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ft New Remedy for Indigestion
Gets Country Wide Endorsement
The new remedy for Indigestion call- word for it?try it yourself on an abso
ed "Digestif has been found a certain lute guarantee, get a package and if
quick relief and permanent remedy you don't get relief you can get your
for stomach disorders. Detters from money back for the asking. Brown's
thousands who had sufTered the tor- Digestit is a little tablet easy to swal
turt's of indigestion and got relief low and absolutely harmless. It digests
from the use of Digestit are evidence all the food, prevents fermentation,
of Its merit. The enormous increase? stops gas formation, prevents stomach
in demand from every part of the distress after eating, aids assimilation,
country is proof of its popularity. Hut aud relieves indigestion Instantly,
you do not have to take anybody's j aureng Drug Co.. B?rens, S. C.
Just purchased at Public Auction, sold by Railroad
Company for Freight and Trackage, one solid car
load of Eleven Tons (22,000 lbs.) Rice Meal. This
' Rice Meal is sound and O. K., and is worth, in fact J>
sold last Fc'l for $1.75 per hundred pounds. Our %
Special Price to Move Quick is $1.25 per hundred J
pounds sack. ~b
Estimated Free
Mail in or bring your plans or builder's
list and get our estimate on your complete
lumber requirements, from roughest boards
to finest interior finish.
Our designs in columns, newel posts,
doors, sash, blinds, mouldings, etc., offer a
wide range of choice, and we also mill
to order.
We operate our own saw and planing
mills, and own our own stumpage, which
enable us to offer high quality and low cost.
See us before you build.
"Buy of the Maker'*
Nice tract of 9 acres with a new 6-room cot
tage and barn at Cold Point known as the Dr.
Jones Place.
Good Farm of 142 acres near Barksdale Sta
tion with dwelling, two tenant houses and out
buildings, known as James Todd Place. A bar
gain at $18.00 per acre.
Good 6-room house and lot in city of Laurens
near square. House in good repair. A bargain
at $2,250.00.
30 acre, fine Farm, all in cultivation, one mile
of Princeton fronting Dr. Gilkerson's place, at
$40.00 per acre.
100 acres, fine farm, known as Polly Franks'
place, four miles above Laurens.
167 acres in Spartanburg county, near Mus
grove Mill. See us at once for prices.
113 acres of land known as Monroe land, join
ing lands of T. J. Mahon. See us for prices.
47 acres near Tumbling Shoals, and Prospect
church, known as Watkin's Place. See us at once.
Home Trust Company
President. Sec. ft Treaa.
Fled at He ream of Alken Woman.
. Sheriff h Making Search.
Alken. Jan. 11.?Some excitement
was caused last night by the attack
made by a negro upon a resoectable
widow who lives on the outskirts of
the city, and while the matter was
kept very quiet it became known this
morning that half a dozen men
searched for several hours for the un
known negro, without, however, locat
ing him.
Having remained in town until after
dark the woman was walking home
and had reach a point near "Orange
drove," the winter home of W. But
id Duncan, when the negro, who had
been following her for some distance,
taking advantage of the darkness and
the seclusion of the place, advanced
more rapidly behind hor. Frightened,
the woman stopped and demanded of
the negro to know where he was go
! Ing. He replied he was on his way to
the race track to look for a job. lie
was told then to go on, and not to be
following behind, as he had been do
ing. At tills the negro sprang at the
woman and struck her a blow in the
side. As she fell she screamed, and
; Some one at a nearby house opened a
door and asked what was the trouble.
The negro took to his heels and dis
appeared in the darkness. He was
tracked by the sheriff and a number
' of men across an open field, but ali
trace of him was lost.
The sheriff still has hope of catch
ing him as the woman gave a very
clear description of her assailant.
Ekom. Jan. 13.?The Christmas hol
idays were very quietly spent in this
On Wednesday in Christmas Messrs.
Henry and Ryan Plnson entertained
a few of their friends from two
o'clock until six. After some selec
tions of music, and a few games were
i played, they were all invited into the
dining room where delightful refresh
ments were served. All present had
a very pleasant time.
Several pound parties were given in
the community for the enjoyment of
tne young people.
