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Over Four Thousand School
Children Expected.
Oratorical Contest to be Held nt Night;
Athletic Contests In the Morning
nnd Afternoon; a Parade in Which
Every School in the County Is Ex
pected to .loin; Exhibits from all
the Schools and Other Interesting
The fifth session of the Laurens
County Teachers Association was held
in the school auditorium last Satur
day. The meeting was one of the
most successful held so far, there be
ing present an unusually large num
ber of teachers. There were no ad
dresses as heretofore, the feature of
the meeting being the Round Table
talks led by Prof. B. L. Jones. The
leading discussion of the day was
in reference to the County School
Fair, which will be held in Laurens
on the 18th of April.
The School Fair will, in a general
way, consist of four divisions?liter
ary, athletics, the displays and the
oratorical contest. The Athletic con
tests, which will consist entirely of
field sports, will take place In the
morning and in the afternoon; the
lower grades events being In the morn
ing and the high school events in the
afternoon. THe fair, consisting of
displays In domestic art, manual
training, literary work and domestic
science will take place some time dur
ing the day. The exact time has not
yet been decided upon. The oratori
cal contest will, as usual, take place
at night. The contestants and the
time will be given later. One of the
big features of the day will he the
At the meeting Saturday Mr. Jones
made a fine talk on the great value to
be derived from the fair and expressed
the belief that it would be a wonder
ful success. He predicted that at
least four thousand school children
would he here on that day. All of
the teachers are equally as enthus
iastic and the fair will no doubt be
a great success.
Display Departments.
A prominent feature of the fair will
be the various displays from the
schools. In this department as in the
others, only the pupils of the schools
will enter as contestants. Below Is
given a list of the "arlous depart
ments, the list being mainly offered at
this time as suggestions to the teach
ers and pupils. Theru will be a small
prize given to each winner. They
havo not yet been selected but will be
published before the fair.
Domestic Art.
1 Machine made shirtwaist.
2 Hand-embroidered front.
3 Bureau scarf.
4 Sofa pillow.
5 Hand-made jabot.
6 Buttou holes.
7 Darned hose.
8 Hand-made housework apron.
9 Hand-embroidered center piece.
10 Embroidered belt and collar.
11 Crib quilt.
12 Hemstitch**! handkerchief.
Manual Training.
1 Mission book shelves.
2 Axe handle.
3 Hoe.
4 Picture frame.
5 Short handled broom.
6 Baskets?(Best split basket?1
peck?whito oak splits-, Best willow
basket?lunch size?willow. Best
work basket?broom?sedgo, corn split,
or shucks?woman's work backet.
7 Set of household utensils?but.
ter paddle, potato masher, and a roll
ing pin?practical size.
8 Rabbit trap.
n Writing tablo, 2 1-2x3 ft., poplar,
pine or oak.
10 Miniature wagon.
11 Split botton chair.
12 Set of garden tools.
13 MlnlatuTe bedstead? 10x11 in.,
proportionate height from floor.
14 Miniature boat, not less thnn
20 Inches long nor more than 30 Inch
es long, proportionate width.
Literary Work.
Original compositions and lettors.
Election for Mayor and Six Aldermen
to be Held. Two Candidates for
Next Tuesday, the 18th, Is the date
of the municipal primary. In order to
participate In the primary, candidates
must file a pledge with the president
of the city democratic club on or be
fore Friday of this week. Mr. It. E.
Babb' is .president of the club. Male
citizens of Laurens who have lived
within the city of Lauren.- for four
months and possessing the other qual
ifications necessary to vote in the state
primary are entitled to vote In the city
There are two candidates for mayor,
C. M. Babb, the incumbent, and .John
M. Cannon. Both of them have been
conducting aggressive campaigns and
each is confident of success.
The aldermanlc contest is going to
prove Interesting. In Ward 1 there
are two candidates, L. (). Hires and C.
