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Athletic Contest, Display of
Handiwork and Oratory
to Claim Attention.
Four Thousand Children Expected Ii?
the Parade. Great Educational
Event, for which the County Edu
cational Department, the County
Teachers and School Children have
been Making Preparations, will Take
Place next Friday, the 18th. Mam
moth Crowd Expected.
To the Teachers of Laurens County:
It is only one week before Laurens
county Is to celebrate its first annual
County School Fair. Friday, April 18,
Is the date appointed for this event.
The slogan for the day Is four thous
and school children In Laurens. t?s
success depends on you. Never be
fore has so great Interest been shown
in a county undertaking. So far as
we know not a school will fail to be
We not only want the school chll-'
dren and teachers, but trustees and
everybody Interested In the schools?
which should mean every person In
Laurens county. It Is estimated that
there will be ten thousand people in
Laurens. Nobody can afford to be
absent for the day will bo tilled with
interesting features?the literary con
tests. ti?*? elementary and high school
moots, the grand parade and the ex
Count) Superintendent of Education.
hibttS. Mr. Lavender, manager of the |
moving picture show has arranged to |
have pictures made of the various'
scenes of the day. Let none of your I
pupils faces he missed when the reel
is shown at the opera house.
There will be nine llternry contests
?three in each of the following sub
jects?read, spelling and arithmetic
Ten events have been arranged for
tho elementary athletic meet. Each
school will l)e lowed one pupil for
each contest. very teacher should
have representatives In all these con
torts. Afhjjr a year's work the pupils
should b< l-ncournged to measure their
work with that accomplished by other
The parade will be the greatest
feature of the day for here every
cl ild can enter. lie sure to have the
pupils dress In white and arrang"
them in line' according to size. Wo
opmostly urge the trustees to march
with the children, following Instead
of lea< g the line.
The exhibits will bo displayed in
the court house. They will be received
at the county superintendent's office
Wednesday, Thursday and until 1<?
o'clock Friday morning. Mirk ?acll
article by giving child's name, school,
nge, and grade. Do not forget to
certify to Its prlglnallty. Send the
nnme of your school, wrlllon, in large
letters to he placed by your exhibit.
The County Court House, whore the Children's Exl?blts will i?e held nil dar
inir the day. (Scene during the Annual County Fair).
1) 10 O'CLOCK.
Literary Contest -City Graded School Building.
(a) First and second grades roc::! No. s Conducted by Miss Emily
.Men?:. Miss Lois Et'Vln, and Miss Kiddie Arnold.
(b) Third and fourth grades?room No. 1. Conducted by Miss Ella
Roland, Miss Genie Aiken and Miss Madge Harris.
(C) Fifth and sixth grades?room No. 11. Conducted by Miss Annie
Davis. Miss Mae Roper and Miss Mary Martin.
(a) Fourth and fifth grades?room No. 10. Conducted by Miss Bossle
Bamett, Miss Ella Belle Copcland, and Miss Bessie Brown.
(b) Sixth and seventh grades?room No. 6. Conducted by Miss May
Delle Barre, Miss Nannie Simpson, and Miss Little Young.
(C) Eighth, ninth and tenth grades?room No. .">. Conducted by Miss
Fannie Creighton, Miss Irene Dlllard, and Miss Mary Cartwrlght.
A rilhiuelie.
(a) Third and fourth grades?room No. .'!. Conducted by Miss Annette
Stover, Miss Ida Turner, and Miss Barnio Wallace.
(lit Fifth and sixth grades?room No. 9. Conducted by Miss Dorcas
Calmcs, Miss Mary Belle Babb, and Miss Blanche IMnson.
(c) Seventh, eighth, and ninth grades?room No. 2 Conducted by Miss
Laura Barksdale, Miss Dcssie Stewart and Miss Marie Stoke-.
Elementary Athletic Meet -Graded School Grounds.
fa) loo.yard dash, (hi Low hurdle, to Running high'jump, (d)
Running broad jump, to Poll vault, in 75-yard dash?male teach
ers only, (g) 50-yard dash?girls only. <h) Potato race. (i? Shoe
race. <ji Three-legged race. Referees?Alllo Lee, Carlos Mosoloy,
Jno. Wells Todd, J. J. Adams.
i.3) 12:80 O'CLOCK.
Picnic dinner on school grounds.
(4) 1 O'CLOCK.
Grand parade?Children, teachers and trustees. Form at school grounds.
(5) 2:30 O'CLOCK.
High School Athletic Meet at school park on West Main street.
(C) The children's exhibits? the most interesting feature of the day?at
the Court Mouse. Doors open from 10 A. M. to ."> P. M. In charge of
Mi*. Willie Anderson. Mrs. Mary Copcland, Miss Hannah Tolbert, Miss
Wesslc Lee Dial, Miss Sadie Sullivan.
The High School Oratorical Contest In graded school auditorium at 8:P.O.