The Ladies Missionary Society met
at the home of Mrs. T. J. Cooper last
Saturday afternoon. A nice crowd was
present, and a good meeting was en
Miss Frankle Culbertson, who has
? been sick the past two weeks, is still
confined to her bed.
t Mrs. Jesse Hurts has been quite sick
i but it now improving.
Mrs. Lou Culbertson and daughter,
are both up again after an attack of
Mrs. C. C. Cooper, of Laurens, sp-.ut
Irom Friday until Sunday with rela
tives here.
Miss Maggie Coley and Mrs. Mattle
>'itts and little daughter Majorle,
spent Saturday with Miss Laurence
Culbertson and mother.
Mrs. Mattle Hurts and little son
spent last week with Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Culbertson.
Miss Alverta Holand spent one day
last week with Mr. and Mrs. Hroadus
Cooper, who have recently moved into
our midst.
A wee little girl came into the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. Culbertson on
Jan. 1st.
Mr. T. H. Hurts, one of our leading
citizens, has moved with his family to
their new home a few miles above
Laurens. We regret very much to give
up Mr. Hurts and hia family, but wish
them much success in their new home.
Planning for Mother.
Mrs. Shepherd looked bewildered
when her sons announced that six of
"the boys" were coming up on the
noon train. "They want to see our
camp " said Ted.
"Why didn't you tell me this mem
fng." Mrs. Shepherd wailed, "wnen the
butcher was on the hill?"
"Oh. they won't expect to be reg?v
larly entertr' .d." Hal said, comforta
bly. "We'l. . st picnic."
"Good!" said Ted, approvingly.
"They a.en't bard to please. Just put
tome stuff in a basket, and It will b?
all right, mumsey. Fried chlcken'd b*
great, and just a few bam sandwiches,
some of that chocolate layer cake you
make, and a few doughnuts or apple
puffs, and maybe seed-cakes, if there
?re any."
"There you are. mumsey." said Hal.
encouragingly, "everything ail fanned
*or you'"?Youths Companion
Skin On Fire?
JuHt the mild, simple wash, the well
known D.D.D. Prescription for Eczema,
%nd the Itch is gone.
A trial will prove it.
We hare Bold other remedies for skin
trouble but none that we could guaran
tee as we can the D.D.D. remedy. If
the Arat regular size $1.00 bottle does
not do exactly as we say, it will not
cost you a cent.
Laurens, f. C.
Tillslde. Jan. 13.?Many thanks to
the generous correspondent from Mad
den for the nice compliment tendered
me in last week's Advertiser. The
writer is glad that the Madden writ
er is in line for compulsory educa
tion. The writer is also In favor of
"votes for women". If women were
allowed to cast a baiioi. lue majority
would support the Christian element. I
Dispensaries and blind tigers would
cease to exist, grafters and gamblers
would wear the stripes, and a clean
government would prevail. Men don't
seem to care enough for a clean gov
ernment to cast their ballots for it.
or even voice their sentiment for it.
So long as men cast not their ballot
for this kind of government, so long
as the grafter and gambler go free:
so long as the voters vote not for a ]
clean government and for officials to ]
match, who then, ran those men blame
when anything goes wrong in Ameri
ca? Isn't there someone else in South
Carolina who will help push forward
this movement, Viz '."votes for wo
Messrs. C. T. Peden. NY. M. tolllson,
J. F. Weathers, L. n. Eiskew, J. A.
and J. \V. Adalr. all of Hillside were
In Warther.. Thursday, enjoying a big
rabbit hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Sims, of Rabb
town, were the guests of W. J. Weath
; ers and family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Peden gave a
party at their home Wednesday night.
Quite a large crowd attended.
James Cosby of Greenville, was in
our community. Wednesday and
Thursday, hunting with the Hillside
Will Cole L. Blease run against
Sen. E. D. Smith, two years hence, for
the 1'nited States senatorshlp? If he
; does he stands a gcod chance of los
ing. Blease will eventually lose.
Bill Thompson gave a singing at his
i home Sunday night.
According to an editorial In a news
j paper of P>t. Paul. Minn., there's a
possibility of abandoning the annual
governor's conference on account of
Cole L. Blease. The editor says a
man like Blease would attend with
out an Invitation, hence the question
of abandoning. It is evr thus. Well,
this we know, that the Calhouns and
Haynes have disappeared from the
horizon of South Carolina.
