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Tells Mothers What To Do For
Delicate Children.
"My fourteen-year-old daughter was
"very thin and delicate. She had a
bad cough bo that I become very much
alarmed about her health. She was
nervous and did not sleep well, had
very little appotlte and doctors did
not help her. Having board so much
about Virol, I decided to give It a
trial. It has helped her wonderfully.
She can sleep all night now without
coughing once; In fact, her cough Is
gone. Her appetite Is greatly Im
proved and she has gained In weight.
Vlnol is a wonderful medicine, and I
will always keep It In the bouse. I
wish every mother know what Vlnol
will do for delicate children." Mrs.
Wm. Archer, 223 Broadway, Long
Branch, N. J. *
This decllelous cod ITvor and Iron
preparation without oy is a wonderful
body-bullder and\ stnCngth-creator for
both young anal yfd. Wo promise
to give back yo\ff money in ovory
such case where Vlnol does not
benefit This Bhowa our faith in Vlnol.
I.minor 8. C.
You Can't Go Wrong in Trad
ing at The Big Store.
We are hcuilquurtcrs, for Flour,
Jfleal, Corn, Outs, Hay, Molasses.
Buy jour spring Beardless Seed
Barley and Bed Bust Proof Oats here.
BJce Meal cheap nt per bun.
dred-pound Hack. We also have cot
ton seed meal, Bran and Shorts and
Corno Horse and Mule Feed and' the
best Timothy Buy In town.
Henry Clay Flour makes the light
est and best biscuits and the price is
. ight considering the high quality of
In Standard Patent Flours we offer
yon Colonial, Seal of Virginia, White
Satin, White Cloud, Copyright and
Perfection. They all bake and eat
well and will give entire sutitfactlon
at your home.
Fresh water ground Com Meal.
A line stock of New Molasses and
Syrups In barrels, half barrels, ."? and
10 gallon kegs, 1 fortC and 1.2 gal.
buckets at prices ranging from 30
cents to (10 cents per gallon.
New stock of Wood's Garden Seeds
and Onion Sets.
J.H. Sullivan
Laurens, S. C,
The Best Products of the Best
No trouble it too great
for us to take in pleasing
our customers and we will
be glad to have you call
on us.
Engineering and Contracting
Land Surreys a Specialty
Concrete Work Skillfully done or in
Drawings and estimates of all Kind.
Telephone No. 346
Laurens, S. C.
Asthma! Asthma!
gives instant relief and tan absolute cure
in All cases of Asthma. Bronchitis, and
Hay Fever. Sold hy druggists; mail on
receipt of price f i.ooVj
Trtnl Package by mail 10 cents.
WILLIAMS MFG. CO.. Prop*., CI???Uod. Ohio
Lauren*, 8. C
Lire Stock Association Met In Colom
bia last Week and Enjoyed Corn
Tho South Carolina Live Stock as
sociation held its annual meeting in
Columbia last week, taking advantage
of the Corn Exposition to enjoy a two
fold meeting. The association was ad
dressed by a number of prominent ed
ucators and agricultural experts and
the entire* meeting was a success in
many ways, the members receiving
great Inspirations to achieve greater
things In the live stock Industry.
Pres. W. 1). Byrd, of this county,
presided over the meetings and was
j re-elected president of the association.
He made a very strong address in
making his annual report to the as
sociation. Among other things, he
Foremost among the sections of the
Union In conditions, resources and op
portunities stands the South; and
foremost among the states o f the
South stands South Carolina. No
Fourth of July oration Is necessary
on this occasion to convince you of
the superior advantages of our state
and of the grand and glorious future
agriculturally, that is immediately be
fore us. If our people will only avaJl
themselves of their opportunities.
Now, gentlemen, in the Interest of
one of the South's and our State's
greatest possibilities and needs this
association was organized and is per
petuated. No one can easily compute
the value of live stock and better live
stock to the farm'and hence to the
country. It means placing the pro
fession of agriculture on a higher
plane, benutiiying the country homes,
improving ou? school houses and
churches and making the rural dis
tricts more attractive to our young
people. Hence the cry of "back to the
farm" which Is heard today from al
most every section?will cease. The
hoy will remain on the farm. In my
opinion it Is easier to keep the boy
on the farm than to bring him back.
When we build up the rural condi
tions, we Improve the towns, cities
and industries in the state. The op
portunities agriculturally of the South
are great. The thickly populated
North and Northwest with short sea
sons, causing them to rush to make a
little feed for live stock, the cold Icy
winters, with expensive barns to keep
the cattle warm, and other difficulties
that we in the South do not have to
contend with, have their eyes on the
Southland of ours, where we have long
seasons and time enough to easily
produce two of three crops a year on
the same land, winters so mild that
the out-put for a cheap barn is suffi
cient to keep the live stock comforta
ble through the winter, and access to
the purest water God has given to
man or beast and cheap lands. I pre
dict, that when they realize the true
conditions and opportunities of the
South the phrase of "Go West, young
man, go West" will change into "Go
South, young man, go South."