Admission, adults 2.r? cents, children 15 cents. Presentation Of
odals and trophy cup.
After discussing the prize question
with many teachers, it has been decid
ed to limit the prizes to blue and red
ribbons. We trust the teachers will
Impress upon tholr children that the
honor Is sufficient without any ma
terial reward. Think of your school
having the best speller, reader, or
mathematician in the county.
The program of April IS covers ev
ery minute of the day. There can he
no waiting. The events will begin
promptly at the appointed hour. I5e
sure to be on time.
Yours truly,
Cleo. L. Pitts,
Supt. of Education.
Wli Lou Cray.
Supervisor of H. S.
on' to Hie Contest
Master Hugh Alken will leave Fri
day for Greenville where he will rep.
resent this county in the Piedmont
Oratorical contest which is to be held
the same evening. About fifteen
BChOOlS Rro represented in the con
test and Hit winner of first place must
provo himself an orator of no mean
ability. The people of this city will
watch with interest the outcome of
tho contest for they nre sure that
their roprosontativo will be among the
leaders when the Judges make their
Mr. Bvcrnrd Caltlirop will Organize
Class Tomorrow, Friday.
Mr. Everard Calthrop, the well
known tenor soloist and vocal teach
er has decided to organize a class In
Laurens. He will come here tomor
row, Friday, for the purpose of dis
cussing plans and arranging for the
immediate beginning of classes. lie
wishes to meet all who arc interested
in voice training at the residence
of Mrs. H. K. Alken on Friday at 1 1 :.".<?
a. in. A number of people have al
ready signified their intention of join
ing the class and others arc expect
The coming of Mr. Calthrop will
menus a lot to the musical cducntion of
Laurent rffjd his decision to arrange
a class here will, no doubt, meet with
enthusiastic approval. Mr. Calthrop
received his early training in New
York and later studied under the mofll
noted of the English volet teachers in
London. Resides possessing a line
tenor voice, be is accomplished in ev
ery branch of music. He has had re
markable success in Greenwood, where
he now has a class of over thirty
voices and is directing a choral so.
clety of nearly seventy-five singers.
Superintendent of Education and Rural School Super
visor Issue Last Call to the Teachers Telling When
and Where to Assemble and Other Information.
The long expected and eagerly awlt
ed County School Fair is to he held
next week. Friday morning will sec
the roads leading to the county seit
lined with every Imaginable kind of
vehicle hearing people to 1 aureus to
he present during the excc'ses. Tru
ly It will he a day, the like of Which
has never before been seen in this
county or 111 South Carolin i. Super
intendent of Education Qeo. P.'tt8
and Miss Wil Lou Cray, Rural School
Supervisor, assisted by Supt. It. L.
Jones, of the city schools, have been
busy for weeks and weeks nak'ng
preparations for the event an i the
teachers of the county, with llio chil
dren too, have been working Inces
santly to make the day a success.
From reports from all sections of the
county and from the Indications gath
ered through letters in this issue and
in 'previous issues of The Advertiser,
great preparations have been made on
every side, the children aro vastly in
terested In the occasion and a big
crowd will be hero. It Is estimated
thai four thousand children alone will
i be present to join in the exercises, to
take pari in the parade and to get
their pictures taken by the motion pic
ture man. In addition to the chll
dren, over two hundred trustees and
about 150 teachers are expected to
be present, not to mention the thous
ands of gl'OWll-Ups Who will be here to
witness the exorcises and to demon
strate personally that their hearts are
with the teachers in the work they are
It is a question which phase of the
school fair will receive the greatest
amount of attention from the big
throng. To the children themselves,
doubtless the literary conto ts in the
I graded scbol building, begining at 10
o'clock, will bo the osl Interesting
event of the day. Tlicso contest i
some In reading, some In spelling and
some hi arithmetic, will he hold in
?he different 'rocn a of t e school
building and will ho pi nticipi led in
1 by children of t il ages,
After these literary contests, the
elementary athletic meol will bo held
on tho school grounds, where buoIi
j feats as hurdling, poll vaulting, run
i nlng, potato racing, etc., will bo pullod
off by the younger boys an 1 girls
After this part of the program is
finished, about 12:30 o'clock, a bi?
picnic, dinner is to be spread upon the
j school grounds. For tl -Is mo t lm
I portnnt event, the ''public Is cordli I
! ly invite?; to he present mid to bring
well filled baskets." This is expected
I to bo the biggest dlniK r ever BOl'VOd
I in Laurens county.
