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J. D. Gilreath and Others
Charged With Assisting
Vaughn to Escape.
Following the Conviction of T. r.
Vaughn on the < harge of Criminal
Conduct Toward Little Girls under
his (arc in Odd Fellows Orphanage,
the Kapist is Vlleged t?> have Made
Sensntionnl Charges,
special to The Dallj Fledmont.
Columbia, Oct. S9, Governor Blense
llatlj refuses to mal e nnj statement
a^ to the T. I". Vaughn case.
He Uns been asked if he bad an)
statement to make in connection with
Hector's statement that lie ordered
the urresl of Gilreath, but be said
he did not linvc a word to say,
Yauglm is in the penitentinr) lure
but when newspaper men asked to
see him the penitentlurj oftieinls stat
ed that thej had received positive in
structions from Governor Blense not
to let nnybod) see or talk to Vautrhn.
This is an unusual order for the
penitentiur) oftieinls seldom refuse to
allow newspaper men to talk to pris
oners when accompanied bj a guard,
unless there is some verj evident rea
son wh) the prisoner should not talk
to visitors.
Greenville. Oct. 2S.?I'pon an alleg
ed statement of the sclf-confcsse.1 rap
ist, Thurston U. Vaughan, and at the
instigation of Governor Cole L. Bleuse,
Ex-Sheriff Jeff D. Gilreath, inspector
of police; ex-Jailer A. A. Phillips, of
the city police, and Reuben Gosnell,
a magistrate's constable, were arrest
ed last night on warrant" charging
them with assisting Yalughan to es
cape from the county jail last June.
The three men were taken through the
streets of Greenville to the jail, where
they were incarcerated for an hour or
more. Five substantial business men,
commanding more than a million dol
lars cash, lated rushed to the jail from
their respective churches, together
with hundreds of other citizens, wno
crowded about the prison and clamor
ed as to who should be the first to
sign bonds of one thousand dollars for
each of the parties. Feeling was in
tense and excitement ran higher than
it had at any time during the past few
days of sensational happenings in [
Greenville. 1
Rumor spread like wildfire on the
fctreets about noon that arrests were
to be made in connection with the
escape of Vaughan from Greenville
jail some months ago. Warrants
were drawn up late In the ivtternoon
and just before night wttfo signed by
Magistrate Samuel Stradley and
placed In the hfthds of Sheriff-elect
llenrlx Rector for service. The
deputy set out to apprehend his men
and located Policeman Phillips first
at' Greene avenue and Pendleton
street as the officer wasL going from
his home to the police station. He
was arrested and conveyed to the
jail and locked In a cell. Rector
then set out to locate Mr. Gilreath,
finding him at the point near the
Grand Opera House. Roth got in a
hack and started toward the jail. As
the two came through Main street a
tremendous throng gathered and raced
behind the vehicle, shouting and mak
ing the night ring with their cries. Mr.
Gilreath was placed In a cell with the
common prisoners, after which the
deputy set about to find his third man.
Leave 'Churches.
In the meantime news of the ar
rest spread through several of the
churches of Greenville and many of
the most prominent men of the city
left their pews and rushed for the
jail. They insisted on Magistrate
Stradley being sent for so that he
could take bond for the prisoners. A
messenger went to church after the
magistrate, and brought him to the
prison. By tho time he arrived the
deputy had returned with Reuben
Gosnell. his third prisoner. Bonds
were drawn up and signed by Avery
Patton, Henry P. McGee, J. M. Greer,
AleBter G. Fwrinan and C. O. Allen.
The prisoners were released and left
the jail at once, while the crowd that
jammed the street in front of the
jail dispersed. Some believe that
political animosity of years standing,
fanned into flame again by the inci
dents cf '.he past few days, is at the
bottom of the trouble, while others
who claim to be on the inside declare
that there is no truth in the allega
tions. I
Last, night at the county jail iu
the presence of the prisoners and a
score or more of prominent citizens
of the City, Sheriff J. Terry Poole
pave out a statement in regard to
the alleged confession of Vaughan.