It mcntig furthermore, diversifica
tion, which all will admit, In this pro
gressive age, is essential. For any
farmer to be one-crop ridden is a
curse; and not only until the farmers
of our state make their cotton crop
their surplus will they be entirely In
dependent. Also it will greatly in
crease the fertility and productive
ness of our soli, which will enable us
to make greater yields, hence a great
profit. Wonderful has been the ad
vancomont In agricultural methods In
the last ten years, and wonderful will
be the advancement In the next ten.
And well may the Improvements come,
and to help them to come, gentlemen,
Is one of the purposes of this asso
No Need to Stop Work
When the doctor orders you to stop
work it staggers you. I can't, you
say. You know you are weak, run
down and failing In health day by day.
but you must work as long as you can
stand. What you need is Electric
Bitters to give tone, strength and
vigor to your system, to prevent
break down and build you up. Don't
be weak, sickly or ailing when Elec
tric Bitters will benefit you from the
first dose. Thousands bless them for
their glorious health and strength.
Try them. Every bottle Is guaranteed
to satisfy. Only 50 cents at Laurens
Drug Co. and Pal motto Drug Co.
Notice of Election.
Mountville, S. C.
Feb. 1st, 1913.
There will be, an election In the
bounds of Old .Dnnlap's Battalion of
this county onf Wednesday the 26th
of February, 1J13, for tho purpose of
electing five trustees to look after the
Wndswortavll/e Poor School fund.
Proclnct8 as follows:
Cross Hill managed by R. A. Austin.
MountvllW by M. B. Crisp.
Milton b/J.T. J. Young.
Lisbon by A. R. Holmes.
The trustees-elect will be required
by law to qualify themselves to glvo
a bond as follows:
The treasurer, five thousand dollars,
and each of the others one thousand
28.2t Sec. W. B. T.
Lisbon Locals. *
L/isbon, Fob. 3.?We saw in our
rounds in Union and Spartanburg
counties that the farmers have bowij
more small grain last fall than usual,
and they are preparing their lands
better than ever before, getting their
farms In better shape in many ways,
putting up buildings, repairing their
houses in every place that we have
had the pleasure of seeing. We hear
the farmers and merchants say times
are very hard, but we can't see much
work going on ::n>orp; some of thlr,
handing class, we might say the ne
groes. We know some that have not
done a day a work einoe the holidays.
You might ask tin- question, how are
they getting along? Some of them
made some corn, also a hog. We hope
that the merchants will not be ready
to sell this time. Hold them off as
long as they can, then in the fall it
will be better for all concerned. We
world be glad to see the day come
when every farmr could pay cash for
what he bought. This credit system is
ruining the country. We have not
seen a single load of fertilizer hauled
out of Ijaurens up to date. We don't
hear the farmers say anything ahout
guano.- We think later on they will
commence to haul out when the roads
get better. The ground is good wet,
and we farmers may have a rest spell
for quite a while as to plowing. If
the, fruit trees don't mind, Jack Frost
will set them back.
While we were In Union one of our
friends said, If you want to see a
chicken fight you go out to chicken
farm above Union and you will see It.
We said to the gentleman that the
law will not allow chicken fighting.
"Yes, I know It don't but they fight
Just the same, like they sell whiskey,
carry guns, play poker", and added
"that was the reason that I voted for
the dispensary, It was to down the
blind tigers." Then we asked him, was
he going to play poker and fight chick,
ens to down those that did and they
said "No, they didn't fight chickens or
play poker." We said Laurens don't
have many blind tigers from the fact
that Chief Bagwell and his men are
always on their Jobs and we never
hear of a chicken fight in or around
L/aurens, yet It could be. The men
that follow those things are the men
that know.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. T. A. Ballew went
to Columbia to attend the corn show.
Mr. W. L. Teague went down to see
Jerry Moore and hear him tell how
he made 228 1-4 bushels of corn per
Mr. E. F. 'Teague spent a few days
last week In this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ballew attended the
reception of Mr. and Mrs. ('Ilde
Franks last Thursday evening at Lau
Mr. Blune Milam has been very sick,
hut we are glad to say that he is up
enjoying his usual health. Mrs. Mllam
and Mrs. Fuller are some better.
Mr. Robt. Jnsley, of the Spartan
burg bar, spent a fow days with home
folks last week. We are always glad
to see Robert In our vicinity.
Miss Garrett has made a wonder
ful Improvement on the Lisbon high
End Disgusting
Money Rack from Laurens Drag Co.
If Catarrhal Misery Does not Leave
Try the eure way. Breathe Booth's
HYOMBI over the,sore, germ Infected
membrane, kill the germs and heal
the sore spots. . /
Use the little.' Inhaler that comes
with each $1.00 outfit five times
through the day. At night use the
vapcr breathing treatment as directed.
Booth's HYOMBI does not contain
any harmful drug. It Is Australian
Eucalyptus combined with effective
Listerian antiseptics.
When the bottle of HYOMBI that
comes with your outfit is gone you can
get another for 50 cents. Just breathe
it?no stomach dosing.