H. Qasque. In Ward 2 there are also
two candidates, C. Boyd Sexton and
.T. Warren Holt. Ward also has two
candidates, Dr. .T. M. Bearden and .lohn
D. Chlldress. T. C. Swltzer, the pres
ent alderman from Ward l Is unop
posed. In Ward ."> the race is going to
be waron. Yesterday C. M. Clark drew
out, leaving T. Gibbon Traynham, R.
G. Franks and W. C. Thomason, Jr.
In Ward 6 .T. E. Phllpot, the incumbent,
will be opposed by Aug. Huff.
The polls open at eight and close at
County High School Athletic and De- j
Ha liners Association Elected Offi
cers Saturday. llayne Taylor,
The Laurens County Athletic and
Deel a liners Association met In the of
fice of the Co. Supt of Education last
Saturday at 10 o'clock for a business
session. The following olllcers were
elected for tho ensuing year. Hayno
Taylor of Laurens, president; John
I Hunter of Clinton, vice-president;
Robt. Burnett of Trinity-Ridge, sec
retary; Henry Curry of Gray Court
Owings, treasurer. The date fixed for
the athletic meet and declaimcrs con
test was April 18th. The by-laws were
changed so as to substitute the one
I mile relay race for the one mile race,
each team to consist of four men.
Committees to make all necessary ar
rangements for the meet and contest
were appointed. The announcement
was made that Fleming Bros, would
give a beautiful trophy to the school
making the greatest number of points.
It was also decided to give a bronze
medal to the winner of the first place
In each event. The meeting was well
attended and much Interest manifest
Evening Mall to Columbia.
The post office authorities have an
nounced that hereafter the evening
train for Columbia, leaving here at
4:50 o'clock, will carry a closed pouch
to Columbia. This pouch was taken
off some months ago. Therefore any
mall dropped Into tho box up until
shortly after four o'clock, will go di
rect to Columbia, arriving there about
8:45 p. m. Here, mail for Charleston
will be taken out and placed into an
other closed pouch and sent by ex
press, reaching Charleston the next
morning at 8:15. This new mail ser
vice will prove of considerable con
venience to business men.
Domestic Science. ,
Pound of butter.
Soda biscuit.
Cakes (pound)
School lunch.
The Athletic Events.
For the benefit of the teachers and
the pupils who expect to tnke part In
the athletic contests The Advertiser
will publish next week the various
events and certain excellent hints In
regard to each.
Line from Gree' vhle to Co
lumbia L ioposed.
Concurrent Resolution Introduced by
Representative Irby to Allow Intro
duction of a Kill Incorporating; Pal
metto Hallway Company. Passes
Columbia, Feb. 7.?The possibility
of an interurban railway between Co
lumbia and Greenville, to pass through
Prosperity, Newberry," Clinton, Lau
rens and smaller towns has loomed
up In the general assembly with the
introduction of a concurrent resolu
tion to allow the introduction of a
bill incorporating the Palmetto Rail,
way company. The resolution was
introduced in the house by Mr. Irby
of Laurons and passed by the necces
sary two-thirds majority. It will be
considered in the senate this morning.
The plans of the men behind the
new railroad are still in emhyro, but
will take definite shape probably to
day when the bill to incorporate the
company will be introduced in the
Representatives Present.
The introduction of the joint reso
lution providing for the chartering
of the new interurban to connect Co
lumbia and Creonvllle and the sever
al thriving Piedmont towns along its
route was discussed yesterday at an
informal conference 'in the State li
Besides the members of the Rich
land, Laurens. Newberry and Green
ville delegations, \V. L. Gray, Dr. A.
.1. Christopher and 10. S. Hudgins,
three prominent citizens of Laurens;
Prof. A. F. Spencer of the Presby
terian College of South Carolina; W.
W. Harris, editor of The Chronicle,
both representatives from Clinton;
and several others interested Hook
part In fhfl conference. Solicitor R.
A. Cooper of Laurens was one of the
moving spirits in the meeting.
