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Several telephone and telegraph
mossagos were received In the city
yesterday afternoon stating that John
Y. Garllngton ha'd been indefinitely
paroled by Gov. Mease. The parole is
granted to extend during good be
havior and on the further condition
that he does net leave the state for
more than live days at a time except
upon the written consent of the gov
ernor of tho state. Several oilier
minor conditions are attached. Con
firmation of tho telegrams was found
In yesterday's aftwi noon papers, 'flic
petition for clemency was signed by
ten of the jurors who sat upon the
case when he was convicted.
John Y. Darlington had served
fourteen months of a three year term.
Stobo Young, who was convicted at
the same time, was paroled some
months ago by Qov. Blease, he having
served several months of 'his sen
Besides Ladies jukI Gentlemen from
the Town, a Party of Orphanage
Children Visit .the Big Cor? Show.
Clinton, Feb. 4.?Numbers of Clin,
tonluns have attended the great corn
show in Columbia, and in every case
they have expressed surprise and de
light in it.
Among those who went from here
on Education Day were Dr. D. M.
IKuiglas, Mr. W. J. Henry, .loe H.
Phinnoy, Mrs. .1. H. Davis, Mrs. J. Q.
Phillips, Misses Sallie Burgess, Loma
Nesbit, Mary J. Manson, Margaret Du
rant, Martha Hellams, Sadie Leslie,
.Jessie Brower, Fronde Kennedy and
Gilbert Cunningham.
On Thursday of last week Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Wilson and twelve or
phanage pupils spent the day at the
corn exposition.
Mr. R. Z. Wright spent several days
in Columbia last week at the corn
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Copeland, Mrs. J.
R. Copeland and Mrs. J. W. Copeland,
Jr. attended the corn show this week.
Library Association.
At the annual meeting of the Clinton
Public Llhary Association on Thurs
day afternoon officers were elected for
tliis year as follows: president. Dr. W.
S. Bean; vice, presidents, Mrs. R. Z.
Wright, Mrs. E. 11. Hall, Misses
I>orothy Owens, and Julia Neville:
secretary, S. N. Sumerol; treasurer.
W. W. Harris; libarian, Miss Julia
The library lias grown steadily in
influence nnd usefulness during the
past year, and its officers nre zenlous
to make this the best year yet. Tho
membership fee is. $2.00 which per
mits a member to take out 3 books
or magazines at one time. The lead
ing periodicals and many of the best
new books are on hand.
A Benefit for the Baseball Team.
Prof. Calthrop, tenor soloist, assist
ed by the Ariel quartette of New York
gave on cntertninmont in the graded
school auditorium this evening for
the boneflt of the Presbyterian College
baseball team.
Social Items.
Among many recent social pleasures
were included course dinners given
by Mrs. J. I. Copeland and Mrs. R. Z.
Mrs. R. Z. Wright entertained the
Friendly Dozen on Tuesday afternoon.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. J. T.
Robertson entertained the Halcyon
book club.
The Athenaeum met with Miss
Frondo Kennedy Tuesday morning.
Mrs. J. L. Wright will entertain the
Octaeon book club tomorrow after
Mrs. J. Q. Phillips and Miss Agatha
Davis left Monday for an extended vis
it to Mrs. Charles Akerman In Macon,
Mr. Spencer is remodeling his
home In order to add a suite of rooms
for Mrs. Spencer's mother, Mrs. Cal
vert, who will hereafter make Clinton
ner home.
The Stephen D. Lee chapter, U. D
C. hae signed a contract to present
the "County Fair", a clover entertain
ment, in Clinton, March 13 and 14.
Attended K. of P. Convention.
Messrs. Charles F. Brooks, J. F.
Tolbert, Geo. L. Pitts and Charles
Rounds attended the district conven
tion, Knights of Pythias, at Landnim
during the early part of last week.
They roturned home Wednesday nf
tor having spent a very pleasant and
profitable timo with tho hospitable
Landrum pyt.hlans.
Large Number of Children from this
County Attended the Exposition Last
The Corn Exposition at Columbia
has been the attraction for a large
number of 1/aurcns county people
since last Monday morning. All dur
ing last week and the early part of
this week the trains were crowded
with passengers, many of them being
from this county. Friday a special
car was provided for the school chil
dren from the county and town, Supt.
B. L. Jones heading a delegation
bound for the big corn show. Over a
hundred children went d?>wn from
here Thursday, some of them staying
over night and many of them return,
tng the same evening. The Laurens
school children made a hit in the
capital city, getting front page atten
tion from the dally papers. The State
of Saturday, had a complimentary no
tice of the Laurens delegation, be
ginning Its leading exposition story as
"Educational day at the Nation
al Corn Exposition brought school
superintendena, adhool teachers and
school children by the thousands
yesterday. There wore few. If
any, counties in South Carolina
which wore not represented, and there
were aiso good sized delegations pres
ent, from nearby states. From Laurens
came 1.12 people, who had been urged
to attend the exposition by B. L. Jones,
suprentendent of schools. He sent
a circular letter to the parents of
school children, telling them that
the pupils might visit the exposition
on Education day without being
marked ??absent" on their reports.