He stated that he, Deputy Sheriff
Hunsinger, Sheriff-elect Hector and
J. B. Wasson wore carrying Yaugh
an from the court house to the train
hue Saturday afternoon for the pur
pose of taking him to Columbia, the
prisoner mace an open confession to
how he escaped from the jail last
June. Sheriff Poole said. in. part, as
follows: "We were going along Hud
son street when Vaughan made his
confession. 11?. said that his brother
gave Jailor Phillips $10 to transfer
T, I*. Vaughan from the main cells
to a cell used for women which has a
barred window opening on the jail
yard. The night before he escaped.
Vaughan said. Reuben Qosnell came
to the jail window for the purpose Ol
sawing the bars, but that conditions
were unfavorable for the job and he
went away. The follow ug night, he
said. Mr. Qllreath came to the win-!
dow and did the actual sawing of the
bars, handing the saw through the
window to the prisoner just before!
the last bar was severed. Vaughan
said he finished the job. Vaughan
further said that he would sit in the
electric chair Itself and make the
same confession as to who helped him
The confession made by Vaughan
must have reached the ears of Gov
ernor Please, for the officers stated
last night that the chief executive
telephoned here yesterday and order
ed the warrants sworn out at once
and served. It was repeatedly stated
at the jail last night by the arresting
ofllcers. the prosecutor and others in
terested in the ease that Governor
Please had ordered the arrests to be
made that day.
The three warrants were sworn out
by Dr. W. I.. Mauldin. and each one
charges the respective defendants
with "aiding a prisoner to escape".
The specific charges in the warrants
against Gosnell and Phillips are that
they "did aid and assist one T. U.
Vaughan, charged with rape, to es
cape from the Greenville, county jail,
Wherein the said T. IT, Vaughan was
then confined." The Warrant against
Mr, Gllreuth charges that the defend
ant "did convey Into, the Greenville
C?Unty jail tools adapted or useful to
aid a prisoner to make his escape,
with Intent to facilitate the escape of
a prisoner confined, one T. U. Vaugh
an, charged with rape, and did aid
and assist Raid prisoner to escape
from said jail." The witnesses In
each case are J. Perry Poole, Hen
drlx Rector, .lohn S. Hunsinger and
T. C. Vaughan.
In an interview lnsl nigh:, Mr. Qll
reath gave an account of the manner
In which ho was arrested. He said
that he was apprised early In the af
ternoon that a warrant was to be
sworn out on him and later learned
that It had been planned to arrest
him in the Pirat Baptist church,
where he was to attend the evening
service. Hearing of this. Mr. (Hl
reath sold he started home for the
purpose of getting an early supper
so he could go down to the Jail and
save the ofllcers the trouble of lock
ing him up.
As he was nenr the Grand Opera
House, he said, he heard Sheriff-elect
Rector call to him from behind and
state that he had a warrant for him
"I turned around and went back to
meet him," continued Mr. GUreath,
"and after he arrested me I asked to
be allowed to go to a telephone, but
was refused this modest requeet."
After being brought to the Jail, Mr.
(Jllroath sold, he was not allowed to
use the telephone there, but later on
Sheriff Poole came down and let him
out to go to the telepnone.
At this juncture a reporter wan
admitted to the Jail and upon enter
ing one of the Jailer's private living
rooms observed Mr. Cllreah coming
through a door loading from the cells.
He went to a telephone and called up
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Devoted Wife of Pr. w. H. Washington
Bird at the Count) Hospital Satur*
da) Mo mi nc.
Mr<. Lutte Washington, wife of Dr.
W, H. Washington, died very sudden
ly at the county hospital Saturday
morning. just as she was looking for
ward to a return homo after an Ill
ness of several weeks. Mrs. W;.s:i
Ington had boon operated op n few
weeks before Rnd was apparently get
ting much beuer. an early recovery
being expected, when death suddenly
overtook her. Her sudden demise was
a shook and a source of grief to a
large number of friends and relatives.
The funeral services were held Sun
day afternoon, a short service be
ing held at the home of her parents,
Mr. and M.s. \v w. Jones, and then
a short service at the cemetery nearby
Itev. C, F. Kankin. her pastor, assist
ed by Hey. W. E. Thnyer, conducted
the services, which were simple though
Impressive. A large number of sor
rowing friends and relatives follow
ed the body to the grave and an un
usually largo number of (lowers were
strewn over the grave after the ser
vices, both attesting to the Jove and,
esteem in which she was held by
those who knew her.