The plans of the conferees as out
lined informally yesterday provide for
elections in the various townships on
the route to float bonds to subscribe
to the capital stock of the railway
which would open up a prosperous
territory and give Columbia a direct
connection with the cities and towns
in the northwestern Piedmont. The
general idea advanced was to operate
(he I'fcrurban by electricity.
Ideal Route for Road.
Of course no definite route for the
proposed Interurban has been agreed
upon, but at the conference yester
day it was suggested that it should
pass through Prosperity. Newberry,
Clinton, Laurens, and the smaller
towns between, on the way from Co
lumbia to Greenville. Two surveys for
railroads from Laurens to Oreenvllle
have been made and one from Clin
ton to Laurens. Topograpnie:-tiiy the
route is considered ideal since there
would be little trestleing and no tun
nelling. The road would be built
along the top of a long and well de
fined rldgo.
The proposed railroad is sure to
meet with the enthusiastic approval
of the business men of Columbia as
well as those In the good territory
through which it will pass, if all goes
well with the company which the re
solution proposes to charter.?The
Oyster Supper at Gray Court-Owlngs.
There will be an oyster supper giv
en at tho Gray Court-Owings Institute
next Friday, Feb. 14th., beginning at
five o'clock. Everybody is cordially
No Negroes hi Parade.
It is unofficially stated that no ne
gro troops will march in the Wilson
inaugural parade, but the inaugural
committee authorities do not Intend
to take the responsibility of authoriz
ing such a statement. Whether or
not South Carolina will be represent
ed in the inaugural parade is a ques
tion still up to Governor Please.?The
(VI any Cllntonians Attend
Corn Show.
Ladles of Stephen Lee Chapter
Milking Preparations to Hold Ha
/aar and oilier Entertainments to
Clear the held on the Monument?
Clinton, Fob. 11.?The city council
has made plans to put two or throe
miles of curbing and paving on tho
streets of Clinton this year. It has
not been announced what streets \vill
receive the benefit of this improve. I
Tho next undertaking before tho
council will possibly be the labeling
of streets and numbering of houses for
free postal delivery. Then* is little
doubt that Clinton will secure this
convenience before very long.
The postofllCO employes are delight
ed with the inauguration of civil ser
vice rules, by which each has to work
but eight hours per day.
Sloan street has hoon extended re
cently by order of tho council.
Daughters of the Confederacy Active?
The members of Stephen I). I.
chapter U. 1). C. are planning a vig
orous campaign to pay off the indobl
edness on thoir monument this spring.
The debt has been reduced to $200 and
they feel assured of success in their
efforts. They will give what is said
to be a very clever, taking entertain
ment called "The County Fair" on
March 13th and 14th. Then on April
4th they will give a spring bazaar
when they will sell turkey dinners,
strawberries and cream, and white
goods of all sorts.
As soon as the 'monument is paid
for these ladles are resolved to estab
lish a chapter room where they can
meet and where Confedrate relics can
be gathered and preserved for pos.
terity. There is much enthusiasm ov
er this plan.
Presbyterian College News.
The college boys are Interested
now in athletics. Last Monday after
noon the basket ball team of Fur man
came down and played them a very
good game, defeating them by a score
of 15 to 18. This week the P. C. team
Is off to play a series of games.
Dr. Douglas and .Mr. Spencer and
many of the students have visited the
corn exposition.
The students are looking forward to
the oratorical contest with interest.
Mr. O. W. N'ickles will represent this
SocJnl nnd Personal News.
A large audience enjoyed the ly
cetim entertainment on Saturday ev
ening at the graded school auditorium,
given by the impersonator, Booth
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. .T. L.
Wright entertained the Aetaeon book
Miss Mittle Young entertained a
number of friends on Thursday cven
I Ing.
I Miss Clara Duckett gave an elab
orate luncheon on Tuesday.
Mrs. J, A. Chandler was hostess on
Friday afternoon to the members of
the youtiK ladles' embroidery club.
Dr. and Mrs. J. I.ee Young have
moved into the house on South Broad
street recently vacated by Mr. B. L,
King's family.
