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Accused of Assassinating
White Farmer.
Masked Men Meet Magistrate's Depu
ty and Take Prisoner A nay at tin*
Point of Pistols. Near o Riddled
with Bullets and Left Chained to n
Newberry, Nov. 23.?Will Thomas, a
negro, accused of the assasination of
Spurgoon Johnson, a white farmor,
several weeks ago. was taken from a
magistrate's constable last night by a
party of masked men, chained to a
tree and his body riddled with bullets.
Tho lynching occured about 14 miles
from here, while the negro was being
brought to the jail. The constable de
clares he at first refused to surrender
his prisoner upon the mob's demand |
and llred his pistol, but his "bluff"' did
not work. He says lie was then sur
rounded by the crowd, threatened
with death If he resisted, and told to j
get down the road. He obeyed and a
few minutes later heard, he says, over
100 shots. The negro's body was
found still chained to tho tree this
Charged With Murder.
Will Thomas was lynched for the
murder of a white farmer, Spurgeon
Johnson, at his home, IS miles west
of Newberrv, on the night of October
7, last. Johnson was shot through an
open window with a shotgun by some
person on the outside, while he was
sitting in his room with his family.
Will Goggans, a negro, living near
the scene of the murder, was arrested
ten days ago, charged with the crime
in a warrant issued by Magistrate
Dorroh of Floyd township and com
mitted to jail. The warrant for Will
Thomas was also issued by Magistrate
Dorroh and was given to his con
stable Carey Johnson. Yesterday the
magistrate, while in Newberry. tele
phoned to his constable to get Thomas
and bring him directly to Newberry.
Surrounded by Masked Men.
The const al le went after the negro,
and while returning with him, when
near tho Workman bridge, was sur
rounded by a mob of masked men,
who took the negro from him and
told tho constable to go on. After
crossing the l lver, the constable
says, he heard about 100 shots fired
and supposed they were fired into the
negro, but did not go back to see nor
make further Inquiries. That his sup
position was correct was confirmed
this morning by persons who came to
town by that spot and saw the dead
negro hanging by a chain around his
neck from the limb of a tree close by
the roadside, a fow hundred yards be
yond the bridge.
What sort of evidence there was
against the lynched negro or against
the one now In jail charged with the
?amo crime has not been revealed.
The coroner returned this afternoon
from holding the Inquest over the
dead body of the lynched negro. There
was no testimony except that of Mag
istrate I>orroh. He testified In refer
ence to Issuing tho warrant and his
telephoning yesterday from Newberry
to the constable to go after the man.
? thus accounting for the late hour at
which the arrest was made. The testi
mony of the constable himself was
that about 10 o'clock last night, about
'{00 yards bryond the bridge, a crowd
of men came on* of the bushes on the
roadside and demanded the prisoner;
C at he fire his pistol as a bluff, and
was told If he did that Again he would
l>e shot; that they took the prisoner
from him and ordered him to move
on, which he did. and In a short while
heard a great many shots. Asked as
to how many were In tho crowd he
said the woods snnmod to be full of
The constable had the prisoner
tied around the neck with a trace
chain and another chair was fas
tened to the handcuffs, and the ends
of both chains were In the constable's
hands. It was the cnam around the
neck that the negro wns banned with
?suspended from the limb of a tree,
with his feet touching the ground and
his knees bent. The body was. an one
snid who saw It at the inquest, "ahot
to pieces."
As to tho evidence against the
pWhy They Were Thankful]
^j^FTER Thanksgiving :,.,,ier
Laughing May and Clare
Each made a wish?one for a doll
And one for a Teddy bear.
'JjpWO little girls were thankful
They had Thanksgiving day,
But father and mother offered thanks
That they had Clare and May.
Third District Medical Association to
Meet in I,aureus Next Year. Dr. E.
T. W. Bailey, of Clinton, Elected
At the meeting Of the Third District
Medical Association, held ill Green
wood last week, Damons county was
honored in two ways. Dr. L. T. W.
Bailey, of Clinton, was elected presi
dent of the association for the ensu
ing year and Laurens was selected as
the place of meeting a year hence. The
physicians of Laurens take great In
terest In the association and conse
quently, because of this and because
of the high stand they take in their
profession, they take a prominent part
in the deliberations of the body.
Tho other officers elected at the
meeting were Dr. H. H. Bptlllg. Green
wood, vice president, and Dr. G. P.
