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3Pr> iUbbevtiser
80*-. -Iptlon Price Is $1.00 Per Tear
Payable In Advance.
Published by
Laurens, S. C.
Sec. and Treas.
Advertising Rates on Application.
Obituaries and Card of Thanks t One
cent a word.
I*-1 . ? - ' =
Entered at the postofflce at Laurens,
8. C, as second class mall matter.
lb AC RKNH, H. Cn JANUARY 29, 1918.
The Advertiser will be glad to
receive the local news of all tho
communities in the county* Cor
respondents nro requested to
sign their names to the contri
butions.. Letters should not be
mailed later than Monday morn
"Wo received a letter a day or two
ago from .lohn 1). Rockefeller, Jr. No
check was enclosed.
? ? ?
Bob Walker predicts that the Ath
letics and the Giants will play the
"World's Series next summer. That set
tles it.
? * ?
"Tho present winter has been a
very mild one In this locality." Asso
ciate Reformed Presbyterian. In this
locality- too.
? ? ?
Speaking about tho weather, this
balmy winter which wo have had so
far knocks the props from under the
claim that the earth is growing colder.
? ? ?
Congratulations to Greenwood on
securing tho boys military institute.
Laurens will supply a part of the pa
tronage and thereby give a little tone
to it.
? ? ?
Every now and then our esteemed
frlor.d of The Greenville Piedmont
displays unralstakeable symptoms of
being tho head of a family of more
than two.
? ? ?
In providing for a racing commis
sion at a nominal salary, the state
?would be paving the way for another
such graft institution as was the old
state dispensary.
? ? #
A Greenville organization has on
foot a plan to equalize taxation and
to put the tax question On a better ba
bIs. This is a matter that could not
suffer by overstudy.
? ? ?
The Corn Exposition In Columbia
beginning this week should be attend
ed by every one who can nnd those
who do not attend will miss something
that they will always regret.
? * ?
It is a very pleasing sight to see
the glass blowers going back and
forth from work as they did last year.
These are substantial citizens and
should be given the right hand of fel
4 . t
One oT our Greenville contempora
ries, we have forgotten which, sug
gested that Laurens fools all puffed
up because "they have commenced
blowing bottles again there" or some
thing like that. Yes, having what the
society leaders In that thriving met
ropolis would call a "blow-out.;'
? ? ?
It seems that the commander-ln
cfaief of the South Carolina troops Is
not the only military or militant per
sonage who has not received an invi
tation to march in the inaugural
parade. "General" Rosalie Jones,
head of the suffragette army, was al
so slighted in this particular.
? * *
It seems as If we are to have an
other spasm of Investigations. The
principal business of a South Carolina]
legislature in those days and times is
to receive a few messages from the
fjovernor, appoint investigating com
mittees, take a Jaunt or so to one or
two of the state colleges and thon end
H all up with a big row and ko home
with very little done. Maybe a change
will come by and by.
? ? ?
A Laut ens man has declined an
opportunity to move to Green wood.
"Which appears to us to be a protty
Wg slam at Greenwood.?Greenville
Better mind up there. We'll put The
tlnlon,Timers on you again. A Laurens
man did move to Greenville the other
day, which we are forced to accept as
a slam on Laurens. Rut, you wait
awhile', Lauren:: Is coming.
? ? ?
Gen. Daniel E. Sickles, now har
rassed In New York because of his
many debts and who was arrested for
appropriating a monument eommls
rion'a fund, is the same Gen. Sickles
who operated around this section dur
lng a pirt of the reconstruction period
One particular Instance remembered
by those living in that time was the
speech he made before a large crowd
of negroes at. Tumbling Shoals along
about seventy five.
? ? ?
The short but terrific strugg'e be
twuen the T?rke und the Balkan
states will probable have more mo
mentous results than many another
war of much longer duration. Tho
Bulgarians and her allies have shown
an Independence of the great powers
that has surprised probably none
more than the powers themselves.
