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J. F. Jacobs Buys Hotel
Property for Office
Expected that Free City Delivery will
soon be Secured. Musgrove Street
being; Improved by Rcnvodellag~'of
Store Fronts. High School Declaim,
ers Contest.
Clinton, March 25.?Every now and
again this town Is brought up against
a week filled with interesting events
and this one happens to be of that
sort. For the business community,
the college and graded school sets, the
club women, and socially inclined peo
ple generally, there is something do
A recent deal that mean a good deal
for the appearance of the town was
Mr. J. F. Jacobs' purchase of what has
come to be known as "the now hotel"
property on Phinney avenue. Mr. Ja
cobs will not build it as a hotel but
as a modern office building, for which
it is well situated.
The Chamber of Commerce will en
tertain as Its honored guest next Fri
day night Mr. John Wood of Spartan
burg whose success In his line of work
will command for him un interested
hearing here. The entertainment will
take the form of a "smoker" in the
city council chamber and all the bus
iness men of the town whether mem
bers of the Chamber of Commerce or
not will he Invited.
Postoftiee Facts.
For some tme Clinton has been say
ing, "Soon we shall he entitled to free
mall delivery." Yesterday the "soon"
became "now" when the postal re
ceipts passed the $10,000 mark. The
town has Its part yet to do in the
matter of naming streets and num
bering houses. Arrangements have al
ready been made for paving, and curb,
ing which will weigh with the depart
ment In securing an early order to In
stall the service.
From the number of bids one hears,
Uncle Sam will have no trouble lo
cating a postofllee here. ?
Town Improvements.
A great Improvement in the looks of
Clinton will he brought about when
the block of stores on the Musgrove
side of the square shall have been
made uniform In appearance. Plate
glass display windows are now being
put In nnd it is said that when this
1b finished the whole side will be paint
ed white. This will ho a very great
improvement, giving the appearance
of size and dignity to the entire block.
A bronze drinking fountain for man
and beast has been erected on Mus
grove street near the poatofficc by the
City authorities. The pipes feeding It
pass through a deep disused well, and
thus cool drinking water for the hot
days is assured.
Duckctt-.Iohnson Wedding.
At four o'clock Wednesday after
noon Miss Eleanor Duckott, daughter
of Capt. and Mn. T. J. Duckett, will
be mnrried to Mr. Duncan Johnson of
Nowberry. About seventy-five rela
tives and intimate friends will he
prosont at the ceremony which will
bo performed by the bride's brother
in-law, the Rev. J. F. Jacobs. There
will be no attendants. However, pre
ceding the ceremony, Mrs. Eugono
Foucho, Miss Mittie Young and Mr.
William Jacobs will sing, Miss Maud
Sumerei playing the accompaniments.
Mr. John Townsend of Andresbn. a
nephow of the bride, will play the
Wedding march. The wedding will he
celebrated at the homo of the bride's
sister, Mrs. J. F. Jacobs, and elaborate
, decorations of white and green will
ho used. ThO bride will wear white
brocaded charmeuso, Her veil will he
Caught With orange hlossoms and her
bouquet will he brldo roses.
If the roads permit Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson will go <<> tholf future home
In Nowberry by automobile.
Entertainments for Ulis? Duckett.
Mrs. George Ellis entertained six
teen friends of Miss Eleanor Duckott
at a linen shower on Monday alter
noon, the affair being beautifully car
rled out In every detail. Some beau
(Continued on Pago Four.)
AH Officers He-elected with the Excep
tion of City Clerk.
The new city council held a meet
ing in the council chamber Thursday
night and went Into the election of of
ficers to fill the different places made
vacant Incident upon the inauguration
of the new mayor and aldermen. The
eleotlon was by secret ballot, the vote
of the mayor and aldemnen not being
made known to each other or to the
outside world. No record of how the
different men voted was made in the
minutes and It was agreed in the mecrt
Ing before adjournment, according to
one of the aldermen, that no one would
make their vote public.
The interest In the election centered
around the selection of a clerk and a
'metre reader. City Clerk Roland, who
has held the office for several years
and against whom no charges of in
competence or failure to discharge his
duties were brought, was defeated for
re-election and C. W. Kitchens, until
recently of Spartanburg, was elected
In his place. In the election of metre
reader, .1. 15. Philpot, who now holds
the position, was re-elected over Hanse
Crews, the other applicant. R. B. Ilahh
was re-elected city attorney.
