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W**4rew >*;:?? r. $*ke*L
In the rjccmcr of 1S50 a small num
ber of bare-footed boys and girls as
sembled, for Instruction. gCven by Mr.
F. P. Pranks. In a tenant house own
?4 at that time by Maj. V. W. W:nn.
which cow belongs to Mr. C T. Crad
A few years later a school room was
built about two hundred yards from
this p'.ace and called Ne? Lterty. Here
?he schooi flourished for many years.
Prom 1*70 till 1**< there wa* no.
school In this neighborhood. After tfce
school house went down a short ses
sion '?'as taught near Mrs. Cannes'?.
A Httle l*t*r another schc-o*. was
taught [t. a :r. Mr. Brat='.ett 5
olace. owned noi by Mr. Mitohel Oe
ings. In 1890 the school hoase. R/>cky
Pord. was t j'.:*. or. the lani ;irch?j.
ed from Mr. V. C Hellams. and was
taught for several years by Miss Bes
sie Walker.
In a few years this school was
aben-fenei iL i i 5~all h:.se wi<
built near the site of New Uterty
school house, an i ?as known as Pice<
In l'*!2 a !?-?. was ;-archased nearer
the center of the school district, about;
one-hi'' mi':-: i n- :ie r^zii.
and a unique ?ir w? v-e*-.:e-2 ?zi
named Wood row Wilson This ssh oo 1
won first ; nze-i from to:'-- State a-3
coti't f:r the gre-a-.e-i: : ? 7roTementj
during tse year. This school;
no? has an enrollnaeit of fifty ; j- ':15
and tw0 teachers Mir-ses J e - - . e Stew
art and j.'.i> Nelson
C pristine Miller.
Sixth Graie.
Yosar SrfceoL
In I?:: Y; ;tz ?::.?;vi< er-.ab'.rsh
ed. and rlnce that time it has t^en
taught by the fve following teachers:
Miss Miliar, ? -:rr.? ' '- - M:ss Nell
Watscr.. ?:. * Mi? Margaret Par
rott. 1907-/?: Mis* Neil Boyd lrf*-10:
Miss Blanche Plnson, 1S10-13. Por
the first two or three years the term
was seven months, later it became
eight, and r.o^ i: is nine.
There are fifteen pupite enrolled?
every child fa the district. All haTe
been present more than forty days
Poor boys have joined the Toys' Corn
clnb: James Williams, Alsey Grant.
William Dickert, and Charles WUHami
Rthel Williams has joined the Toma
to clnb. One child from each family
takes :':.e School Journal. Nine or ten
coildren will get the library reading
Heretofore, the attendance has been
exceptionally good, but it is not up
to the usual standard this session be
cause so many have had mumps. Vir
ginia Boyd will get a perfect attend
ance button.
In December, a School Improvement
association was organUed with the
following officers: president, Mrs. D.
M. Williams. viee-pre-?:ient. Mrs J. L.
Dickert: secretary. Mrs. D. R. Craw,
ford; treasurer. Mrs. J. J. Young.
In November the pupils and teach
ers of Wadsworth and Young schools
gave a play by which each school
made |C.7S. Young school used 15 to
increase the library, and the remain
der for erasers, scissors, etc.
Blanche F. Pinsoo.
Friendship School.
Tie tr%: school ions* for Friend
s':::;'. Sul'.-.vans s:r.v.r: was built
of logs at^t Int. Since ties sever
al bending? 1?t? been used as school,
hoaxes The preeent building ha?
b*ec ballt about 1? years and anctier
roots was added about f years later.
Oar school *cn a prize for linprove
rne:* in VJ-UV Tie Improvement
Association his been doing splendid
?ort They hare purchased globes,
dictionary," pictures etc., for lie school
room, izi had tie building painted
outside. Mri. Deila Mhddea is presi
dent of Associaton no*. Ne*w desk
?were tough: ia the spring of 1*11.
Miss Magtie Gar'.ington tauget here
daring sessions of '(?S-'W, and 10.