The plucky Balkanians have fought
their own ?sttlofl and stipulated their
own terms, in spite of the grasping
handB of the greater European na
? ? ?
Tho Laurons Advertiser will un
derstand now why we told them that
they wero a little "previous" In mak
ing their prediction about the school.
?Greenwood Journal. The Advertis
er, If we remember correctly, has
never made a prediction about the S. I
C. C. I. going to Greenwood. Wo un
derstood at one time that the matter
had been settled and that the school
was to remain in Edgefleld. As Green
wood and Laurens appeared o be
in about the same boat at th time,
we extended our sympathies. Today,
we wish for tho new school every suc
? ? ?
The Progressive Farmer, In a re
cent issue, produced a table showing
the prices of corn In dlfforent states.
In Minnesota tho price of corn was
48 cents, while In South Carolina It
was 96 cents. The Increased price
In South Carolina was brought about
by the cost and prollts in distribution.
How the Increased cost comes about,
however, Is not so much a matter of
consideration now as Is the mere fact
of the difference. If It costs but 46
cents to raise corn in Minnesota and
tho farmers of South Carolina have to
and do buy It at 96 cents when corn
can be raised In South Carolina al
most if not as cheaply as In Minne
sota, then it seems that the ques
tion to solve is not that of re
ducing the cost of the distribu
tion but iu reducing the amount of the
corn imported. The thing to do Is
to raise the corn at home and save
that 49 cents.
? ? ?
Many eltlos and town In South Caro
lina and all over the country now are
beginning to take advantage of the
parcels post service. Numbers of
stores are advertising that they will
deliver goods to their customers with
the postage prepaid. This doubtless
will bring to these concerns consid
erable business that they otherwise
would not get. The merchant can eas
ily afford to pay postage on goods
sent out. for the saving In time and
trouble over the personal method of
salesmanship is enough to pay for the
additional cost. While the per
sonal equation counts a great deal In
the selling of merchandise, still when
a customer knows what he wants and
knows the price of It. there Is no
necessity of a personal visit to the
store and often It Is Inconvenient at
that time to visit town. So, the en
terprising merchants all over the
country are beginning to sell goods
by parcels post and the Laurens mer
chants should fall In line and accom
modate their customers In the same
way. The benefits will be mutual.
Merchants should begin to describe ar
ticles advertised more m'nutely nnd
give more prices, so that f.ie custom
ers will know better how and what to
? ? ?
Everybody commence to make pre
parations for cleaning up day in the
first week of April. That would be
a good time for some civic organiza
tion to take In hand the beautlflcatlon
of the court house plaza.
* ? ?
The Advertiser wishes that more of
tho citizens had attended the meeting
called by Mr. Dial yesterday to hear
him explain the contract of the Reody
River power company. If they had,
they could at least say that they had
heard both sides in this discussion
and would have felt competent to
vote Intelligently. Or at least they
could feel that they had given the
spokesman of council the opportunity
of Justifying its extravagance. Wheth
er or not Mr. Dial convinced those
present that tho council was wise in
expending $4,500 in waterworks and
electric light extension, can only be
decided by the election which Is to
come on the 18th. If the voters, after
the discussion yesterday are In favor
of the rapid extension of the water
and electric light systom, wo have no
objection to make. That Is an affair
of theirs.
Boiled down to a nut shell, the ob
ject of tho meeting, If wo Judge cor
rectly, was to Justify the expenditure
of $4,500 on water and light extension.
Again boiling down, tho Justification
Is claimed through the fact that dur
ing 1912 tho city received $14,506 In
revenue from the system nnd only paid
for power $8,643.11, this showing a
profit, according to figures submitted,
of $5,853.37. Of course, anyone will
seo that this is no more profit than if
a merchant would claim everything
profit between the cost and selling
price of his goods. No expense ac
count is taken into conslderaf >n at
all. Tho salary account, a'.o^e. is
approximately $2,800 per year, uncord
ing to one of the councllmen. What
the depreciation on tho machinery
and plant is, of course cannot be ac
curately put down, but a flvo per cent
deduction Ifor tUl.\ is1 conservattlve.
