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Five little Santa Clauses knocking
on your door!
"Shop now," they cry, "for soon
we'll be but four."
So Arc the Toys. Buy
Those Christmas
Things Today
Capt. J. W. Copelnnti, of Clinton,
was In the city yesterday.
Mr. L. ttroadus Clardy spent several
days in the city last week.
Mr. Henry Yeargln has been spend
ing several days in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mahaffey, of
Greenville, were in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Wofford, of
Woodruff, were in the city yesterday.
Mr. Paul Cooper, of Greenville,
spent the week-end in the city with
Mr. J. E. Todd. who lives on Rural
Route No. 1, out of Clinton, was in
the city Friday.
Mr. H. M. Young, of Clinton, is now
in the county treasurer's office assist
ing with tax collections.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Boyce of Clinton
spent Sunday and Monday In Laurens
visiting friends and relatives.
Mr. John D. Mills. Jr., now a stu
dent in Columbia, spent several days
near the city with his parents.
Misses Sarah and Roberta Dorroh
and Fannie Garrison spent the week
end In Woodruff visiting relatives.
Mrs. Frank Ferguson and little
daughter, Caroline, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Clardy.
Mr. Ross D. Young has moved from
his former home on Main street to
Irby Btreet, next to Mr. O. B. Sim
Misses Grace and Helen Dupre, of
flpartanhurg, spent the week-end in
the city as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Moseley.
Mrs. Harrison Fr?ser, of Abbeville
with her little daughter, has been vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Rlchoy, Sr.,
for several days.
Mrs. Hi K. Alken, Mrs. J. H. Teague,
and Mrs. W. R. McCuen are In Charles
ton this week enjoying the festivities
incident upon fair and fleet week.
Miss Marguerite Simpson, now at
tending Chlcora college, spent the
week-end in the city with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Simpson.
Mrs. G. W. Bailey and Mrs. J. P.
Little, of Clinton, have been spend
ing several days in the city visiting
Mrs. J. Ran Little and Mrs. Ross D.
Mrs. H. C. Strauss, who left the
city several weeks ago to make her
home In Spartanburg, has returned to
the city to live and is now at the home
-of Mrs. Mollle Tucker.
Mr. Randolph Little spent the week
end In the city, taking the place of
his brother, Mr. Job Little, at the Pal
metto Pharmacy, while the latter was
contlned to his home because of sick
Mr. G. B. Fuller, who has been liv
ing on Rural Route No. 1. out of
Mounrville but who will move to the
Counts plantation near Cold Point
very soon, was in the city on business
Mr. W. L. Qarrett and daughter, Miss
Leila Garrctt, were in the city Mon
day. While here they called at the
offico of The Advertiser and were
shown through the building while the
llpnotype and presses were in opera
Mr. Ross D. Young and family
spent the week-end In Clinton with
Mr. Young's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. C. Young. The sixty third birth
day of Mr. G. C. Young was celebrated
Sunday, five children and seventeen
grandchildren being present, besides
other relatives.
Mr. W. R. Richey, Sr., left Monday
night tor Washington over the S. A.
L. railroad. Near the North Carolina
line his train was wrecked and six
persons were killed and others in
jured, but fortunatery Mr. Richey
came out unscratched. His many
friends will be glad to know that he
got through without being hurt.
fr^^^fe A^A^t^^SjA^^ai?^%aajft4tejt^ft^^^
Miss Ella Roland entertained the
Social club Saturday afternoon in
honor of Misses Grace and Helen Du
pre, cf Spartanb'ii The game of
Forty Two was played and a very
pleasant afternoon was spent. A de
lightful sal a I course, with coffee and
Cheese EtraWH, was served during the
Miss Florence Brown entertained
the Bridge club Saturday afternoon, a
delightful time being spent by all who
wore present. Dellclous refreshments
were served after the games were
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Gray entertain
ed at bridge for Mr. and Mrs. S. M.
Wllkes Friday evening, a few friends
of the recently married couple being
present. A delightful evening was
spent by those enjoying the hospital
ity of Mr. and Mrs. Gray.
