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Our Motto is ''Satisfaction or a New In
strument." We can give you two years credit
if desired. Our Prices are
The above facts should interest those con
templating the purchase of a Piano.
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purchasing an instrument as you buy it for
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See us or writ? us and get prices and
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The Housekeeper
I Who orders Grocery bill from us
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Prompt attention, Good ser
I vice, purity and freshness of
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\\ a pleasure.
1 Gasoline and Kerosene
Sold in air-tight Iron Drums.
; Convenient to handle. Deliver in
'? small quantities in city.
R. N. Eichelberger
Agent Gulf Refining
Phone 33
Case Against Greenville
Citizens Collapses.
Independent Candidate Pat In the
Field Against Hendrlx Rector, Nom
inee for Sheriff, Who Mode the Ar
rests nnd Who Appeared Over-Zeal
ous In Making Arrests.
Greenville. Oct. 31.?The warrants
against Inspector of Police J. D. Gll
reath, Policeman Alex Phillips and
.Constable Reuben G-osnell, charged
with aiding Thurston U. Vaughn to
oscape from the Greenville county Jail
last June, were withdrawn Wednes
day afternoon. Oscar K. Mauldln, at
torney for the prosecution, asked for
a withdrawal after Magistrate Samuel
Stradley had refused to grant the con
tinuance of the preliminary hearing,
asked by the prosecution.
"O. K. Mauldln. Esq., attorney for
the prosecution, withdrew this war
rant. Therefore, no charges exist
against this defendant, and he Is hon
orably discharged by this court."
So wrote the venerable Oaptaln
Stradley across the back of each of
the warrants.
The preliminary was demanded by
counsel for the defense, Haynsworth
& Haynsworth, and was set for 3
o'clock Wednesday afternoon before
Magistrate Stradley. A few minutes
before 3 o'clock a tremendous crowd
gathered near the magistrate's court
room and In order to accommodate the
people the place of the hearing was
changed to the boari of trade rooms.
The room was filled and numbers of
people were standing in the hallways
leading to the room.
Attorney Mauldln, who says he was
secured by the prosecution to con
duct the case, said tust important wit
nesses wore out of the city and that
without their presence the prosecu
tion could not go on with the case.
Ho further said that a detective, who
had been working on the case for
some time, could not be located at this
time and for that reason they were
unwilling to procttd with the cast.
Mr. Mauldln had prepared a motion
which he read to the court.
In reply to Mr. Mauldln's request
Mr. H. J. Hayns worth said that the
witnesses whose names appeared on
tho warrant, were In Greenville and
he could see no reason why the cases
should not be tried. Mr. Mauldln
interrupted the speaker nnd said
that two of the witnesses refered to
were not here, but were In Colum
bia. He said that Jack Power was In
Columbia and that Hendrlx Hector
was sent after him. Mr. Haynswoi ch
then Inquired to know why the wit
nesses were not here. Speaking to
Mr. Mauldln he said: "You knew the
witnesses were wanted, why didn't you
Insist that these men be here."
When Mr. Haynsworth had con
cluded his argument Magistrate
Stradley demanded that the prelimi
nary should bo held at the time set.
Gil real b Claims Alibi.
Greenville, Oct. 31.?Mr. J. I). 011
realh Wednesday night made the fol
lowing written and signed statement
with reference to his being arrested
on the charge of aiding in the escape
of T. U. Vaughn from jail last June.
"The fact of my arrest on the
charge of assisting In the escape of
Vaughn nnd my treatment at the
hands of tho officers who arrested me
have already been given In detail be
fore the public.
"Knowing that the preliminary in
vestigation was to be had within n
short time, I have refrained up to
this time from making any state
ment regarding the accusation. I
now wish to say In the most unqual
ified terms that tho accusation is ab
solutely and maliciously false. It Is
a deliberate frame up on the part of
my personal enemies for the purpose
of injuring my reputation and useful
ness In this community and If pos
sible, securing my conviction by false
Witnesses in Greenville,
"The preliminary hearing was set
for Wednesday aftornoon. The
prosecution was fully advised of this
fact. When the case was called,
the prosecution moved for a contin
uance, on the ground that they were
not ready for a hearing, could not
got their witnesses, etc., whereas the
affidavit of W. L. Mauldln, upon which
the warrant wag issued, stated the
witnesses to be Hendrlx Rector, Shcr
II Peole, Deputy Sheriff Hunslnger
and J. P. Wasson, all of whom wore
either in Greenville or could easily
have been secured.