Five per cent of $6Y,5'78.86, the value
of the plant in 1911. is $3,178.94 These
two expenses added together make
$6,178.94, something more than the es
timated profit. \Vhero the money Is to
como from to put In the sinking fund,
is a question open for discussion.
Either the depreciation account or the
sinking fund account must be ? set
aside to be paid out from other sourc
es. Going a little further, in
case tho poak is raised to another min
imum, as It must be, going at the
present rate, an additional charge of
$2,500 must be placed against this
profit account, which, however, will be
some larger if the peak Is raised.
What other expenses there are con
nected with it, we do not know.
So the claim is that since the city is
making a profit of nearly $6,000 por
year on water and lights, that this Is
a Justification for expending $4,500 in
extending the water and light system.
But, since ittis seen that thore is no
profit, but a loss nnd that this loss
will be larger if the electric light
lines are extended, then It seems that
there is no justification at all. .
As to tho contract, how it was form
ed, what It Is or who is gulling the
long end of the bargain has not been
brought up by The Advertiser and we
feel It needs no discussion at this time.
The Advertiser has never maae any
complaint on the contract, though we
can show that It Is not as good a con
tract, from the city's standpoint, as
one other nearby city has. But, as
Tho Advertiser has not advocated
breaking the contract, we do not feel
like a discussion of it will do any good.
is a marvelous household remedy. It
cures cramp colic Instantly. Corrects
nauseated stomach, heals cuts, wounds
and sores on the surface of the body
and destroys germs In tho sick room.
It is used internally and externally
Price 10 cents per bottle. Sold by
Laurens Drug Co.
The Yails and Their Company of Kn
talners to be Here Feb. 8, 4, and 5th.
A series of psychological demonstra
tions are to be given at the City Opera
House, commencing next Monday,
Feb. 3rd.
Prof, and Mrs. Vail and their company
of select entertainers are to give se
ries of Oriental demonstration em
bracing many feats and mysteries of
the Bast India Yoga. They will show
here for three nights, the 3rd, 4th and
Mr, and Mrs. Vail have spent many
years In Hindustan, coming into close
rappart with the magicians of that
country, and have acquired many of
the secrets of their art, which enables
them to give an entertainment far
above any ever seen before In this
country. It Is said that Mrs. Vail has
become so proficient that she Is able
to read the inmost thoughts of her
spectators, answering mental ques
tions, locating missing relatives, lost
articles and stolen property.
While in Bombay Prof. Vail witness
ed the remarkable experiment of Lasse
the great Hindoo potentate, in which
he caused living bodies to float In
space, defying every known law of
gravitation. Prof. Vail will duplicate
this weird enigma, as well as many
others, during the three nights engage
The Vails are making a flying trip to
Florida, playing a few of the smaller
towns, to lighten expenses and break
the distance.^ They carry two tons
of baggage and people may consider
themselves fortunate to wltneHs the
performances of these clever people
We are Agents for Parisian Sage, and
we Know the Guarantee Im Genuine.
Parisian Sage, the quick-acting hair
restorer, is guaranteed?
To stop fnlllng hair,
To cure dandruff.
To cure itching of the scalp,
To put life Into faded hair,
To make harsh hair soft and luxuri
To make hair grow, or money back.
It is the most delightful hair dress
ing made, and is a great favorite with
ladies who desire beautiful and luxuri
ant hair. Large bottle only 50 cents.
Glroux Mfg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y.. Amer
ican makers.
Laurens Drug Co., Laurons, 8. C.
Mr. Yfatts Withdraws.