Mr. W. C. Harper, who has been
prescription clerk at the Clinton
Pharmacy has resigned his position
and returned to his home In Ander
son, to the regret of a large circle of
Clinton friends.
The sympathies of the community
have gone out to Mr. T. P. Carson,
who received the news last week that
his brother, Mr. C. A. Carson, Jr., of
Greenville had been killed in attempt,
ing to hoard a train.
The death of Mr. John Vance of
Louisiana was a sad shock to his rel
atives and friends here. His daugh
ter, Mrs. J. A. Bailey, was making
plans to visit him when the news
reached her of his death.
Miss Dorothy Owens has returned
home from Columbia where she has
been visiting Miss Reaux Jones.
Miss English of Bishopvllle Is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. J. W. Smith.
Morning and Evening Train to and from Greenville and
Spartanburg?No Official Announcement Yet Made.
Formerly Member of the Firm of
Cooper and Burnslde of this City
hut Late n Resident of Augusta.
Mr. James Robert Coopor, a native
of this county and one time a prom,
incut merchant of this city, died at his
hotme in Augusta Sunday after an ill
ness of a short duration. About lifteen
years ago Mr. Cooper was a member
of tiie prominent Aril) of Cooper &
Burnsldc, of this city, and married tha
daughter of the. lato Col. A. W. Burn
side. who died last summer at the
hoiUC of Mr. ('oon>r. He was well and
favorably known here and the notice
of his death was received with regret
by a large circle of friends who re
membered him as a merchant in this
Of Mr. Coopor, The Augusta Chroni
cle Monday morning had the follow
"Mr. Cooper was connected with the
Augusta Grocery company for tho
post year, end at the time of his
death was in charge of the City sales
dopartiinont. He was an executive
officer in the United Comtmercinl
Travelers' Association, a member of
the board of directors of the Young
Men's Christian Association, and he
was chairman of the board of dea
cons of the CUrtls Baptist Church,
where he worshipped, He was a mem.
her of Social Lodge, P. & A. M? and
will be buried with Masonic honors,
lie was also a beloved member nf
Elizabeth chapter. Order of Eastern
"The funeral services will be held
from the Curtis Baptist Church this
afternoon at I o'clock, Rov. R. W.
Thiot officiating, and the interment
will he in the City Cemetery. The
following gentlemen have been asked
to act as pallbearers. Honorary,
deacons of the Curtis Baptist church:
Active, Mr. Lee Kreeland. Mr. T. S.
Gray, Mr. .1. N, Robinson, Mr, Harry
Johnston, Mr. Oscar StOUghton, Mr.
Henry Stellings.
"Mr. Cooper is survived by his wife,
one brother. Dr. .lohn C. Cooper, of
Laurens, S. ('., two sisters, Mrs. Lou!
Culbertson and Mrs. Allie Culbertson,
both of Laurens; three sons, .lames
LeRoy, Marion Burnside and Charles
Allen; three daughters, Misses Mary
Wallace, Martha Elizabeth and Ruth
Cooper, all of this city."
Accepts Contract in Spnrtunburg. |
The C. L. Rounds Construction Com
pany, which has been doing consider-!
able building In this city for several
months and which Is now engaged up
on the Bank of Laurens building, clos
ed a contract Monday to erect a large
two story building on Magnolia street,
in Spartanburg. The contract amounts
to about |lf>,000. Mr. Charles Rounds
was in Spartanburg Monday looking
after the interests of the company.
He will return Thursday to start the
Dr. J. G. Clinkscales, of Wofford
college, will make an address at San
dy Springs school house Saturday
night at 8 o'clock. Dr. Clinkscales
is an attractive and forceful speak
er and his address Is certain to prove
Interesting and Instructive. N'o ad
mission will be charged. The public
Is cordially invited to be present.
Partnership Dissolved*
The fluni of Bishop & Wolff, which
has been doing a flue real estate bus
iness in Laurens for a long time has
been dissolved by mutual consent. Mr.
Wolff will continue In tho real es
tate business and Mr. Bishop will do
a general brokerage bUsltlOSS.