Chief of Police W. S. Bagwell and
Assistant Chief L?ngsten and Privates
W. H. Doson, Don Irvin, Rhett Held
and James Powers were re-elected.
John H. Henderson was re-elected
superintendent of streets, H. L. Blout,
superintendent of the power house and
James Davenport manager of the fire
departlinent team.
The salaries attached to these offices
are as follows: mayor $75 per month;
chief of police $75 per month; city
clerk $75; five other policemen at $50;
metre reader $60; superintendent, of
streets $55; manager of fire dopart
menft team $40; superintendent of
power house $11.00 per day. In addi
tion to these there are three negroes
employed on the water and light de
partment, one at $1.35 per day and the
others at $1.00 per day. II. L. Blount
Is contracted for by the week and the
Others, except the negroes, are con
tracted for by the month.
Joe Smith Elected.
At a meeting of the Traynham
Guards held last Thursday First Ser
geant Joe Smith was elected a lieu
tenant to fill the place made vacant by
the resignation of Mr. Pope Irby.
Lieut. Smith has been with the com
pany for years and his high efficiency
as an officer and his popularity make
the election a much deserved one. With
Capt. Richey, Lieutenants Simpson and
Smith as the commissioned officers
the company is sure of retaining Its
present high standing in the state
Mr. B. B. Lnvender has Completed Ar
rangements, Pictures of Auto Pa
rade, School Children and Prominent
Mr. D. R. Lavender, manager of the
motion picture show has completed
all arrangements for having one thous
and feet of moving picture films taken
In Laurens during the county school
fair. Pictures will he taken of the
graded school, the graded school chil
dren, the parade of the school children
from all parts of the county, all the
automobiles in the county that are
hero for the day, and pictures of the
more prominent views around the city
Mr. Lavender is particularly anx
ious to have a large and striking pic
ture of the autos taken. He wishes to
have every single auto In Laurens
county in the parade if possilde. lie
also states that the cleaner the ma
chine the better the picture and the
bolter the result When It comes to ad
vertising the county to others When
the views are shown in other towns.
The use of motion pictures as adver
tisers for cities and counties lias prov
ed popular and it is hoped thai much
interest will he shown In Laurens
first chance to ho "tuk".
Box Supper at Fleming School.
There will he a box supper at Flcm
i ing school Friday night, March 28th,
to which the public is Invited. An In
teresting program, including a speech
by Solicitor R. A. Cooper, has been
arranged. There will also he music
I by the CnUdrosa Siring Rand.
Will Represent Laurens High' School
at Greenville and Itundolph Little
at the County Contest.
Hugh Alken won first place and
Randolph Little second place In the
preliminary oratorical contest held at
the graded school auditorium Friday
evening for the purpose of selecting
a representative from the Laurens
high school to compete in the oratori
cal contests of the county oratorical
association on April 18th and in the
Piedmont Oratorical association to he
held in Greenville April 11th. By
winning first place Hugh Alken secur
ed the honor of representing the lau
rens school at Greenville and In
addition won the medal offered for
the best orator in the school. Ran
dolph Little, who came second, will be
the speaker at the county contest. In
making known the decision of the
judges, Mr. H. S. Blackwell stated that
the marks of the two leading contest
ants had been very close, Hugh Alken
having been selected by a margin of
one point, and that the other young
men had done splendidly.
In marking the contestants. 60 points
were allowed for general effect, 10
points for articulation, 10 points for
gesticulation, 10 points for memory
and 10 points for selection. The av
erage of each contetant was taken by
the judges and the honor awarded to
the one having the highest total score
The young men who took part in
the contest were as follows:
Hugh Alken?"Sergeant Prentiss
First Plea."
James Holmes?"Nobility of La
Paul Lake?"Comflnerce."
Randolph Little?"The New South.'
Farris Martin?"The Secret of Mur
James McCravy?"Not Guilty."
Laurens Phil pot?"Citizenship."
Hayno Taylor?-"Heroes of Dixie."
During the Intermission a delightful
musical program was rendered upon
the Victrola owned by the school.
Flag liaising.