To the Voters of Ward 1:?I take this
means of withdrawing my candidacy
for the office of alderman from Ward
1 and to thank those who have Inter
ested themselves in my behalf.
Yours very truly,
J. D. Watts.
Program Announced For First Enter
tainment February 14th.
Since tbn announcement, in the InBt
issue of The Advertiser, that the
choral society of the high school
would give Its initial concert on Feb
ruary 14th, much Interest has been
afoused in the concert. Many have
asked regarding the program to bo
rendered. The Advertiser is glad at
this time to publish It.
The program Is worth caroful con
sideration. Note carefully how varied
it Is. The program is as follows: ?
Part One.
1. My Neighbor's Dog Belknap
2. In Old Madrid Trotoro
3. Lost Chord Sullivan
4. Anchored Watson
Part Two.
1. The Largo Handel
2. Serenade Schubeit
3. Spring Song Mendelssohn
1. The Two Grenadiers Schumann
Part Three.
Selections from the Operas.
1. "Cavalle'ria Rusticana" Mascagnl
Almighty Lord
2. "II Trovntore" Verdi
(a) Anvil Chorus
(b) Homo to Our Mountains
(c) Miserere
3. "Faust" Gounod
(a) Flower Song
(b) Soldiers' Chorus.
After reading this program, one is
convinced that It consists of music
that Is really good and yet not beyond
the appreciation of the average per
son. Although this Is true, It is of
grade that will nleasc even the cul
tured musician.
The people o.' Laurens should give
tho choral society hearty financial sup
port, for the proceeds will be applied
to phase of the school life that need
development. In addition to this the
financial support will aid In the de
velopment of the art. that Is most
nearly divine of all. It is hoped many
Will give this new organization hearty
The price of tickets will be: adults
fifty cents, students nnd children
twenty-five cents. The concert will
bo given in the school auditorium, at
8:15 o'clock, on Friday evening! Feb
ruary fourteenth.
Mrs. Lucius Compton, of Ashovllle.
is visiting relatives In the city.
Persons troubled with partial paraly
sis are often very much benefited by
massaging the affected parts thorough
ly when applying Chamberlain's Lin
iment. This liniment also relieves
rheumatic pains. For sale by all deal
Notice: We accommodated you when
In need of the necessaries .of ^ lifo.
Now, we need our money. Partiys In
debted to us must settle up an/ save
further trouble and hard feellLfe. Dial
Co. V
Pair Dogs for Sale?The nicest pair
Pointer pups you ever saw, 7 montliB
old. Point hic.oly and a*e /natural re
ceivers. Price, one $6.C*0/ pair $10.00.
D. E. Todd, Laurens, 9\JC, R. F. D.
No. 1. 27tU
For Sale?Shaw's Improved/Prolific
Seed Corn for sale. Prices?per
bushel, $2.00; per half busWel, $1.25;
per 75c. T. M. Shaw" Laurens,
S. C. 27-2t
For Sale?Five pair Bronze turkeys, |
nine months old; gobblers. tilventy
three to twenty-eight pouifds/ hens,
fifteen to twenty pounds. WllV/ell sin
gle, or In pairs. Mrs. T. P. Byrd, Ora,
S. C, 27-lt-pd
Notice?I am agent for the Coving
ton Corn and Cotton Planter. On
salesday In February, I \\lll demon
strate this machine at .Ino.V- Frank's
store. W. P. Todd, Agent, Barksdale,
S, C. / 27-lt-pd
For Sale?Ancona eggs/pure Shep
pard strUn. You will Itkf them. Set
ting of 15 for ?$1.00. Apjly to C. W.
Tune, Laurens, S. C. 27-lt
For Quick Sale at Less Than C/ist?
?Stock and fixtures of staple/ and
fancy groceries, about twen^y-fl/e hun
dred dollars. Freshest In cltV/lso the
nicely furnished store-room^for rent
Addresu Box 23, Laurens, S. C.