The next session a_s taught by Mies
M'r.n:e k- assisted ":> M:ss Fran,
kie Cult-ertion. Miss Wallace has
': ?.???-??':..z: here f:r tie two rears
tin':* withe" an asssirtant as the
enrollment has not been as large. We
Live on rc'.i now forty 7u;i!s. tirougt
tie eighth, rraie. Nene of our pup?s,
w;:: get perfect attendance buttons.'
tat ab<z: s'.z. will ge: tie library cer
:if::i:-- Core T-aynham joined the
C:-m Club Several :f :pupils
take the School Journal. Several girls;
;::r.ei tie Ton-:o club. Our school
r:r.s eight montis.
i:h Grade
Li* boa SchooL
Listen Sciool was formely located]
at Lisbon Ciurei but in 1*1? T it was
coved about a mile down the roadj
wh?-re it stands.
Mr T .' Py>? heran :eaciir.z
!C-i'l and taught for four years. While
here he Improved tie grounds got
; a:en:ed de-sks. som e ticture* and a
--':.'- and cr.air Ad*er tiis Mis? Mc
Kenzie was our teacher for two year*.
While she was teaching a library """as
tained. During the next five ye:-s
we ha-d four teachers. Some Improve,
m-nts *ere made, tie building was
enlarge! ceiled and recovered.
Our present teacher is Miss Gar
ret:. ?e hive tiirty-six pupils en.
rolled In eight grades. Our school
?term is only seven mountbs this year.
Our school Improvement Association,
witn Beatrice Teague president. F.oyd
Cr.-he*. Vice president. Josephine
Young Secretary, and Earnest Madden
Treasurer, has raised $14.JO witi
which we have secured an addition
for c:r library, bought shades and
helped to have the building painted.
Keven of our pupils are subscribers
to the School Journal which places
I It in almost all of the homes. Lyles
Jack3 and Earnest Madden are meca
bers of the Boy's Corn club. Julia
Your.?. Pearl Corbet. Myrtle and Be
atrice Teague are membersof the To
mato club. T-?o of our pupils
i are aspiring to get library certificates.
I five have attended school every day
and expect to receive perfect attend
ance buttons. We hope to have an
ideal schcol seme day.
Beatrice Teague.
8th Grade.
Rkldle'? Old Field School.
We have one of the oldest schools
in the county. This school was erect
ed about I860. We have never had a
very comfortable butlding until re
cently. My father it now seventy
years old and he went to school here
when he tu quite a bor.
In lttM.10 Smith J. Martin taught
this school for a salary of $44-0* per
month and enrolled CO pupil*, term
five months.
Miss Nora Cannot taught 1*10-11 for
a salary of HO 00 per month for five
months. Miss Sadie Keller taught
1911-12 for a salary of *45.? per
month for four months. Smith J. Mar
tin taught 1*12-13 for a salary of ISO.
for four and a half months, enrolled
forty-three pupiis. We hare eight
grades in our school this term rang,
ing from the Cm to the eighth.
We hare a club of ten children tak
ing the School Journal.
We haTe one bey belonging to the
corn club. Samuel Green, one girl be
'cngisg to the Tomato Club. Annie
May Brown. We haTen't any library
in our school and of course, we are
not expecting *&y one :c gen a certifi
There will he about seven or eight
who will get the perfect attendance
turt.-n. Our present hoard of trustee*
are P. A. Riddle. Berry Taylor and
Draty Garrett.
Central SrkeeL
My teacher has asked me to wri'.e
something of the improvements that
have teen cade in our scool within"
the last five years. The first improve
ment was t-ade on the building, which'
was beautifully ;-ni-ted on the outside
and nicely ceiled inside. The trus
tees then purchase! new desks for
:.-.e building, also a teacher's ie*k The
patrons and children raised money,
and bought an organ wnJch we all ap
preciate Tery much. As we had no
library Miss Gena Henry, one of our
most successful teachers, and her pu
pils west to work to get a library.
The amount was scon ratsed and now
we have a library which contains
shout cr.e hundred volumes The
money raised this year will be ex
pended for apparatus- Miss Annie O.