Those of you who were fortunate
enough to be In the immediate vicinity
of the new P. O. last Wednesday and
not being familiar with the cause
probably wondered at the large and
enthusiastic gathering which spread
itself along Main street at that point.
For the information of those not know
ing, it might be well to state that there
was some flag-raising on the federal
building. Cheered on by the plaudits
of an admiring throng, Mr. C. E,
Parker, the U. S. Government super
intendent, mounted to the roof and
tied Old Glory to the halyards and the
flag-raising was on.
The silken banner, which was not as
large as first expected, flew proudly to
the breeze for about flve minutes and
then hid itself behind the ropes. The
inspiring sight held the crowd spell
bound and when Mr. Parker descended
to the ground it was with difficulty
that he made his way through the
throng. It was a notable event.
The flag remained on high for a day
and now lies locked in the desk of the
government superintendent. It is prob
able the largest flag ever flown on a
federal building in Laurens. its di
mension being 0 inches by 11 I nc lies.
A careful estimate of those present
resulted in a disagreement between
the two spectators as to whether there
were three or two onlookers. In this
connection the silken flag will be In
troduced In the first act of that heart
rending drama "Down by the Sea." to
be played Friday night in the Opera
House by local talent. Admission 25
.1"? and ."0 cents.
Services at Mountvllle.
Low Sunday, March 30th, will bo
observed at tho CllUl'Ch of EHornnl
Hope. Mountvii'c. by preaching and
song service, 'rise service will be at
8 o'clock p. m. The rail :<? will ha di
rected by Mrs. Mao T> Cluck, the ser
mon by Rev. Geo, Studson Delano, i>.
D. *
Cnninflro Jokes and Slorlcs."
"Undo Dock" Owen, of Greenwood,
S. C. has Had published a little hook
entitled "Can.pilre Jokes and War
8torl08"~-prlCO ?6 cents. Kent to any
address upon receipt of prlCO. T.:<
old vet Is 70 years old and la 'depend
ent on the sale of the little book for
his sustenance.
Tom Hunter Shot Down by Snm Price
ns He Crossed the Threshold of his
Own Home.
Tom Hunter, a lawabkllng and bard
working negro of the city, was shot
down Saturday night as he was about
to enter his own home by Sam Price,
another negro man. The bullet en
tered the abdomen of tho negro in
front, raging downward and to the
left, lodging Just underneath the skin
in the rear. He lived until Sunday
about 2 o'clock, when he died. Before
his death he made a statement of the
affair and made disposition of two in
surance policies which he carried on
his life, changing the beneficiary from
his wife to his mother. The trouble
arose over the wife or the deceased,
who was being shown attentions by
Sam Price.
The ante-mortem statement of the
dead negro Is as follows:
"Went home from market Saturday
night. Didn't see any light in house.
Went round to back door to get key
where my -wife always leaves the key
and I heard somebody speak and run.
Went on round to the other back door
and met Sam Price and he shot me. I
snys to Sam "Taint no use In that"
and Sam shot me.
"When I got home the front door
was locked and I couldn't get In front
door, so went round to hack door to
get key where my wife always leaves
it and met Sam. My wife was In the
house with Sam Price.
"I realize that It is probable that
I may die from this wound and this
is my dying statement.
"There was nothing immediately be
tween Sam and myself but had been a
week or so ago. Sam said he had
heard that I was carrying a pistol for
him, but we had shook hands and made
"I desire to state that I want to
change the provision of my will as to
my policies in Carolina Insurance Co.
(Hill) and in the Knights of Pythias,
I.aureus Lodge No. 30?that is, I de.
sire that, the beneficiary of my will be
my mother, Laura Hunter, instead of
my wife, Carrie Hunter.
(}. D. Franklin.
The full story of the tragedy is con
tained in the short statement of the
deceased. There were no other eye
witnesses of the shooting, except Sam
Price, himself, and so far he has elud
ed arrest. Carrie Hunter, the wife
of the dead man, who was in the house
when her husband arrived, testified
that Bhe ran to the front door when
she heard Tom go around to the back
and ran out when the shot was fired.