The honnry pall bearers were: J.
W. Todd. Sr., C, H. Roper, M. L. Cope
land, s. m. Wllkes, T. 1). Darlington,
Dr. W. C. irby, F. K. Spratt, J, D.
Watts. Dr. B. F. Posey, Brooks Swy
gert, A. D. Gray. the active pall
bearers were: U. F. Fleming, It, C,
Fleming. Albert C. Todd. J, \V. Todd,
Jr., Dr. U. R. Hughes, W. R. McCuen,
Dr. w. D. Ferguson, C. M, Miller. .1.
W. Dunkltn. Messrs. W. H. Anderson.
Job Little. Armstrong and Dr. Bearden
bore the flowers from the home to the
Besides her husband and one little
girl Mrs. Washington leaves her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Jones and
several sisters and a brother to mourn
her loss. They are as follows: Mrs. ().
H. Mayer. Newberry. Mrs. I). \V. U'on
ard. Spartanburg. Misses Willie and
Ollnthin, of Lnurcns, and Mr. Fleming
Jones, of Laurens, and a half sister.
Mrs. J. w. Wootcn. of Greenwood.
Count) Teacher's Association to Bold
Meeting Saturday, Nov. 2nd.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Laurens County Ticnchors' associa
tion will be held In the ocurt house
Saturday, Nov. 2nd. Every teacher In
the county is urged to attend for Im
portant plans will be discussed In
which you are Interested, it was de
cided nl the last meeting that the
teachers should bring lunch, and af
ter the regular business, a social hour
would be enjoyed.
Program for the Meeting.
Subject rending, discussion based on
Mr. Tate's manual.
Demonstration reading, first grade.
Miss Annie Put man.
Demonstration reading, fourth grade.
Miss Lutle Young.
Rottnt table discussion on reading.
leader. Mr. W. P. Culbcrtson.
Article 10 of the constitution -Any
teacher who will attend five of these
meetings and perform all duties as
signed and will read three books so
le'tod by the executive committee will
be put on an Honor Roll to be posted
In the office of the county superin
tendent. A copy of this roll will also
be published in the county papers l.ct
every '.encher In the county make the
Honor Roll.
Death of a Child.
Anr.fi Rutledge, the Infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McChee, died at
the residence of Mrs. Tucker, on South
Harper street, where Mr. and Mrs.
McGhee have been boarding, Sunday
morning at nine o'clock after an Ill
ness of only several days. The body
was carried to Greenwood, the former
home of the parents, where It was in
terred Sunday afternoon. The child
was Just ten months old. The parents
have the sympathy of a large number
of people In the city who have come
to know them during their short resi
dence here.
Meeting of l . D. c.
A meeting of John B. Kershaw
Chapter. U. D. C, will be held with
Mrs. B. W. Ball Mondny afternoon,
November 4th All of the members
are expected to attend. The meeting
will be at 3:20 o'clock.
Rr. Thoritwell Jacobs Vtnonv Homo
People, who arc Proud ?>f lib Sue*
cc>> with Oglethorpe I'nherslt} Pro?
Clinton, S C, Oct. ?Ono of the
biggest dreams that over came to a
Clinton man is thai of Thoruwell
Jacobs *.o revive Oglethorpe Culvers!
ty. For a yea: or more he has de
voted his energies to making his
dream come true and has mot with
remarkable success, His idea is to re
build the old university on the OUt?
skirts of Atlanta and make it the
Princeton of the South He has se
cured Hedges In Georgia of sunns ag
gregating nearly a half million il oil or a
and is preparing to carr> the cam
paign Into other states.
He made a very earnest and con
vincing statement of the scheme In
the First church Sunday and asked
for the support of his home town in
ir.s efforts Considering the many
burdens on the business men of Clin
ton now the response was all that Mr,
Jacobs expected and this town will
certainly have one and innybo two
members on the hoard of trustees nt
Oglethorpe I'nlvorslty. each member
representing a girt of $1000,
Aarulvnl in ('own.