Meeting of D. A. It.
The Henry Laurens chapter. D. A.
R., will meet with Miss .Julia Irby
Friday afternoon at. "::!0 o'clock.
Members are requested to be present
and to come prepared to pay their
At Sandy Springs.
Unofficial but reliable information
rocolvod in tili? city yesterday Is to
tho effect that the Charleston & Wes
tern Carolina railroad contemplates a
number of schedule changes within a
very short time, giving additional ser
vier to and from Greenville and Spnr
tanblll'g and to anil from Augusta. In
addition to the passenger changes,
freight Borvlco will be improved con
siderably, giving a through freight
from Augusta to Greenville and ail
other local freight from I .aureus to
The changes in tho pasongor Borvico
have been brought about, so it Is
thought, as a result of the agitation
in Greenville for better passenger
service Into that city in the morning.
This service is made pnssihle by tho
new schedule. According to the plans
which were received here in a rather
Indefinite form, an early passenger
train will leave Greenville in tho
morning abOUl 7 o'clock, arriving at.
Laurens about 8:20 and continuing to
Spnrtanburg, reaching there about in
o'clock. At (1:30 each evening this
train will louvo Spartunburg, arriving
in Laurens about S o'clock ami con.
tinning to Qroonvllle, arriving thOI'0
about 0:30 that night. Another train
will make up at Laurens OVO morn
ing, leaving hen* for Qrconvlllo about.
8:30, arriving at the latter point about.
l<? o'clock. Leaving Greenville about
5:30 in the afternoon, it will return
to Laurens about 7 o'clock, All of
these trains affect the Greenville and
Spnrtanbui'g branches alone.
From Augusta a passenger train
will leave about il:30, passing Lau
rens about 3:30 and arriving In Spar
tanlnirg ahout ?1:30. This will glvo
connections from Columbia to spar
tan burg, as tho C, N. A L arrives
here at 2:55 p. m. Corresponding to
this train will he one that leaves
Spartanburft ahout 2 o'clock "p. m.,
passing Laurens at.out 3:30 ami ar
riving in Augusta ahout 7:30.
The connection between Columbia
and Spartunburg spoken of above can
he made only in case the two
mid-day trains of the C, N. <\> i. . No's.
52 and 53, remain as they are. How
ever, in connection with the informa
tion above, comes tho rumor thai both
(jf these trains will be taken oil. In
ease this is clone, two connections will
he necessary between Greenville and
Charleston, viz.. at Laurens and Co
lumbia, and the only trains that can
he taken to make these connections
will he in the early morning going
down and in the late evening coining
The Advertiser does not glvo tho
above as accurate Information but us
rumors, printing them as such. How
ever, it can safely l?c said that some
changes on tho two railroads, enter
ing Laurens are contemplated.
Horse and Huggy Disappeared.
A horse and buggy belonging to Mr.
F. F. Fowler, of Clinton, was either
carried off or wandered off Sunday
night while Mr. Fowler was in the city.
He left his team hitched in the
street, taking special pains to secure
ly tie the horse. Later on during the
night he discovered that the horsu
was no longer where he had left him
and no sines were left of the buggy
or harness. Mr. Fowler took a room
at. the hotel that night and early tho
next morning notified the officers of
his los?. A thorough search was be
gun and during the afternoon tho team
was found between Mountvllle and
Cross Hill. While the officers havo
no clue as to who the culprit Is. it
Is though! that C ? horse was taken by
some one wanting CO go towards CrOSS
Hill, Having gotten near his destina
tion, the thief evidently fearing to
keep the horse tied him near the road
So thai some one would find him.
An Kxclllinge Tarty.
The ladles of tho llcndorsonvlllo
Sohool Improvement Society wit!
give an exchange party at the school
houso Friday ev< nlng February 21sti
from 7 to M o'clock. Guests are ro
quostod to come provided with pen
nies and Inexpensive articles to ex
change. A prize will be given t<?
the person making the greatest num
ber of trades.

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