I At one o'clock will tako place the
grand parade, in which all t!;< trus
tees, teachers and school Chllrcn are
to take part. It is thought that at
least four thousand school children
will he in this parade. This is the
crowning event of the day. It will
form on the sehol grounds and march
I through the public, spnaro. At some
point on the way, moviug pictures
will be taken of the SCOno and these
will be Shown some days later In the
picture show here. Miss Wil Lou
Gray has issued .special instructions
about the program for the day Which
will be found in another part of this
At 12::*0 o'clock the hlgn school ath
letic meet will be held at the new
grounds on West Main street, next to |
the home of Mr. l>. H. Counts. The
ground has been put in splendid condi
tion by the city officials and will tie
in tine shape for the meet. No ad
The day will he brought to n close
The day will ho groughl to a close
witli the annual high BChol oratorical
contest. This Is to bo held in the
school auditorium, beginning at s:;>u
o'clock. An admission fee of 2f> and
, In cents will be Charged for this in
order to defray the expense of the
mooting. Tho medals und trophios
i won during the day will also be pre
sented at this time, as will (hi mod
i als for oratory, The judges for th!:^
contest have not been announced.
All during tho day. in tho county
I court room, will bo shewn the child
ren's exhibits. This will probably he
I the most generally popular feature
of the i\ny. Hero the drawings, paint
; Ings an.i articles <<t- handiwork will
In1 displayed. The doors will be open
all day ami a continuous stream of
people is expected.
Itcv. Ii. Pendlcton Jones to Preach (he
Sermon and lie John V. Vines i*
t<? Deliver Lltcrnrj Address?
Sunt, is. I.. Jones has announced tin
speakers for graded school commence
ment week. .f:>'".i R. Vinos, of An
derson, will deliver tho comlucnoo
hii lit nddre in tl e school auditorium
Mond y nighl* .littii 2i ri. liov. R. Ih ?..
I Of these ministers are men of distln
gtll 1 ability and Mr. Jon? c?nsUl:
ere b?r self Pnrlunato in securing them
Kxhlhll at Ulohmontl.
Miss Wil I .on Gray has been huslly
eng) r id for if.*- past few days ai tl
Weeks collecting an exhibit from the
county schools to bo sent to ti.e Rdu
cat'onnl Conference nt fllchmpnd. The
conference I a to be held next week
ah l prominent pcoplo from all ov< r
the south arc expi to;l to bo present,
The exhibit from Lnurens county Is
a very creditable exposition of the
work being dono iure at this time,
it was shipped last night'. Among the
exhibits Is a copy of this number of
"Movy Man" to be Here
Day of School Fair.
For I he First Time in (lie History of
Laurens Moving Pictures will lie
Talen of Scenes Here. School Chil
dren to Have Prominent Place in
Doubl toss no otlli f feature of the
day next Friday will rccolvo a larger
share of attention than will the mov
ing picture ican. This is r. 11 entirely
new "wrinkle'' in county fair pro
grams ami it promises to furnish ltn
part as a drawing feature for the day.
Manager I/;vender, of the local mov
ing picture llOUIte, as has been before;
stated, has secured a moving picture
I man to come hero the day of tin*
school fair to take scene- along the
lino of march during the school parade
and to vidi other points of Interest
in the cltj to take pictures to he
shown here and elsewhere. The
School Fair of Laurens county la
probably the Hrsl fair in the Kouth to
have pictures titkehf pf it in this way.
Several days after the fair, tlnio
enough being given to develop thi>
films, the pictures will he shown in
the opera house hen', at Nowborry,
Vorkvillo and other places,
j One thousand feel of film will he
used in the picture, The greater pan.
of it will lie taken up with the parade
In the afternoon. In this parade the
school children, th< trustees aim
teachers are expected to take part,
Resides these, the military company,
the police ''nee. the tire department
and oilier local r.HsnelnlionH are in -
vited to enter, \ulomohlllHtH of tlm
city are expected ?<> bring <mt their
, ichlnes and fall In line, with tholr
cars decorated, i:- possible, After the
pi.rtMle, the picture man will go lo the
r.thlet'.e grounds where lie will tftko
liicturc'i of ti.e hoys while g'olji;.r
I ::: :? ? " ! ob: lily !?? Ilm -I up and
:? ?? ro :?? plelii <? taken el them at the.
? nie lime,
in addition t.. the ??< < i en lalcon In
I connection with the rchool fair, tho
i nie;".,, man '.'.i'l vlall Hie glass fac
tory, probably the cotton mills, tho
residence districts and olliei' nlace-.
where pictures will Ijo taken showing
? ihe ct)l.:li'er?;..l activities of the c'.t v
and her hi riuilful advantages ??>? a
place of residence.
Mr. Lavender is going lo considera
ble expense in having this man here
? the day of ?,'"? fni1', so ho Is expecting
I the per;|:!e to co op-rate with him In
securing the bosl possible pictures
??od scenes in the city. Unless the
people 'ake nn interest in it. Hip pjc
ture will not show up the city as well
as It should and Its value as nn ad
vertisement will not be very great,
o ovovybody in urge:! to take a per
sonal inter..!', !.i this phase of the
day and gol it.to the parade with au
tomobiles, carriages and ho rues,
LAintKNS CITY SCHOOL (WhWthi Contests ?II! taf;e place.?

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