Clinton is great on carnivals and
the tiays and nights this week are
made festive with brass bands, steam
pianos, ferrls wheels, and the other
attractions of (he usual amusement
Social V flairs.
The three social book clubs hold last
week their regular October meetings
and all wore dcllghtfuilx entertained.
On Tuesday afternoon the Frlendl)
Dozen enjoyed a delicious luncheon
with Miss Connie Pailoy. On Friday
at noon Miss Fllone McCualan charm
ingly entertained the members of the
Actneon book club at luncheon. On
Saturday afternoon Mrs. YY. .1 l.eake
entertained the Halcyon book cluh and
and a number of invited guests at a
lovely party.
Saturday afternoon Miss Clara
Ducket) entertained n number ol
young holies, who compose the dill
ing room committee for the Presby
terian Mn/.aar.
Thursday the ladies' aid society gave
a vory successful turkey dinner and
Ice cream supper for the benefit of
their parsonage repair fund.
The Ma/.aar which had been an
llUUnced for the f?th and Oth has been
postponed l the 12th and loth Of No
Personal Mention.
Mrs. F.. M. Harnotl of Atlanta will
conic next week to visit her daughter,
Mrs. a. v. Marlin,
A number of Cllhtoninns attended
the state fair this week.
Misses Marlon anrt l?mmle McCror)
arc It) Atlanta with friends.
Mrs. Charles Little and little daugh
ter of Nashville are Visiting Mrs. J,
F. Jones.
Miss F.Hzabcth YOUUg. Who recent
ly recovered from a prolonged Ill
ness, has had a back-set and Is quite
Dr. Douglas and Miss Kll/.abeth
Douglas have returned home from a
trip north.
Mrs. Jack Norman and little Kdwln
Hall Norman are visiting relative?'
Court of Common Pleas Will llegln
Monday, Nov. Ith ami last two
The following have been drawn OH
Jurors for the second WOOk:
Damons J. It. Kills, J II NcHbltt,
J. C. WosHon. J. It Davis. J. J. Adams,
W." P. Sullivan, John If. Peterson.
Diois - Andrew ackson, K. M. Hart
rett, M. M. Drnmmond. M. P. Vowphn.
W. P. Owens, R. K. Moore. W. M. Nash,
It. W. Willis, J. A. Cilrry (
Youngs?J. fl.,C00k,%W. B. Hobo.
Bcuflletown?H. E. Goodwin, W. I).
Byrd. ?
Hunter?W- P. 8mlth.yi. M. Bryson.
R. P. Adalr, M. F. Workman.
Cross Hill?D. O. Heeder, J. T. Hill.
Waterloo?B. 1^,.' Martin.1 J. C Pin
son. J, L. Anderson. P. W. Madden.
Sullivan - -W. H. Pitt?. C. O. Mnddrtn.
M. L, McDanlel, J. A. Coats W. F.
Tumblln, T. J. Mahon.
The Cotton .Harkct.
The best cotton was bringing 11 1-4
to ll.'l-X on the streets of Dnurens
yesterday. The market Is a little up,
though It does not rise as faM as some
I think that conditions justify.
Vn> SitlUvuu IV?wer Conipnnj Plant
Completed und Rend) t.> Produce
"In Irr".
The povver /?im ut the Sulltvau
Power Company, located at Tumbling
Shoals Uns been completed and tho
current was turned on tho wires last
niu'.it. The plant has tye'en under ?on>
struct.h n now for a number of months,
the Rcit) Fortune Construction Com
pnny, oi Spnrtanbnrg, having done the
construction work und the Installation
of machinery having been done by the
force of the company; first under the
direction of Sir, Helton IMvvor. who
was killed in the spring, and later tin
iior Mr, Jas. IV Hrtruo). ?ivo U still
superintending tl o -
'The new plant, run In connection
with the'Heed) Rivet Power Company.'
will give itn added r.Ort horse power
in it. Tin* Watts Mills are using the j
l.uuruus Mill will use It very soon
The total horse powet generated bv
the two power companies can no\V
re.uii 2,700. lly n small initlii) an
additional r?00 horse power ?.m bo gen
orated at the new plant.