"When the magistrate announced
that I was entitled to a hearing the
counsel for tho prescutlon asked to
have tho warrants dismissed. To
this my counsel objected most strong
ly, taking the position that by mak
ing this charge the prosecutor had
made the matter a public one and he
had no right to control it, and that I
was entitled to a full investigation
of the charge; that the witnesses
named in the warrant ought to be
examined and if they knew anytblng
to my disadvantage the public ought
to know it, but on the dther hand if
they knew nothing to my disadvan
tage I was entitled to have this go
before the public. From the state
ment of the attorney representing
the prosecutor, It appears that the
only basis for this outrageous charge
was the statement of Vaughn, made
after conviction of a most heinous
crime and while on his way to the
Gllrenth's Accuser.
"Mr. Mauhlln, In his statement, de
clared that Vaughn ?vas utterly un
worthy of belief, and yet he practi
cally announced that It was upon
this statement alone that I was ar
rested. How such a statement, ab
solutely false, could have been se
cured from the poor unfortunate
prisoner, under condemnation of
death, those men alone know, who
have been working up this matter.
All that 1 can say is what I have al
ready said, tho charge Is absolutely
false and I stand ready at any and
all times to meet any accuser who
dares come forward.
"As a matter of fact I was out of
I the city at the time of Vaughn's es
cape, and knew nothing of the matter
until 9 o'clock the next morning, on
my return.
"As an evidence that there was
personal animosity at. the bottom of
this ou'rageuiis matter, I need only
refer '.o the taot that Hendrlx Rector,
the ofllcer who arrested me and put
me in jail, as he was unlocking the
door said. "You criminal, you, be sure
that your sins will find you out.' He
further stated, 'You are guilty. We
have got all the evidence we want. We
have been working on the case for two
"Yet, having said this when the
time for the investigation comes, al
though named in the warrant as a
material witness, he falls to ajM>ear
at the hearing.
Such an Indignity.
"I beg to say further that imme
diately upon my being locked in the
cell, and before Jailor Rector left tho
building, the other prisoners came to
me and speaking through Cleve Har
rison announced that I had to pay a
quarter or take 25 to fiO lashes. Just
at this time Sheriff Poole came into
the building and I called out to him
and told him how I had been threat
ened and that 1 wouldn't stand for
such an Indignity. Thereupon be
immediately unlocked the door to
take me out.
"The question as to whether I have
boon fairly and honorably treated, I
leave to a right thinking public. The
people of Greenville know that I
have always stood ror the enforce
ment of law In the city of Greenville
and that my treatment is due to the
enemies that I have made by this
(Signed) "J. D. Gtlreath."
Did Rlease Order Arrest]
Columbia, Nov. 1.?Ex-Sheriff J. D.
Oilreath, who was arrested at Green
ville charged with assisting T. U.
Vaughn to escape from the Greenville
jail, the case having been dropped be
cause of insufficient evidence, today
telegraphed Governor Rlease asking
hlin If he ordered his arrest and the
governor replied that he would not
answer If his telegram would be used
against any Democratic nominee. Mr.
Gilreath wired as follows: "Did you
order my arrest? Kindly wire at my ex
Replying) Governor Rlease wired Mr.
Gilreath as follows: "Your wire.
Primary obligations, in my opinion,
bind all parties. The violation of the
oath in one instance relieves all oth
ers therefrom. If my wire Is to be
used against a Democratic nominee,
I shall remain silent."