It was the interest shown in the G
vent by superintendents and teachers
like Mr. .Jones which caused standing
room to be almost a premium in the
auditorium during the exercises in the
Everybody who has visited the ex
position has returned with expressions
of surprise and admiration at the sl/.o
and scope of It. They all speak in en
thusiastic terms Of the display of
farm products, especially the display
of corn. They state that the big
buildings are crowded daily and that
the trip is one that could not be for
gotten in a life time and one that
should not be missed.
The exposition continues throughout
this week. Today a large delegation Is
expected to go down, some of them In
the party having already been once
before. Tomorrow, It la probable that a
large number will take advantage of
a last opportunity to lake the trip
land see the great exhibit.
Mr. Lji Moore Succeeds Mr. J. Lee
Langston and Mr. Barley L?ngsten
Takes Mr. Moore's Place.
The recent resignation of Mr. J.
Lee Langston from J. H. Sullivan's
store hoe made necessary several
changes and additions to the firm. Mr.
Lyl Moore, who has been with the
firm for a number of yenrsjins suc
ceeded to the place made vacant by
Mr. Langston and Mr. Burlcy Lang
ston has succeeded to the place held
by Mr. Moore.
Mr. Langston Is a grocery salesman
of many years' experience Ho will
be glad to meet him many old friends
and help take enre of the numerous
customers of the firm. By courteous
treatment nnd prompt attention to the
trade, ho Intends to add many new
customers to the business. As one of
"The Boys" he expects to extend the
glnd hand of fellowship to all who
come Into the store.
rev. w. e. thayer
Designs pastorate
Mill Take l'p Pastorate of the First
Baptist Church of Chester in March.
Following a very forceful and tell
ing sermon at tlie First Baptist
church Sunday night. Rev. W. B.
Tbayer, who lias been pastor of the
cini nil for five years, handed In his
resignation to take effect the first of
March. Mr. Thnyer stated that be
ginning with the first Sunday in
March, he would take up the pastorate
of the First Baptist church or Ches
While !t hPd been expected Tor some
time that Mr. i Payer was contemplat
ing severing I is connection with the
I Church here, the announcement Sun-'
day night came as a surprise to mos;
of tho congregation. In n few sim
ple words Mr. Thayer imparted his
determination to his Hock. Loath, as
they wore, to lose him and secure in
i the assurance that he would not leave
except for. peculiarly weighty and In.
Eturmouutable reasons, the announce
ment was received with sadness and
the resignation was reluctantly ac
cepted. As the pastor dwelt for n
few moments upon his work as pas
tor here and spoke of his love for the
congregation and of his regret in
leaving, many were visibly affected,
more than one stalwart man and
many women being seen to wipe tears
from their eyes.
During his pastorate here, Mr.
Thayer has been very popular with
members of all churches and his de.
parture will be regretted in every cir
cle. He has taken a prominent part
In church work not only .n his own
congregation but over otl. er sections
of the county and his place will be
hard to fill.
Steps will be taken immediately by
the congregation to secure another
Business Meeting of Laurens Count)
Athletic und Dcelaimcrs Contest
Called for Saturday.
Mr. (ieo. L Pitts, county superin
tendent of education, has called for
a meeting of the Laurens County Ath
letic and Declalmers Association to
be held in his office Saturday morning
at II o'clock. At this meeting officers
will be elected for the year and ar
rangements will be perfected for the
athletic meet and dcelaimcrs contest
which is to he hold some time in the
Tho superintendent of each high
school Is urged to be present and to
have his high school boys with him at
tho meeting. Mr. Pitts urges punctual
attendance at the meeting.
Teachers .Meeting Postponed.
Tho regular county teachers' meet
ing was not held last Saturday be
cause of the fact that so many of the
teachers were In Columbia attending
the exposition. The meeting will be
hold next Saturday 8th, at eleven
o'clock In the city graded school
building BVery tpacher In the coun
ty Is urged to attend this meeting as
it will berone. of great interest. Each
teacher Is asked to write a question
she wishes to be answered or a prob
lem she wishes to be discussed. These
papers Will be taken up and discussed
in round table talks. Mr. B. L.
Jones has been asked to conduct tho
round table discussion. Other busi
ness matters of importance will come
up this meeting.
Box Supper at Barksdale.
A box suppor will be given at the
Barksdale school house Friday night,
to whidh the public Is cordially invit
ed. The proceeds are to be used for
charitable purposes.