Honored Cltl/cu ?.f Cross IItil. a Con. j
federate Veteran, Hies nl V thane cd
Cross Hill, Oct. 20 Ml .lollii H
Pinson died last Tuesdn> und was bu
rled Wednesdu) Mr Pinson win SS
years old. lie was twice man led mill
leaves three -ons and two daughter!
by the first wife and Iwo daughters
and one sun by the second Marriage
Ills second wife died .1 few yom nun
Mr, Pinson was n soldier in Ihe Wm
Met ween Ihe States and was true
Southerner Hi:, bod) was I it hi lo rest
in the family burying ground, where
his llrst wife ind his parents were
buried. Itcv I A Martin conducted
the service, Pallbearers: mi Ivo VV
II V.e.unan. Ho)i Coli man. Ilenr)
Smith. MaeU Mutes. II It Ctlhlllilg
ham and Irhy Cole Honour) (Mar
ence Cunningham, It, I, Cole, \u
Coleman. Vhe Motes. T II Carter and
lt. S. Turner,
KI.OWF.lt s||(i? AT OWINUS,
Annual Kveill of That Colllllliinlt) I i
peeled lo Prove an Vttrurthc Vunlr
this Year,
The seventh annual Floral Show,
held every year at Owlligs, will be
held Friday. November Nth. Ill thai
place. An attractive program lifi ??
been distributed over the county and
It Is expected that a large number of I
dower lovers will be present the da)'
I Of the exhibition This annual event
is looked forward to by n large mini
her of the ladles, ns well ii? Ihe men.
and Is greatly enjoyed bv many who
gO to See the Mowers and lO Olljo)' Un
social features ??r the <iav
As Is the usual custom, dinner and
supper will be served h) the Indlci.
The proceeds from the differ en I d ?
parlmeptH go'toward defraying ehurl?
ty expenses,
I.\M> SVI.I MOM) V\.
November Snlpsdii) Ulli be Hu?.) One
'lu/lteal Ksfale Market.
* 'Cm Moiplay. November 4th, -ales
day, ov.i'r olovoil hundred acut; of
Lailroils county land will be sold nt
public auction 'I'llIm being also op
Olflng 'day of court, Laurens will, no
'doubt, look like "circus day" The
following land sales are advertised for
2nr. acres belonging to the estate of
Mrs. Talulah I, Jones. This land Is lo
cated just on the outskirts of the city
and will bo divided In tracts from
2 to (0 acres.
fill acres belonging to Mrs. F. A.
Sullivan will be sold In lots varying
In size from f. I to l!?S acres. There
will be six tracts of this in all.
90 acres located In l>lal township
belonging to the estate of Mrs. M F
Putnam, only one tract.
111! acres belonging to the estate of
James Wham, Bold as a whole.
42 acres, known ns 11)0 A. I?. Roll
place, will be sold ns one tTACt.
W.l. Lawson, a \ ?inner of
I anford, Shot.b) Robt.
I mvson, His Son.
01 SEN i RAI > i ARS
PullllIU out tiIm>tit il ll.il?- of totlou.
Ni'ino: Mini Shoot* Iiis Father lit the
Unk I ?Ice it ml nun Stoops u\n
.iiiil SltOOta I '? .1 M?'.? l inn s thfOUgll
Di?- Head Mini t ool) Picks up l Im s
mill Urhrs (Iff.
\ shocking lion Loltlo ? 0Ur,'t>d on
tin- main t'n ; <>. thorough fit re of
Clinton \i. n,:..> aftvnunui about two
?>', '>-? ;>. w . :? i;, ' , : \\ I iw ?in.
about > car- , ? i.Ium mid In
saintly kill oil hit) rat ??-.. \\ Finns
l<nwson. shooting hjtu twice in the
back and '-.'.?':> two iuo i tunes in iii>?
head .. (ot t'u old !-. ii had fallen i>>
lho bottom of tlic wagon In which hot.h
llnu i' . unbridled pivstilou of a sop,,
letting Itself k>?? ?? upon ii father \vho
hud allowed hf- bp> to grow up un
(might in the hlghoi things >?! lifo liml
reckless \n hin regard ol others.
