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"It's the mechanical wonder of the
age!" You can't buy the Ford mechan
ical features in any other car?at any
price. That's one reason why you
must get yours now if you want to
drive "the mechanical wonder of the
age" this season.
"Everybody is driving a Ford"?more than 200,000
in service. New prices?runabout $525?touring
dar $600?town car $800 - with all equipment, f.o.b.
Detroit. Get particulars from Ford Motor Company,
Michigan and Fourteenth Streets?or direct from
Detroit Factory.
Laurens, S. C.
There are so many beautiful and brilliant
things here we believe you will be pleased to buy
not only for their beauty but
They are full of good points, as an invest
ment as well as an ornament. They are not cheap
in the sense of being shoddy, but they are sold at
as low a price as first-class goods of this kind can
be offered.
William Solom
Phone 328-2 Rings
Reliable Jeweler Laurens, S. C.
Money in the Bank
Makes Life's Climb Easy
Opportunity is always knocking at the door
of the man with a bank account.
Why not open a Savings Account at this
bank to-day?
Save persistently. Cut out yoj?r extrava
gances. Live economically. \ X'ou'll be sur
prised at the rapid growth or your account.
One dollar opens a Savings Account here and your
money will dray 4 per cent interest.
?- AND -
Have your Clothes Cleaned and Pressed by
men who know how. You'll find them here at
this shop.
Over H. Terry's Store Laurens, South Carolina
Governor Hlease Still Refuses to. Act
with State Treasurer and Coniptrol
ler General.
Columbia, March 30.?The governor
of South Carolina has refused to act
with the State treasurer and the comp
troller general, members of the State's
financial board and as a result many
of the schools of the State may have
to close down earlier than usual. Some
definite action must be taken tomor
row. State Superintendent of Educa
tion Swearlngen has sent letters to
all members of the board cal'lng at
tention to the immodlntr? need of
$30,000. Tho borrowing of this money
is made necessary 'because of the one
mill school tax law passed at the last
session of the general assembly. The
collection of the tax will not begin
until next October and in the mean
time at least $150,000 must be secured.
Those In touch with the situation say
that the banks will refuse to take the
notes of the State unless signed by the
governor. The matter has been put
squarely up to the chief executive and
in an Interview In the local afternoon
paper he said that he would not act
with the other officials. He charged
that the situation had been brought
about by the general assembly and
that he was not responsible.
In a letter several days ago State
Superintendent of Education Swear
lngen said that 25,000 white school
children would be thrown out of
school If the money was not secured
at an early date. The matter has
rocked along all of last week and now
It seems as if something must be
Rifle Itangc.
W. W. Moore, the adjutant gener
al Is expected to close the deal this
week for the purchase of 1,000 acres
of land in Lexington county for the
State rifle range. Tho property will
be secured for $12,500 options having
been secured on the tract several
months ago by the adjutant general.
The rifle range is at present located
at Charleston, the lease having ex
pired last year. The. tract In Lexing
ton county will very ] robably be used
. for encampment purposes. The attor
ney general will very probably make
't report on the titles of the land tomor
? row.
? Columbia Growing.
, The growth of Columbia during the
} past several years has been remark
? able. It has been substantial and
> steady. Real estate values are nd
', vanclng and the market is active.
I Two buildings, one 10 stories and the
' other 16 stories are nearing comple
i tlon on Main street. Since commis
! sion government was Inaugurated
I over six miles of paved streets have
been laid. The city is planning to
spend $300,000 this year on perman
ent improvements. This will include
a handsome new city jail.
Committee to Meet.
The executive committee of the
South Carolina Agricultural and Me
chanical Society will meet in Colum
bia tomorrow afternoon when plans
for a bigger and better State Fair
will be discussed. The committee will
also consider tl selection of a per
manent secrctuij of the State fair. A
! feature of tho fair this year will be
the annual show of the South Caro
lina Poultry association. Some fine
birds will be shown.
To Mold Convention.
I A large attendance Is expected at
the annal meeting of the State Sun
day school association which will be
held at Sumtcr April 2 to 4. Rep
resentative men and women will at
! tend from all sections of the State.
Over 600 delegates are expected to
answer the roll call Wednesday morn
ing. Rev. J. B. Green of Greenwood
Is president of the association.
' Is Not. Candidate.