Ncl, Greenwood, secretary and treas
urer. The meeting was a very pleas
ant and profitable one. the Greenwood
doctors entertaining in their usual
hearty and hospitable manner.
Appears in Woodruff.
What promises to be a very laugha
ble and otherwise enjoyable entertain
ment will be given at the auditorium
at Woodruff Friday evening by local
talent of Gray Court. While several
other little specialties will be shown,
the main featuro of the evening will bo
the presentation of "Out in the Street"
The entertainment will be given for
i tho benefit of charitable organizations
: of both towns.
Mrs. Sarah Watts Young.
Upon the receipt of a telegram an
nouncing the death Of Mrs. Sarah
Watts Young, at CartorsVlUe, Ga.. Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Tune left to be present
at tho funefftl Wednesday.. Mrs.
Young was the mother of Mrs. Tune
I and a slater of the late Col. 3, Wash
' Watts, of this county. Tho bereaved
1 family have tho sympathy of a large
circle of friends In their loss.
negro, there I?, so far as the public
seems to know, on the vaguest rum
ors. Among these rumors la one that
Thomas was heard to say on t'n? morn
! Ing of the day that Hpurgcon Johnson
WAS assassinated that he Intended to
kill Johnson that night and then go
home nnd kill his own wife. '1 In
Second edition of the School Journal
of I,aureus Count} .lust Issued.
The second or November number of
the School Journal is Just off the
press and was mailed to the subscrib
ers all over the county yesterday. The
Journal Is a booklet of thirty-six pag
es and is brimming full of original
and interesting stories and essays by
the school children of Laurens coun
ty. The Journal is -gotten out mainly
through the efforts of Miss Wll Ix>U
Gray, rural school supervisor and Mr.
Geo. Li. Pitts, Mr. Hayns Taylor acting
as business manager.
When the first number was issued,
copies were sent to prominent educa
tors over the state and they wrote
hack complementing it very highly.
This is probably the most ambitious
undertaking of its kind yet attempted
by the educators of any county in the
U. I>. C. Meeting.
The regular December meeting of
the United Daughters of the Confed
eracy will be held on the fourth of
the month at the homo of Mrs. John
P. Dolt. At this meeting there will be
a general discussion of "Why the
Federals were Anxious to Secure
Charleston?" The members are es
pecially urged to consider this sub
ject carefully as it is hoped that great
interest will bo shown in the discus
si* a. a papor on "The Defenders of
Charleston" will be read by Mrs. W.
<i. Lancaster.
To Aid Orphans.
As Is the usual pretty custom of
the graded school children, gifts of
all kinds will be carried to the school
building today and tomorrow to he
sent to the orphans at the different
church Institutions Of the state. Gifts
of clothing, eatables nnd other things
of need are always received and are
always welcome. Because of the gen
erosity of the railro.'-ds, these things
are sent to the different orphanages
ut reduced freight rates.
Oyster Sapper nf Tine Grove.
An oyster supper will be given at
Pino GroVO school hoife tonight, for
tbo purpose of raislnr; money to de
fray some of the school expenses. A
I^rge crowd Is expected to attend, ti e
public being cordially invited.
Song Service Snndny.
Tho Advertiser lias heen asked to
announce that Inasmuch as the pas
tor. Rev. L. P. McQee, will not he
here to hold services Sunday, the
Methodist congregation will join with !
the Presbyterian congregation in a
song service for Sunday evening.
At Warrior Creek.
Thanksgiving services will he held 1
at Warrior Creek ClUiroh Thursday
morning, beginning at 10 o'clock. Tho
pastor, Rev. I., s. Shoaly, win preach
the sermon. The public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Contemplating I mprovements.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church are figuring on refurnishing
the interior of the church before lay
ing the beautiful new carpel recently
A Splendid Address.
"Children's Rights" was the subject
of a splendid address dellvere by Rev.
Dr. B. M. Poteat. of Piinnan Universi
ty at the Second Baptist church Sat
urday night. A fairly large crowd was
present and Dr. Poteat made a tell
ing address.
Store?, to ( lose.
As stated in The Advertiser last
week, the stores of the city will close 1
tomorrow to give the people of the
city the opportunity to observe the
day of thanksgiving. Tho Bovoral
Church08 will have services as usual
ly is the custom on this day.
Pin* at Wards w ort Ii School.
"Mrs. Wlggfl of the Cabbage Patch"
is to be given by the Wards worth and
Young Schools on Friday night. Nov.
