connection
with the probable transfer of the
intsitution from its present site to
the city of Laurens.
"At its meeting in July, 1911,
a member of the board who found
it impossible to be present in per
son at this meeting addressed to
it a communication in which he
raised the question whether the in
terests of the college did not de
mand at the hands of the board
a frank consideration of the ad
visability of transferring the in
stitution to some other place in the
Synod and suggesting Laurens as
a suitable place.
"The board referred this com
munication to its executive com
mit te with instructions to consider
its contents and in connection with
same to see whether they could not
secure for the college an eligible
site in or near the city of Green
"When the board met this year,
at 8:30 p. m. July 2nd, they were
informed that a number of gen
tlemen representing the various de
nominations and the business in
terests of Laurens were in the city
and desirous of confering wtih them
touching the matter of the removal
of the college from it.s present site.
These gentlemen were granted an
audience by the board. Through
their spokesman, Dr. Aiken, they
stated that they had heard that
there was a posibili'.y that, the board
might deem the removel of the col
lege advisable. They also stated
very explicitly through Dr. Aiken
and others that they had not come
to try to get the college away from
Greenville or to make any bid for
it as against any other community ;
but were before the board to say
that if that body should decide that
they were willing to consider the
removal of the college and would
state the conditions upon which its
removal hinged they could assure
the board that the city of Laurens
was ready to make an earnest and
ethusiastic effort to meet those con
ditions. They made no proposi
tion of any kind to the board, but
in private conversation with the
members of that body stated they
believed the city of Laurens would
provide the college with a suitable
site and money enough to pay off
its present indebtness.
"The board heard these gentle
men respectfully and promised
them as early an answer as the
nature of their business would ad
mit- of. When- the board a went
again into executive session its ex
ecutive committee reported that
there was not before them any
propositionr for a site for the col
lege in or near the city of Green
ville. Dr. Byrd. the president,
however, said that he was request
ed by certain gentlemen of the city
to lay before the board with suit
able explanation, four available
sites in as many differcn Bubwobs
of the city. All these, together with
the address from tlie citizens of
Laurens, were referred to the ways
and means committee of the board
for consideration.
"That committee, after deliber
ating until late in the night, form
ulated and presented to the board
the following report:
To the Hoard of Directors of Chic
ora College in Session July 3, 1912.
Brethren: Your committe on
ways and means had referred to
them four propositions touching
the removal of the college from its
present to some other site in or
near the city of Greenvilo, and also
the matter brought to the attention
of the board by the committee of
citizens of Laurens .S?. C, touching
the removal of the college to that
Early in our conference in be
came evident to our committee that
none of the propositions for tho re
moval to any of the four sites in
or near Greenville was in such
shape as to make it wise iu the
judgment of your committee to
entertain them at the present time.
The following circumstances led
your committee to regard it as im
perative that we give the most care
ful consideration to the question
of removing the college to the city
of Laurens.
1. There is at present rest ing up
on the college a debt amounting
to $65,000 and bearing interest,
part at 7 per cent, and part at H
per cent.
2. Extensive improvements in
our present present plant at an
early day are imperative. The
cost, will aggregate $35,000. To
make these improvements there is
no money in hand. Should we ap
ply the whole of the $50,000 whie.lt
v/c hop*' will he secured for the col
lege by the campaign at. present
in progress, we would still be eon
fronted with the debt of $45,000.
Such ?t debt imposes a handicap
that constantly threatens the very
existence of the college.
Our present site while l>enut.i
flll and convenient is not commo
dious. In our judgment the in
terests of the college will demand
'removal from it at no distant day.
Under these circumstances it does
not seem wise to your committee to
spend upon our present plant a
single dollar more than is abso
utely neeccssary.
4. There fceems to be no reason
able hope that the Presbyterians
and people of Greenville will feel
able to lift from the college the
burden of debt at present threaten
ing its existence and provide with
it an effective material equipment.
5. Your committee is credibly
informed that the city of Laurens
is prepared to at least assume our
present debt and provide it with an
eligible site, This done, until it
could be sold at a reasonable price,
our property here, could be bond
ed for at least the. sum of $65,000.
With this sum and $35,000 of the
$50,000 hoped for from the present
canvass we would have in hand the
sum of $100,000 a sufficient amount
with which to erect in the city of
(Continued on Page Three.)