According to an announcement
from Charleston John P. Grace will
not be a candidate for the United
States senate as was expected. The
governor and E. I). Smith, the In
cumbent are the only candidates who
have announced.
To Knforee Laws.
The commissioners of agriculture
of the South will cooperate to keep
out Impure food, feed stuffs, oils and
other commodities. This was decided
upon at a conference held last week
in Xew Orleans. For Instance. The oil
Inspection nets have been adopted by
South Carolina. The charge has been
made that wen oil was condemned In
South Georgia that it was shipped
across the Savannah river to South
Carolina. Under the agreement be
tween the commissioners, the commls
| sloner of agriculture of eGorgle will
notify the commissioner of agriculture
of South Carolina in all such cases.
"The agreement will prove of benefit
to the ontire South," said Commis
sioner Watson who attended the con
Flower Pots Just received, all sizes.
3. M. & E. II. W ILK US & CO.
* * ? ? j v *
Princeton Locals.
Princeton, March 29.?Rev. and Mrs. |
F. L. Bramblett and son, B. C. Bramb
lett of McCorinick, spent several days |
here this week visiting friends. They
are former Prlncetonians and have ]
many warm friends here who were|
pleased to see them again.
Mr. J. W. Taylor made a business
trip to Laurens Monday.
Mrs. W. H. Monroe and Miss Annie
Mildred Collins attended the Sunday
school institute at Broadmouth Church
Mr. Jim Arnold made a business trip
to Honea Path Saturday.
Rev. F. L. Bramblett who Is visiting |
here, spent Friday In Laurens.
Mr. Jno. Wham of Laurens, repre-1
senting the Ford Auto Co., was here |
Messrs. Reece and Compton of An
derson were here Saturday.
Messrs. Jno. and J. L. and Mrs. J. L.
McCuen of Ware Shoals, spent Sun
day here with Mr. M. B. McCuen.
Mr. Charles McCuen and Miss Pearle
spent Friday In Honea. Path.
Mr. M. M. Arnold has returned to his
home in Belton after a visit to his
father, B. F. Arnold.
Cadet Tom Freeman of Clemson Col
lege, who spent Easter at home, re
turned to his work Tuesday having
been detained on account of sickness.
Rev. R. F. Morris spent Friday in
Honea Path.
Mr. Jno. W. Huff and Miss Sara Brltt
attended the Greenville County Teach
ers' meeting In Greenville Saturday.
Misses Frances and Helen Brltt
spent Saturday in Greenville.
Miss Kiddye Arnold entertained her
friends at her home Friday evening.
Those enjoying Miss Arnold's hospital
ity were: Misses Ella Green, Estelle
Taylor. Sara Brltt, Susan Brltt, and
Pearle McCuen and Messrs. Ben
Bramblett. Charles McCuen. Bramblett
Wood, Arthur Brltt. Jno. Vv. Huff, Joe
Robins and Klvart Taylor.
Laurens Malls, March 111.?The all
day singing at the Watts mills church
yesterday, was fine.
Ludie A very is out again from sev
eral days' sickness.
Mrs. Robert Tinsloy is real sick.
She has been in had health for about
two years.
Mr. Will Lewis is better now.
Mrs. A. T. Stoudemire, the wife of
the ox-pastor of the Baptist church
here, Is very low. Site has been at
the hospital at Gaffney for several
weeks. While Mr. Stoudemire is' not
living here now, yet we feel greatly
Interested in him and his family.
Mr. C. Y. Craddock's family are all
about well of the mumps.
Mr. L. A. Murray and wife spent the
day with his father at Watts mills
Mr. John Harvey and wife spent the
day with their mother, Mrs. W. M. Hel
lams. last week.
A series of meetings will begin at
the Second Baptist church Sunday,
April the 23th. Rev. W. M. Whiteside,
of Spartanburg, will conduct the meet
ings. After the services on last Sun
day morning at this church the pas
tor asked for all who would give a
tenth of their income, to give him
their names. Twelve mop and women
pledged themselves to give the tenth
and more if necessary to carry on the
We notice quite a number of children
who ought to be in school. If the par
ents would once start them they would
not even want them to miss a day, as
we have a splendid corps of teachers
Miss Mary Simpson teaches the fourth
and third grades. Miss Trene Ray and
Miss Lila Hart teach the smaller
grades. Miss Thames with Miss Jen
nie Scaly, has charge of the kinder
garten. Professor B. L. Jones Is super
intendent. Why not do the best to
make this the best mill school In the
state? We have one of the best build
ings and very conveniently arranged.