Several other negro men and women
testified to seeing Sam Price in the
vicinity and on the premises just pre
ceding the shooting but none of them
were witnesses to the affair. Others
testified that Carrie Hunter first de
nied any knowledge of the crime and
tried to persuade other of her neigh
bors to aid her In escaping any con
nection with it. However, at the in
quest she gave in and told her con
nection with the case and admitted
that Sam Price did the shooting.
The coroner's jury, of which Mr.
Ceo. S. MeCravy was foreman, ren
dered the following verdict: The said
Tom Hunter came to his death by a
gun-shot wotind inflicted by Sam Price
on the 22nd day of March, 1013, to
wit, a pistol.
Tom Hunter had been employed In
the meat market of Mr, S. Cr. McDaniol
for a number of years and was eonsid
erod a faithful, humble and hardwork
ing negro. Sam PrlCC Is a brlck
, layer and -plaster and lias be n before
the mayor for unlawful conduct Oil
. ftn?thor occasion.
' Letters and notice; have been sent
? out describing the1 eseapod negro and
; the sheriff i-; making every effort to
apprehend film. Hp Is a yellowish
up in front.
?Oeling of I . 0. C.
Tho Joseph b. Korshaw chapter, V.
I). C. will meet Friday afternoon at
?i o'clock, wiili Miss MayniO Ferguson.
The members are roqucsted to tele
phone the hostess whether or not they
will be present.
.T. C. Owlngs,
J. Ft, Held,
"Tom Hunter.
W. T. Crews,
Magist rate
r 21 years of
pounds. His
X. B. Dial to Offer For U. S. Senate.
Announces in Washington thai He
Will bo in the Ilnce Next Year.
A special dispatch to tho Green
ville News Saturday carried tho an
nouncement that Mr. N. B. l>ial, of
this city, would he In the race for the
United States senate in 1014. Mr.
Dial was a candidate In the race
against Sen. Tiilman and Col. Talhert
in 191'2. The dispatch to the News
was as follows:
N. B. Dial of Laurens, has been
spending several days in Washington
on his way home from New York.
While here ho has been spending a
good deal of his time In the comp ty
of Attorney General MCReynolds nnd
Represenative Underwood who were
his classmates at Vanderhllt univer
Mr. Dial stated to the Greenville
News correspondent jthis afternoon
that he is not an applicant for any
position in the gift of the adminis
tration, but would ibo a candidate
for the United States senate next
year. One of the leading planks in
his platform will lie a demand for a
government system of warehouses for
storing cotton ami other farm pro
ducts. He says lie has worked out a
scheme which lie thinks will he prac
ticable and will also he constutional.
Wliile here he has been getting data
on the subject and will lie prepared
to present it to the people during the
next campaign.
Rev. J, I>. Pitts, who was Pastor of
the First Baptist Church Here for
Many Years, Ileslgns Charge at
Rev. J. D. Pitts, who has been pas
tor of the Baptist church at Blackville
for several years and who was for a
long time pastor of the First Baptist
church here, has resigned his pastor
ate at Blackville to accept a call to
the Baptist church at Fountain Inn.
Mr. Pitts will take up the work in his.
new field during tho first week of
in the special correspondence to
The State from Blackville is contained
the following about his resignation:
Mr. Pitts' announcement, coming at
the close of an eloquent sermon,
which was the climax of tho Raster
services, proved a great surprise to
his people. Mr. Pitts and his wife,
who came here from Laurens in 11*07.
have made a host of friends, who will
regret to see them go. During his
incumbency of the pastorate Mr. Pitts
j has labored well and faithfully for
the upbuilding of the church here.
i Prominent and Greatly Beloved Citi
zen of Dials Township Passed Ah ay
Monday night.
I Mr. II. Y. Simons, one of tho best
known and most highly regarded clti
i zens of the county, died at his home
I near Gray Court Monday nlghl of
pneumonia, having been sick for
( about eight days. Tho funeral scr
' vices wore hold yesterday afternoon
. at Dials Methodist church, of Which
lie was a member and steward, Rov,
Mr. Munnorlyn, assisted by Itov, J,
k. McCain, conducting the services
a large numbor of people attended the
funeral, quite a number from Lau renn
going up to lie present at the obse
: Mr. Simmons was a man of the
highest honor and of Inflexible In*
tregrity. lie was a Christian gentle
man and greatly beloved by .mi who
knew him, Ho took an active and
prominetii part in the affairs of Dials
. church, teaching a closs of ovor fifty
men. each of h"m filed by his grave
yesterday iflernoon and dropped a
all who knew him ami hla doath is
con Idored n distinct loss not only to
bis family but to his community and
lie was a few months more than
sixty years of ano. He is survlvod by
his wire, who was Miss Sal Ho HoUnms.
the daughter of William Hellams, and
a number of sons and daughters.