For Rent?Rooms, furfnlsW^d or un
furnlsh d. Apply to C. I\ I/oole.
\J 27-lt-pd
Fodder For Sale?Bermuda/ Hay,
Bollon Dollar Grass Hay, iW-vlnes,
cane and pea-vines, and eoVi jslover.
Will soil wheat straw at 50c\|er 100.
P. B. Bailey, Rt. 3, Laurens, S. C.
For Sale?One second hand 1-bbrso
wagon, cheap. Also, one palr^rnAtch
ed Iron gray mares. First ch^ya for
$175 gets the mares. J. S. Bennott,
Laurens, S. C.
For Sale?Rhode Inland Red ?ggs.
pure strain, a setting of 15 ffr 11.00.
Apply to H. S. Kennedy, LaurVas.
Dairy Prodaet*?Sweet milk, butter
milk, cream, butter, eggs and chick
ens for sale. Prdmpt dellvery\|Phone
No. 273, J, Wade Anderson. 24-5t
Don't delay Joining our Hoosler
Club, as only you and fourteen others
have tho privilege and thore Is sever
al ladles already Interested nnd only
waiting for the club to open.
S. M. & E. II. WIEKES & CO.
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grane Cream of Tartar
Rabun, Jan. 27.?Mr. C. C. Saxoft Is
slowly Improving.
Mrs. Lula Baldwin spent last Mon
day with Mrs. Jane Bolt of Hickory
Tavern section.
Mrs. Rebecca Owens and daughter.
Miss Edna, spent several days last
week In Green Pond section, visiting
Mrs. Deepse Holder, and Mrs. Con
way Armstrong.
Messrs. H. H. Mahon and Sloan
Mahon were in Laurens Friday and
Saturday on business.
Mr. Anderson Abercrombie of Hick
ory Tavern section spent Thursday
with Mr. W. D. Owens.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Babb, Mr. T. F.
Babb and daughter, Miss Mae, were
in Laurens Saturday shopping.
Mrs. Clara Armstrong of Laurens is
visiting in Eden and Rabun commun
ities this week.
Notice at to Licenses and Taxes.
All special license are past due. All
who have not made return should do
so at once. The books are open for
collection of all taxes. If any chang
es have been made in property you
should see that same Is properly re
turned before the last when there is
such a rush.
J. A. Roland,
City Clerk.
Couldn't Walk!
"I used to be troubled with a weakness peculiar to
women," writes Mrs. Anna Jones, of Kenny, I1L "For
nearly a year, I could not walk, without holding my sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised Cardul for my complaint I was so
thin, my weight was 115. Now, I weigh 163, and I am
never sick. I ride horseback as good as ever. I am in
fine health at 52 years."
? . The j5
We have thousands of such letters, and more are
arriving daily. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves the great value of this vegeta
ble, tonic medicine, for women.
Cardul relieves women's sufferings, and builds weak
women up to health and strength. . It you are a woman,
{live it a trial. It should help you, for it has helped a mil
ion others. It is made from pure, harmless, herb ingredi
ents, which act promptly and surely on the womanly organs.
It is a good tonic Try it 1 Your druggist sells it
Write to: Ladles' Advisory Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn..
for Special Inttntctlont, and 64-page book, "Homo Treatment for Women." sent traa. J U
for some particular drug or rned
cinal preparation, better come
straight to this pharmacy. We
keep a complete variety of all
standard drugs, remedies and
proprietary Preparations. So don't
waste time in seeking where you
may not find. Come here} first.
Dodson-Edwards Drug Co.
Agents for Norris' Candies.
Everything Must Move in Its Season.
Ladies' all-Wool Norfolk Jackets and
Sweaters, former price $3.50 down to
Misses sizes were $2.75 now $2.00
Children's Sweaters in White only,
sizes 20, 22 and 24 were 50 cents now 40
Wool Mufflers and Shawls.
Special value in White Cotton and all
Wool Blankets at

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