On Tuesday afternoon Miss Jose
phine Fuller was hostess at a lovely
miscellaneous shower g?vt.n in honor
of Miss Julia Gilkerson, whose mar
riage Wednesday to Mr. W. O. Lan
caster will be one of the society
events of the fall. The Fuller homo Is
beautifully arranged for entertaining
nnrl was never seen at better advan
tage than on this Ideal Indian summer
day. Miss Frances Davis received the
guests at the door and ushered them
through the llb'ary Into the spacious
parlor where Miss Fuller In eham
payne chameuse and lace, gracefully
received her guests, assisted by Miss
Gllkerson, the bride-elect, who was
particularly handsome in old rose
Charmeuse with touches of cream and
gold lace and wearing a large pic
ture hat. In this room potted plants,
pink carnations ans white candles
were used with charming effect. After
an hour speDt in conversation and
merriment over writing notes of good
wishes for" the bride, at the sound of
Mendelssohn's Wedding March by Miss
Charlotte McGowan, the guests walk
ed by pairs into the back hall which
was a veritable bower of pal Dies and
ferns. Suspended by white ribbons
'from the balcony above was a hugh |
umbrella and at a given signal the
bride was showered with a profusion
of beautiful gifts, attesting her popu
larity among her many friends. After
drawing for seats, the merry party
was ushered Into the handsome din
ing room where a scene of wonderful
beauty greeted them. The bride's ta
ble under a huge wedding bell entwin
ed with Ivy, wns snowy white with a
vase of magnificent white chrysan
themums in the center and crystal
candelabra with white candles on
either side. Smaller tables were ar
ranged around the room for the other
guests, upon which were the artistic
place cards decorated with very sug
gestive cupids. A delicious salad
course with coffee was served by
Misses Charlotte McGowan, Mary
Simpson, Mary Anderson and Mrs.
Conner Fuller.
Mrs. W. B. Lucas entertained at an
elegant luncheon Saturdr-y morning
for the Misses Duprec, of Spartan
burg.. Covers were laid for six. A
beautiful eight course luncheon being
served In the artistically decorated
dining room. A profusion of phik ros
es were .used in making the home ev
en more attractive than it usually is.
This was a very charming affair
where a few congenial friends were
gathered together.
The following Invitations have been
received here by a number of friends
of the contracting parties:
Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Guthrie
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Alveola Clegg
Mr. 01 In Bascom Pitts
Wednesday evening, November 27th
Nineteen hundred and twelve
at ten forty- five o'clock
Front Street Methodist Episcopal
Burling.'on, N. C.
Miss Guthrie has been living for
some years in Cross Hill, where she
is highly regarded because of her per
sonal charms and good graces. Mr.
Pitts is a well known young business
man of Cross Hill and is held in the
highest esteem by all who know him.
The young couple will be at home af
ter December 1st, in Cross Hill,
The following Invitations, which
will be of much Interest, have been
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burns
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Ellen Alberta
Mr. Arthur Donald Putnam
at two o'clock
On Wednesdny evening, November
Nineteen Hundred and Twelve
At home Laurens.
Both of these young people are
popular and well-known in Laurens
and throughout this section of the
state, where they have hundreds of
friends who wish them a beautiful
wedded life.
Miss Saida Sullivan entertained
Saturday evening, in honor of the
Misses Dupre, of Spartanburg. After
a number of games were played, de
licious refreshments were served. This
was a very delightful entertainment
and was greatly enjoyed by all who
wero present.
(? IIkci-sim. Lancaster.
A wedding of unusual Interest to a
large number of friends and acquaint
OlVCea of ihe young couple will be sol
emnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Gllkerson ai 12:.10 today, when
their daughter, Julia Sherard. will be
come the wife of Mr. William GifTord
Lancaster The home was been pro
fusely decorated for the occasion and
everything is In readiness for the
beautiful service. An arch of white,
with autumnal decorations, has been*
erected In the parlor of the Gllkerson
home and beneath It, under the glow
of electric lights, tho marriage ser
vice will bo performed. The bride, at
tended by her sister, Miss Annie Gll
kerson, will enter from one door,
whllo Mr. Lancaster, with Mr. I>. G.
Balle as best man, will enter from
another door, the wedding march be
ing played by Miss 8uslo Hodges, of
Greenwood. Tho couples will meet
beneath the arch and Rev. L. P. Mc
Gee will perform the ceremony, the
ring service being used. Only a few
relatives and Intimate friends will he
present and these will sit down to a
Only a Few Days to Thanksgiving!