Third District Medical As
sociation of Four Countlos.
Regular Spring Meeting of the Third
District Medical Association to be
Held at the Laurens County Hospital
Thursday, the Sessions to Open ut
11:80 o'clock.
The quarterly meeting of the Third
District Medical association will bo
hold In this city Thursday, the ses
sions to ho held In tho assc-mfbly hall
of the county hospital. It Is oxpeot
od that a large number of physicians
from the four counties of the associa
tion will be present. An attractive
program has been arranged for the
meeting and a very enjoyable session
is anticipated,
The association is composed of phy
sicians from the four counties of
Nowborry, Greenwood, Abbeville and
Laurens, Tho president of tho asso
ciation is Dr. T. L. W. Ikailoy, of Clin
ton, the vice president is Dr. lt. H.
lopting, of Groonwood, and tho sec
retary Is Dr. (!. P. Nerd, of Green,
wood. Tho association is composed of
a very able and enthusiastic body of
Tho visiting members will bo ten
dered a dinner-banquet in the dining
room of tho hospital by tho local mem
bers of the association, This 1b ox
pocted to be a very enjoyable affair.
Tho program of the business ses
sion will bo as follows:
Called to order.
Divine Invocation.
Welcome: Rolfo B. Hughes, M. n.,
Laurens Medical Society.
Luncheon 2:30 p. m.
Papers and Discussions.
i. Totnnus Prophylaxis. G. a. Nouf
IVr, M. I)., Abbeville.
::. The Bra of I'rovontnllvo Medicine.
John II. Miller, M. I).. Cross Hill.
Observations an a Factor in Ad
vancing the SclOllCO Of Medicine. ().
11, Mayer, M. I), Nowborry.
4. Irrigation in Bnlcro-Colltls, Isa.
.(lore Sehayer, M. I)., Laurent,
fi. Jaundice. C. ('. Gnmhi'i I!. M. I).,
f.. Management of Puerperal Eclamp
sia. Jesse II. Tonguo, .M. )>., Lau
7. Eclampsia. W. Lawrence Dalloy,
M. I)., Coronoca,
x. The Discovery of Cancer In Plants.
Hugh K. Alkon, M. I)., Laurens.
D. Anodynes. J. I>. Austin, M. D?
10. Appendicitis. G. P. Noel, M. D.,
11. AnteJPartom and i*ost partom
douche, and the repair of cervical
and perineal lacerations. J. L. Ken
nel, M. I)., Waterloo.
12. Subject unannounced. W. P.
'Punier, M. I)., Greenwood.
13. Physical Diagnosis Pre-eminent;
Discussion opened by it. I?. Epting,
M. D., Greenwood.
H. Subject, unannounced. J. Leo
Young, M. D , Clinton,
in. Gunshot Wounds el" Abdomen,
OpornUvO, Series of Casts. S. W.
Pago, M. D., Greenwood,
1C. Salvarsnn. John Lyon, M. D?
Groon wood.
it. Volunteer Papers and Clinics,
18. Business,
Makes a Record .Mark.
1 Chief Clerk Molts, of tho Atlanta 1)1?
Visloh of Hallway Mail Clerks, was in
the city several days ago ?;> give a
''SOUtll Carolina to Kontos'' examina
tion to Mr. Jack McCravy, ;.t the local
post pfllcc. The examination given id
Mr. McCravy Was one of tho regular
; routine exaiuiiuill n r'w- n to clerks
in the post ofTtci s odd Intervals and
u mal ly do nol at I; ? ?? ..'<? attention*
cause of the high mark in. > by Mr.
name, stating a' the same time that,
not onjj i i j very Boldom but that is
j is only occasional that such a Jlno
mark as this is made in the mail ser
vice. Mr. Melts considers "Jack'' uno
j of tlio best men in Iiis division.

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