Several Sales were Advertised and
Later Called off Because of Compro
Monday w,.s aalesday, being the
third of February. A very small
crowd was In town and but several
pieces of land sold. One half inter
est in the Walker land, located n<wr
Cross Hill, was bid in by Mr. 8. H.
dogging for $550.00. Two tracts of
land advertised by Mr. W. B. Knight,
executor, were sold. One hundred
acres, in what Is know as the Quarter
tract, was sold to Miss Annie Ball and
Mrs. Maggie Sertzler at $12.50 per acre.
The home tract of 129 acres was sold
to Mrs. L. A. Hunter at $3.1 per acre.
The remaining part of this land was
bought In by the heirs.
Choral Society of Lnnrens City Schools
Will Give Entertainment on Feb. llth
Creating Much interest.
The interest in the concert to be
given by the High School Choral Society
continues to grow as the date of the
concerl approaches. The indications
are that there will be u large crowd
present at the concert on February 14th.
In this connection, it is gratifying to
know that there will be present at this
time people from surrounding towns.
Plato said, "Music to the mind is as
air to the body." This wise old philo
sopher made this statement centuries
ago, but it stands undisputed to-day.
Heretofore the musical side of the
pupils of the schools has not been suffi
ciently developed, but this year this
development has been started. To this
end the Ilijjrh School Choral Society wus
organized. it has been a source of
pleasure and improvement to its mem
bers, and has made more alert the
aesthetic side of their nature.
Surely, since no one can deny the
principle set forth by Plato, everyone
in Laurons will do his part to make the
approaching concert a success in every
In addition to the physical energy put
into the preparation of the program
there has been a large amount of money
expended. This money and this energy,
have not been expended with no definite
aim in view. The proceeds of the con
cert will go to defray the expenses of
the society and those of the athletic
association. It might he well to state
that for the first time the local high
school will have representatives at the
oratorical and athletic contest of the I
Piedmont Inter-High School Athletic
and Oratorical Association. This asso
ciation holds its contests at Greenville
about the middle of April. The local
boys have practically no equipment
whatever and deserve the hearty finan
cial supports of the citizens of Laurons.
They feel sure that they will get it, for
the people of Laurens are satisfied with
nothing less than the best. On consid
ering these facts one realizes than by
supporting the choral society he aids in
the development of two very important
phases of school life, the music and the
The program is worth careful consid
eration. Note carefully how varied it
is. The program is as follows: ?
1. My Neighbor's Dog Belknap
2. In Old Madrid Trotere
Lost, Chord Sullivan
4. Anchored Watson
1. The Largo Handel
2. Serenade Schubert
3. Spring Song Mcndelsshon
4. The Two Orenadiers Schumann
Selections from the Operas.
1. "Cavalleria Rusticana" Mascagni
Almighty Lord
2. "II Trovatore" Verdi
(a) Anvil Chorus
(b) Home to Our Mountains
(c) Miserere
3. "Faust" Gounod
(a) Flower Song
(b) Soldiers' Chorus.
After reading this program, one is
convinced that it consists of music that
is really good and yet not beyond the
appreciation of the average person.
Although this is true, it is of a grade
that will please even the cultured mu
The price of admission will be: adults
fifty cents, students and children
twenty-five cents. The concert will be
given in the school auditorium, at H:ir>
o'clock, on Friday evening, February
To Hold Special Ser>lces.
Rev. C. F. Rankln, pastor of the
Prcsbytorlan church, has announced
that a special series of revival ser
vices will bo held in that church be.
ginning the 23rd of this month. He
has succeeded In securing to assist
him, Rev. A. D. McClure, of Wilming
ton. N. C, who will arrive on the 27th.
The services will continue for sev
eral weeks. Rev. Mr. McClure Is pas
tor of one of tho most progressive
churches In the south and Is consid
ered a very forceful and magnetic pul
pit orator.
Appointed Guardian.
Mr. Chas. W. Taylor has been ap
pointed by Judge Thompson the gen
eral guardian of .1. Hramlett Wood and
Houston Wood, of the Princeton sec.
tlon. They are the sons of the late
Mr. J, M. Wood, whose affairs hence
forth will be handled by Mr. Taylor
until the two hoys become of age.
The picture above is one ol tin- old Irbj home remodeled, not? the home of
Tho Laurens County Hospital. The building is inoderul) e(|nlpped und has
every convenience for the core of patients,
Splendid Institution now in Operation at the Old Irfoy
Place on South harper Street. Every Convenience.
A visit through th?> I.aureus County l
hospital now bIuco it occupies the old
Irhy home would prove a revelation
to every one who has not kept paco
with the progress of the Institution.
As Is well known, the hospital was
moved several weeks ago from the
house now occupied by Mr. S. M.
Wilkes to the present building. The
Irhy home has been fitted Up thor
oughly and conveniently and now the
hospital is an established and perma
nent institution.