Putnam Ls cur teacher. She has twen
?.y-nir.e pupil* :n r.l -r.d ha* from
Use first grade to the sixth. Our
school will run seven months. There
are three children in this district who
have no: attended school this session.
The School Journal has tee^n placed
in the home of every chili In school
Two of us will get the attendance
buttons as we have not been absent.
:ardy nor excused from school this ses
Albert Clark.
Toaar? SchooL
Youngs school house was built in j
the year 1904 on what WAt er.*e the
Youngs estate. It 1* caar the oid1
Youngs store. Tha school wa? reoved
from :he Wallace Lodge building,
where K was knows as Young* blgi
school. Tnls school had two teache.-s
for the fir*: time in the year 1;-'"*.
The teachers were Prof. F. E. Dibble
and Miss Emma Dial. Since t/.at
time the school ha3 had at leant a
dozen principals. A number of the
former pupils are n ow college grad
uates. In the year 1906 it was decided
that the school needed a be:ter build
ing and one more centrally located,
so the present house was built, wiu
: ning the one hundred dollar prixe for
: greatest improvement. Miss Wll Lou
i Gray was principal at that time.
? Ojr present teachers are Mis?
Madge Harris and Miss Addison. We
> have the largest attendance that the
school has ever had. Eight grades,
and a six months' term.
Miss Gray wishes this school to es
tablish a trial Industrial department
and a room for the purpose has been
begun which we hope to see finished In
the near future. We have a School
Improvement association which has
made 3bout twenty dollars. The of.
fleers are as follows: president. Mrs.
A. Abercromble: vice-president. Mrs.
W. Y. W.I'.iams: secretary. Mrs. Aus
\ tin Abercrcmbie; treasurer, Mrs. W.
j O. Button.
Gaston Abercromble.
Lan??ton SehooL
We have until recently bad an old
weather stained school building, one
tha: had been here for many years, the
roofing was all decayed. Of course,
this old building didn't look so invit
ing. So they decided to build a new
one. Well we now have a nice new
building, new heater, black-board,
teacher's desk and cfiai.r Sanitary
drinking cup* etc. Also have flower*
and little trees planted out. Such a
contrast now. We got the third prixe
offered by the county for the greatest
Improvement. We have an "Improve
ment Association." with Mrs. F. L.
Donnan. Pre. Mrs. R. L. Holland. Vice
Pres.. Mrs. C. A. Owens. Sec. Mrs
Mattie Clark Trea*..
They have the four officers and on
ly two members. Mis* Pauline Byrd
end Mrs. C. B. Cooper. Though a few
?in number they have done a great deal
for the school. They gave as a
"Thanksgiving Offering" $5.50. And
had planned many tb'.ngs to do this
spring, but our school will last only
three week* longer. We have only
eleven pupil*. They hare such a nice
little school here. Hare one girl who
! hopes to get tee juteniaoce button.
L&ll four of the pairons and Mis* Byrd
\oo. take the Schoo" Jouaral. We have'
tup to the seventh grade. We expect
I to taae a part im tie Schee! Fair. Our'
teacher is Miss Pauline fcy/d of Bige-!
field county. We a'.i lore her Tery
dearly and hope to ba-se her ?:>a a?,
ag-_;n another term.
Minnie Lee Donnan,
Fifth Grade.
nine grades and forty pupils. We
bare two subscriptions for The
Journal. Annie Mae Armstrong will
receive an attendance button, and Al
pha Martin is our contestant in the
Tomato Club.
Fiae Blaff SebooL
The Pine Bluff school house was
moved to its present situation from a
pine bluff on Banks Creek one half
Edea SebeoL *
.he Eden school ?:< organized in
1*92. taking Its name from the prst
cmce. Prior to this time the children
of the community were sent either to
Green Pond or Rabun. The first
school session was held in a tenant
house rented from Mr. Belton Owings
and was taught by Mr. McMillan- Be
fore the next tercn :l.e tru?te*-s. Messrs
Gray. Nash and Martin Mahaffey pur
chased a ;lct of ground from Mr. Ed
ward Gray and erected a rude frame
building which today would be inade
quate to meet the educational demands
The standard of study, however, was
gocd. and i:'.end.d tea:ber5 who made
a success in their profess-ion taught
bere. They were: Messrs Nabors,
Blackwell, Alexander. Madden. Mc
Millan. Brooks. Clardy and Kennedy.