2f>th. for the benefit of the schools. It
will be given at the Wat ch worth
school house, beginning at o'clock. '
The public Is Invited to attend.
The Care of Wills.
Judge of Probate O. 0. Thompson
has asked that 'the people of the coun
ty be reminded again of the new net
of the legislature relative to will? of
deceased persons. According to this
BCt, any perron having in their pos
session a will of any deceased person,
in expected to deliver this will to the
Judge of Probate within thirty days
after tho death of the maker of the
Cauipuigll to Raise Funds for Neu
Doriultor) Will be Inaugurated
Qrconvlllo, s. (.'., Nov. lt>. Regln
nlng tn is momilng a determined effort
will bo inado to rniBo in tho city oi
Greenville during tho week tho sum
of $:>(?,imio which is to bo used lor tho
erection of a dormitory at Chicorn
Col logo and perfecting of Improve
ments in the present plant that arc
considered absolutely Imperative.
Members of a volunteer commit
tee will call upon the business men
of the city at various times this week
in an effort to have IhoiU fill out sub
scription blanks, a copy of which ap
pears below. Among those volunteer
commlttcomcn are the following: Mr,
.lohn A. Hussen, Mr. Goo. w. Taylor,
I Mr. c. B. Graham, Mr. lt. L. Graham,
Mr. (1. II. Llgon, Mr. L. 1.. UllIT, Mr.
G. G. Mayes and Mr. .1. II. O'Neal The
Rev. .1. ('. Shivo, of Wilson. N. <" . form
erly of Greenville, has kindly consent
ed to take charge of the campaign to
raise the $30,000 fund and will he here
through next Friday night lor that
Form of Subscript ion Illank.
Greenville, S. C.1912
On or before the first day of.
191.., 1 promise to pay to the Treas
urer of Chicorn College the sum of
. Dollars
with interest from maturity at the
rate of seven per cent, per annum, for
the purpose ol building a new Dorm
itory and other Improvements con
tern pi a ted tor the college,
it is the understanding and agree
ment that should the college he re
moved from tiie City of Greenville or
vicinity at any time in the future, the
amount paid upon this note shall he re
funded to m< by the college 'fhe ac
ceptance of this note by the college
shall be doomed an agreement to this
The above is a copy of the subscrip
tion blaiik to be filled out by the
subscriber. The amount one subscrib
ed is to be paid in five installments,
the first to lie paid April 1st, 1913, tho
second October the list. 1913, and the
others every six months. Tho final pay
ment will be due the fust day of April
1915. 'fhe Installments may lie equal
amounts or may not, just as the sub
scriber desires. Five of the subscrip
tion blanks, dated six months apart
with reference to the lime each in
stallment is due, are bound in book
let form.
Removal of Chicorn.
If Greenville people have thought
that the recent act of the Presbyter
ies of South Carolina in voting
against the removal of Chicorn Col
lege from Greenville means that the
Institution's future location is settled
forever, they are badly mistaken. At
a conference of prominent Presby
terians held yesterday afternoon at
the First Presbyterian church the
statement was made by Rev. Dr. T,
W. Sloan and ex Governor M. F, An
sel that in voting on the Chicorn
College question some weeks ago
the various Presbyteries of the state
placed a "rider'' on their action.
That is to say, tin- Presbyteries vot
ed to "let ChlCOra College remain \v
Greenville for the present, and for
all time provided the city of Green
ville made it possible.''
Ill the Balance Von.
'flu' intent of this "rider," explain
ed Dr. Sloan and Mr. Ansel was this:
The Presbyteries were in favor of
the institution remaining in Greon
ville if Greenville made it possible
for it to remain here; hut the thing
that will make it possible for the col
lege to remain here is financial help
from the city of Greenville. The col
lege has debts which it must meet
and at the same time make Improve
ments in the plant which are im
perative, in order to meet tin- col
lege debt to raise the sum of $.r?n.
000. For the needed Improvements
in the plant, the college must look
to the city of Greenville. If the city
of Greenville dOOS not respond to this
appeal, then the institution must ac
cept some proposition from another
locality thnt will enable it to meet
these pressing demands.
Conference \ esierdny.
At :'. o'clock yesterday afternoon
several of the most prominent Pres
byterians of the city met at fhe First
Presbyterian church and held an in
formal conference with reference to
(Continued on Page Ten.)
Farewell Sermon by Rev.
J. E. Mtiluiffey.
Tnylor-McCrarj Wedding ('enter of In?