Realizing, as we citizens of Laurens do, that the greater proportion
of the material and educational benefits to be derived from the loca
tion of Chicora eollege here will come to this city, but knowing at the.
same time that the county as a whole will profit in a large measure,
we extend you citizens outside of Laurens an invitation to join us in
the great campaign now about to begin. The prosperity of the city of
Laurens depends upon the prosperity of the county surrounding it
and in the same way the county depends in large measure upon the
prosperity of the city. Truer it is, that the educational and moral at
mosphere of the county is shaped in large measure by the influences of
the county sent.
There are many advantages to the county at large to be gained from
the location of the college here. Many children will be able to secure
a college education who would not be otherwise. Many of those who
would naturally go elsewhere to college will be enabled to go through
eollege here at a less expense. With the eollege located in Laurens, a
spirit of advancement and progress is sure to spread and take hold of
the entire county and every man, woman and child will reap the "ben
Advancement along educational lin/'s means advancement in ma
terial and financial ways. The city of Laurens will prosper aa she
iias never done before ami the county will reflect the prosperity.
The city of Laurens wauls your aid. You arc interested and able
to help in the great cause. Join us in the greal enterprise and after
the victory is won partake of the many benefits. The city would wel
come liberal subscriptions from the people of the county.
? * *
"(1.) Will the citizens of Laurens meet the conditions named by
the board?" Around that contingency hangs the question whether or
not Laurens is to secure Chicora college. Will wo? We will. That set
tles it. The thing left to do is to get the amount asked for properly
proport ioned.
We believe that the paragraph above expresses the attitude of the
citizens of Laurens upon the question of raising the sum sufficient to
secure Chicora college. We are told that if we raise the money, tllO
college will be brought here. We are not placed in competition with
other cities nor are we placed in the position of a bolster for Grcon
wille. We have a proposition before us expressed ill those familiar words:
"Put up or shut up." We are upon our mettle and the future growth
of the city depends upon our decision. Will we puf up or shut up ?
Laurens cannot shut Up so she must put up. There is net alternative, for
we cannot admit defeat.
On other occasions Laurens has entered I he arena to secure educa
tional advantages for our boys and girls. At such times she has prof
fered generously, but the fates were against her. It is a sore point
with many to speak of those opportunities, for the faults were not
all ours. Laurens was used then to stir other towns into doing their
duty by colleges already within their bounds. On other occasions
Laurens has had the opportunity 1<? secure great transportation lines.
Through lack of appreciation of the importance of a united effort t<?
combat the claims of others and because of an unwillingness to supply
the necessary funds, we have failed to grasp those opportunities. At
other times Laurens has failed to come to the mark because of a feeling
of uncertainty as to whether the effort was worth while or not In
this campaign, however, WO are face to face with a proposition with
no strings tied to it and the time has come for its to take some action
to show that we are not dead. We have failed on several other occa
sions and if we fail this time "the jig's up."
It is unnecessary to dwell upon the advantages of a college for
^Laurens. All of our people are as one in desiring the college and in
promising their moral support. We all know that besides the material
advantages, a college is a great asset, to a town. With an institution
of learning in our midst, when nearly every girl who is able to at
tend a graded school is able to attend college, Laurens cannot help but
become a seat of refinement and culture. Our homes will be as a reflec
tion of the atmosphere of education and advancement surrounding
thcrcollege. The life of the city will at once be placed upon a la tter and
higher plane and the advantages will bo destributcd among us all.
Laurens surely needs a center around which her educational activi
tioM may revolve. We have a fine graded school in the city and flue
schools in the county. We now need a college where the girls can.
"finish off" their education and still be at home.
It is apparent to all that this money will be raised only after a Hercu
lean effort is made. The campaign is going to tax us to such an ex
tent as we have never been taxed before. It is not going to be a case
of donating a part of our "surplus" fund, for if we succeed in this,
sacrifices will have to be made and the principal will have to be drawn
upon. Ninety thouftand dollars is a huge sum of money and unless ev
erybody contributes to the limit of their ability the campaign need not
be started for a half hearted contribution will never have to be paid.
Believing firmly in the generosity of Laurens citizens and knowing
that on this campaign depends the future growth in education and in
material wealth, The Advertiser hopes and believes that the issue will
be met and when the time conies the committee will have the glorious op
portunity of placing before the Chicora t rustees the handsome pledges
which wo have made and declaring that they stand ready to SCO the col
Lgo moved to Ivaurens and promise that not only tho financial but the
moral support of every citizen within our bounds will be accorded it.
Laurens can win; Laurens must win.
? ? ?
It is not going to be a small matter to raise this sum. A sacrifice must
be made. But the cause is imperative.

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