There are people in Hillside who
are old in years, yet them can nelth
! er read nor write. There are fathers
; and mothers, here who are in that pit
iable condition. Can they be wholly
blamed? No. If there had been a com
'< pulsory education law twenty-five
j years ago these people would have
been educated: their children would
have seen better advantages. These
' people see. partly, what th lack of ed
ucation means yet they do not fully
appreciate its true value. Every
child should be given an education. If
; the parents do not wish for their
children to attend school, they should
be compelled, by the laws of the state,
to see that they attend a certain num
ber of months each year, unless hin
dered b ysickness, or other sufficient
reasons. These same boys and girls
that tottle after us row. must some
day be the citizens?the main pillars?
of this state. These children are the
future citizens. Someday (and not
long hence) this government must
rest upon the shoulders of the chil
dren of today. Shall it fall into the
hands- of uneducated people? Let's
have a compulsory education law, and
thus pave the way for a greater state.
; for, by thus doing we spread .lowers
over, and make smooth the pathway,
over which the feet of the future cit
izen must trod.
If your children are subject to at
tacks of croup, watch for the first
symptom, hoarseness. Give Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy as soon as the
child becomes hoarse and the attack
may be warded off. For sale by all
Live Each Day.
Foresight Is very w1b?, but foresor?
row very foolish, and castles are, at
any rate, better than dungeons In the
air.?8lr John Lubbock.
Poor Consolation.
We like to know the weakness of
eminent men; it consoles us for our
Inferiority.?Madame de Lambert
Uncared-for Children a Menace.
Every child that grows up without
adequate care Is certain to be, a bur
den to the state in after life.
Valuable OH From Rubber Tree.
Seeds of the rubber tree yield an oil
resembling and not inferior to linseed
oil in quality.
rlret Street Oae Lampe.
Street gas lamps wero first used In
London in 1807.
When you want a reliable medicine
for a cough or cold take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It can always be de
pended upon and is pleaeant and safe
to take. For sale by all dealers.
Green Sickness
Delicate girls who are approaching the age of womanhood are usually subject to
this disease. They are pale because the blood Is weak and watery. Their
complexion has a sickly greenish cast which gives the disease its name. They
have no vitality and it exposed to any unusual excitement, excessive labor or
cold dampness are liable to contract some aisease that will disastrously effect
their whole future lives. It is a most critical period. The right remedy to
relieve this condition and bring back the rosy hue of health is
Squaw Vine Wine
It is a palatable remedy, a fine, pleasant tasting medicine. Its agreeable flavor,
however, is no criterion of its efficacy. It does the work expected of it more
promptly than the harsh, bitter tasting medicines. It begins the restorative process
with the first dose and if used for a reasonable period, the mise?y. weakness and
pallor disappear, the spirits r s^, the appetite becomes good, the sleep sound and
restful and the thin, vitiated biood is rev talized and goes coursing through the
veins, carrying new life, strength and energy to ail parts of the body.
Sold by Druggist* and Dealer*. Price Si.00 Per Bottle.
> -___
Laurens Drug Company
Laurens. South Carolina
" CORTRIGHT" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.
and accept n? substitute, if you want a roof that
\vili !??t as long as the building, and never need
repairs ? never need attention of any kind, except
an occasional coat of paint.
3. Fire-proof? Storm-proof? Lighlning-proof
For sale by
Local Dealers or Cortright Metal Roofing Company
50 N. 23rd, St., Philadelphia, Pa.
in both preserving and regaining
health are features of our sick
room supplies. There are things
for toilet table as well as for the
sick bed among them too. To
enumerate them all would tire
you. Sufficient to say that if it
is rubber goods of any kind a
drug store should have you can
get them here.
Dodson-Edwards Drug Co.
Agents for Norris' Candies.
Chapped Hands
There is nothing better under
the sun than our specially pre
Almond Benzoin Lotion
an excellent remedy for hands and
face that has proved it's value to
every user. We also pride our
selves upon the completeness and
good quality of our toilet article
department: Face Powder, Toilet
Water, Cologne, etc.
Rays Pharmacy
Prescriptions a Specialty

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