(crest (Iiis Week, Man) Kntcrtaln*
inentN being Given In u. of ({on*
trading I'arfles. Other Mitrrlukes
and interesting Kciiih.
Clinton, Nov. 25. The innrriago of
Miss Marion McCrary to Mi W. C.ran
ville Taylor of Ashevl"e. N. C, is to
j he solemnised in the I'TrsI Preshytortr
an church on Wednesday evening, Nov.
27th at t> o'clock. The ooromoay will
be performed by the Itev. Mr, Taylor,
father of the groom. The brldo will
1k> nttended by her Bistor, Miss tilmmlo
McCrnry, as maid of honor, and will
enter on the aim of the llev, Doctor
W. S. Denn. Miss Sara Thomas of
Anderson, will carry the ring. The
groom's best man will he his hvothor,
Mr. Richard Taylor of Jacksonville
Florida. The ushers Will he Messrs.
It. <\ Phllsoi) and W. C. Porrlll of Ab
beville. \V, Cooper of (Ireenvlllo and
T. P. I'. Carson of Clinton.
Immediately after the wedding Mr,
and Mrs Taylor will leave fur a wed
ding trip which will Include points
of interest to them in '.)<>? inouitttllnH
: of North Carolina and a visll to Finnin,
I They will spend Christinas in Clinton,
j ?? ' < e to New Vnrk for
i vorn) w.eei's. After March 1st they
h ov n home in Aahe
MIbh Mi Crary Is one of flic mosl nd
111 red young women in Clinton ami
excited unusual In
? ' < of visitor! from oth
er towns are here for I hp event.
Among tl i in uro: Mrs. Ward Thomp
on und two children of Anderson. Mr.
and Mrs. W. Cooper of (Ireonvlllo,
Misses Julia WilhorspOon of York
vllle, Holly llrown of Anderen. Kli/;i
Horton of Columbia, Mary Mean of
Winthrop College, Mary und Notta
Cooper of Wlsacky, Mr. It M. Cooper
of Dlsncky, Mrs:. Warren Boll of Can
?ens. Mr. and Mrs, It. c. Philson o*
Abbovlllo, Mrs. Kllicitt or Coit Mill,
Mrs. Mclntosh Noble and three Missen
Taylor of AsllOVlllo and WoyCI'OBS,
Ca.. Miss Ferguson of Spnrtnnburg.
Oil tllO eve (pf the Wedding Capf.
and Mrs. J, W. Co pel n lid gave a hril
llnnl reception In honor o' the brldo
and groom-elect.
On Monday. Mrs. W .1 Hnlloy en
tertained n number of guests at a
dinner in Miss McCrnry's honor.
On Wednesday Mrs. W. S Mean gavn
a dinner for tie wedding guostH from
out-of-town. \
A l inen Wedding*
On Tuesday evening November lOtl't
Mr. and Mrs .1. w. Copnlnnd, Jr., cel
ebrated their twelfth wedding anni
versary. It was one of the most en
joyable and truly pleasant events in
the social life ot this town.
No pains had been spared to add to
the pleasure fr the gllCStR, The hoiiso
was charmli ? decoratetl with vines
and chrysanthemums; white, pink and
yellow being used in the different
rooms. During the entire evening the
Presbyterian college orchestra ren
dered sweet music. In the dining room
a delicious live-course Slipper wa;t
In the receiving line with the host
and hostess were Capt. and Mrs. J. W.
Copoland, Miss Gorrls Oopelnnd, Mit ?
Margaret Parrott, Mrs. Pen Parrolt,
\iiss Nell Copoland. Mr, and Mi . J,
IC Copoland. Mr. and Mrs. 10. 11, ilflll,
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Ferguson, Mrs.
Col loll OrlJTln. Serving in the dining
room were Misses Pera Unlit v, 13m
nilo Itobortson, Maud and Mabel Sum
A beautiful display of llnon gifts
attOStOd in a substantial manner to
the sincere good wish.: of the f-iends
of the happy pair.
New Count) Talk.
The pVonicfers of the plan to SCCliro
a county with Clinton Ii i the of
government are hard at work. Their
newest scheme is to Issue a "New
County Edition" of the Clinton Chron
icle which wiii contain Interesting
data about the propose! county. ThlH
edition will probably he issued within
the noxl two weck:?.
There Is a growing conviction ftS\-o
(Contimit I on Cage Four.)

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