To allow yourself to suffer from Pyapep
si* when one 26-oent bottlo of the
WB1 remove all distress. If you're suf
fering, go at onoe to tho nearest drug store,
purchase a bottle, draw tho oork, take a
mouthful and return home
jPorfbotly Free From
All DiHtreMB.
No matter how chrontn or severe your
case may bo the Orovor Orahsm Dyspep
sia Remedy will eure it. Wo mean what
w? ssy. Test "? 1
Three Sisos, 26e., 80o. snd $1.00.
a.CrtOVER OU am am CO.,'INC.>NtWBURQ.H, N.Y.
Laurent). 8. C,
R\' For Results /Tffg^N Est?p =
Used in ever
quantities, because
put on 26 years ago
good as new to-day, and
never needed repairs.
Don't put on that roof
until you see them.
For sale by
Local Dealers or Cortright Metal Roofing Company
_50 N. 23rd, St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Don't Suffer!
" I had been troubled, a little, for nearly 7 years,* writes
Mrs. L Fincher, in a letter from Peavy, Ala., "but I was
not taken down, until March, when I went to bed and had
to have a doctor. He did all he could for me, but I got no
better. I hurt all over, and I could not rest At last, I tried
Cardui, and soon I began to improve. Now I am in Ttry
good health, and able to do all my housework"
Cardui WomartsT?nic
You may wonder why Cardui is so successful, after
other remedies have failed. The answer is that Cardui is
successful, because it is composed of scientific .ingredients,
that act curatively on the womanly system. It Is a medicine
for women, and for women only. It builds, strengthens, and
restores weak and ailing women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Fincher did, take Cardui. It
will surely do for you, what it did for her. At all druggists.
Wilt* to: Ladles' Advisory Dept. Chattanooga McdldM Co.. Chattaaeofa, TafUL,
for Special Instructions, and 64-pag* book. "Home Treatment lor Worota," tent tree. J CO
The Auditor's office will be open
from the 1st of January to the 20th of
February, 1013 to make returns of all
personal property for taxation and
wherever changes have been made in
real estate.
For the convenience of taxpayers
the Audit*, r or his deputy will attend
the following named places to receive
returns for said year to wit:
Wednesday( Feb. 5, V. A. White's
Dials township, 9 a. m. to 12 m.: Gray
Court, Dials township. 2 to 5 p. m.
Thursday, Feb. 6, Stewart's Store,
Youngs township, jua. m. to 3:30pm.
Friday, Feb. 7, Cook's Store, Youngs
township, 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Monday, Feb. 10. Youngs Store,
Youngs township. 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Tuesday, Feb. 11, Pleasant Mound,
Youngs township, 9 a. m. to 12 m.J
Lanford, Youngs township. 2 to 5 p. m.
Wednesday, Feb. 12 Ora, Scuffletowu
township. 9 a. m. to 12 in.; Watts
Mill Store, Laurens township, 2 to
7:30 p. m.
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years on the 1st of Jan
uary except those who are incapable
of earning a support from being maim
ed or from other causes, are deemed
polls, Confederate veterans excepted.
Also all male citizens between the
aj;es of 18 and 50 on the 1st day of
January, 1914, are liable to a road tax
of $1.50 and are required to make
their return of same to the Auditor
during the time above specified and
shall pay to the County Treasurer at
the same time other taxes are paid in
lieu of working the road.
All taxpayers are required to give
Township and No. of School District;
also state whether property is situat
ed in town or country. Bach lot, tract
or parcel of land must be entered sep
After the 20th of February 50 per
cent penalty will be attached for fail
ure to make returns.
County Auditor.
Nov. 27, 1912.?td.
Excursion Fares.
From Laurens to Columbia and re
turn $3.00, account Corn Exposition.
Tickets on sale Jan. 27th to Feb. 8th.
Good to return Feb. 9th.
To Chattanooga, Tenn, $9.80, account
Southern Baptists Missionary Conven
tion. Tickets on sale Feb. 2nd, 3rd,
and 4th. return Feb. 12th.
To 'Washington. D. C, $15.20. Ac
count Presidential Inauguration. Tick
ets on sale Feb. 28th, March 1st, 2nd,
3rd, return limit March 10th.
? Fine piece of property containing I67 acres, 6 J
m miles north of Laurens. This is a most desirable e
$ piece of property, located in a prosperous section 2
? of Laurens county, convenient to schools and ?
m churches, only one-half mile from Barksdale sta- e
5 tion. This property is divided by the public high- J
? way leading from Laurens to Greenville, has nice ?
? residence, with necessary tenant houses and out- 4
? buildings, is well-watered and well-adapted to all %
? crops. ?
0 This property is being sold for a division of lega- ?
? tees and will be so! J *
1 For $45.00 Per Acre. :
? This property is well worth $75.00 per acre, ?
5 but on account of the fact that it must be sold for I
? division, we have reduced the price in order to *
Z bring a quick sale. #
g If you are seeking a home and desire to locate %
0 in a choice section of the county* see me early. J
S Don't Forget I an Secure Loans and ?
? Make Advances on Real Estate. S
: J. N. LEAK, :
S Gray Court, $. C. *

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