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Rico come re
ports of a wonderful now discovery
that Is believed will vastly benefit the
people. Ramon T. Marchan, of Rarcc
loneta, writes "Dr. King's New Dis
covery Is doing splendid work here. It
cured me about five times of terroble
coughs and colds, also my brother of
a severe cold in his chest and more
than 20 others, who used It on my ad
vice. We hope this great medicine will
yet be sold In every drug store In Por
to Rico." For throat and lung troubles
it has no equal. A trial will convince
you of its merit. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed by Laurens
Drug Co. and Palmetto Drug Co.
Take notice that on the 11th day of
November, I wilt render a final account
of my acts and doings as Administra
trix of the estate of R. P. Cole, de
ceased, In the office of the Judge of
Probate of Laurens county at 11
o'clock, a. m.. and on the same day
will apply for a final discharge from
my trust as Amlnlstratrlx.
Any persona indebted to said estate
are notified and required to make pay
ment on that date; and all persons
having claims against- said estate will
present them on or boforo said date,
duly proven, or be forevor barred.
Malessa J. Cole,
October 9, 1912?1 mo.
Have your Clothes Pressed and Cleaned by
men who know how. You'll find them here at
this shop*
Over H. Terry's Store Laurens, South Carolina
Buy A Home With Rent Money!
The average tenter pays for his place every eight years
but the land lord still owns it. Why Pay Rent?
125 Acres within one mile of public square, well improved. Will
cut into 10, 15 or 20 acre lots. Easy term.
46 leres, more or less, adjoining lands of C. D. Moseley, Mrs.
Cain and others, one and three-fourth miles South of Laurens C. H.,
with good tenant house and in high state of cultivation for $45.00
per acre.
One 5-roorn house and lot fronting on Mack St., containing three
fourths of acre, more or less, for $800.00. On easy terms.
One acre lot with one 2-room house and one 5-room house front
ing Jennings St. Price $700.00.
One 4-room house on lot 100 x 150 near Watts Mill for $1,100.00.
553 Acres, known as the Tom Smith Farm, between the waters
of Reedy River and Saluda, well improved Will sell as a whole or
cut up to suit purchaser. Terms reasonable?apply for prices.
127 Acres of land on Greenwood county side of Saluda River,
adjoining land of Belton Day nnd others. Price reasonable and terms
fiXT 178 Acres near Mt. Olive Ohuch. Cheap and on easy torms.
One-half inlerest in one o4' the finest lime quarries in the South.
Four mites of Waro Shoals. Cheap on easy torms.
At $120.00 per year in 10 years. $1,581.68
At $120.00 per year in 25 years. $6,583.72
At $240.00 per year in 10 years_. $3,163.36
At $240.00 per year in 25 years. 13,167.43
We will cut any of the following into such size tracts
as you desire. We buy at wholesale and retail land out
to suit the small buyer :
Splondid farm and gin y at Ekom, containing 100 acros. nnd
good dwelling, outhousos. etc.. 20diorso engine and 40-horse boiler, tv/o 00
saw gin, all in good shape on easy torms or all cash.
About 100 Acres noar Watts Mill, known as the Hadgctt Land.
240 Acres located near Reedy River Power Company, on Reedy
River, and known as the Dorroh Place. Price, $12.50 to $20.00 per
sore, depending on number of acres and location.
23 acres at Anil's cross roads, cheap for quick salo.
10 acres near Watts Mills, all improved, for $1,500. half cash.
165 acres, a part of J. N. Clardy tract, $8.00 per acre. Got tho bar
gain now.
03 acres near Ora, 8. C, with good dwelling house and all necessary
outbuilding!, good orchard, good level land, church and school conve
nient. Terms and price reasonable.
14 sore* near Watts Mill well-Improved. See us for price and terms.
Several houses and lots near Watts Mill.
We also have for sale about Twenty-two Acres of land within the
corporate limits of the City of Laurens. kn.iwn uG ys HiH, whioh
we will tell in small building lots, at reasonable prices. A good many
of these lots have cottages on them.
Remember that we cut off any number of acres de
sired by purchaser and give any reasonable time in which
to pay. We want to make it possible for every white
farmer in Laurens County to own his home.
Laurens Trust Company
R. A. Coopkr, President. C. W. Tunk, Sec. & Treas.
Anderson A Blakeley, Managers Real Estate Sales.

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