Our present enrollment is about one
hundred and twenty five.
State of Ohio, city of Toledo,
Lucas County. ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of
F. J. ("honey & Co., doing business In
the City of Toledo
aforesaid, and that]
the sum of ON 10 III
County and State
said firm will pay
for each and eveiy ease of Catarrh
thai cannot he otired by the rjS3 of
Hall's Catarrh Cule.
FrnnR J. Cheney.
Sworn to hrforelno and subscribed
In my pre-enc. . Mis fith day of De
cember. \. D. )\stil|
(Se.tn A. W. Oloason,
Notary Pa bile.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ally and acts directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
Send for testimonials. Dee.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists. 7.".c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. .
An Aching Back and
Bearing Down Pains
Only buffering womanhood knows what It means to struggle against the paralyzing
Influence of these symptoms. There is household work that must be done and
only a weak, nervous, discouraged woman io do !t. It Is almost a hopeless
prospect. No wonder these poor women find life a dreary burden. There is holp
at hand, however, for those who will use It.
Squaw Vine Wine
Is a Woman's Medicine '
It is as pleasant to take as the Juice of a sweeJ/Orange yet It performs wonders,
it puts an end to suffering, builds up^ theyfiervous system, strengthens tho
appetite and acts beneficially on woV*f?s delicate organism, promoting
regularity, cheerfulness, a strong vigojroyf body and clear, healthy complexion.
Sold by Druggists and Dealer*. Price $1.00 Per Bottle.
Laurens Drug Co., Laurens, S. C.
And Laugh at Punctures!!
Vulcorine absolutely prevents loss of air
when your Tire is Pinched, Rimcut or Punctured.
Guaranteed to stop punctures up to the size of a
twenty-penny nail, guaranteed for 6 months, it
will last a year when put into good tires.
It is not a Tire Filler, it will not interfere with
Vulcanizing nor stick tube to casing. It prevents
blowouts by keeping your ,tires properly inflated.
It is a liquid fibre absolutely harmless to. rubber,
keeps rubber soft and^piiable, scientific, practical
and reasonable in prica
Vulcorine makes motoring a pleasure. Equip
with Vulcorine, Ride on Air, Laugh at Punctures.
Good bye to Tire Troubles.
J. C. SHEPARD, Agent
Laurens, S. C.
?->tjo.jcWOOOO^OO?? >:>0<MM ?.?Ji'MMJiMM UM.MMMM >< >s >: >< !! !<):MMOOt ? ;c,\< ?,
a great improvement would be made in the condition of horses and
other animals if just the proper remedy were used when they became
ill or injured. If your horse could talk he would ask you not to use
any external remedy containing alcohol because it slings and tortures
his flesh terribly. Some liniments have alcohol and other fiery
ingredients which only inflame the skin and tissue without sinking
down to where the pain lies. Beware of such liniments. The great
humane, quick-acTion remedy is MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT.
Made of oils, without a drop of alcohol or other torturing element, it
soaks straight to the bone and muscle. It soothes the wounded part3
and is comforting while the healing work is progressing. Mexican.
Mustang Liniment is what you want because it
your work lighter, saves your livestock from suffering and keeps them
in good trim for work. For all forms of Lameness, Strains, Bruises,
Cuts, Bums, Galls and Harness Sores in animals, it is safe and
prompt and does not promise what it cannot perform. Mustang
Linimen. has been doing its wonderful healing work for 65 years.
The amount of money it has saved livestock owners is incalculable.
One man writes that he was about to kill his valuable horse because
badly injured but Mustang Liniment made him well again. A Vet
erinary tells us he has used Mustang Liniment fifteen years and
found it best liniment for cuts, strains, etc. And many others are
enthusiastic friends of this tried and fame remedy. Now you know
just what makes
Horses so Happy.
wagons Carriages
Wagono carnagea
Harness Automobiles
? wm iW9.Mb.W) wm mm mj& WMt~WSr=Wsr
A Carload of "STUDEBAKERS"
We have just received a carload of Studcbcker v/agons
Come in and lock them over. Let us show you how v/cll
a Studebaker h built.
JOHN A. FRANKS, Laurens, 5. c.

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