Tint lroub)>t dales back foi several
yours Tho i wo htnl not got ton on
we'll for >?>ni?- t.mi Prank Luwsou,
tin t.r. hot Its? ,1 in I unfoi <i und hin
son roniod from lilni on Knnroe rlvoi
\ dispute this \,-.ii w gotten Hill?
ovor tho i rut According i?< (hoso
familiar with iho principals In ihn
tragedy, it ?a Iho agreement ho
tWClMI tin- two tll.it thi> lll'Hl bub- of
cotton front ins vein ornp should g?<
ti> Hob t.i appi> ??Ii hin itohts und thut
the second bulo should go to tin' filth
it im ri*?ni Tho Ursl halo lititl lioon
got I on out und thr i, .Hi.i hnlo won
Ullgllinod at I (Oho I i house MoildO)
morning, when tin itithoi onnic ami
gol it Hi- carried it t?> Clinton, fol
lowimI b,\ Iiis on in a ilelltinl mood,
Itlld II glllliod ami "hi to M i W?lfl
In tin1 .nii i mi. In \\ i?\ i Itoboi t luul
pa ? I ?Ul'ds with i" hoi o\ or Un
cotton Thr two wore .-.tiii wrangling
when Iho) pin-tn-?) Iho PI rut No Ilona I
It.ml, hnljdiiiM a"'l wore turning to
u ..i il t In- w at ehoti < to weigh tin
cotton dolor, on im a few t. i't und
lusl a- thoy rot in r ion I o ( .i \\
Copeliiinl Company't< hni'dwiirn ami
grocer) ntoro. two shod rinnt out tuul
tin- u|d man. who Wilti driving, fell In
the boltOIII i't the Wllgtlli Wobei;
Lawson, who won standing hohlod,
reached uvei mid ?hol |wo more (linen
in hi ruiher, bolh hulloti oiiloi lug hi
lieml, Then picking up iIm* Much ho
drove sullehl) up iho Ml reel, turned
linlde lllto a vacant lot ami MtoppAll,
A crowd i'tmhed up ami hooii ho iviui
under nrresl allowing himself to hn
carried to the loch up lie was plan
oiled in oii?< of t he celln ami Iii ? filth -
er wiik hooii hrotight illlo the HtllllO
hullillng ami laid ulongi Idc the cell
occupied hy the intirderei The prox ??
I in II y of his father's bod) did not fleolli
(o have Mil) effect upon the roll, hut
uiiotliei youugi*I son wan appiiroiitl)
hen it in liken ovet I be affn I r,
Two pi slnl \seii l ii It mi away from
the minderet One win a calibre
Ivel ilollllHOII ami the othei a HlitlHi
and We on ot tl.i aine enllbro Tile
Ivor lohim n wiih 11 eii ,n killing hi.
lathei. all ??: the eiirtrldgei being ox
plodod, tin .im adinlttliig Unit four
had been In it The Smith ami WOl
h?h Is i laliped by the hoii In huve
in i ii inkeii awny from bin fuihoi i>
III iii at the time of the ?? hoot I up, an.I
Unit the lather wan trying lo im?? H
sshen the HllOOtlng hllgllll Whether
thin Ih tin* case or not will be brOllghl
mil m the (rial, but thr fllfltH BH ?tat
od I it Iho?e who have HOOn tin- bud'
and hy those who were neaient flu
NOOnO al the time are Hint the obi rnan
wan Hhot In the hftck and I hilt 0110 of
the bullets continued through bin hod)
and t-iilereil that or one of Hn- muh-1
hitched to tin' wogen, i
Pollcomoii Mnaon and Holland Diode
the nrrofll in Clinton Voung Lawson
told Policeman Mason thai ho would
have hIioI IiIh father al home I lift t
morning if n had nol heen for his wire
Sheriff OwlliKX woo! lo tllO ?Celle
imme^iaiv^v ariei the tragedy and
in a few hours had ihn murderer be
hind harn. Coroner llalrston hold lfm
impp1 ; Monday aftornoou and a vei
diot Was roturnAd In occord with tho
nuovo fAClM,

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