The hospital proper is on the sec
ond floor, the llrst floor being used as
living quarters lor the proprietors and1
nurses. The entire building is Ktotim I
healed and electric lighted. Blectrlc
bells run through mi I the building lor
the convenience of the nurses and
patients. All of ibe floors are cover
ed with a durable cork material to do
away with all unnecessary noises. A ,
dumb waiter connects the two floors,I
thus obviating the necessity of run.
ning up and down stairs for meals and ;
other odds and ends. Tin second
Moor or hospital is really a bouse unto
Itself, as the nurses need not go down
stairs for anything,
The hospital proper consists of
eleven patients' rooms, besides the
hall-ways, closets and oporatlng and
sterilizing rooms. Pour of tlho rooms
Woro furnished by generous people ln
torostod In tho Institution. One room
oach was furnished by Dr. Isadoro
Sohayor, Messrs. S. M. & 15, II. Wilkes
& Co., Mr. and .Mrs. J. .1. IMuss and
Mrs. Dr. Heese. Dr. W. II. Knowlton,
of Columbia, gave an operating toblo
and a sterilizing equipment, thus mak
ing the hospital tultnlrably furnished
for good work
'Die veranda on the second floor ill
the rear has been rofloorod and paint .
j e.d. Overlooking as it does the city
below and the country around, If.
should prove a very attractive placo
for patients Who MO aid" to enjoy
the sunshine and air. A striking view
of the surrounding country can bo
had hero, ns tlhc hospital is on tho
highest poll!I in the City.
Miss Julia Irby an I Miss Janet Mac
fnrlnuo, tho proprietors of the hospital
have worked Indefatlgably upon the
buildlllg and now hnvo one of the
best equipped hospitals in any of tin>
cities of this size. Tho building la
also admirably suited for northern
people desiring a rest and recupera
tion in a warmer climate and It Is the
intention of the proprietors to secure
a few boarders <?!' this kind.
I.aureus Uii)era WIM Leave Latter
Part of This Week,
The big sales being aboul over and
the spring season fast approaching,
the big Daurons mercantile houses arc
preparing to send representatives to
the large northern cities. .Most o!* these
will leave the latter par! of this week
and Will he gone a week or two.
Davis.Itoper this year will be rep
resented by Mr. I). A. Davis lor the
furnishing department and Mr T .1
McAlister will buy for the holies de
For Mlnter Company, .Mr. W. II.
Anderson will do the purchasing.
Mr. Tom Swltzer, as usual will be
the buying agent for Switzor Com
Mr. W. O. Wilson will leave about
the same rime to get spring goods for
his store.
Mr. L. K. Burns of the Red Iron
Racket and Mr. H. Terry will leave a
little later. Mr. 9. M. Wllkes repre
senting 8. M. & K. H. Wllkes & Co.
Is now In the north.
Mr. George Hopkins, who recently
moved back to I/aurens is telling of a
peculiar conlncldnnce that happened
last Sunday night, lie had attended
[the First Baptist church here only
twice, once in 1884 and again last
Sunday. On his first visit, they sang
"Why do you wait, dear Brother?" and
211 years later, last Sunday, his only
other visit, they Ming the same fine
old hymn. The Incident Is a tribute
both to Mr. Hopkins memory and to
the popularity of the song.
Peculiar Colncldanee.
Till-) VAILS \in: If KHK.
The Arc U\- *".ig I'erformancet Thai
Are Kit t.'.-ClasH in everj Itespecl.
Monday night and Insl nlghi tlx
Valla gave a highly sol eel on to rial
m?nt in. Lhftl * ay of Oriental den
.-^rations embracing many feats and
mysteri?s of tho East India
They pulled off some 08tOUI
stunts that would bo consldorod lin.
possible py those who haven't soon
them. Both Monday and TuOBdfty
night the feats were witnessed by
prominent people of Laurons and
there hasn't been a single dlesootlng
Voice as to the genuineness of tho
feats performed. Every one who ban
gone to the show declares It to he far
above the ordinary performance. They
will show In Laufens at tho Opera
House again tonight, which will be
their last appearance here.
La? son to PenltentlarT.
Frank I^awson, convicted at the last
term of court of manslaughter and
sentenced to five years in the poml
tentlary for killing his father, W. F.
Lawson. on the streets of Clinton Oc
tober 28th. was carried to the peni
tentiary by Deputy FHierlff Held Mon
day. At the conclusion Of the trial iu
January, his attorney, John M, Can
non, Esq., filed a notice of appeal to
the BUprome court for a new trial and
bond was granted in tho sura of $:{,
000. The bond was never executed
and Lawson has since been in the
county jail. Flis commitment to tho
penitentiary is supposed to be tho last
act In the tragedy that came to a
climax in Clinton.

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