In 1901 the Woodrille and Eden
schools united, purchased a centrally
located site from Mr. Luther Arm
strong and the present building was
erected. Miss Nettie Jenes was the
first teacher. She was followed by
Misses Sarah Cop-eland. L-llian Smith.
Lillian Armstrong. Ella Be'le Cope
land and Messrs Palmer and Babb.
Our school runs seven months, has
mile away In IS CS. This was a very
good school house, but not built on the
modem plan. It was destroyed by fire
supposed to have been caused from a
defective flue la the spring of 1911.
During the summer of the same year
the present building was erected.
Our teacher is Miss Blossom Shu
man. She has fifteen pupils enrolled.
Her work covert the firs:, second,
fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth
grades. The school term is seven
The officers of the School Improve,
men: association are as f-'.lows: presi
dent, Mrs. Lillian Hill: vice-president,
Mrs R. W. Brown; secretary. Mrs. W.
G. Boazman: treasurer. Miss Eloise
Brown. The association has raisei
$:?!.2,". This sum was used to improve
the-grounds and building.
Only one of us Is a member of the
BoyV Corn club?Alec T. Brown. On
ly one can get the perfect attendance
button. Three library certificates are:
being worked for. Six children take
the School Journal.
Alec Brown.
Green Pond SchooL
The school bullding which now
stands at Green Pond was constructed
in the year 1907, with three spacious
recitation rooms, one library room and
two cloak rooms.
Two years later the building was
painted which made it much more at
tractive. This school now employs
three teachers. Miss Nina Henry,
principal. Misses Peden and Sims, as
sistants. One hundred and eight pu
pils have teen enrolled. There are
tea grades and a seven months school.
As yet no Improvement association
has been organized, but have raised
twenty-four dollarr which will be us
ed for the improvement of the school.
Fourteen of our pupils take tte
School Journal and are anxious to re
ceive every copy to read the interest
ing stories written by the pupils of
different schools.
The boys of this school have not
joined the Corn club, neither have the
girls joined the Tomato club. There
are six pupils in school striving to win
the perfect attendance buttons
Nellie Babb and Mollle Knight.
Tenth Grade.
Made Strong and Well by VlnoL
When we tell yon that Vlnol is tha
beet remedy in our whole stock: for
wivtng weak, puny, ailing children
strong, robust and rosy, we are only
telling you what has been proved by
hundreds of mothers.
Mrs. "W. O. Strother. Raleigh. K. C-.
says: *"My little girl. Hazel, has been
taking Vinol to build her up after a
severe spell of sickness. It has done
eo much good by restoring her appe
tite and building up her strength that
I think Vinol i3 the, finest tonic ever
rrepared. and I aid telling everyone
about it." i /
"vTbat Vi^jK did for this little,
girl it will *Mo for very weak and
ailing child, because sickly child ren
need the strengthening cod liver
elements and the tonic iron that
Vlnol contains?that is why Vinol
builds them up quickly and givea
them a fine, heal?iy color. It la
pleasant to take, and we guar
antee that the results win satisfy
you ? money back if they do not?
Laaren?, S. C.
Chamtienain's Cough Remeoj
Coxe* CoH?. Cnxip aad WbSopins Ctoth.
Furman University
Greenville, South Carolina
-o <^>
Edwin M. Poteat, D. D., LL., D? President
?*C> '<Z>
Courses are offered leading to the degrees of
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master
of Arts.
Beautiful Campus, Healthful Climate, Mode
rate Expenses.
Jas. C. Furman Hall of Science, costing, with
equipment, $50,000.
Library SpeciallyEndowed, Trained Librarian,
Large Comfortable Dormitories.
For catalog, special announcement folder,
giving admission requirements, or admission
blank. Address,
Chairman Committee on Admission of Students.

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