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niture, but come at once and select at least one new piece to brigh
ten up your Dining Room for Thanksgiving. You will be surprised
to see how little it will cost you to select handsome Furniture from
our immense stock.
We are showing nice Dining Room Sets complete from $48.00 up. We have
them in Golden Oak, Mission and Mahogany.
Come and see the beautiful Just think of it! We are showing
Pedestal Dining Tables that we genuine quarter-sawed Oak Buffets
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$9.90, $12.50 and $16.50.
Call and See Our Complete Dining Rooms
S. M. & E. H.WILKES & CO.
wedding dinner Immediately follow
ing the wedding. After the dinner
the young couple will depart on the
afternoon train for Columbia, from
where they will go to Florida for a
wedding trip. Upon their return, on
the twenty-seventh. Mr. and Mrs. Gll
kerson will tender a-reception in their
Dubose Missionary Soclely.
All members of the Dubose Mis
sionary society, of the Presbyterian
church, are requested to send their
contributions for the annual mission
ary box to Mrs. C, M. Miller, on or
before Monday, Nov. 25th,
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not a single petition was filed and
not a single contract was let," says
tho presentment, "Commissioners
Newby and Austin drew $100." The
grand Jury recommends that they bo
required to refund this money to the
county treasurer.
Bad Management Again.
"The claims of one establishment
In the city of Greenvttle. J. W. Ood
dard, for repairs on machlnory, wag
ons, material and shoeing of horse*,
and mules, filed against the year 1912.
for nine months, amount to $12,892.38.
"Resides this enromous expense,
the loss of time to mules and drivers.
In bringing in the machinery for re
pairs, Is a considerable loss. If the
present system Is to bo continued,
arrangements should be made for
doing much of the repairs at the
"Our opinion Is that the work
could be accomplished much more
effectively and economically by let
ting the repairs of the roads to con
tract, and recommend to our dele
gation the earnest consideration of
tills proposition, "concludes the
grand jury with reference to the
Hoard of Commissioners.
Flays the Sheriff.
Kurther over In the presentment
the grand jury Mays the sheriff. ,T.
Perry Poole, They state that the
sheriff is 11 months behind lime in
making returns on tax executions,
Up to the :tIst of October, 1!II2. the
grand Jurors were unable to gel a
statement from the sheriff as to the
executions Issued in March, I912, al
though they should have been re
turned July 1st, three months pre
Hecoiumend New Courthouse.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
been frequently recommended nnd
the fact that the proposition has
twice been voted down by popular
vote, the grand jury again recom
mends the erection of a structure
erection of a new courthouse has
that shall be In keeping with the re
sources and standing of the county.
Tho grand Jury attributes the de
feat of the, measure to the fact that
there was no definite plan submitted
for disposing of the present property.
It recommends tho oroctlon, upon the
present site, of a six-story, re-en
forcod concrete building, brick vo
noored, provided with two storerooms
on tho ground floor, all county offices
on the socoiid, business offices on the
third Moor, sleeping rooms on the
fourth floor, a rest room for those
attending the court and vising the
city and grand jury rooms on the
fifth door and the court room on the
sixth floor, with full equipment of
light, heat and elevators. The esti
mated cost of such a structure is
$12.'>,000, and the income from store
rent, etc., not less than $7.000 annual
ly, while the Interest on bonds would
be 16,250.
For Sale Davidson Middle Musters,
Turn Plows, Disks and Smoothing
Harrows and all kinds of harness.
Moseley & Roland. Laurens, S.
We have a big lot of flue fruit cake
ready for Thanksgiving. Only 2Bc per
poii nd.
J. H. Hennett.
X Household Goods For Sale! X
LN One Mahogany Fading Bed, ThTce Dining Room ?^
^5 Chairs, One Dining Room Table, Two Bed Room Dress- \j
(*J crs? One Kitchen Stove with hot water connections for ?5
^5 hard or soft coal or wood, One Antique Chair, One Regiva 1^
Music Box with 20 pieces of music cash $6000, One plain
7? Book Case, One Hall Rack, One large Ice Box. Can be 7?
X seen at? X
Main Street Next to Western Union Telegraph Co.

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